RJC in DC–Rudy Giuliani

On September 11th, 2001, 3000 of my fellow New Yorkers were murdered. Six years later, I still well up with rage when that day enters my thoughts. I do pray for the day when I will care about other political issues, but I freely admit, for better or worse, rightly or wrongly, that I am a single issue voter. I want a President who will destroy terrorists. Period. Civilization hangs in the balance, and if we lose, we die. There is no inbetween. I have said that many politicians have been vigilant in the War on Terror the last six years. All of the top tier republican nominees recognize the proper way to approach the war. What separates Rudy Giuliani is his consistent willingness to point out that this war began nearly three decades before it was actually declared. It is this clear grasp of the global struggle against Islamofacism that made me want to see Mayor Giuliani in person.

On September 11th, 2007, I attended Sean Hannity’s Freedom Concert at Great Adventure. Rudy Giuliani did speak there, but by the time I made it to the very front row, and with the help of a connection, got backstage, Mayor Giuliani had left.


15 days later, at a private home, On September 26th, I did meet him. I spoke to him for maybe 60 seconds, and for an ordinary guy like me, that is more than enough. He spoke to the audience for 30-45 minutes, including questions.


Yet despite an already favorable impression of him, I wanted to hear what he had to say at the Republican Jewish Coalition 2008 Candidates Forum 3 weeks later on October 16th. My expectations were high, and his remarks are below.

“I was Mayor of New York City. This is a city even Abraham Lincoln didn’t carry.”

“We don’t win elections if we (republicans) give away New York, New Jersey, California, Pennsylvania, etc.”

“Iran is the leading state sponsor of terrorism in the world.”

“Hezbollah was responsible for the Lebanon bombing in 1983, a hijacking in 1985, and Jewish targets in the 1990s in Argentina.”

“I guarantee that Iran will never get nuclear weapons.”

“Cold War Russia and China were able to be handled with diplomacy because they had ‘residual rationality.'”

“The President cannot hesitate to use the military.”

“We need to have divestment form Iran.”

“Weakness invites attacks, strength keeps you safe. Peace has to be based on realism, not romance.”

“You cannot negotiate with one when they are trying to destroy your family.”

“Barack Obama invoked Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan called the Soviet Union an ‘Evil Empire.’ Then he deployed missiles directly at Russian cities. Then, he negotiated. Barack, you’re no Ronald Reagan.”

“There was no ABC (network) mea culpa saying Reagan was right.”

In a swipe at one of his primary opponents, he said, “When Yassir Arafat was in New York, I did not call for a team of lawyers. I did not ask, ‘Can we partially throw him out?'”

Rudy’s willingness to acknowledge his own mistakes came in a moment of levity. Somebody’s cell phone went off during his speech, and he quickly remarked, “I’m not going to answer it.” The crowd laughed. He then turned serious again, and got in a dig at Mr. Arafat overtly, and another Nobel Peace Prize winner covertly, although very subtly.

“Yassir Arafat murdered Leon Klinghoffer. Equating Yassir Arafat to Yitzchak Rabin set back peace a decade.”

(I remain surprised that after all this time, not one other candidate mentions Leon Klinghoffer, an elderly, wheelchair bound retiree that was thrown overboard from a hijacked cruise ship. This is another way Mayor Giuliani reminds audiences that 9/11 was far from the beginning. His primary opponents do not mention this.)

“Saudi Prince Al Aweed offered 10 million dollars after 9/11. He then said that American support of Israel was partly to blame for 9/11. I returned the money.”

Mayor Giuliani went into detail, pointing out that there were arguments in favor of keeping it, and he decided to consult with several family members that had lost people that Tuesday. He said that the families did not want the money, and the last family member angrily stated, “Nothing would offend me more than if we would take that blood money.” Giuliani was a decisive leader during that tragedy, but he did not make a critical decision in a vacuum. Nevertheless, he was glad that the families supported his decision.

He the continued on in this vein.

“We were attacked because of the good parts of America.”

