Barney Frank–Proud Gay, Self-Hating Jew

Barney Frank has spent his entire life showing his gay pride. Unfortunately when it comes to his Judaism, he is the model for self-loathing.

I never cared that Barney Frank was gay. I supported him on allowing gays in the military and disagreed with him on gay marriage (dispassionately in both cases, staying out of the culture wars).

I only went after him when he used his sexual orientation to escape punishment or criticism for misdeeds.

When his boyfriend ran a prostitution ring out of his house, he played the gay card. When another boyfriend ran a drug ring out of his house, he again played the gay card.

Ok, so maybe he really is completely blind. Maybe he can have a sexual relationship with Eric Holder, two blind men in love. His boyfriends broke the law. He did not.

Yet he did have an inappropriate sexual relationship with a man that worked for a company that his congressional committee was supposed to be regulating. Again he played the gay card. The homosexual aspect was irrelevant. A government regulator cannot sleep with people they are regulating.

When Barney Frank gets criticized for being a major contributor to the current financial crisis, liberals claim homophobia. Earth to liberals: He chairs the financial services committee. I don’t care if my tax cuts come from gay or straight people. Just shut up and cut taxes.

When a Republican is caught in a bathroom stall or texting congressional pages, Barney Frank is the first to call them self-loathing hypocrites.

On this issue I agree with him. The problem is that Barney Frank is a self-loathing hypocrite as well.

He is proud to be gay. On gay issues, he is consistent. He beams with pride. He reserves his self-loathing for his Jewish faith.

After incontrovertible evidence that Palesimians tried to murder Jews aboard a flotilla, Barney Frank did what any leftist Jew would do…he blamed Israel.

Yet he took it one step further.

He announced that the flotilla incident made him “ashamed to be a Jew.”

Not ashamed of Israel…ashamed to be a Jew.

Barney Frank, I agree with you. I am also ashamed you are a Jew. You should immediately follow the example of your fellow self-hating Jew Arthur Sulzberger Jr. of the Jayson Blair Times and convert to Christianity.

Get the heck out of my religion if you are ashamed.

Mr. Frank claims to care about gay issues. Perhaps he might wish to know that Israel allows gay marriage. Hamas has a different policy toward gay people. It involves having them shot to death. That is why Armageddonijad of Iran says there are no gay people in his country. He kills them.

So yes, when Israel defends its right to exist, it is defending the very pluralism that Barney Frank claims to worship.

I wish Judaism could be like Catholicism and just excommunicate people. Barney Frank can be kicked out of the religion along with Roseanne Barr and every other self-hating Jew.

My grandfather and father did not escape the Nazis so Barney Frank could sell his own people down the river on public television. Again, he did not express shame at the nation of Israel. He expressed shame at being Jewish.

Perhaps he is too stupid to know that all the renouncing of his faith will not change the fact that anybody with Jewish blood is a Jew now and forever in the eyes of our enemies. His being gay will also not help matters when the Islamists decide who they want to kill first.

Barney Frank is not ashamed to be a Jew because he is a Jew.

He is ashamed to be a Jew because he is a leftist. Self-hating liberal Jews act this way because they are liberals first and Jews second.

If they want to prove me wrong, they can condemn Barney Frank’ remarks. They will not do it. They are too gutless to do it. Barney Frank is a liberal, and that gives him a free pass.

If they come for Barney Frank, I cannot imagine that I would be around to speak up. After all, he would not speak up to defend me. I am just a Jew.

I am a proud Jew. I am angry that Barney Frank does not understand why this should be a source of pride.


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  1. “A government regulator cannot sleep with people they are regulating.”

    LOL! Like at the MMS?

    You’ve completely misrepresented what Farnk said. First, Frank said he was appalled at the hypocritical treatment of Israel, comparing the ambivalent response to the North Korean attack on a South Korea ship with the heated reaction to Israel’s boarding of the Marmara. He reminded us that the blockade is also enforced and imposed by Egypt, that it was an “Egyptian-Israel” blockade.” He insisted that Hamas were terrorists and were to blame for that blockade. Pointing back to the hypocrisy, he opined, “If Hamas were in Canada, America would have a tougher blockade than Israel had.” He said the blockade was the right thing to do. All he said was that he didn’t feel that “everything Israel did in this situation was right.” Not that everything was wrong.

    FOX News said Barney Frank said he was “ashamed of being a Jew.” This is a LIE. This is a sleazy, sleazy, typical FOX News LIE. This is yet another example of why I tell you guys to find better, more responsible, more accurate, more adult sources of news. Fox is a rightwing propa-tainment channel, not a serious news outlet. If you want to be taken seriously and as adults by anyone other than righties, you have to find better sources of information to back up your arguments.

