How can we worry about Al Queda when PHTV is the only news?

Welcome to Paris Hilton Television, aka PHTV. It is all PH, all the time, and out of pure disgust, I will not mention her insignificant name ever again. Every time I think about creationism, I picture people like ANS and PH and think that the evolution people are right…some people did descend from baboons, without much change. How could the same God that gave us the gift of reason have created such wastes of empty space? If there was an air shortage, they would suck up every last breath.

This issue might be the one time where I sided with Kirsten Powers over Michelle Malkin. It was painful to do so, but Ms. Malkin, normally tough as nails, did not give PH the lashing that Ms. Powers did, with superb rhetorical aplomb.

However, Ms. Malkin is deadly accurate when she lacerates the jackals masquerading as human garbage, aka our esteemed fourth estate. It is because of them that the day PH leaves jail will be the ideal day for bad behavior by everybody else world wide. I do not blame PH for this. She cannot help being worthless, but nobody makes the media smoke her crack lifestyle. It is not that they will be covering her with bated breath. It is that they would be ignoring everything else.

If I were Al Queda, I would carry out as many diabolical attacks as I could the very minute the media is inhaling PH”s rumpus. What are a few bombs scattered in Iraq? Who cares about collateral damage? Heck, execute all the kidnapped journalists. Their colleagues will not notice. In fact, these soulless vultures might appreciate the reduced competition for PH interviews.

Fatah and Hamas should start an all out war, and Israel should join the fray. Anybody wanting to commit mass acts of war on a global scale without the annoying attention of reporters should start launching rockets the minute PH exits jail.

On a domestic scale, politicians should pass as much harmful legislation as possible without debate. Pay raises, abortion bills, immigration, restrictions on the bill of rights…it does not matter. Heck, they can pass the freedom of choice act and the right to life amendment simultaneously just for fun and let the courts sort it out.

If ever politicians needed a day to get drunk, drive, and enjoy call girls (or boys, let’s not discriminate), it should be done as soon as PH goes free. Illegal campaign activities should be ratcheted up. Fundraisers should be held in churches, synagogues and mosques, and of course Buddhist monasteries, since there will be no controlling legal authority to monitor them at that time do to other news media desires.

Short of Natalie Holloway being found or ANS being resurrected, nothing will stop this lack of news deluging us.

The bottom line is America is winning the War on Terror, but not enough people know this because we are losing the war against nonsense.

Alan Colmes innocently asked a guest “What should we do, talk about nothing but Iraq and the War on Terror?” Yes! That is precisely what we should do. Mr. Colmes is correct when he states that talking about PH is escapism from all the serious life and death stuff. That is justifying idiocy. If people want to escape, watch a comedy program. I enjoy South Park. Surf the internet. Better yet, to quote my parents, “Read a book or go do something.” The nightly news should never be the nightly nonsense.

Al Queda and the War on Terror should never be “been there, done that.” PH should never be news, whether she be PH balanced or PH unbalanced.

I pray for the safety of Americans, and I pray that we actually justify our existence on this planet by spending time on what matters. Wasted time is wasted life, and we cannot and should not waste our time on a wasted life such as PH. Especially when terrorists are too busy trying to end all our lives.


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  1. mdvp says:

    I completely agree. It’s ridiculous.

  2. lewwaters says:

    I was still up last night after midnight, when they released her from jail. Sorry, but she does not merit a “Breaking News Alert” nor a live view of her being driven home.

    It is utterly ridiculous that her misdeed garners such reporting.

  3. micky says:

    I agree mostly that the media dictates to us what we think is important., And it is frustrating when you want to find out whats going on in Gaza and you get these other stories that just take up 90% of the air waves. The death of a 9 month pregnant mother by murder is absolutly horrible. But do we need it driiled into our heads 23/7 ?

  4. AmeriDan says:

    “I completely agree. It’s ridiculous.” -mdvp

    My thoughts too.

    Thanks to TYGRRR for writing it so well.

  5. But…but…Paris is in jail Didn’t you catch that…she’s IN JAIL! How can anyone sleep, how can we as a civilization move on with such events. I mean, come on, this is an incident for the ages. Years from now, with your grandson on your knee, you’ll be able to wow him by telling him you were there, every day, glued to Fox and CNN…and you saw it all unfold. Can you imagine?!! Look out moon landing, look out Berlin wall.

    The chutzpah of Eric…sigh.


  6. Wow, I better be on guard, maybe my wife will give me the Credit Card bill around the time Paris is released……….. :) ………..steve

  7. Jay says:

    Here in LA the morning news is replete with Paris, who did what on American Idol, and who got kicked off Survivor. My wife didn’t believe this phenomenon until she joined me here. Tonight, Larry King is having Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, and Yoko Ono on the show (reportedly!) but they have been eclipsed by one empty-headed crack whore with $800M and a Bentley.

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