“We had a women’s breakfast event this morning (The wives of the four main candidates spoke to all the women attendees). Iran does not have women’s breakfasts.”

“Before the Palestinians get their own state, two things have to happen. First, they have to say, ‘Israel has a right to exist as a Jewish state.’ Secondly, they must say, ‘We forsake terrorism.’ This must be shown over time. We will not support another terrorist state.”

“Democrats do not want to offend anybody by saying, ‘Islamic Terrorism.’ Who are they worried about offending? I want to offend them.”

“My foreign policy team consists of Daniel Pipes and Norman Podhoretz.”

Podhoretz is the father of the Neocon movement, and Dr. Pipes is one of the world’s foremost scholars on Islamism. He is known for saying, “Radical Islam is the problem. Moderate Islam is the solution.” These are heavyweights, and the audience took notice.

“Tim Russert pressed Hillary (on Islamofacism), and she never answered the question. She is still answering the question.”

Mayor Giuliani’s remarks were the longest, but he still took questions.

With regards to countering domestic Islamic terrorism, he replied, “We need the Patriot Act, and we need the right to aggressive questioning of suspects.”

He stated that “I have been a supporter of an anti-missile defense system since the 1980s.”

When asked about how to deal with George Soros, he replied (perhaps jokingly, based on his Yassir Arafat action), “I would uninvite him (the crowd laughed). He and Moveon are a new low.”

Perhaps forecasting the Presidential race, he stated, “Hillary attacked General Petraeus on 9/11. I give us the best chance to defeat her and take back the Congress.”

Asked about the liberal media, he replied, “We need to communicate better. Those who keep complaining about the media need to get over it. We can’t do anything about it. Better communication is the key.”

The audience started to rise in applause, when he spontaneously added one more comment. It was actually an awkward ending in the sense that it did not flow seamlessly into the rest of his remarks, but it was perhaps an attempt to add in something that may have been left out.

“Governor Spitzer should not give licenses to illegal immigrants.”

The audience again gave him the standing ovation they thought they were giving moments ago, and while the last line may have been pandering, all it did was lower his performance to almost perfect from flawless. The audience loved him.

Listening to him recount the War on Terror, I found myself passionately saying, “This is the guy. He gets it. This is the guy.”

All of the candidates disagree with republicans on some issues. Yet the major issue…the only issue I care about…and the only issue many republicans care about at the expense of all other issues…the War on Terror…is where Rudy Giuliani is dead on accurate. He clearly explains the problem, understands that it started long before we did anything about it, and is willing to take any and all means necessary to win it.

Of the top tier candidates, he spoke first, but I covered him last.

The other top tier candidates are all fine men.

Based on this RJC performance, nothing has changed. Rudy is the right man.


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  1. hueguenot says:

    Good post, Eric.

    I haven’t made up my mind yet, but I think Rudy is the one with the best shot at defeating Hillary (cue screeching and cackling). He is the one who most clearly delineates the differences between the Democrat and Republican positions on terrorism and national security. Anyone who thinks can be peace achieved or maintained in the absence of strength is delusional.

    He doesn’t line up with my views 100%, but that’s to be expected. My views, as are everyone else’s, are a slice of the spectrum of political thought. I’ll vote for my choice in the primaries, and support the Republican candidate in the general. I’ll not take my ball and go home like a spoiled child if my man isn’t nominated, and if low Repub turnout or a 3rd party hand the election to Hillary, I’ll have some choice words for anyone that does.

    This adamantly pro-life evangelical could support him, and this unmoveable proponent of the Second Amendment could support him, too.

    It’s going to be interesting, that much is certain. Pass the popcorn.

  2. hueguenot says:

    Sorry for the garbled syntax at the end of the first paragraph. Yoda to speak like do not intend I.

