Harry Reid–The Majority Loser of the Demagoguic Party

The jackals of the democratic party have officially become cannibals. Alberto Gonzales has been chewed up, and not one morsel was spit out. He has been devoured. Yet far from satiating the beats of the left, they are now hungier than ever. The smell of republican blood is in the air, and their only reason for living continues.

Spending time on Alberto Gonzales can be done by others. All I know is another decent human being was destroyed because republicans want to feed their friends to the alligator, to quote the Gipper.

Perhaps Mr. Reid can drive a stake through Mr. Gonzales’s heart and then spit on his grave. He already does that with American soldiers, so why not with a republican enemy?

First it was Scooter Libby, and now Alberto Gonzales. Now that he has resigned, here is quote from Harry Reid, the Majority Loser of the Demogoguic Party.


“‘Alberto Gonzales was never the right man for this job,’ said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on Monday. ‘He lacked independence, he lacked judgment and he lacked the spine to say no to Karl Rove.’ Rove, another longtime Bush official and his top political adviser, also resigned this month. ‘This resignation is not the end of the story,’ Reid warned. ‘Congress must get to the bottom of this mess and follow the facts where they lead, into the White House.'”

Follow the facts where they lead, into the White House? How does the Majority Loser know this? Did President Bush confess to him? What facts?

The story is that President Bush has become Jean Valjean, and Harry Reid is the most miserable of all “Les Miserables,” that being Inspector Javert. Unlike Inspector Clouseau, who bungled his way to the top, Javert, after realizing his entire life was a failure, committed suicide.  

To see Harry Reid is to see a man whose life is a complete lie. Here are two things many people do not know about the Senator from Nevada.

First of all, he is pro-life on abortion. While I am personally unaffected by this, why does he not talk about it? Why does nobody know about it? Rudy Giuliani can be a pro-choice republican, but is the democratic party that intolerant of dissent that Harry Reid, the senate leader, is forced to muzzle his own views? Absolutely.

Harry Reid is also a devout Mormon. So what? So is Mitt Romney. Why does he never talk about it? Is he possibly scared that a political party that despises religious people will see him as a zealot? I do not know anything about Mormonism, but Mitt Romney seems comfortable in his own skin talking about who he is.

There are other issues of course, but piling on is unnecessary. Harry Reid is a human tragedy. He is a man unable to sa who he is, what he believes, and why he believes it. Like many empty shells, he is a dour man. Does anybody ever remember him smiling? Look at his face. He always has that unhappy, hang dog look. It is not about his facial features. It is about a man that is forced to deny who he is.

Let me make it easy for you Mr. Reid. I will tell you about myself. I am a young, single male in the stockbrokerage industry. I like football, red meat, the Oakland Raiders, and jacuzzi romps with scantily clad republican Jewish brunettes.

I favor supply side economics, bombing Syria into a 50,000 hole golf course, and then blowing it up again because I detest golf. My favorite comic actor is Bill Murray, with the “Frat Pack” close behind. I support Israel, and believe we must privatize social security. The stock market works.

Enough about me. I know and like me, as do others.

What about you sir? How do you wake up every day knowing that you have beliefs, and are forbidden from articulating them? What is it like knowing that your entire existence is based on hurting others? I am sure Joseph Smith did not support slander, libel and character assassination.

Mr. Reid, On January 20th, 2009, President Bush will not be in office. You will be out of excuses, and possibly, your rationale to live. Maybe you can go the Javert route, but there is a solution that is less “messy,” to use one of your favorite words.

Mr. Reid, develop some humanity. Understand that when people are talking about the politics of personal destruction, they are talking about you. The President may have low poll numbers, but yours are much worse. It is difficult to have people like you when all you offer towards others is hatred and bitterness.

Lastly Mr. Reid, boomerangs do come back. Glass houses, stone throwing, and other analogies fit well. You have some shady real estate deals and some crooked boxing issues involving tickets. You may say that these allegations are untrue, and a witch hunt, but that is the standard which you apply to others. Allegation is fact, and whispers equals unequivocal guilt.

Joseph McCarthy eventually was defeated Mr. Reid. I would spend less time feasting on the dead carcass of Alberto Gonzales, and more time trying to wash the blood off of your own hands.

Congratulations. You destroyed a human being sir. You humiliated him and grinded him into dust, and vowed to do the same to others. Way to set an example for our children.

I am not a perfect man Mr. Reid, but I am a better human being than you will ever be, if today is any indication. I suspect it is a precise indication.

Somebody get this cannibal some napkins. He is drooling blood on the floor.


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  1. a little wordier, but essentially in total agreement with my post…Harry Reod truly is as pathetic a specimen as I’ve ever seen.

