January 2019 Tygrrrr Express Hawaii speaking schedule

Monday January 14 — Flight from Los Angeles to Honolulu to Maui.


Monday January 14 — Charleys Restaurant/Saloon Open Mic Night 6pm

Tuesday, January 15 — Rotary Club of Lahaina Sunset. 5:30pm.


Wednesday, January 16 — Rotary Club of Kapaa at lunch.


Wednesday, January 16 — Anna O’Brien’s Comedy U Open Mic Night in Honolulu, Hawaii at 8pm.  

Thursday, January 17 — Rotary Club of Metro Honolulu at 7am.

Thursday, January 17 — Rotary Club of Windward Oahu at lunch.

Thursday, January 17 — Rotary Club of Honolulu Sunset at 5:30pm.

Friday, January 18 — Rotary Club of Downtown Honolulu at 7:15am.


Friday, January 18 — Chabad of Kona. Evening.

Saturday January 19 — Chabad of Kona. Lunch. 

Sunday January 20 — AFC & NFC Title Games. A sportsbar somewhere.

Monday January 21 — Hilo Town Tavern Open Mic Night. 7pm.

Tuesday January 22 — Rotary Club of South Hilo at 11:30am.

Wednesday January 23 — Hilo Bay Rotary Club at 6:45am.

Wednesday January 23 — North Hawaii Rotary Club at Noon.

Wednesday January 23 — Hale Hookah Open Mic Night at 8pm.

Thursday January 24 — Rotary Club of Volcano at 7:30am.

Thursday January 24 — Big Island Brewhaus Open Mic Night. 6pm.

Friday January 25 — Something Jewish on the Big Island or Kauai.


Saturday January 26 — Kauai GOP. Evening.

Sunday January 27 — AFC-NFC Pro Bowl. A sportsbar somewhere.

Monday January 28 — Final sightseeing on Kauai and the Big Island. 

Monday January 28 — Redeye Flight from Kona back to Los Angeles. 

Tuesday January 29 — Arriving back in Los Angeles in the morning. 


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