My Most Passionate Fan Base

For those who read my blog on a semi regular basis, I competed in the Bloggers Choice Awards for best political blog. I fought the Daily Kossacks, and took them down, finishing in the top three, as Kos finished fourth. Two days after the contest ended, a ton of my votes were invalidated. This was not a left wing conspiracy, but it was in my mind a computer glitch. I asked my audience to make their presence known.

My lord, did you ever!

You sent emails, you made phone calls, and you let the people putting on the Bloggers Choice Awards know that you mattered. This was not about me. It was about each and every one of you.

Two days before the event, I was on the phone with the CEO of the company putting on the awards show. The conversations were civil and cordial, and while there was not 100% agreement, he made it clear that he got the message. He understood that this was controversial. We spoke at length, and a compromise was reached that I was perfectly ok with. I was asked not to disclose the details until after Saturday night, and between NFL Sunday and Veteran’s Day, I held off until today.

Daily Kos did not win the award for best political blog. For this everybody who has a sense of decency can be thankful. Even if all my votes had counted, there is no guarantee I would have been # 1, only that I had defeated the Kossacks. I expected the winner to be a guy named Angry Harry, but although he was the frontrunner the whole time, the second place person stormed to a win. The site is Feministing, a combination between Feminism and Fisting. Hey, they are not delicate flowers. They are the polar opposite of me, but that makes the world goes round. Also, unlike the Kossacks, they do not spread hatred, not even of men.

So Feministing won for best political blog…but I won as well. The person behind the Bloggers Choice Awards felt giving me the political award would not be fair, and plus, I did not want a tainted award. I wanted an award I had earned. Therefore, he explained to me that with complete credibility that THE TYGRRRR EXPRESS IS THE 2007 BLOGGERS CHOICE AWARDS WINNER FOR “MOST PASSIONATE FAN BASE.”

I won this award, and I earned it BECAUSE OF YOU.

I am the least humble guy you will ever encounter. I have the grace and subtlety of a battering ram. Yet some of you were ready to engage in guerilla warfare, and I am humbled by that.

I am thankful to guys like Mickey and Jersey. These two guys could not be more different, but they enhance the debate on my blog, and they are both good guys, and hopefully will agree with me on this point regarding each other.

Snooper, Spree and others have constantly encouraged me. Chad at the Grizzly Groundswell has been great, as has Vontwiss at Stumbleupon. So have the guys behind Justblogbaby. Pastor Ed of Boston was inspirational.

Sometimes my fans even get angry with me when I refuse to write about certain topics. Yet my fans are honest, and absolutely passionate about the issues they care about.

I am glad this controversy is done, because I am not a politician, and asking people to vote for me makes me uncomfortable. Heck, every minute I spent on websites meeting new people for the purpose of politics was time spent away from Jdate and romance. I have other controversies to start and other people to inflame.

I have a fabulous life, and win or lose, this experience made me a ton of new friends. I am eternally grateful. Some liberals even voted for me not because they agreed with me, but because they liked my writing style.

So what happens next? I continue to write, and with help from God, write well.

Besides, how many conservative republicans express unhealthy fantasies about octogenarians (Bea Arthur) and 300 pound black women (Monique from Showtime at the Apollo)?

How many conservative republicans know what a “badonkadonk” is, and badly want to grab it? I may disagree with Hillary politically, but with those pantsuits, I might cross panty lines…I mean party lines…if she was younger, single, and still had the chunk in the trunk. Also, how many conservative republicans will explain what it means to give a desired lady the ketchup bottle treatment?

So yes, my parents have to frequently change their last names and addresses, but of all the conservative republican blogs out there, I am one of the only ones, if not the only one, that will publicly express that being conservative politically is perfectly compatible with being liberal sexually. I believe in low taxes, winning the War on Terror, and want to make republican Jewish republican brunettes explode in a manner consistent with sexual Fallujah.

Hey, how many conservative republicans have ever mentioned sexual Fallujah?

I write my column because I have screws loose. You read my column because you have screws loose. Being the very best political blog is nice, but having the most passionate fan base is an honor, letting me know I am not alone in this world. Other people are as brilliantly warped as I am, and they share it with me on a daily basis.

My other goal for 2008 with regards to my blog is to grow my readership, and my fan base. Yet growth does not equal passion. It is the passion that counts.

So I will say it one more time because it feels good, and then I will get over myself.


ALL HAIL ME. I REIGN SUPREME (well, below God, most elderly people, most people doing volunteer work, and according to many, a ton of bloggers)!

Thank you all. I won because of you.

Let us enjoy this day. Tomorrow it is back to the real work of quality blogging about the NFL, and of course, hard core politics. Time to get ultra serious.

Now to see if this award allows to me to film a “republican Jewish brunettes gone wild” video in my living room. After all, what is a trophy without trophy women?


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  1. micky2 says:

    Black Tygrrr wrote;
    “I am thankful to guys like Mickey and Jersey. These two guys could not be more different, but they enhance the debate on my blog, and they are both good guys, and hopefully will agree with me on this point regarding each other.”

    And I will come after his butt every chance I get.
    You deserve all the enhancement (on the blog) that you can get.

    “Now to see if this award allows to me to film a “republican Jewish brunettes gone wild” video in my living room. After all, what is a trophy without trophy women?”

    That alot of ketchup.

  2. micky2 says:

    By the way Eric, I’m glad, almost envious. Mary K and then this , cool.
    Congratulations man.

  3. mad_adder says:

    This article really has me excited…………….. FISTING……….,PANTY LINES………..,BATTERING RAM…….and A 300 POUND BLACK WOMAN. WOW!!!

    Maybe I took some of Eric’s words out of context?

  4. docattheautopsy says:

    Definitely, congrats. You’re having a much better year than me. I met Lincoln Chafee. Well, it was a guy who looked like him. Before he rolled out of the bus stop the threw up on my shoes.

  5. Mr. Fabulous says:

    Well now wait a minute. How do you address the rumors that you won the award mostly through the exceptional fellatio skills that you honed on your friends during summer camp all those many years ago?

    The public demands to know!

    (oh, and I blogrolled you. C*cksucker).

  6. blacktygrrrr says:

    I rarely comment on my own blog, but so that my readers do not get confused, the guy who accused me of engaging in oral sex to win votes is not an enemy. I had the pleasure of meeting him in real life. He is hilariously warped, as am I, and I highly recommend his site.

    However, I do edit cusswords, and as much as I like this guy, cannot play favorites.

    Besides, he might be telling the truth, but I will not confirm or deny his accusation.

    Against my better judgment, I have to add him to my blogroll.

  7. Cass says:

    Bwahahahahahahahha. Oh. my. word. Hi Eric, and nice to meet your blog. You have a rather …engaging style, to be sure. It was nice to meet you this weekend.

  8. Jersey McJones says:

    Darnit. I am a fan,


  9. micky2 says:

    Hand held or carbon emitting ?

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