Earth to the gay community:

Earth to the gay community:
Today begins June, which is “Pride Month.”
Your community is trying to do 2 things that are completely contradictory. You are trying to: 1) Be seen as normal with full equality in society…while simultaneously: 2) acting in ways that are the opposite of anything normal. I cannot define normal but I know crazy when I see it. So here is my advice to you if and only if you truly want to be seen as normal:
1) Denounce “Queers for Palestine.” They are an anti-Semitic hate group.
2) Do not engage in physical violence toward people who disagree with you unless you are acting in self-defense of an imminent threat. There is no excuse for a transgender person in Nashville to shoot a bunch of innocent Christian children.
3) Stop using your movement to push leftist politics such as cl1m@te ch@nge or gun control. Stop lying about events to push this agenda. The Pulse Nightclub shooting was a horrific act of Radical Isl@m.
4) Stop discriminating against Republicans, especially gay Republican groups like the Log Cabin Republicans. They are not self-hating gays. They are pro-gay rights and pro-limited government. If you want the government out of your bedrooms, then you should want government out of your pocketbooks also.
5) Condemn anyone who sexualizes children, gay or straight. Drag queen shows are fine for adults. They are not for children. Ever. Children should not be in strip clubs, whether gay or straight. Drag queen shows are popular because they are risque, edgy, and over the top. That is the opposite of normal. If they were normal, that would be boring and nobody would see them. If you are compelled to sexualize kids, you deserve to be locked up.
6) Live and let live. You can be pro-you without being anti-others. If you hate people because they disagree with you or have different values, you are just as bigoted as those you accuse. Groups that are anti-Protestant or anti-Catholic do not get a free pass just because those expressing these anti-Christian views happen to be gay.
7) Don’t block traffic. This goes for all protesters, marchers, or partiers of any kind. If you block people from getting to or from work, you are awful. This crosses all strata. Keep the celebrations on the sidewalks, not in the middle of the streets unless the streets are blocked off for the occasion with a valid permit.
8.) Public nudity is not acceptable, regardless of whether you are gay or straight. Again, normal people are not exhibitionists.
9) If you are going to be decked out in all rainbow colors and have rainbow colors all over your social media, make sure to have red, white and blue everywhere in the days leading up to Independence Day. It bothers many patriotic Americans when they see rainbows everywhere in June but nothing on July 4th. Be proud to live in a country where you are free to be whatever you choose. America is awesome. Don’t demand anyone except pride in your sexuality if you refuse to have pride in our country.
10.) Being gay is not an accomplishment. Celebrate accomplishments. The day gay marriage became legal is a major historical event. The Supreme Court, the highest court in the land, gave gay people full equality. That is more important than anyone’s mere being. That is history. History matters.
My friend Deron died a few days ago. He was not political. He was a proud gay man, but he was also a proud Christian who loved his Jewish friend, me. We were friends for 44 years. He was normal. He was all about live and let live. Everyone gay and straight could learn from his life example. That is why he was accepted and liked by everyone who met him.
His life is what LGBTQ people should strive for. You can have normalcy or exhibitionism. You cannot have or be both. If you reject all criticism as bigotry, you will alienate people who want to be on your side but have legitimate concerns.
Take it or leave it. I hope you take my advice. I will never judge someone based on their sexual orientation. I judge people based on the content of their character. Bad conduct is bad character. Your character is your destiny.

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