  3. micky2 says:

    I myself am sure he will make it past the primary. I havnt made any definate decisions yet.
    In my case the most attractive thing is his sharpness. Typical New yorker. Thinks on his feet. Never misses a beat, cuts to the chase.
    When someone doesnt take long to answer a question, they display confidence and show little room for pandering.
    When I see candidates hem and haw and pause and look down at the podium after being asked a question, I think to myself
    ” uh oh, what line of crap is he digging up now” You can bet both your cannolis he’s thinking of something that will please as many as possible.
    Rudy does not enter that realm, he just spits it out. I like that

  4. Eric, please listen. Terrorism works in two ways, when it works at all. It frightens the hell out of people and it makes them mad as all hell. Either one of those products contains a good dose of hell. You should neither be frightened of terorists nor enraged at them. You should calmly and with calculation figure out a way to keep them from angering and frightening you. Sometimes parents have to deal with unruly children. Good parents do not beat the tar out of their kids. They figure out a more subtle way to get them to behave. Don’t fear terrorism, just find a way to stop it without making more of it.

    Israel is stuck. It is an accident of history. There will be universal military conscription in Israel for the long, long forseeable future. There will be terrorism to keep it necessary. The United States should assist Israel in dealing with this problem, and should step aside when Israel decides to go it alone. But we should not become entwined with the actual conflicts on the ground, as we should well know by now. We do not belong. We owe Israel it’s continued existance. We have to stand by them, of all people. But we should not try to become like Israel, it’s not a pleasant thing to be. We aren’t tough enough for that. If we do go too far on behalf of Israel, knowing our history, we’ll wind up turning on them in the end. It’s best we keep a friendly sense of distinction from Israel.


  5. micky2 says:

    J said;
    “Sometimes parents have to deal with unruly children. Good parents do not beat the tar out of their kids. They figure out a more subtle way to get them to behave. Don’t fear terrorism, just find a way to stop it without making more of it.”

    Cutting off peoples heads, flying jets into buildings, shooting up schools and raping the women and children. Blowing up innocent people on a daily basis.

    What the hell kind of stupid kind analogy is that?
    Eric may well delete that part but I dont give a flying pile of squirrel dung !
    You need your head rearranged jersey.

    You and the rest of the idiotic wish that was only the case. And I have a feeling ythat the only reason you downplay the terrorist threat like you do is to bolster ariticial supposed fears that havnt even happened yet. Like Gerbal warming,

    If a moonbat was going down the freeway at 55 miles an hour and a gerbal ran out in front of him he would slam on his breaks to avoid the gerbal. Saving the life of the gerbal would justify the 200 car pile up behind him.

    J said;
    “Don’t fear terrorism, just find a way to stop it without making more of it.”

    Ooooh, such words of wisdom, “don’t fear terrorism”

    HUH? What the hell are we supposed to do? Embrace it ?

    You sound like some 60s hippie whos been smoking peyote for about week !
    You’ve said some dumb thinds before and everytime I think your mouth cant get any more ridiculous you prove me wrong !

    J said;
    “We do not belong. We owe Israel it’s continued existance. We have to stand by them of all people”

    How do we “not belong ” and then do all the after mentioned that you prescribe.

    Its starting to look alot like you honest to God just say stupid crap to get something going.

    I would love to see you apply as a consultant for foreign affairs in some capacity (and spare me your security experience)
    You dont leave any openings for variations in forecast, it just is what you say it is, how moronic is that ?

  6. Moronic, micky, is making a worse mess of a mess. Moronic is making the same mistake twice. Moronic is taking bait from vicious killers. Moronic is spending huge percentages of your blood and money on “defense.” You conservatives are great at all that. That’s why you lost the Hill in 12 years and you won’t have it back for a generation, at least. Americans aren’t the most asute people, but they’re not retarded. Eventually they see things for what they are. Screwing around in the Middle East in a new Crusade is about the most moronic endeavor in American history. Heck no, we don’t belong there. We have nothing in common with those people. We should have learned that lesson from Vietnam, but like I said – Americans aren’t the most asute people. Maybe if we had better history curricula in the schools… but forget about that. Americans don’t like to dwell on their mistakes.

    There are no variations in the forecast, Micky. Everything ahead is crystal clear. Everything behind will remain with us for a long, long time. All we can do now is start cleaning up the mess the conservatives have left for us. The economy, the world stage – everything is a mess. Time to clean up. Your team struck out once again, Micky. Try to open your mind to the possibilities of the next team coming up to bat.