    BYW, George Bush can fire a U.S. Attorney because they smell funny if he wants, and no law is broken. Whatever this mummer is looking for is beyond me

    good post

  2. Carole says:

    I have a question. Really. How do we get rid of this congress? I’m not talking about just the one since the election, but the one that’s been about for a long time and has become inbred? I am truly appalled at what has passed for congressional governance for decades.

    Any chance we can do away with Congress…and go a, say….monarchy? I’m just sayin’……


  3. The Scolai says:

    “… and jacuzzi romps with scantily clad republican Jewish brunettes.” Eric, your blog is by far the best thing going, and makes an old guy recall his single days! Keep up the great work.

  4. Rockyspoon says:

    Harry Reid was my senator in Nevada for the five years I lived there. He was a despicable man then as now. I was so glad to leave that state! I also didn’t consider him a devout Mormon–he only played that card around election time. He is the antithesis of what a “public servant” should be. He has labeled himself the “loyal opposition”, but that’s a total fabrication–he simply opposes anything that promotes the best interest of this country. Harry is only loyal about promoting himself, and he doesn’t care how many lives he ruins (politically) or destroys (militarily) to get there. He panders to the most destructive political forces that exist. The hypocrisy of the man is all the more amazing since as a Mormon he should know better. Perhaps he’s playing “loyal opposition” when it comes to God, too.

  5. David M says:

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    A short recon of what’s out there that might draw your attention, updated throughout the day…so check back often.

  6. Jersey McJones says:

    Well, I read the post, and I still don’t see what the big deal is about Reid. Granted, there’s nothing all that outstanding about him one way or the other, but to be upset about his handling of Gonzales is laughable. If Reno had done what Gonzales did, you cons would be screaming bloody murder.

    As for the mass murder of the Syrian people – that’s pretty twisted. You might want some help for that issue. Pretty inhuman. I know a few Syrians. They’re nice folks. Actually, they tend to be rather secular, like urban Turks. Very friendly and like us, pretty much.

    Anyways… I’ll tell ya’ what – let’s ask Larry Craig about Reid. Seems to me Craig would know about really believing in something, as opposed to just talking about it.


  7. Smokin Joe says:

    I just hate Reid because he and the Democratically controlled Congress was supposed to handcuff Bush and his policies – but they’ve hardly slowed Bush’s policies one bit.

    While I’m sure you all are happy about that fact, I hate it because I thought all this mid-term hoopla was sincere and not just a smoke and mirrors show to get the same rich white old guys back into Washington.

    And I’ve always wondered what the privatization of Social Security would bring about? Would it mean more return? But wouldn’t the risk be astronomically increased also?

    And hey, that’s the Republican party’s fault if they look down on Pro-Choice Repubs – I don’t care if a Democrat is Pro-Life, I find it odd, but eh, I guess that’s what worked for Nevada.

    Cool post – while I kinda disagree and really can’t wait to hear the Whole Story about this Administration, it was a great read, keep it up.

  8. Jersey McJones says:

    Joe, you do understand that the Dems have a very slim majority on the Hill, right?

    And we all know what privatization of SS would bring – a trillion dollars pushed into the stock markets, an extremely risky idea. A Free Market does not feed itself on the government dole. It’s a Fascist/Socialist idea, and a poor one even at that!


  9. Smokin Joe says:

    I realized it was slim, but it is still a majority. But I guess I don’t understand some of the intricacies of gov’t policies.

    And yeah that’s what I thought. The Free Market is too immoral to hold the future of so many American Citizens. Social Security shouldn’t really be a lottery, resulting in a chance of massive gain for people, it is supposed to be a security blanket (in my opinion).

    Plus wouldn’t that trillion dollar surge help out those already heavily invested in Stocks? And while everyone would benefit, the Wealthier would become even more distant and… well… wealthier.

  10. Jersey McJones says:

    Well, Joe, the point I was making about SS is that the government should not be arbitrarily pumping billions of taxpayor dollars into the stock market. The stock market works, ostensibly, because people choose to invest surplus moneys into the private sector. Pumping government money into that syatem defies it’s very purpose – and the purpose of SS. SS is not an investment scheme – not a Ponzi Scheme – it is a welfare program for the elderly, infirmed, widowed, and orphaned. That’s all.


  11. Smokin Joe says:

    I definitely see your point – but I also look at privatizing SS as not only a risky investment scheme, but I can’t imagine that no one would be backing that program for the sole reason of building their wealth (It’s horrible, I know, but no one can deny that there are very immoral and corrupt Politicians out there).

    Maybe I’m cynical, but I can see how a lot of people would benefit just from those trillions being dumped into the market.

