9/9/9–A beautiful day for a Congressional Coverup

Today is 9/9/9.

In mathematical terms, today is 27.

For those speaking German, a voice yelling “no, no, no” can be heard.

Yesterday the President spoke to children. Tonight he will be speaking to the rest of us as if we were children.

Yet given the number of serious issues and events occurring throughout the political, religious, and athletic landscapes, today will be dedicated to the ongoing Congressional coverup regarding my being accosted on August 27th, 2009. New information has emerged.

Recap: Congressman Henry Waxman gave a speech at the Luxe Hotel that was put on by the West LA Chamber of Commerce. As I sat down to eat, I was accosted by Seth Horowitz, an employee of the Luxe Hotel. He threatened to have me removed as an agitator despite my not being one. He implied that he was given instructions to do so by the Waxman campaign, although he stated that Congressman Waxman did not give the order himself.

Today I particpated on a conference call with Congressman Waxman’s LA communications person, Lisa Pinto, and her Washington, DC, counterpart, Karen Lightfoot. Her name of Lightfoot is highly appropriate given how nimble she is.

A communications director’s job is to appear cooperative while being politely confrontational. Ms. Lightfoot does her job well.Ms. Pinto explained that she was only following procedure, which is fine.

After stating how delighted they were that I attended the event, I knew that this was not going to be a sincere conversation.

Mr. Howowitz did not act in a vacuum. I wanted to know who gave him the order to harass me.

Ms. Lightfoot claimed that the event was put on by the West LA Chamber of Commerce, and that the Waxman team had nothing to do with the event except for graciously showing up and attending.

I pointed out that it was Ms. Pinto herself who stated that my being a blogger was the reason for the incident. I made it clear that Ms. Pinto told me this, and I wanted to know how they even knew I was a blogger.

Their version of events is that two days before the event, on August 25th, I published the upcoming event as a “Healthcare Townhall.” Therefore, I misrepresented the event because it was a luncheon, not a townhall, and that climate change would be discussed and not just healthcare.

A concerned citizen came to them (Are you kidding me?) and let them know that a blog described the event incorrectly. They would not say the name of the person.

Ms. Lightfoot repeatedly passed the buck and claimed that the West LA Chamber of Commerce was responsible for the event, and that Paul Resnick was the main point person. Mr. Resnick, who to my recollection I have never met, is the President of the WLACC.

Ms. Lightfoot stated that Mr. Resnick handled every aspect of the event, and that it was communicated to him to make sure that the event was “represented properly.”

At this point Ms. Lightfoot got very testy when I asked her a simple question.

What specific instructions were given to Mr. Resnick regarding me? What exact words were spoken to him regarding any actions to be taken?

Ms. Lightfoot resorted to claiming that she already answered me, we had gone around in circles, she understood my frustration, but that there was nothing else to be said. She then started repeatedly talking over me, and raising her voice. She “understood” my desire to get to the truth, but she already told me everything.

No, she did not.

Somebody on Waxman’s staff communicated to Paul Resnick. He then either directly, or through somebody else, went to Seth Horowitz.

I obviously hit a nerve with Ms. Lightfoot especially since she said that she “wants all of us to put this behind us and move forward.” This is what people who wish to obfuscate the truth do. They delay something long enough until it becomes old news, and boredom sets in.

She hung up the phone on me in a rude manner, specifically because I had the nerve to want a simple and truthful answer to a question lacking in any complexity.

This is now officially a congressional coverup. I am still not claiming that Congressman Waxman himself had anything to do with this.

However, I suspected that he has overzealous staffers.

This can now be declared a certainty.

Ms. Lightfoot simply spent the conversation explaining how cooperative she was while being combative.

As I said, she does her job well. It is just a shame that she has to sacrifice her integrity to protect her staff.

This is why so many people have so little faith in their government, and why so many capable people eschew public service.

Ms. Pinto and Ms. Lightfoot can try to deflect onto Mr. Lightfoot, but he has no motive.

I was willing to hold back, as long as I was being dealt with honestly.

At this point I have no choice but to go forward.

I will get to the truth about Mr. Horowitz, despite Ms. Lightfoot’s best efforts to suppress the truth under the phony guise of cooperation and transparency.


4 Responses to “9/9/9–A beautiful day for a Congressional Coverup”

  1. Laree says:

    Glenn Beck Not the Joker from Batman depicted in Posters. Glenn Beck is the Riddler. Buy The Ticket Take The Ride.


  2. Micky 2 says:

    Obama is going down in flames tonight, its the beginning of the end for Obama. The more he pushs, the more we reject. To the point tonight where he’ll cross that line of no return. The people have had enough of this persistent cramming of stuff down our throat.
    No one wants this Mr. President.
    What about “NO” dont you understand ?

  3. Micky, I think you’re getting a little ahead of yourself.

    I think our good host is getting too carried away too. If I showed up at a GOP event, I’m pretty sure I’d get the same (probably much wrose) reception.


  4. Micky 2 says:

    hes goin down, all polls and comments after this lame ass speech indicate it
    That speech offered nothing but a whimpering sublime plea to try and see if theres any other way to bring in a PO.
    No mention of TORT,working across state lines, no programs to be cut for added revenues…
    nothing !
    Nothing to address any otherr options but what we all know he wants.
    And Wilson was right

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