  7. micky2 says:

    J said
    Everything ahead is crystal clear.”
    There are no variations in the forecast, Micky.”

    Once again the great one speaks to us from the future.
    There are no variations in the forecast? Thats morinic.
    Your amazingly delusional.
    We have an abundance of evidence that we have a clear and present danger that has and will try again to kill us.

    Your ignorance is increasingly evident when you compare our enemy to unruly children, pathetic to the point of creapy.

    And by the way. Your illustrious leaders on the hill promised 6 things in 6 months and didnt put out squat one of them , along with ratings of being less popular that Osama Bin Laden and Bush. So what the hell your all excited about makes about as much sense as your analogy of terrorism to unruly kids.

    Once again , you come into the arena with no facts, just bla bla bla and empty predictions based on nothing but an opinion spawned from hatred.

    You said;
    “Moronic, micky, is making a worse mess of a mess”

    Carter, Clinton, your assclown http://www.vicesounds.com/images/assclown.jpg buddys we’re actually responsable for that mess. Now we have to clean it up.

    And dont even bother with your predictable diatribe of crap that you usually throw at me , because I’ve kicked your ass on this subject over and over before.

    J said
    All we can do now is start cleaning up the mess the conservatives have left for us.”

    US ? WE ? All your guys want to do is pack up leave ! So dont even try that crap on me. And have the common sense to at least wait till the primary before you go assuming that the left would have any such chore, never mind being able to actually do it.
    At least the right is picking up the peices.
    Give me and anyone with a brain the decency of acknowledging that we have memories of everyone on the left ot having a plan to do nothing except bail.
    Besides that what have you guys got going for you ? Hillary ? Everyone else doesnt even get 2 minutes on the air anymore. Obama is toast, that idiot cant get out of his own way fast enough.

    You said;
    Your team struck out once again, Micky. Try to open your mind to the possibilities of the next team coming up to bat.”

    First of all you must not of ever played baseball, 3 strikes, DUH ?

    History has already proven what happens when the left gets involved in foreign affairs, they give Arafat Nobel Peace Prizes While getting hummers in the white house. And let Saddam and Osama o whatever they want.
    And that would be historical fact, which is where the best judgement comes from. Not some crystal ball looking into the future.
    You brag and you nag, but you make no point, you never refer to fact, just a bunch of banging on a chest full of hot air.

  8. micky2 says:

    Jersey said;
    Americans aren’t the most asute people, but they’re not retarded.

    Its time for you to stop, really, just stop.

    Are even slightly aware of all the nasty things you have called the citizens of this country ? HUH ? Last month they were idiots. A couple of days ago they werent so smart.
    You are constantly changing your opinion to suit your arguement, and everytime you get exposed and popped you just fade away as if it were nothing.

    Heres an example from Oct 25

    J. said
    Ruth Ginsberg is not a radical by any stretch, was qualified, and is not a pervert (I hope!) – that’s why the 96-3 vote.

    Jersey also said yesterday;
    The majority IS a fool. It’s that old expression – any one perons is usually pretty, and one group is usually pretty stupid. Yeah, it’s a fact. Studies on “groupthink” and “mob mentality” have well established it.

    So ! The 96 -3 vote means the one group(the majority) is pretty stupid?
    You cant have it both ways Jersey !

    You praise the majority when it speaks in your favor, but they are not too smart when they differ ? NOW THAT IS MORONIC!!!

    You really need to keep better track of your mouth

  9. Micky, I never once ever said that I was a fan of the Carter or Clinton presidencies. Not once, ever. Carter was an impotent president, and Clinton was a prototypical technocrat. Carter seems like a genuinely decent person, and Clinton is well… Clinton (for whatever that’s worth). Hillary seems a little more determined toward accomplishment than Bill, but that’s another subject. Personalities are like nostrils… you know the rest.

