Ideological Bigotry Part V

Once again, I will reiterate that conservatives are human beings. This simple fact seems to be lost at that bastion of tolerance, otherwise known as the Jewish Journal reader forums. My blog has received positive feedback from various sources, but I am astonished that the only place where my columns inspire outright hostility is in my own religion. Descendants of the Holocaust are more threatened by conservatism and republicanism than anything else. Therefore, I have decided to adopt (aka steal) a page from the Michelle Malkin playbook, and publish some of the rantings of these moonbats.

Upon reading various insults to my comments, I pointed out that anyone can hurl insults, but intellectuals roll up their sleeves and deal with the problems. For that benign comment, I was given this screed by a fellow who calls himself (name redacted…my last attempt at politeness, which does not seem to work with liberals, who see it as weakness).

“Clearly, any response in the negative to any of your manifestos will be defined as an insult. As I understood this from the get go, I saw no reason to hold back and still don’t. That being said, all this p*ssing and moaning about insults and ‘ideological bigotry’ is a cover for the insecurity you feel everytime you advocate someone elses bankrupt ideals and values.I love it when the opposing wings of the artificial political construct steal each others playbooks, cop their most precious ideals(in this instance; “Political Correctness”) and then cynically claim it as their own. ‘Ideological Bigotry’; as an example of the bullsh*t that passes for political discourse in this country, is gold. As a debating point, its disingenous, and therefore, lame. Since, you are on a mission from G-d, you obviously believe you have every right to attack and diminish those values and ideals that you don’t agree with and those that espouse them. As a classic Passive-Aggressive…(Irrelevant diatribe redacted for length)”

I responded by defining exactly what ideological bigotry is, and why it matters.

“Hmmmm…wow, who knew I was on a mission from God. I should add that to my blog.

I will explain it one last time for the moderately feebleminded.

Criticizing a black man at work for not doing a good job is fine, as are critiicisms of Jackson and Sharpton. Taking and dragging James Byrd and lynching him is not.

Questioning gay marriage is legitimate. Taking Matthew Shepherd and beating the hell out of him is not.

Ok, so far even liberals are grasping this. Now here comes the tough one.

Disagreeing with the Bush administration on policy is healthy for democracy. Taking conservatives lawn signs is vandalism. Keying cars that have Bush bumper stickers is criminal. Advocating lynching or stoning to death conservatives (Alec Baldwin vs Henry Hyde, anyone?) is not acceptable.

Ideological bigotry is not about healthy disagreements. It is about hate speech that is often tantamount to violence.

My goal is to reach out to the ‘persuadables,’ which are many, not the ‘entrenched.’ The entrenched have their minds made up before the issue is even presented. Luckily for my blog, there are enough persuadables. I encourage persuadables to visit. The entrenched left will detest it, because they hate it without reading it.”

This fellow, even by liberal standards, then offered what I suspect is his pleasant side.

“I’ve seen your ‘blog’. A collection of incoherent, ill-concieved, pseudo-intellectual claptrap only rivaled by the collection of morons, half-wits, reprobates & sychophants that comment on your ‘philosophies’. A cheering section comprised of the un-hinged, who will grasp at any validation of their own warped, pathetic rationalizations.”

Folks, the Unabomber could not have responded any better. Multisyllabic words, and yet somehow I was able to grasp them. This fellow calling my conservative readers unhinged is like President Bush being called evil by Iranian President Armageddonijad.

Now some will accuse me of “cherry-picking,” but that is a job for immigrants. My parents worked hard so I could wear a white collar. I will offer one more example of what the liberal Jewish community (The Jewish Journal claims to represent the community, so if it regularly appears there, it is representative) considers civilized discourse.

Realizing that the Jewish Journal reader forums were hostile towards anything conservative, I decided to write an article that was apolitical. I brought up the issue of whether it was acceptable for Jews, who are forbidden to eat pork, would be allowed to raise and farm pigs, to be used as bomb sniffing pigs, so long as they were not eaten. I remarked that given that we are fighting a War on Terror, saving lives was paramount, especially since Jewish doctrine only says the pig cannot be eaten. There are no comments either way regarding other uses.

One fellow in the Jewish Journal Forums, who knows I am a conservative, and therefore worthy of any and all hostility, responded as follows.

“There is no ‘war on terror,’ Senor SchwarzenTigger. There is a failing occupation in Iraq, a dropped ball in Afghanistan, an ostrich in the White House and an Administration so screwed up it has half a million names on the ‘Terrorist Watch List.”

My column had nothing to do with the White House in any way. I truly get the feeling that if I were to write a column on why it was important not to beat puppies and kittens, these people would explain either why they were in favor of it, or that President Bush is responsible for it. In fact, a new cartoon shows Dick Cheney as a child biting the heads off of birds and drinking their blood. This is what the left calls “humor.”

