What John McCain must say and ask

Barack Obama is wrong on virtually every issue. John McCain will not list the reasons why.

I have pretty much thrown in the towel on the McCain campaign because I am tired of caring more about his winning the White House than he does.

John McCain is a good man. Yet he simply does not make the case. I will again try to make the case for him. I pray that my advice gets heeded.

Barack Obama will raise taxes. That can be stated over and over, but unless it is properly explained, it is a meaningless phrase. Barack Obama claims he wants to cut taxes for 95% of Americans. He also plans to repeal the Bush tax cuts of 2001 and 2003. Repealing tax cuts is exactly the same thing as raising taxes. Additionally, it is impossible mathematically to lower taxes on 95% of Americans when only 62% of Americans pay any taxes at all. How do the other 33% have their taxes lowered when they pay nothing? The answer is “refundable tax credits,” which in English means wealth redistribution, aka socialism.

Some will scream that calling Obama a socialist is a slur. No, it is not. What bothers me is not the socialism, but the refusal to admit it.

On health care, Obama wants mandates. How will these mandates be enforced? Will people be fined? Obama says no, but does not answer how he will enforce mandates. Also, Obama claims that 47 million Americans do not have health care. 15 million of those people are illegal aliens. When asked whether he favored covering them during the primaries, he was all over the map. Also, what about young people that refuse to purchase health care for their own selfish reasons? Should they be fined or sanctioned?

On trade, Obama is moving away from the free trade policies of recent democratic and republican Presidents. He blames President Bush for shattering our relationships with our allies. Yet he then says he will veto trade deals with South Korea and Latin American countries, as well as revise NAFTA. Does he understand that rejecting our allies in this manner will push them into the arms of countries that hate America, such as Venezuela? He praises Bill Clinton and the economy of the 1990s. Doesn’t he realize that free trade helped spur this economy?

On Iraq, Obama was against the surge, which worked. Yet this argument is not enough. Obama has stated that he was against the war from the very beginning. Fair enough. This means that if he was in power, he would not have gone into Iraq. This then means that Saddam Hussein under an Obama administration would still be in power.

Is Obama delighted that Saddam Hussein has been removed? No matter how he tries to dance around this, the yes or no question remains whether or not he is glad Saddam is gone. If he finally does say yes, than he needs to be reminded that President George W. Bush made this decision.

When Obama points out that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11, remind him that the issue is not Iraq and 9/11. The issue is Iraq and terrorism. Saddam was not behind 9/11. He absolutely was connected to terrorism. He gave $25,000 to the families of Palestinian homicide bombers. Saddam Hussein absolutely was a terrorist. Does Obama agree or disagree with this statement?

The Saddam Hussein angle absolutely relates to Israel. Obama claims to be supportive of Israel, despite claiming that “nobody has suffered more than the Palestinians.” My Holocaust surviving father would disagree. How can one who supports Israel have a problem with the forcible removal of one of Israel’s biggest enemies? I would then mention every anti-Israel person Obama has relied on for advice. General Tony McPeak blames Jews in New York and Miami for the current world problems. David Bonior, a rabidly anti-israel former Congressman from Michigan, was part of his circle of advisers. So was Samantha Power.

Obama shoves people under the bus after they get caught making anti-Israel statements, but not before. Or he just disavows that they ever are or were advisers. It depends what the meaning of “advisers” is. As for Jeremiah Wright, his position on Israel is well known and available for all to see.

Regarding Iran, the argument that he wants to dialogue with Iran is not enough. A more convincing train of thought is necessary. Would he support a resolution to bring Iranian President Armageddonijad up on war crimes before the Hague Court? After all, he was one of the hostage takers during the 1979 hostage crisis. The fact that he leads a nation does not alter the fact that he is a 30 year fugitive.

Obama wants to close down Guantanamo Bay. Fair enough. Where does he want to keep the detainees? They have to be kept somewhere. Also, would he be willing to turn them over to other governments if he suspected they would resort to methods to obtain information that we would not? After all, we do not have the right to tell other nations how to handle their criminals, do we?

With regards to the current situation on Wall Street, he blames President Bush for a culture of deregulation. While Ronald Reagan did deregulate many industries, George W. Bush did not create any new notable deregulatory measures. Can Obama name three specific examples of deregulation under the Bush Presidency? Also, does he realize that Sarbanes-Oxley increased regulations, and made things much worse?

If he is willing to go after the “bad guys,” does that mean former Fannie Mae CEO Franklin Raines? Will he investigate Chris Dodd? Will anybody notice that Congressional Financial Services Chairman Barney Frank had an inappropriate sexual relationship with a banker he was supposed to be monitoring?