    Look, I don’t have a horse in American politics. I really do kinda look at it all from the outside in. I don’t care for either the Dems or the Reps. There just happen to be more civil libertarian/small-r republican/utilitarians in the Democratic party these days. Yes, it’s ironic that today’s small-r republicans are in fact Democrats, but that’s reality. If it were 50 years ago, you’d probably be a Democrat, unless you lived in urbia.

    And Micky, I’m really just trying to have a civil discourse with you. I wish you wouldn’t always resort to nastiness.


  10. micky2 says:

    Doesnt matter if you’re a fan or not, Clinton and Carter hold a huge part of the blame.
    That was my point, and that point was about whos responsable for the mess. Not about who you’re in love with.
    Dont go changing the issue, its old.

    Nastiness is deserved when you compare ruthless evil killers to unruly children.

    Oh ! Yea ! Today my son chopped off a few heads and bombed the crap out of everyone at the market, stole a jet liner and flew it into the building killing three thousand people, took over a school and killed and tortured hundreds of people.
    So I sat down with him and let him know that he was going to loose some priveledges and be grounded for being UNRULY !

    You ramble off an idiotic statement like that and you expect me yo let you slide the same way you want to let these monsters slide.
    Good God man, its almost senile.
    Your brand of government(enigma) will almost assuredly get us all killed.

    I know one thing for damn sure. I would never want to be in a fox hole with you.

    Also, by the way. When someone calls you an assclown, you look like one when you ask them what it is.

  11. Jersey McJones says:

    Micky, please try to follow what I’m saying once in a blue moon…

    “…Clinton and Carter hold a huge part of the blame.”

    For what? What the heck did they do? Clinton floated the boat of state, and Carter pretty much toed the ol’ Cold War line. If either is guilty of anything, it was acting too far RIght!

    “Nastiness is deserved when you compare ruthless evil killers to unruly children.”

    Micky, pick up one of your old English school books. Look up “metaphor.”



  12. micky2 says:

    Bad metaphor, bad analogy.
    Metaphors are suggestive, analogies are comparative.
    And dont try to turn this into anything other than what it was…

    A stupid statement, period !

    That old english school book jersey is called a dictionary !

    In the last few days your statements have become so ridiculously off the planet and disengenuos, it almost looks like you’re a plant, just here to stir things up.

    From what I’ve heard out of you in the last few months I’ve noticed a rise in the level of stupidity.
    Did you fall off the wagon?
    Has there been a tragedy in your life ? ( I’m not mocking you for fun, I’m serious)
    Have you started a new regiment of medications?
    Or stopped any prescribed regiment ?

    You cant even keep track of your opinions from day to day.

  13. Jersey McJones says:

    Micky, I really don’t care what you think about my analoguy, or metaphor, or whatever.

    The conservative movement has failed. It was inept and corrupt from the beginning and now America is waking up and smeelling the failure. Everything you believe in has failed. So, really, your opinions aren’t worth all that much. Especially your opinions of me.


  14. micky2 says:

    If you give an opinion its pointless to give it unless it holds a substantial amount of reality, truth and credibilty that would make a debate worthwhile and maybe fruitful.

    What you say about corruption shows your blind faith as you fail to distribute the episodes of corruption in our government evenly and fairly.
    I could just a easely said the same thing about the Dems , but I have more imagination and sight than the average moonbat, who doesnt ?

    Everything I believe in has failed ? Would you care to give me an example ?

    And you’re absolutly right about my opinions of you.
    My opinions of you suck ! You hit it on the nail for once !

    But my reason and facts that are constantly making you look like a fool are priceless
    I use you as a workout mechanism for all the other moonbats I shred on a daily basis.

    This is typical, you back down and whimper away with some feeble statement like your last one . “I dont care ” ” whatever”.

    You said something dumb. And its my duty as an American citizen to see that this kind of thinking is not allowed to take root in our country.
    Its not as much about you as you would like it to be.
    You do what you do your way.
    O’ll do what I do my way.
    And I could really give a rats ass what you or anyone thinks. I have enough support and complments every where I go to not ever feel bad about what I do.

