Kender MacGowan: America’s Garden Gnome

Dear God almighty. Kender MacGowan is gone.
He was my friend and one of the best warriors I have ever known. He was 53 years old but had been in bad health since the day he was born. He fought his whole life.
He loved his family, horses, and Renaissance festivals. On May 1st, he went to a Renaissance festival. Later that day he went into the hospital and did not make it out. He knew. On his last day of living before entering the hospital, he did what he loved most.
He had a terrific sense of humor, a ZZ-Top beard, and a proud self-declared reputation as “America’s Garden Gnome.”
His commitment to political combat stemmed from his desire to forego everything he had for his “sacred honor.” To say he was proud to be American would be an understatement.
Although his real name was Michael Groomes, many of us knew him as Kender Macgowan. Now Mark Zuckerberg can finally stop banning him. He will no longer be commenting on Facebook or anywhere else.
Now Kender is with God. I know he is in heaven, but he will probably still be raising a little hell.
Goodbye, Kender. You’ll never be forgotten. Ever.

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