    Here’s what Frank actually said, speaking on some of the problems related to the West Bank:

    “…’as a Jew,’ Israeli treatment of Arabs around some of the West Bank settlements ‘makes me ashamed that there would be Jews that would engage in that kind of victimization of a minority.'”

    That’s it. That’s what he said. He NEVER said he was “ashamed of being a Jew.” That is a LIE.


  2. Dav Lev says:

    There is a “yiddish” word, schumck, which describes the gay Jew

    Israel’s biggest enemy is not the Palestinians or even Turkey or Iran, (It can drop a few nukes on their cities if need be), but self-hating Hebrews, Israelites, or Jews.

    Mr. Frank, does not speak for me, or anyone else, but only himself.
    How dare he paint this umbrella?

    Come the final Jihad, the Mother of All Battles, he will be the first beheaded
    by the Jihadists..he is gay (anathma to the Muslims), a Jew
    and a liberal.

    Iran’s Ahmad boasted at the UN there are no gays in Iran.
    Enough said. Only little Israel allows a gay pride parade,
    which I am against personlly. (Gays do not increase our
    population one iota…declining at 35,000 year per survey, plus
    they spread AIDS).

    Years ago, I visited a hospital ward to discover most of the
    dying patients were AIDs victims. The hospital was making a fortune
    treating their cancerous patients.

    Barney was responsible partly for the sub-prime mortgage
    crisis, promoting through Congress, lenient bank loans to
    people who wanted a piece of the US pie. Instead we
    got ecoli

    His big mouth gets give him clout, in a liberal state.

    The 3rd Reich had their way of dealing with people like
    Barney, in very unpleasant ways. The entire Arab-Muslim
    world wants him also dead. Fatwas are routinely issued
    during Friday night sermons calling for people like him
    to disappear from the planet.

    He can say what he wants..but don’t consider yourself
    a Jew. You, are not (read the laws of Moses).

  3. Micky 2 says:

    Barney Frank Jewish ?
    Who knew ?
    Hes quite possibly the most Godless lying POS on the planet

  4. Micky 2 says:

    Jersey, this actually your forte`, is it not ?
    I mean really, if you boil down the context he is saying hes ashamed of what hes supposedly a very small part of, right ?
    I know, you love to play those sematics but Jews who actually have a stake in this situation are reading it all much the same ay.
    But wait, that cant count right ? Because everyone who sees outside your little boxed head is an idiot, right ?

  5. I love the way Dan just ignores all evidence to the contrary and just keeps on spouting the nonsense. Mr. Frank did NOT speak for Dan. He did not paint ANY umbrella. It’s a LIE. yet Dan just blissfully keeps up the lie. And then he blissfully continues that other long-standing lie that somehow Frank was “partly” to blame for the mortgage meldown.

    Hey Dan, why don’t you try something a little more intellectually rigoroius than just repeating rightwing talking points. Try thinking for yourself. here, read this:

    Frank was simply saying that he‘s ashamed that some Jews misbehave so badly.


  6. Micky 2 says:

    “Hey Dan, why don’t you try something a little more intellectually rigoroius than just repeating rightwing talking points. Try thinking for yourself. here, read this: ”

    Hahahaha, tee hee, ho ho rotflmao.

    You talk about “right wing talking points” and then refer us to the Huffy Post ?

    Good grief you’re a riot sometimes.
    So much for “thinking for yourself “, yeah ?

    “Frank was simply saying that he’s ashamed that some Jews misbehave so badly.’

    Yeah, like himself ?


  7. Micky 2 says:

    And now we know why Israel simply doesnt care for this administration.
    We can start with Frank if we like but Obama pretty much put enough damage in from the got go to sustain enough distaste for the duration of his one term.

  8. Micky, the quality of rightwing arguments has been pretty disappointing lately. C’mon guys! Pick it up!

    The link had nothing to do with HufPo, Mikcy! It was WRITTEN by Frank. That’s why I linked it. He explains, for himself, his position in the mortgage meltdown, and does a pretty good, and rather inarguable, job of it. Did you even bother to read it, or is it not factual like the Fox News yellow journalism that said taht Frank was ashamed of being a Jew – a lie.


  9. Micky 2 says:

    Wow ! Look at what the Huffy post coughed up !
    “Israeli government has committed itself to appointing a credible inquiry and I support that. While governments investigating themselves are always faced with some skepticism, I believe that the Israeli government has a better record of legitimate self-criticism than almost any other government in the world in this regard, and the Israeli Supreme Court in particular has shown independence unmatched by any other judiciary in dealing with security actions taken against hostile forces.”

