Chabad Telethon 2009–L’Chaim to Life

On September 19th and 20th of 2009, the Jewish people begin their new year with Rosh Hashanah. On September 28th, we atone for our sins, and vow to be better people as we observe Yom Kippur.

Yet Sunday, September 13th is a day of pure joy.

Now I know what some of you are thinking. Sunday the 13th is the kickoff of the 2009 National Football League opening Sunday. While this is true, the day brings us even more blessings than that. The games end at 4pm PST, giving people enough time to prepare for the main event at 5pm–The 2009 Chabad Telethon.

In California the telethon will be on KTLA Channel 5.

While Chabad is an organization run by religious Jews, its mission, which remains incredibly successful, is to help heal people in every corner of the world. It is impossible to overstate the good that the organization of Chabad does for people of all races and creeds.

(Full disclosure: I am not an employee of Chabad, nor is their any business relationship. I do consider many people with official affiliations with Chabad to be among my friends. I am not being compensated for this report, but if there is a slice of hot kosher pizza and a diet soda around, I am going to grab them.)

The annual Chabad telethon finances the organization’s operations for the entire year. For six hours, there is singing, dancing, celebrity appearances, and of course, fundraising.

If a still picture in this case truly is worth a thousand words, then I hope that some fabulous live images are worth much more than that.

With that, I present to the world the very best clips from the very best religious organization I know.

For those of you who watch morning shows while drinking your morning beverage, most of those morning shows have missed the activity that gets people out of their seats and off to work with enthusiasm. Yes, I am of course referring to dancing Rabbis.

CNN talk show host Larry King is a fan of Chabad.

Bob Saget visited the Chabad Friendship Circle.

Many celebrities offer enthusiastic endorsements of Chabad.

Regis Philbin: “The dancing Rabbis provide hope and assistance to those in need regardless of race or religion.”

Jennifer Aniston: “If you need a friend, Chabad is the one to go to.”

Jon Voight: “Chabad works tirelessly in our community, helping those in desperate need.”

Adam Sandler: “It is an honor for me to be here, and I know my mother is watching, and I know she’s saying, ‘You had to wear that shirt?'”

Tony Danza: “I hope you’ll in and support what is really a terrific cause.”

Howie Mandel: “Give as generously as you can, then sit back and watch the Rabbis dance.”

Jackie Mason: “When humanity needs help, Chabad is the first one there.”

Michael Douglas: “It feels good to give, especially for such a noble cause.”

Lisa Kudrow: “This is what the Chabad Telethon is all about: People helping people.”

Kareem Abdul Jabbar: “Chabad’s crisis center is there to restore hope and to help people move forward when times are tough.”

Craig Ferguson: “Chabad cannot do any of their important work without your help.”

Bob Dylan: “Chabad is a worthy organization helping people in need.”

Larry King: Chabad feeds the homeless, helps young people battle drug addiction, and provides hope to those in desperate need.”

Jimmy Kimmel: “Chabad is a worthy cause that does so much good work here and around the world.”

Senator Joseph Lieberman: “I urge everyone who’s watching this telethon to give generously.”

So now that it is apparent that many people love Chabad for what it does, the basic question must be asked. What does Chabad actually do?

A better question would be to ask, “What don’t they do?”

Chabad has programs to assist people in every stage of life.

For young people, they have everything from youth programs to educational facilities to Summer camp.

For adults, there are drug and alcohol treatment centers as well as counseling services. For those just in need of answers to questions about Judaism, the website “Ask Moses” is a Jewish version of Wikipedia.

Senior citizens can experience everything from fun programs at retirement centers to counseling on everything from health issues to safety. The Sunshine Club matches seniors with volunteers.

Chabad also helps provide a free Jewish burial service for those not able to provide one for their loved ones. Chabad has helped with 1000 burials.

From birth until the afterlife, Chabad is there with outstretched hands.

It is for this and so many other reasons that I ask people everywhere to offer their outstretched hands this week. Please help those who help the rest of us.


4 Responses to “Chabad Telethon 2009–L’Chaim to Life”

  1. What exactly does Chabad do?


  2. Dav Lev says:

    A poster asks, what exactly does Chabad do?

    It helps people who are in need of help.

    I do not contribute to these telethons, whether Chabad or
    MDA, etc.

    I do not like begging.

    Mr. Obama, and his socialistic advisers and cabal, printed over
    2 trillion dollars (through the Treas or FRB). Another 10trillion
    is in the making.

    He gave the money to banks such as B of A, Wells Fargo, etc.
    He used the money to purchase AIG, and General Motors.

    Some of the funding may be paid back over time.

    Most of the money to date has gone no where but the vaults of
    these institutions.

    GM and Chrysler did poorly during th cash for clunkers “deal”.
    Other than Ford, the foreign car manufacturers got our dough.
    (They in turn sent the profits to their home countries).

    These companies are NOT unionized.
    Only Toyota in California was unionized…it has since closed shop.

    I ask every American, if Obama can print trillions for banks, etc.
    why not use a fraction of that money for MDA research.

    Why are we spending 200b year to fight unwinable wars in Iraq
    and Afghanistan?

    With over 8 years in Afghanistan…haven’t we awaken to the fact that
    we cannot defeat the Muslims at their own game. Didn’t Russia teach us

    In Iraq, the Democrats who were adamently against the war, still
    funded it, to this very day.

    The Republicans told them that deadlines and timelines are counter
    productive. They dismissed that. Now we see the results..our troops
    leave the cities..and the Sunnis move in.

    Both wars are civil wars..Sunni vs Shia vs Taliban vs Kurds, etc.

    We accomplished our mission by getting rid of Saddam..who was a potential threat to US and our interests.

    We should have left it there.

    Al Qaeda did cause 911. We hurt the Taliban afterwards.
    But the 19 men were Saudis..not Afghans.
    Why didn’t we bomb Arabia..and free THAT country?

    We all know the answer, black gold.

    The Jewish New Year is nice for what it is worth.
    Chabad is okay…

    13m Jews and Chabad ( named after a city in Russia, which
    claims to have the messiah) are just two pimples on this planet.

    In fact, we (Jews) are a dying people….like it or not.

    In Israel, people are still being hit by Kassam rockets fired by
    Hamas. Schools are not protected. Life is tenuous.

    Yet Chabad raises money for services otherwise provided for.

  3. Micky 2 says:

    Dan, I think Jersey was being a smart a$$

  4. Micky 2 says:

    “Al Qaeda did cause 911. We hurt the Taliban afterwards.
    But the 19 men were Saudis..not Afghans.
    Why didn’t we bomb Arabia..and free THAT country?

    We all know the answer, black gold. ”

    No Dan, its because thats where the bad guys were.
    Osama has launced attacks against the Saudis also

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