I decided to redirect the fellow back to my original point about bomb sniffing pigs, and he said he was fine with it.

Folks, this is how far gone the left has drifted. A fellow felt the need to criticize the Bush administration in response to a post I wrote where the basic premise…he agreed with me! When a fellow is agreeing with you and still taking shots, that tells me that it is not the logical argument that is being attacked, but the individual.

Since I have never met these people, I can conclude with certainty that my very existence as a conservative republican bothers them. My father escaped the Nazis, and is a republican. I wonder what they think of him. Yes, I will continue to bash the hateful members of the Jewish left upside their bigoted skulls with this fact, since the only way to confront their hatred is to show them what real hatred is.

Some people ask me why I even bother with the Jewish left, and that I should avoid them altogether. If there were a billion Jews, I would be delighted to avoid these people. Unfortunately, we are so few in numbers, that trying to avoid Jewish liberals is like trying to avoid Muslims in Libya. It is not doable.

Luckily, despite the advances of modern medicine, elderly Jews are dying off. These fossils are under the death grip of FDR and JFK, but their grandchildren are more openminded. I just have to remind myself that it will take time. Members of the Klan have grandchildren that play with their black friends at school.

One day, when those under the poisonous spell of bigotry leave this earth, their offspring will come to realize that all human beings have value…even conservative republicans.

It is a shame that 60 years after 6 million Jews died, so many do not see venom in their own hearts. I pray that some how, some way, they learn how to be less tolerant of those who want to kill them (Islamofacists), and more tolerant of those who embrace them (Christians), or in the cases of me and my friends as Jewish republicans, are them.


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  1. Eric,

    Really like this post, understand it and have seen it. My pastor is a Jew and I have asked him why the Jewish people are so predictable Liberal in this country and so “hostile” to Christians. I asked why they didn’t realize that the Christians in the USA are probably their strongest supporters. The conclusion was speculated that their liberal pet peeves are stronger than their need for world support. I guess this is easy for those Jews living in the USA and not Israel. I am surprised that they don’t realize that it is our liberals that would sell Israel down the river in an instant if it was convenient.

    Well not me. I will be with the nation of Isarel through it all, and if the liberal American Jews don’t get it, I do…………Steve

  2. bob and merrill says:

    If I must be categorized, put me in with the morons and half-wits. Prager and Krauthammer apparently belong there with me—with us all who see the dangers ahead if the left succeeds. And I see that success looming with aid to Fatah and the resurrection of the immigration bill. Warped as I must be, I see the enemies of the USA and Israel coinciding at this point. In my pathetic rationalizations, I cannot see Al Qaeda, Hamas, or Hesbala being deterred by “life style coaches” alone.

  3. Note: Thanks to Christopher, a YoungRepublican ( for signing up today as a “Blogger 4 Palin.” People supporting Sarah are part of what Ronald Regan called a “Big Tent,” a diverse group of people supporting the Republican ticket.

    Today, BlackTygrrrr – four “r’s” please – asked me to: (1) check out his blog; (2) put it on my blogroll – if I thought my viewers might like it. I’ve done both. In return, I’m going to ask “Black” to review the Sarah Palin (Governor of Alaska) material and, if he agrees with it, to become a “Blogger 4 Palin.” It’s a reasonable request.

    Why would I do such a thing? First, because I believe strongly in Sarah’s candidacy. Second, because I know it’s essential to get people – many of them – to find out who Sarah is. Third, if you don’t ask people to take an action – in this case, to support Sarah – they won’t act on their own. As generations of salespeople have observed, “You have to close the deal.”

    Townhall, like other political sites, is – or should be – all about coalition-building. It’s not really about aging white guys pursuing a self-directed course in “Anger Management.” It’s not about repeating the same slogans over and over again in the “Comments” section.

  4. rightwingdog says:

    I received a request todat from “blacktygrrr” to have a look at his blog and if I was impressed to add it to my blogroll. Well, I did look and I did add. I also liked the content and style.

    I believe that I would be included in “the collection of morons, half-wits, reprobates & sychophants” one reader wrote and am proud to wear those labels as long as they are not attached to the term “liberal Demorcat”.

    Yes, I belong to Hillary’s “Vast Rightwing Conspiracy” and being called a Conservative is an honor in my humble opinion.

    Blacktygrrrr, keep on with the fight for the right!


  5. mdvp says:

    I recieved a similar request and I have to say that this blog is great (much better than my own, and certainly funnier) and I will definitely add it to my blogroll. I will definitely be glad to be part of the ‘collection of morons, half-wits, reprobates & sychophants’ that comments on your blog in the future.

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