Goodbye Rosie Queen of Morona Part III


Another threat to decent society has been crushed by the forces of good. In our war against terrible television, a carbunkle on the rumpus of society has been removed.

No, Rosie did not mastermind the 9/11 attacks. No, she is not as evil as Khalid Sheik Mohammed. Now that the politically correct disclaimers are out of the way, the bottom line is a bad person got what they deserved. Now do not feel bad for Rosie Queen of Morona. She will get a multi-million dollar deal from some Hollywood (redundant I know) bottom feeder.

The irony is that she did so much harm to people and causes that she supported, much less opposed. By calling herself “Big Fat Lesbian Loud Rosie,” she reinforced negative images about people that did nothing to deserve them. There are plenty of moderates in this country who want to support gay rights, and then she comes along, and gives the opponents of the gay rights movement plenty of ammuition. She is Howard Dean minus any policy prescriptions. No wait, she is Howard Dean with breasts. He did not have policy prescriptions either.

Americans like civility. They do not like meanness. Kids are tought this in kindergarten. Rosie attacked people randomly, indiscrimately, and viciously. When listening to her, it was not just “What the heck is she babbling about,” but “Why is she babbling about it?” She became a freak show, and like all freak shows (Are you listening Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton?), the ending is not pretty.

I could care less that Rosie has girth. Nor do I care that she is a lesbian. What I care about is that she is a nasty shrewish woman. That is not name calling. That is definitional.

I would not expect the View to be a better program now that she left because there is only so much one can do with garbage. It will remain an idiotic program with insignificant people babbling about nonsense (with all respect to Elizabeth Hasselbeck, who belongs on a quality program worthy of her grace and class).

Don’t worry Rosie. Now you can spend more time with your family. Perhaps you and Cindy Sheehan can have dinner parties and draw Hitler mustaches on the President’s face in the name of intelligent discussion and civilized discourse. Come to think of it, with Cindy Sheehan retiring (a term I always thought wass reserved for useful employed people), you can always be the Grateful Dead version of the protest circuit. You could call it Rosiepaloser. Either way, time for you to exit, stage (extreme insane angry) left.

Again, cheer up Rosie. After your nervous breakdown you will write a tell all book and make even more money. Society rewards screwups who stop screwing up, rather than acknowledge the everyday people who wiork hard every day and pay your salary.

Rosie, you started out as the Queen of Nice. I will take every bad word I said about you back if you go back to being this person. You were nice once, so you have that capability. Then you became a hardcore leftist, which apparently just does not seem to mesh well with rational thought or civility or kindness or decency or anything else that good people possess.

May your child grow up to be a good citizen who treats people with kindness. This can happen if you spend more time with her, and less time being an attention seeker. Stay away from the cameras for awhile. Go heal. Go get better. Most importantly…just go.   


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