    The way I see it is this. It would be treasonous to let guys like you run around and spread lies and unsubstantiated garbage across the face of our country.
    I’m a soldier.
    Your a pest.

  15. Jersey McJones says:

    You lost seats on the Hill – AND in the states! What more proof do you need?

    Do you think more and more people are seeing things your way?

    C’mon! Convince me! Don’t just put me down.

    Modern “Conservatism” has failed. Period. Domestically, internationally – it’s failed. Republicans (the closest thing we have to “conservatives” in politics these days) have borrowed and spent, and that’s one verb worse than “tax and spend.”

    You’re no more a soldier than I, Micky. If you really understood the Constitution, you’d know what I mean. Welcome to America.


  16. micky2 says:

    Lost the seats in hopes they actually might accomplish something ?
    Nada zip so far.
    If the accomplisments of the left recently are ant indicator of how productive they are going to be , I would chill out a little if I were you. Winning seats and votes is one thing.
    But so far your beautiful little congress has only established one thing.
    Their approval ratings are less than that of Bush.
    As a matter of fact they are the lowest of any congress in history.
    And your proud of that ?

    Congress Approval Rating Matches Historical Low
    Only 18% of Americans approve of the job Congress is doing, matching the low point in 30+ years of Gallup tracking congressional approval.

    According to a new Gallup poll, Congress’ approval rating is 29%. President Bush’s approval rating although pretty dismal as well, is nonetheless higher at 33%:

    The political environment continues to favor the Democrats in 2008, but Clinton has at best just a small lead over Giuliani in general election preference polls

    Jersey said;
    “C’mon! Convince me! Don’t just put me down.”

    You made the claim, not I. You should convince me, O.K. ?

    But once again, I had to do your homework for you.

    I am not the one who went off at the mouth, you are.

    The constitution is a living breathing document that has been amended and interpreted since it was created so spare your narrow minded one sided view of it.

    I’m a soldier for the simple fact that I do the work that constitutes a fight. ( like the statistics above)
    You are a pest because you just buzz around spewing nothing but critisizsm and negative rhetoric.
    You are empty of any real essence or substance to prove your claims. You are vacant of any proof, statistics, or documentation to prove your point.
    This renders your arguement useless.

  17. Jersey McJones says:

    You just don’t understand American politics. The house is always unpopular – but individual house members are always popular. Do you know why that is, or do I once again need to school you in American history and political institutions? Look, once the GOP loses a few mre seats, the left and the middle will be happier with the House again. Meanwhile, people like you will continue to be unhappy – and more and more in the minority. Face it – you’re guys screwed up and long term minority ststus is on the way. Just be a man and admit it for once.


  18. micky2 says:

    J said;
    You just don’t understand American politics. ”

    English would help you get started.

    “”The house is always unpopular – but individual house members are always popular.””

    Oh my God! tht the biggest line of crap ever put out by one person in such a short time !


    And there you go with the “MAN” stuff again.
    A real man doesnt always bring it up when hes in the face of his own stupid remarks.

    You said;
    , or do I once again need to school you in American history and political institutions?

    WHAT?? Are you freeking serious ?
    You have never taught me a damn thing, you’re senile !
    What ? When have you ever educated me on squat ? Show me the post show me where you educated me ever , just once !

    S H O W M E !

    You cant, because the fact is you never have.
    When you say something like that you need to be “MAN” and prove it, and you cant because it has never ever happened.
    SHOW ME !

    You do realize that must show me where and when you educated me.
    If you fail , everyone reading this should be let know right now that you are FULL OF IT.

  19. […] I usually keep my rounds and spats with these assclowns ( see here)> http://www.strangecosmos.com/content/item/12342.html to myself because quite frankly I’m not too proud of the level and means I sink to sometimes when nailing these idiots, but this one I have to share with everyone. For the whole thread go to this link. But please, hold off until you read the rest of the post. http://blacktygrrrr.wordpress.com/2007/10/25/rjc-in-dc-rudy-giuliani/#comments […]

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