    This begs for the question to be answered.
    WTF is he so ashamed of ?
    As a Jew hes ashamed ? Of other Jews ? But not himself ?
    So, let me get this right.
    Frank, a rep of the left can “discriminate’ one Jew from another for political posturing and vaguely appoint guilt to only a few nefarious individuals/groups while still generalizing.
    Absolutely freeking amazing !!!

    “Micky, the quality of rightwing arguments has been pretty disappointing lately. C’mon guys! Pick it up!”

    Yeah ? Care to elaborate on that ?
    Yello journalism bla bla bla and then you stick by the Huffy post. A rag thats never been anything but fully commited to bashing Bushs a$$ and kissing Obamas.
    Should of just refered us to the NYTs or the KOS.

    My sources on the morgtgage meltown came directly from congressional transcripts and .Gov records, not FOX or Barneys yap, remember ?
    Nice try.

    Oh, and then theres this to add to the confusion…

    (Same link) Frank;
    “In defense of Israel, Frank added there are people “howling for Israel to pay a price that don’t seem disturbed that North Koreans killed 46 South Koreans by torpedoing a South Korean boat. I think we have a right to ask for some consistency.”

    Absolutely Barney !!!
    So hey ! I got an idea !
    Why dont you sht can the feigned outrage over Israel and do something about a true and proven existential threat ?
    HUH ?
    Nooooo, that would run too many parallels to your partys approach on radical Islam, wouldnt it ? God forbid you actually spew some of that spit filled suffering succotash Sylvester the cat crap at real enemies !
    Hes such a loser

  10. What he said he was ashamed of was the treatment of the Palestinians in the West Bank from some of the settlers and pro-settlement crowd. He found it disappointingly ironic that Jews, of all people, would treat a minority in that way, because, after all, no people should better what it’s like to be an abused minority than Jewish people. Unfortunately, I think new generations of Jews are forgetting their heritage and the lessons it used to teach them.

    And Frank did speak out about the North korean attack, as have many quality pols like him. The media, and many of our ostensible allies, however, have seemed very ambivalent.


  11. Oh, and as for being “a loser,” Barney Frank is a better, smarter, wiser man than any current pol on the right.


  12. Micky 2 says:

    So, hes the smartest liar on the hill ?
    gee, I feel better now.–outed
    ” Barney Frank makes no secret he is openly gay. Interestingly enough he had a long term relationship with Fannie Mae executive Herb Moses .They were lovers and Barney referred to Moses as his spouse. Herb Moses was the assistant director for product initiatives at Fannie Mae and was a leader in relaxing lending restrictions, a theme echoed by his Spouse Barney Frank . Frank was pushing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to make bad loans to underprivileged families for much of the 90’s while his lover Herb Moses was responsible for relaxing lending restrictions at Fannie Mae. Was there a conflict of interest? They have since broken up. ”

    Yeah, my kinda pol.


    ” Barney opposed any oversight fearing that it might limit some of these risky loans. He said , “These two entities, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are not facing any kind of crisis.”

    Really Barney ?
    Jersey told me you were really smart so why if there was no crisis did you guys end up TAXING THE CRAP OUT OF US FOR THE NEXT 20 YEARS TO FIX IT !!!!!!!!!!!?????

  13. Micky 2 says:

    Simple comments wont stick again…


  14. Dav Lev says:

    Hitler murdered (shot, gassed, starved, used for gruesome experiments,
    hung) 11m people, the majority Jews, gays and gypsies. He also killed
    hundreds of thousands of partisans, Catholic priests, and liberal activists.
    He denuded statues of famous Jewish composers (Mendelsohn).

    He lost big time when he included in his murder machine people who
    were physicists (mainly Jews) who used their freedom away from Germany to develop the ultimate weapons (used to end the Japanese War, but not made timely to drop on Berlin ( Russia lost 200,000 in that arena).

    But he couldn’t have it both ways..killing 1.5m Jewish children (ripping them apart at times/bashing their little heads), and appealing to Einstein,
    Oppenheimer, and others, to help the Reich.

    People like B. Frank were untermenshen…(not human), and destined for
    the gas chambers. (Ask any gay person here their thoughts about what happened). Barnie’s statement is outrageous considering in biblical days
    he would have been stoned to death for his lifestyle.

    In today’s Muslim world, his kind of people receive little sympathy.
    Hear Ahmad’s speech at the UN. Many gays have moved to Israel to
    practice their unorthodox lifestyle..with absolute freedom, except
    for some taunting (to be expected). In the Muslim world..they are
    anathma..subject to beatings, prison and circumcision at the top.

