I’ll have Gaza Strip and eggs for breakfast please, sunny side down and burnt to a crisp

The Gaza Strip is burning. I do love dinner theatre. That reminds me, I do need to stop at the grocery store and pick up some Doctor Brown’s Black Cherry Soda and Nacho Cheese Doritos. Normally when the guys come over to watch sports, my cabinet and refrigerator are stocked, but between the NBA and NHL playoffs, I forgot that Gaza’s version of the Olympic games was taking place this week.

Ralph Peters, as always, writes more brilliantly in the New York Post, then I ever could. Here are some of his comments:

“We need to stop making politically correct excuses. Arab civilization is in collapse. Extremes dominate, either through dictatorship or anarchy. Thanks to their dysfunctional values and antique social structures, Arab states can’t govern themselves decently.

We gave them a chance in Iraq. Israel “gave back” the Gaza Strip to let the Palestinians build a model state. Arabs seized those opportunities to butcher each other.”

Exactly. However, I can no longer see this as a bad thing. If they want to educate their children with “Hooked on Eugenics,” I say let them. Now some say the poor, innocent Palestinian people (an invented fictional creature similar to Unicorns, except less friendly) are not to blame for their government. Nonsense. I blamed republicans in 1992 when they stayed home demoralized, and then were surprised at the Clinton years. I hope they remember that in 2008. The government the Palestinians have is a government of, by, and for their people in every miserable way. The fact that 70-80% of Palestinians support homicide bombers should lead one to not be surprised when they elect them to their government. Every once in awhile they will look at their miserable, self-inflicted lot in life and say that their strategy of indiscriminate murder is “not helpful to their cause.” The idea of not engaging in indiscrimate killing because it is simply wrong would not occur to them. That would require they value human life.

Ralph Peters correctly points out that the Gaza situation is a valuable tool in trying to educate American liberals about what would happen if the USA left Iraq today. I do not expect liberals to learn this lesson, since the killing fields of Vietnam would scare straight most rational people.

“The left doesn’t care how many Iraqis die, as long as President Bush can be humiliated. Now the Murthacrats insist that, once we bail out, Atlantis will rise from the Tigris and Euphrates.

Look at Gaza, at the orgy of self-destructive savagery, the macho idiocy, the junkyard-dog religion and the murder-suicide cult sweeping Arab civilization.”

My only area of mild correction is that this death cult is not sweeping Arab culture. It swept it centuries ago, and accelerated it a century ago.

“But for all that, it’s the Arabs who failed themselves, again and again and again. When Lebanon tried to achieve a semblance of democracy, Syria embarked on a killing spree that, to this day, has had no tangible consequences for the Assad regime. When elections came to the Palestinian territories, the Palestinians voted for terrorists. And while Prince Bandar reportedly was raking in billion-dollar bribes between tennis matches with U.S. pols, our Saudi “pals” were spending their oil wealth to ensure that no Muslims will ever live under a tolerant government that regards women as human.”

Shockingly enough, watching these people kill each other does not cause me to lose sleep. In fact, the only thing that would cause me to sleep better is if a pair of Jewish republican brunettes were next to me. Heck, I would even let one of them be to the left of me in that situation.

The nations of Turkey, Afghanistan and Iraq are more interested in seeing their people succeed than in causing their enemies to fail. They love their children more than they hate the children of their rivals, to paraphraise Golda Meir. This cannot be said about the Palestinians, the only people on Earth too crazy for even Arabs to deal with. For them, destruction is the goal, the ends as well as the means.

Therefore, the only thing left to do is perhaps fire up the barbecue on the balcony and relax on the sofa. It is not that I am delighted that Arabs are killing each other. It is that I am thrilled, elated and relieved that they are so distracted with this civil war that they do not have time to kill Jews. Not since the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s have Jews had a moment of tranquility. Now the best scenario would be if the Palestinians decided not to kill off anybody, and perhaps take up something like knitting sweaters or stamp collecting, but so far that does not seem to be as exciting a hobby for these bloodthirsty individuals.

If Palestinians would ever truly opt for peace, I would welcome them with open arms. However, if the choice is letting them kill each other, or more Jews, I say let the war be civil, and yet very uncivil.

They did this to themselves, and I will do what is necessary…thank them. For now, I will enjoy the Gaza Strip the way I enjoy my bacon strips (Rabbi, they are beef based)…burnt to a crisp with eggs sunny side down. Actually, make them sunny side up to reflect my optimistic mood. No wait, since we are dealing with Palestinians and their logical reasoning, the eggs should reflect them…make them scrambled.

Now to enjoy some soda, some white toast with margarine, and a good sporting event.


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  1. Gayle says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more, Eric. While they are intent on killing each other they aren’t killing Jews.

    They don’t get any sympathy from this quarter either.

    Enjoy the games!

  2. Eric –

    Good stuff here. I always enjoy reading your posts.

    Got you added to my blogroll a while back. Hope you get some traffic.

    I also thought you might enjoy a couple of posts I’ve put up at my place.

    Check out Pinpointing Palestinian Problems and

    Muslim Stress Eased by a Quick Trip West

    One final thought – it’s important so listen up – Redheads! Jewish Republican Redheads!! Although The Much Younger Trophy Wife (who is neither Jewish nor redheaded) will likely have a thought or three on the matter. If I don’t post for a while after this, you may assume one or more of my fingers were broken while I slept.


    Blue Collar Muse

  3. spree says:

    Did you HAVE to mention soda and Doritos? I am on my once a year, 2 week, atkins diet and neither item is on my list for 1 and 4 more days.


    Great post!!!

  4. snooper says:

    Eric! Good job…again!

    I have migrated from Townhall to WORDPRESS but I will still maintain the Townhall blog.

    I got your message on the Hillary blog I write for and indeed added you to the blogroll.


    I also added you to the new place:


    Keep up the GREAT work.

  5. BrianR says:

    Funny essay.

    Actually, I’m going tlo liunk a couple of my essays, because I do believe they’re on-topic.

    My Name is Hassan: http://viewfromtheisland.townhall.com/g/bedb25c3-c69d-4993-b666-60afa2491bff

    Who “Owns” Israel?: http://viewfromtheisland.townhall.com/g/68e69cd7-f518-49d2-9a18-0d05ad4f494d

    Isreal – A Moral Imperative: http://viewfromtheisland.townhall.com/g/cdcbfe51-e0a6-459c-ba3a-f3d09cdae3f4

    Can there really be an Arab democracy?: http://viewfromtheisland.townhall.com/g/2f2870f8-f673-4c16-9027-cab5feaf51b7

    I’m sorry to be so presumptive, but they really are germane, and I think you’ll enjoy them.

  6. Will Moyer says:

    great post.

    i wrote something similar (but very short) back in October — during the last big tuff between the Palestinians.


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