My Interview With Larry Sabato

At the 2008 Republican Convention in Minnesota, I had the pleasure of interviewing political analyst Larry Sabato.

Larry Sabato teaches political science at the University of Virginia. He is one of the most respected political analysts in the United States today. He has a reputation for being non-partisan and fair.

He was very friendly and genial. He truly loves politics, but what he stressed to me was that he truly wants to see things get done for the good of the American people.

We spend so much time on strategy and the horse race that we forget that politics is not a game. The ultimate goal is to make things better, and Larry Sabato genuinely cares about this.

My interview with him is below.

1) What are the most important issues of 2008?

LS: “The fundamentals of the economy are key. Included in the fundamentals of the economy are energy prices, and food prices. Issues of war and peace are at stake. There could always be a scandal that pops up. Also, social issues are important to many voters.”

2) What issues are most important to you personally?

LS: “Most important to me is our lack of good civic education. We have to improve our knowledge and education with regards to civics. What people don’t know can hurt them.”

3) Who are your 3 favorite political heroes?

LS: “Thomas Jefferson is my political hero. Every 4 years I vote for him. He gave me my job.”

4) How would you like to be remembered 100 years from now? What would you want people to say about Larry Sabato the person?

“I’m 56 years old. I will not be remembered for anything.”

5) Who would win an electoral knowledge smackdown between you and Michael Barone?

“He would win. Michael Barone is the best. I ceded to him a long time ago.”

I would like to thank Larry Sabato for his time and good nature. He genuinely laughed at my electoral smackdown question. While his modesty is sincere, it is misplaced. He should and will absolutely be remembered as one of the best political analysts in America history.

One area where we can all agree with Larry Sabato is the vital importance of civics. So many people say they love their country, but do not know much about it. There are so many beautiful aspects of America, and the students at Virginia are lucky to have a great professor educating them.


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  1. Boy, you guys sure said it. The lack of civic education in America is truly appalling. The vast majority of Americans have liitle concept of just how this nation works.


  2. Micky 2 says:

    Yup, if they did know how government works they wouldnt be allowing that “dangerous threesome” to happen.
    Most people were clueless to the threat of a one party state until it was being mentioned in the media.
    Another example was the clueless moonbats who blame the fed for Katrina not even being aware that the reponsability falls first on their own state and local responders.
    O.K., granted some of it was blind angry partisan anger with a good dose of BDS

  3. sooshisoo says:

    Hi Eric,

    A bit more come to light on the LA Times Obama/Rashid Khalidi tape:

  4. Micky, I don’t know how any of that relates to being civically informed. However, the post right after your’s certainly points to something as your’s does – the civcally paranoid.

    As for Katrina (you guys can just never accept that Bush failure), no one blames just Bush and co. They blame the whole government; local, state, on up.


  5. Micky 2 says:

    You talk about lack of civil knowledge and then you lose the topic and point to another one of Obamas terrorist buddies ?

    My examples were spot on and have been complimented by far greater minds, if you dont mind.
    Lets look at another example of how your buddies fail to see how this country works.
    They all think everyone including the government owes them something and that its the responsability of the governent to get them insurance, food, and even pay the mortgage they lied to get into.

    As far as Khalidi goes.
    I’d love to see someone try and make the case that Obama is anywhere near as supportive of Israel as McCain has been.
    Thats something you wont see the Obama camp blowing up I promise you.
    The question(s) still need to be answered, and doesnt appear that the L.A. Times is willing to help or be the objective fair publication they claim to be.
    They say they wont release a tape in where they say the article explains everything on the tape ?
    Well, if thats the case then releasing the tape can do no harm, right ?
    Lets not play games, were all grown men, and know a line of crap when we hear it.
    If it werent so daminig they would just release it.
    And before you run off the McCain donated to Khalidi line McCain did not “fund Khalidi.” An institute of which McCain was a board member issued grants for research, among them grants to a group for which Khalidi was a researcher.
    Also, their is question as to which Khalidi anyone is talking about.
    In my search I discovered another Khalidi.
    The Khalidi who directed the CPRS in 1998 was Dr. Ahmad Khalidi (not Rashid).
    To supply grants to an organization in the hopes the studies funded would contribute towards a peaceful solution is a far cry from embracing Rashid, telling him you love him, celebrating his farewell along with all the other questionable positions on Israel Obama has gives far more reason to be concerned.

    Paranoid ?
    Convinced is more like it.
    Your man just always seems to have something that needs explaining and wont do it or shuts down the ones that ask.
    You’re supposed to be such a worldly guy and you cant even see what a snake Obama is.
    You’re whats called a Mark.
    He he, I’d of hustled you for your whole paycheck in one night.

    “one blames just Bush and co. ”

    Thats a flat out humongous stinking lie, you should be ashamed of yourself that you actually believe that, or expect anyone to.

    I can go to a million blogs and cut and paste moonbats comments that put the whole thing on Bush.

    “You guys can just never accept that Bush failure”

    Another lie.

    I stated that the fed had its share of failures, but most of the hardship was put on them by the mess that Nagin and Blanco created.

    Its like blaming the hospital because the ambulance got there too late.
    It wont work.

