My Interview With Michael Barone

At the 2008 Republican Convention in Minnesota, I had the pleasure of interviewing Michael Barone.

Mr. Barone writes for U.S. News and World Report. More importantly, his Almanac of American Politics is mandatory reading for any political junkie. Mr. Barone is a human encyclopedia of civics.

I initially met met him at a retreat in Santa Barbara. Me and three other young guys sat in the bar with him for about two hours, just listening to him tell political stories.

He agreed at that time to a formal interview, and at the GOP Convention, was happy to oblige. That interview is below.

1) What are the most important issues of 2008?

MB: “I would say the economy. This campaign is not fleshed out yet. Both sides are not fleshed out. They have different leadership styles, and are very different candidates in general.”

2) What are your predictions for 2008?

MB: “Democrats will gain seats in Congress. The issue will be if they reach a filibuster proof majority. The Presidency is wide open. Both campaigns are vivid. These men are not generic. The public is not done deciding.”

3) Who are your 3 favorite political heroes?

MB: “George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, FDR.”

4) How would you like to be remembered 100 years from now? What would you want people to say about Michael Barone the person?

MB: “Nothing.”

5) While you do in your personal life have partisan leanings, you have a reputation for fairness. How do you balance having biases with keeping your reputation as a credible source of information?

MB: “With You-Tube, you have to be careful. The key is to be accurate, and to be fair. I have views. I am not neutral. Yet I still have an obligation to be fair. The Almanac of AMerican Politics makes a positive case for everybody. It is up to the leaders to make their own cases. One liberal magazine called the Almanac prejudiced, and was prepared to write that. I asked the reporter to provide me with specific examples of bias. They didn’t, and the article never appeared. Also, I never take cheap shots.”

I would like to thank Michael Barone for his time and graciousness. Although he is quite serious on television, in real life he is a fun guy that is easy to converse with. Regardless of election results, Americans can agree that they will enjoy his election breakdown and analysis.


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  1. Laree says:

    Col Jack Jacobs Ret., Imus in the Morning, Topic on Higher Taxes, Assume the Position:)

    How does Wealth Distribution get applied, well first off, you won’t be getting dinner first ;)

    Eric Have you read Col Jack Jacobs, new book? “If Not Now When”

  2. Laree says:

    This is unbelievable truly unbelievable Do the Obama Supporters, think this works on Women voters?

    This guy put it up, and they say he doesn’t have to take it down. Now who in the Obama camp thinks women are not paying attention? Voting Women? What would happen if this effigy was of Obama? This is going viral all over the internet and I have viewed it on Fox News…this is a powerful message of HATE from an Obama supporter.

  3. Michael Barone… I have a couple of questions for him. Like, what exactly did he mean by this piece in the WT: How is this “mak(ing) “trouble” or “shut(ting) people up”? A guys does a radio show, he puts on a controversial figure, listeners call and write in to voice their opinion, and somehow that’s shutting people up or making trouble? Is Mr. Barone asserting that somehow Obama’s supporters are some kind of dangerous cabal?

    Is Mr. Barone in recent articles and interviews dismissing the Bradley Effect? It seems he is. And i think I know hwy. Barone has been one of few pundits to suggest that McCain may very well win. I think he’s right. But while Barone seems to suggest that this would only go to prove the errancy of polls for reasons varying from “cell phones” to “female graduate students,” I think he knows as well as I that it’s the Bradley Effect that would prove the polls wrong and put McCain over the top. I am quite convinced that if Barack Obama was a white man with a name like John Smith, and with the same background in every way, McCain wouldn’t stand a chance. And the proof is obvious – in local, state, and congressional elections, the GOP is going to take a serious beating, and no polls come close to arguing against that.


  4. ConservativeTeenager says:

    I like Barone. Obviously everyone has their own views and ideas, but I think he does a pretty good job at keeping his bias in check and giving a fair shake to everyone. No one is perfect but overall IMHO he does pretty darn well.

    Thanks for the awesome interview what a neat opportunity.
    -Conservative Teenager

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