    Relations between people is one of the most important of the laws of
    Moses, who received the 10 commandments AND 603 laws on Mt. Sinai,
    direct from G-d, later giving it and the oral law to the Israelites.
    While there are differences in the various Jewish streams of religious
    interpretation our concept of our G-d is the same. We know what G-d is not. This has unified our people for 5,000 years. We know evolution (we came from jellyfish) is absurd. We cannot be reincarnated in same.

    He committed a heinous crime in biblical days..and would have paid the
    ultimate price.

    Now he is ashamed being a Jew, what Jew? Would he prefer the thuggery
    in Hamastan be allowed unfettered access to Kassams, Grads, Fahrs,
    Zelzels, No Dong Missiles? What next, an airport to land Migs and helicopters? All to be used against the Jewish state, which these people
    loathe as occupiers, colonialists, racists, exploiters of Arab women and
    to use for their blood during Jewish Passover holidays.

    Come the Final Jihad, the Mother of All Battles, when Arab-Muslims
    storm the little country from all directions, HE will be targeted by local
    clandestine terrorist cells (read Bridgett Gabriel’s website).

    He jsut doesn’t get it and never will. It’s time to put this man’s career to an end. NO more Jewish money to him. No more liberal money to him.
    As in California, and Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein, remove him from office ASA possible. Let him spend his days with Dodd in Miami..or
    perhaps a visit to Ramallah, West Bank or better, Gaza City, Hamastan.
    They will show their appreciation for all his efforts on their behalf a la
    Daniel Pearl, also a do-gooder liberal.

  15. “A leader in relaxing restrictions?” LOL! The GOP DID THAT!!!!


  16. Dav Lev says:

    After rereading articles which were critical of Mr. Frank, I
    changed my thinking somewhat.

    Yes, he is a typical Jewish liberal and votes to tax and spend.

    Yes he is gay. And yes, his sexual preferences are forbidden
    by G-d as revealed to Moses on Mt. Sinai.

    And yes, there is no excuse for his sins ( I do not believe
    for one moment that someone is born that way. I do think
    it is the result of either bad influences or bad parents.

    I mean, why would anyone be attracted to one’s body. Just
    look into a mirror. “There is nothing like a dame” says it all.

    The above said, his remarks about the incident were more the
    action by the Israeli commandos to the 50 terrorists planted
    with peaceful activists (if there is any such animal)

    He apparently thought the violence was not justified.
    I disagree.

    However, we have to admit that Israel walked into a trap.
    They could have disabled that ship and let it just sink on it’s own.
    I am sure that Turkey would have send a warship to rescue them.

    The current thwarting of the Rachel Corrie to break the blockade
    imposed by Israel around the Gaza Strip borders, should
    tell us all something about both sides.

    Israel was unprepared and the activists played on that to their
    advantage (though 10 were killed). The 19 year old should have known
    better than to join this group. I have no pity on him. He was a jihadist
    as are so many of the Taliban and insurgents., killing the Jews and Infidels is just fine with them.

    The Hitler of Hezbollah wants more flotillas, talking about provocations.

    Turkey is looking into prosecuting Israeli leaders for war crimes.

    Hmmmmmm, will they send their army to capture Bibi, Barak, Peres
    and others? Do they realize that Istanbul is within Jericho’s reach
    with it’s high fusion nuke?

    Come on guys..let’s be realistic. Turkey killed millions of Armenians
    and millions more during WW1. It kills Kurds regularly and tanks
    into Iraq.

    If any country needs investigating, it’s the Turkey, gobble, gobble.
    Hey nothing like roasted turkey.

  17. Micky 2 says:

    I think that ‘they’ (the left) have to stay with the party line or be dealt with the way the dems dealt with Lieberman, who DARED to have a different opinion than the approved and rubber stamped opinion of the left.

    Barney Frank is just making sure that the left knows he’s still in lock-step. And for good measure tossed in a few caveats just to give himself a little wiggle room.
    I cant think of any other reson the guy speaks outta both sides of his body and is about as consistent as Hamas and the Palestinians honoring cease fires

  18. CQ-CQ says:

    “…Not ashamed of Israel…ashamed to be a Jew.”

    “Barney Frank, I agree with you. I am also ashamed you are a Jew. You should immediately follow the example of your fellow self-hating Jew Arthur Sulzberger Jr. of the Jayson Blair Times and convert to Christianity.”

    Great lines and wittiful humor, Eric. But please, we Christians (those of us who are real, not fake ones) do not want anything to do with Barney Googlefrank or Sulzbugger. They’d both welcome in Rick Warren’s church but so would Bashir Assad. Warren believes that God is a lot more liberal than people think.

    If Barney ran a deli counter, and was not a Cong-trans-gressional perrrson, he’d not be getting the dates he does now. I mean, look at him. If Helen Thomas were a guy, maybe then.

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