  12. Of course, you’re right too, Joe. Pumping arbitrary billions of dollars into a relatively unregulated market is just begging for theft, graft, and fraud. Just theink of the quid pro quos between Washington and Wall Street if taht ever happened! That’s not cynicism – it’s just plain reality.Most Americans want universal healthcare, but there is zero political impetus in Washington to get it done because the quid pro quo for the cash the pols get from Big Pharma and Isurance makes sure of that. If the government started pumping money into Wall Street, there’s be a whole new lobbying and campaigning industry born of figuring our ways to steal that money.


  13. micky2 says:

    When Harry Reid stood in front of the whole world and called illegal aliens ” “Undocumented Americans” I lost any sense of diplomacy for him.

  14. Smokin Joe says:

    Wow –

    Undocumented Americans is quite the euphemism.

    I do believe that our current immigration policy sucks. And needs to offer immigrants a chance to become American Citizens without any trickery or complex language/stipulations. Sometimes I feel you need to become an Illegal Immigrant during the process of Naturalization.

  15. Jersey and Joe –

    SocSec needs to be privatized!

    You’re correct of course that there would be lobbyists and such due to the amount of money involved. Please remember that there is an enormous amount of money currently in the market. That’s why there are lobbyists now. Adding more won’t bring lobbyists and such to that trough, they’re already there.

    You’re also right that someone is going to make an enormous amount of money and benefit financially from privatizing SS. It’s the average American worker and his family and his heirs.

    Run the numbers with a financial calculator. Take a guy who makes $20K a year for 45 years (20 to 65) and invest his annual $1500 (rough estimate – low by a hair, I think) SS tax at 10% and see what he’ll have. Don’t like %10? Run it at 8%, 6% and 4% then. Keep in mind that whatever that total is, when the man is done with it (read – dies) his family gets whatever is left regardless of how old they are and that if he dies before 65, they get all of whatever it is at that point, too.

    Now use any online SS calculator and run the results of $20K for 45 years and compare results. Remember that the money isn’t available for years and if you die before you get to the point where you can draw it yourself, your family gets reduced benefits and if you die after a certain point in your family’s development, your family gets nothing – zip, zero, nada!!

    Privatization of SS would be the single, most effective step in enriching the average American and within a couple of generations of its implementation has the potential to eliminate poverty and lack as we currently experience it in this country (which is not particularly much).

    I know there are downsides to privatization. None of them comes close to overriding the benefits and none of the downsides are any worse for the people than the downsides of keeping our current, outmoded system.

    It’s 2007. Time to move into the 21st Century in yet another area …

    Blue Collar Muse

  16. OK – I’m officially confused …

    The post was about Harry Reid –

    Why did I just write a comment on SS privatization …

    And I forgot to reference scantily clad, Jewish, Republican brunettes (and red-heads) …

    Ahhh – It’s early and my A-game is still snoozing …



  17. Blue Collar, your moniker is ironic. If you notice, there aren’t many “blue collar” people out there clamouring for SS privatization. In fact, the only people lobbying for this “reform” are wealth elites at places like the AEI, Club for Growth, etc. That, in and of itself should tell you something. Also, you did not address the specific types of problems that Joe and I menationed, other than to just bush them off. The biggest problem you failed to address is my comment on the nature of free markets. Flooding a “free” market with government money IS socialism. The whole point of a stock market is that people who have extra money, put that money into investments they believe will draw a higher return. You can’t just flood the stock market with a trillion taxpayor dollars. It defeats the whole idium of the stock market. I really don’t see what the privatization crowd doesn’t get about this! I thought you guys believed in a free market! Sometime I think progressive liberals like me are more the libertarian, free market capitalists than GOP conservatives!


  18. Smokin Joe says:

    yeah, sorry to hijack the post – but I’ve always been confused with the privatization of Soc. Sec.

    I can see the Upper Class making off like bandits, the Middle class getting a NICE reward for a lifetime of work/investment, and well..

    the lower class gets whatever is left. I feel, if you want to have a comfy nest-egg at the end of your life, work for it. Soc sec is there in case you really aren’t able to make ends meet – not as a reward for outliving those around you (to a certain extent).

    The Hijacking also could be happening because well… what else is there really to say about reid?

  19. I agree, Joe (about the hijacking and SS!). In fact, I believe we should means test SS, and remove the payroll tax cap. All this I hear about raising the age, or lowering benefits sounds disasterous to me. people forget – before SS, the elderly in America were the poorest social class in the free world! Now, they are relatively comfortable. It’s too bad we know so litle about our own history. And what about the orphaned, infirmed, and widowed? how would privatization do anything for them? Like a lot of these sort of ideas, I don’t think regular people have really thought it through.


  20. Monica says:

    That explains why Harry Reid hates George W. Bush so much. Bush is a true, born again Christian, and Harry Reid, being a witch, knows it. So, he hates Bush, as all witches, hate and are antagonistic toward Bush.

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