Alec Baldwin–Better than Osama, worse than most everyone else

I just heard the Alec Baldwin tape. It was truly frightening.

It is one thing to listen to him threaten to stone Henry Hyde to death. That can be dismissed as the rantings of a brain dead Hollywood celebrity, which is becoming more and more redundant by the day. When he screams at Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly, that can be shrugged off by comparing it to any television debate show.

The line has just been crossed. It has been smashed through. There is no going back. Some people will claim that we should not judge Alec Baldwin by an isolated incident. I agree. We should judge him by his pattern of abusive behavior over the course of his public life. There are several things to keep in mind about Alec Baldwin losing his own mind.

1) Divorce happens. For the good of a child, parents should not badmouth each other. People can be terrible husbands/wives and still be good fathers/mothers. If Kim Basinger is a terrible mother, the child should find that out on her own, not from a father with an ax to grind.

2) Calling a child a “rude little pig,” is an awful thing to say to a child who did not say or do anything inappropriate. He also might want to learn his own daughter’s exact age.

3) Alec Baldwin is a narcissistic spoiled brat. He left that awful message because she did not have her cellphone on when he called. Perhaps it wasn’t working. Perhaps she was in a tunnel. Perhaps she was sleeping. He did not give her the benefit of the doubt. There is no allegation of child drug use or other bad behavior. She merely did not have her cellphone on at the exact moment he wanted to talk to her.

4) Alec Baldwin is a bully. He bullied his wife until she filed for divorce. Now he is bullying his daughter. The bottom line is bullies need to be decked. Sean Hannity decked him. Kim Basinger eventually decked him. Alec is running out of people he can bully. His only option now is to buy a puppy or kitten and kick it. Lest anyone think that lack of actual physical violence is a lack of abuse, psychological bullying can be worse.

5) Don Imus lost his job. Ann Coulter has been lambasted. These people have gone after politically liberal and sympathetic individuals. Let’s see if Hollywood has the guts and decency to rid their hands of this menace. Even by the low barrier of Hollywood standards, Alec Baldwin is a disgrace to all that is decent in this world.

No, Alec Baldwin is not Adolf Hitler, or Saddam Hussein, or Osama Bin Laden. He is not the devil incarnate. However, he is a terrible human being, worse than most people who exist. I pray that this girl manages to live a decent life despite the fact that this girl has most likely gotten very little that is positive from her parents outside their creating her.

I will not watch his television show. I will not watch his movies. I am against censorship, but totally in favor of consumer organized boycotts.

I suspect that Alec Baldwin will survive this episode unscathed. He is an arrogant, elitist liberal hypocrite who works in an industry where that seems to be the main, if not the only, requirement. If I am wrong about this, let’s see them criticize him, even mildly. They will not do it.

I will not criticize his acting, or say he is a bad actor. If anything, he is a great actor. He managed to convince alot of people that he is a decent human being. Or worse, they knew how he was, and turned a blind, liberal, starstruck eye away. Rosie O’Donnell,who I will continue to refer to as “Rosie, Queen of Morona,” until she proves otherwise, has come to his defense. It takes a thug and a bully to know one.

Alec Baldwin is a thug and a bully.  Somebody needs to verbally deck him (I am not advocating physical violence)  into submission.  This is not to humiliate him. He is still human, albeit barely. The goal is to get him to stop. Perhaps electroshock therapy  will do the trick. Or better yet, the television stations can take away the one thing that allows him to bully people…his microphone. Free speech is not absolute. Hate speech is prohibited.  If we can take away a microphone from a shock jock that tells insensitive jokes in a calm voice, surely we can remove the microphone from a man who makes death threats and other violent threats to everybody from respected elderly U.S. Congressmen to his own little girl.


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  1. Cassandra says:

    I will not watch his program either. I totally disapprove of him. I hope he never has any more children. I think Kim Basinger did her best to finally get out of the marriage and protect her daughter.
    Rosie O’Donnell, a bully herself, comes to his defense. I pity her children. One daughter that she adopted, she sent back because the child had emotional problems. I wonder why? Shes probably much worse after having been around Rosie. Don’t these agencies check these people out?

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