Chief Justice Roberts and General Petraeus–The Best and Brightest Do Matter

Leaders do exist. Some are born, others are made, but successful leaders truly are the best and brightest. It can be book smarts, street smarts, or a combination of both, but there is no substitute for those that apply their skills in an intelligent fashion.

Twenty two liberals in that bastion of mediocrity known as the United States Senate voted against confirming John Roberts. I can honestly understand why. He is an intellectual heavyweight, one of the finest legal minds of our time. He is respected, brilliant…and conservative. The left needed to defeat him because he would have moved the Supreme Court towards a strict constructionist path, which coincidentally is what the Supreme Court is supposed to do. The activists were terrified that the constitution might be properly interpreted.

The could not defeat Justice Roberts by smearing him, or characterizing him as out of the mainstream. He was simply too likable, and too intelligent. Two decisions came down the pike that justified why this man is in the right place at the right time.

Despite protests from the left (which is pretty much all the left does in this country any more), Justice Roberts found that a banner outside a school that read “Bong Hits For Jesus” was not a harmless joke. It was a pro-drug use message. Drugs are a scourge on society. Drug users are pathetic human beings, and drug dealers need to be shot on sight like Singapore does. 

Apparently the only time the left does not side with the public schools is when they are trying to prevent kids from doing drugs. Now if the banner had read “Jesus loves you,” then the left would have done backflips to side with the school. Actually, given the quality of schools today, the school would have also fought to eliminate the banner. It is difficult to win a war on drugs when a large segment of our population came of age during the 1960s, which contributed to our society a culture that glorified drug use.

Thankfully saving lives and keeping kids off of drugs was considered more important than allowing a teenager the right to spread a dangerous message that endangers lives every year. While Justice Roberts did not go as far as Justices Scalia and Thomas wanted him to, he did what a truly leader does. He built a consensus, and got something done. Ideas mean nothing without votes to get them passed.

Justice Roberts also took the first step towards repealing that abomination known as McCain-Feingold. I am amazed that the left will support free speech for teenagers promoting drugs, but not for citizens trying to take part in the political process. This is especially true of conservative citizens, who apparently are under constant threat of being silenced under the guise of “fairness.”

Laws are useless unless they can be enforced. The democrats broke the campaign finance laws, then they demanded more laws to be passed, at which point they broke them as well. Again, the democrats against Roberts accused him of being an activist. Far from it. He took a minimalist, incremental approach. He did not as far as the conservatives wanted. He split the difference in a fair and reasonable manner, which is what fair and reasonable people do. McCain-Feingold was not totally overturned, but it was weakened.

Everyone should have the right to contribute as much as they want, with full disclosure. The democrats want a world where George Soros can spend millions for the liberals, and the conservatives are unarmed. The democrats want corporations to be silenced while union thugs bully and blackmail their workers into supporting the left, whether they want to or not. This is all done in the name of fairness, again.

Justice Roberts has a lifetime appointment, and America should be thankful that one of the finest legal minds of our time is living up to his well deserved reputation.

Unlike Justice Roberts, General Petraeus has a limited appointment. He was confirmed unanimously. This guy wrote the book on counter insurgency strategy. He is a giant in the field of warfare, which is helpful when we are at war, which I will repeatedly remind the left, we are.  

There are those who want to pull out of Iraq now, despite the fact that the General’s report is not due out until September. Some have accused this man that was unanimously confirmed of already offering a rose colored report. This would be valid if General Petraeus was lacking integrity, a valid criticism of his critics.

The left is terrifed that the surge is working, because they want us out of Iraq now. What the left does in so many cases (the right as well from tie to time) is that they form opinions first, and demand that the data conform to the original opinion. This prevents them from ever having to be wrong.

Being wrong is what makes people grow. Businesses are constantly wrong, so the innovate. Scientists are wrong, so they retest and experiment some more, rather than abolish the entire scientific method. What is truly wrong is sticking to a blind strategy of failure. Now the left uses that argument t criticize the President and the war, but he has been right from the beginning. His critics are wrong.

Now the President has installed a top notch general. One can argue this is being late to the party, but the bottom line is, our top notch general is in place, and he is doing his job. Criticizing the surge is ingenuous right now because we really should have had a full scale escalation, but the left would not allow it. So for them to criticize the slow pace of the surge is complete phoniness. We could level the bad guys tomorrow if we were allowed to go “balls out.” The surge is good enoughfor now, despite the left, but only because we have the very best soldiers led by the very best military leaders. Now all we need is for the politicians trying to undermone the troops they support to stop doing so.

Being the best and brightest is not about being a pointy headed academic writing on a  chalkboard and pontificating about nonsense because they have tenure. Pretentiousness and being boring are not the same as being intellectually valuable. America struck leadership platinum with Justice John Roberts and General David Petraeus. They do not sit around theorize. They take words and turn them into productive actions. They deliver results. May they both do so for as long as necessary to improve the worlds around them.

President Bush, your critics call you an intellectual lightweight. That is why you are the President and they are critics. After all, aren’t art critics failed artists? The President has consistently brought America the best and brightest people. The liberals will never recognize this because then their intellectual heads would explode.

Come to think of it, those of consequence would be too busy changing the world for the better to notice or care. Keep up the good work Mr. Chief Justice. Copy the General on that as well.


7 Responses to “Chief Justice Roberts and General Petraeus–The Best and Brightest Do Matter”

  1. madmouser says:

    I second the motion. Excellent post. I fell the same way about the two men you described. We are very fortunate to have them where they are.

  2. micky2 says:

    I agree with your stance on all the issues except that I used drugs for a long time. I’ve been clean and sober for 15 years now. And it really has nothing to do with the quality of the person. Seeing as how alcohol is the most widely used drug in the world pathetic might not say much for the average guy having a beer. As far as Illegal drugs goes I am very well educated on the fact that addiction is not a character defect, its a disease. Ask your own doctor. If a cashier knowingly sells a bottle of booze to minor should they be shot on sight ? It is a drug and it is legal. But it does more harm to our society than all other drugs legal or illegal combined. I think it boils down to responsability.
    I was responsable enough to realize that I couldnt drink or shoot dope anymore. And I took the responsability to get help. I believe that was anything but pathetic.

  3. Denis Hiller says:

    Hey, thanks for the comment. Blue staters immigrating to red states. That’s pretty funny :) I’l keep reading your blog & if it looks interesting, I’ll blog roll it like you asked. I only blog roll blogs which I am interested in reading regularly (not trying to sounds arrogant).

  4. David M says:

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    A short recon of what’s out there that might draw your attention, updated throughout the day…so check back often.

  5. Debbie says:

    Very good post. I agree, we need strong, intelligent leaders who are willing to step up.

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  7. micky2 , keep the faith and trust in God! I’m very happy to hear of your success.

    Excellent post, eric. As I wrote during Roberts’ confirmation hearings, all the libs care about is keeping abortion legal. They couldn’t care less about what’s actually in the Constitution.

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