Liberals are right…just not about anything that matters.

When listening to the left (which is occasionally necessary to remind myself why I am right about being on the right), I do sometimes hear them say things that are true. The statements are useless and inconsequential, but nevertheless true.

“We should love our children more.” Wow, I am glad people in congress can remind parents to do that.

“It is wrong that some people go hungry while other live well off.” Yes it’s terrible.

“If we destroy the planet, there will be nowhere for humans to live.” This is brilliantly insightful.

These statements and others discuss problems, but like most accurate liberal statements, do not offer any kind of solutions. Yet this is prefectly acceptable, because when liberals make untrue statements, those are usually followed by disastrous ideas for solutions.

What drives the liberals crazy (redundant, I know) is that no matter how hard they try, it is not possible to make someone corrupt if they choose not to be. Bill Clinton was corrupt. His supporters do not deny this. They just state that the ends justify the means. He was a lovable rascal. Bill Clinton’s background in Arkansas? “Oh, that’s just Arkansas politics.” Sandy Berger? “Yeah, he always was disorganized…good old disorganized Sandy.” The list of scandals before Clinton came to office, while in office, and even after he left office…I suppose it could be a considered a right wing conspiracy. Newt Gingrich held Bill Clinton at gunpoint and forced him to go mothballing or bobbing for apples between Monica. This is not about a sex scandal. It is about a pattern of corruption. Clinton was impeached because he violated the rule of law.

This brings us to George W. Bush. Democrats are not interested in governing. They are interested in vengeance. Clinton was impeached, so Bush has to be impeached as well. Given that logic, one democrat should resign from congress for possessing kiddie porn to even out the Mark Foley scandal. One republican should drive off a bridge and leave a girl to die so that Ted Kennedy will feel better. Equal punishments are only appropriate for equal results. Despite every effort to force President Bush to be corrupt, he simply has no interest in doing so.

The first thing the liberals screamed about was the 2000 election. Bush stole the election. No he didn’t. His election was illegal. No, it wasn’t. The Supremem Court was partisan. Somehow the Florida Supreme Court was not partisan. The butterfly ballot was confusing. A democrat created it, and those who can’t read a ballot should either stay home, be euthanized, or both.

Then Bush had an obligation to govern from the center. No, he didn’t. He had an obligation to keep his word to those who voted for him. JFK did not enact Nixon’s policies (Nixon, for all his flaws, spared the country the legal nightmare Al Gore created despite the fact that dead people put JFK over the top). Bush had an obligation to givern as a conservative. He kept his word, and has done so.

Then the non-scandals began. Enron? Well Bush was from Texas, and so was Enron, which means I am responsible for the Gambino Crime Family misdeeds, since I was born and raised in New York. Halliburton? Cheney used to be CEO, which means that any contracts Halliburton gets are tainted despite the fact that no other US company does what they do. In fact, ask liberals what Enron and Halliburton actually “do.” They won’t know. It has something to do with oil…although it actually doesn’t. I used to work for Morgan Stanley. Morgan Stanley had an office in the World Trade Center. I was laid off from Morgan Stanley. Therefore, I caused 9/11. See how easy it is?

Bush lied about the war. No, he didn’t. The war was illegal. No, it wasn’t. Resolution 1441 was explicit. We went to war unilaterally. No, we didn’t. Liberals, buy a thesaurus. What about Valerie Plame? Joe Wilson badly wanted to go on a cushy junket and sip tea with dictators. His wife recommended him. She was covert, despite posing for Vanity Fair. No, she wasn’t. Joe Wilson said Bush lied. So what, I could claim Bill Clinton rapes puppies and kittens (no, he doesn’t), that does not make it so.

Yes, the worst untruth of all. The Iraq war is lost. No, it isn’t. The surge is failing. No it isn’t, although it very well could be if liberals ever decide to actually govern. Luckily, this will not happen because they are incapable of governing. You cannot pass your agenda when you don’t have one. You cannot turn policies into law when your own side does not know what policies it should believe in. The truth is, democrats need Bush to be corrupt, because they are bankrupt in terms of intellectual ideas.

Dick Cheney shot someone and covered it up. No, he didn’t. An accident happened, and he quickly dealt with it in a responsible manner. Karl Rove lied. No, he didn’t. The list goes on and on. Bush fired US attorneys. So what? He can. He did. Done.

From Robert Bork to Clarence Thomas to the next Bush non-scandal, democrats need to distract Americans away from the real issue…that democrats are useless. They have no coherent philosophy, and even if they did, they could not implement it. So when the only options are to either stand for nothing, or stand for something wrong, the former seems preferable.

The democrats had all the levers of power from 1992 through 1994, and they did such a fabulous job that they lost congress. Two years was all they needed. The republicans ran out of energy after 12 years. The democrats did so after about 12 hours. It is not that they are bad people. It is just that Americans are optimistic. Even if President Bush is not popular, he is still more likable than they are. Americans want him to succeed. They see him as a good decent man who has made mistakes, as all humans have. He wants to make the world a better place. This is honorable. The democrats in congress want to lose the war, because defeating republicans is more important than defeating evil in the world. They need Bush to be corrupt because they need to get elected, so that they can then do nothing and stay elected.

As we get closer to 2008, look for democrats to make some startling announcements.

“It is wrong to hate people.” “It is a tragedy that people are dying every day.” “It is wrong to kill puppies and kittens for no good reason.” “We have to love our children.” “We have to love our neighbor (unless the neighbor is a republican).”

I totally agree with the liberals on these issues. They are right. Now perhaps they might be right about something that actually matters.



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  1. N. Bailey says:

    I like you eric! I like your thinking and your writing.
    Keep up the good work!

    Nancy, Mesa, AZ

  2. charly martel says:

    JFK did not enact Nixon’s policies (Nixon, for all his flaws, spared the country the legal nightmare Al Gore created despite the fact that dead people put JFK over the top).

    I have read this sentence 5 times and still don’t understand it. How could JFK enact (or not) Nixon’s policies? He was dead before Nixon was elected. What legal nightmare did Al Gore create? The dead people who voted cast their ballots for Landslide Lyndon Johnson. What am I missing here?

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