  6. You guys would call your own mothers terrorists if it suited your agenda. Khalidi is not a terrorist and anyone who says otherwise is either ignorant or a liar.


  7. blacktygrrrr says:

    Russ Grim, 1983: “I’d run over my mother to win a Superbowl.”

    When told this quote, Matt Millen said the following:

    “I agree. I’d run over his mother to win a Superbowl as well.”

    Jersey, I refuse to call your mother a terrorist, but if she supports Khalidi, she is at least a terrorist sympathizer.

    I am neither ignorant nor a liar, which according to my symbolic logic class in college, P –> Q = ~P v Q = you are again…wrong.


    P.S. I would also run over your mother to win a Superbowl.

    P.P.S. This is why I do not comment on my own blog. It lowers the quality.

  8. Micky 2 says:

    Khalidi said he was never a spokesman for the PLO, yea right, his PLO leanings were evident when Arafat’s group was launching terror attacks in Israel and causing in Lebanon.

    Khalidi may not have been speaking on behalf of the PLO, during interviews he did more than once use the word “we” when speaking of the PLO

    “In a 1981 interview, Khalidi referred to the exiled PLO’s growing standing among Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza by saying “we have built up tremendous links with the Palestinians ‘on the inside’ in different ways. We can render them service, we’ve never been stronger there, and the trend is continuing.”…38326&print=on

    Google him Jersey, he has no bones about supporting the PLO.

    Once again, I’ve actually got something concrete to make my point where you have nothing but “I say so”

    If you google Khalidi the links that tie him to terrorists are endless

  9. Micky 2 says:

    “P.S. I would also run over your mother to win a Superbowl.”

    If you did it with a Prius would it be OK ?

    Just joking, moms are precious.

  10. Sorry guys. That “mother” reference was a little over the top. I’m just getting really sick and tired of these Obama/terrorist claims. They’re beneath sleazy.

    Micky, lots of Palestinians were involved one way or another with the PLO. That doesn’t make them “terrorists.” This whole “terrorist” thing has become the Red Scare all over again. It’s sickening. What’s next? Blacklisting anyone who bunked with an Arab in college?

    I know what this terrorist-baiting with Obama is all really about. It’s an excuse to vote against a black man and/or anyone who knows the GOP has miserably failed the nation. When I was out canvassing last Saturday, I came to the door of an apartment in a working-class, kinda poor part of town. The man who answered the door was elderly, maybe 80-85 years old. He had a thick, old fashioned southern drawl. Sounded like George Wallace. It was no coincidence. The man was a registered Democrat. I knew that from my listing. I greeted him and asked if he’d voted yet or was planning to vote and vote early. He said, “I’m not voting this year.” He had a nose piece in for oxygen. I thought perhaps he needed assistance voting. I asked, “I’m sorry, do you need some help getting to the polls this year?” “No,” he said, “I’m not voting this year.” He went on, “I’ve voted Democrat my whole life. I’m not voting this year. I can’t.” I knew what he meant now, but he went on just once more, “You see son, I’m from the South…” I said, “Okay, that’s okay. Maybe four years from now there’ll be a good Dixiecrat for you to vote for.” He said, “I hope so. Bye now,” and he cooly and politely bid me adeau and closed the door. I didn’t get mad or try to argue with him. What’s the point? He’s an old man from the South. He comes from a completely different world than I. I left him be.

    At least he was honest. I can appreciate that. None of that namby pamby, phony, sleazy, cowardly, lying, ignorant, paranoid “terrorist” STUPIDITY.


  11. Micky 2 says:

    Hes just old and ignorant.
    I’m informed.
    Ayers is a terrorist and Khalidi supports them. Black theology preaches to defeat the white enemy. His relatives are radical Islamiists.
    Obama has associated with too many people that hate America and Israel for my comfort.

    By the way, you started the mother thing, so quitcherbitchen

  12. Okay, Micky. then would you suggest to our good host that Menachim Begin was a terrorist? How about Moshe Sneh? How about Bevin or Barazani?

    Oh yeah – one man’s terrorist…

    Look, Obama does not “cavort with terrorists.” In my most unhumble opinion, anyone who thinks otherwise has a mental problem.


  13. Micky 2 says:

    That, once again, is only your opinion.

    The fact is that Ayers is a domestic terrorist.
    The fact is that Obama tried to minimize this relationship in the beggining.
    The fact is the Obama and Ayers did work closely together on education measures for two years.

    Obama was working and associating closely with a terrorist.

    You really ought to grow the **** up and stop calling people names that infer they are less intelligent than you because they have different views.

    It just makes you look like an arrogant, ignorant pompous self indulged ass.

    You just made my point as to why I know you’re a crappy debater.
    It always boils down to nothing but your opinion and then demeaning ones intelligence simply because they differ.

    You’re just a glorified troll

  14. Micky 2 says:

    Bottm line is this, and I expect you to prove me wrong instead of calling anyone who differs somehow less intellectual.

    Prove to me that Obama is as pro Israel as McCain.
    I have already made my case with references to J.Jacksons statement etc…

    Until the I rest my case.

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