Notice I did not say “homosexual relationship.” If Barney Frank tries to make this a gay-bashing issue in the tradition of Jim McGreevey, stick to the fact that this is no different from the Jon Corzine sexual scandal, which was heterosexual. Also, this is not about sex. It is about undue influence and corruption. The fact that it is sexual, and homosexual at that, is irrelevant. It is no different than bribery or other financial misdeeds.

Does Obama support forcing lenders to make loans to poor people with bad credit? That contributed to the current mess in the first place. Is he willing to demand that a certain percentage of loans go to minorities, regardless of ability to pay? Should the government simply buy the homes for them?

For those who are still taking notes, or are at least cutting and pasting, observe that none of the above has anything to do with William Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, Acorn, Louis Farrakhan, Rasheed Khalidi, or others that Barack Obama has shoved under the bus. I personally believe all of these people are fair game if expressed properly. Yet what I am emphasizing is that even if such topics as these make one squeamish, there are plenty of issues above to show that Barack Obama is somebody that simply has a problem with telling the truth.

Nobody of any substance is saying that Barack Obama is a terrorist, a closet Muslim, an Arab, or a hater of America. He is a Christian, a good husband, and a good father. He is also a man that associates with ne’er do wells, and then disavows them once they become hurtful to him. This does not make Obama a criminal. It makes him a conventional Chicago politician.

He does not transcend race. He does not transcend politics. He does not transcend anything. He climbed the ranks of Chicago, which does not happen ethically.

He was a community organizer. So are Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. This is not about race. It is about corruption. Community Organizers are agitators. They are rabble rousers. This is how Obama ended up knee deep in ACORN. They are sympatico in their belief that community organizing, regardless of the law, is fair game.

Some will say he has bad judgment. This is not a fair argument because it implies a certain innocence or naivete on Obama’s part. He may be naive on foreign policy, but with regards to his associations, he knew exactly what he was doing. He got elected in Chicago by getting his challengers thrown off of the ballot. This is neither illegal or unusual. However, it reinforced Obama as a typical politician that will bend the rules to win.

Back to foreign policy, Obama wants to pressure Russia through the United Nations Security Council. Is he aware that Russia has a veto on the Council?

On Pakistan, saying that Obama is willing to bomb Pakistan is too simplistic. However, he has stated his own position as, “If they have Bin Laden, and refuse to get him, we will.” How does he plan to do that? How can he “get” Bin Laden in Pakistan without either using air missiles or ground troops? Doesn’t that require in some manner bombing Pakistan?

Is Obama willing to be a global social worker? The Congressional Black Caucus will want him to do everything to help Africa. Helping people is noble. What does “helping” mean? Will he send the military into Darfur? I suspect he will do what Bill Clinton did in Rwanda, absolutely nothing.

On energy, Obama wants to explore alternative energy sources. However, Americans want drilling, including in Alaska. Has he ever been to Alaska, and would he be willing to visit the state and see the terrain before jumping to conclusions? Also, he claims to be for nuclear power. How many plants will he build, and how fast?

Getting back to cultural issues, is he willing to lift the ban on gays in the military? He must be forced to answer the question either way.

Does he believe the death penalty is inherently racist? Would a judge that supports capital punishment be eliminated from consideration as a justice?

The Supreme Court recently ruled against the death penalty for rapists. Does Obama agree with this decision?

Obama claims he supports the Second Amendment. The Supreme Court ruled that the DC law banning guns was unconstitutional, yet DC continues to flout the law. Saying that he agrees with the Supreme Court is insufficient. Would he be willing to enforce the law, as the President is supposed to do? Would he be willing to remove DC officials that violate the Court?

On education, he once expressed support for merit pay for teachers, as well as school choice. Does he still want to help students, or do the teachers’ unions have him in a stranglehold?

Getting back to economics, the 1990 budget deal that raised taxes ended up compounding a cyclical recession. Also, the “luxury tax” on yachts and jewelry was repealed in 1993 after proving to be a complete failure. Does Obama acknowledge that when rich people are overtaxed, they can simply leave and take their money with them because money is fungible? What will he do to prevent rich people from taking their businesses elsewhere? Shouldn’t we lower corporate taxes to prevent businesses from going overseas? Does he acknowledge that the states with low or no state income taxes are doing better in the United States than high tax states?

There is so much more, but this is more than enough.

John McCain should ask these questions. Sarah Palin should ask these questions. Every republican in America should ask these questions. Every potential voter must know the answers. Enough people can be persuaded to vote for John McCain.

The last question I have is whether or not John McCain is willing to ask them.

I just did the heavy lifting.

Senator McCain, you must get to work on this.


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  1. Micky 2 says:

    Theres also a huge amount of the population that can afford health care but choose the wide screen hi def TV and chrome wheels instead.

    McCain definitly needs a little attitude viagra

  2. Joshua Godinez says:

    *sigh* I don’t think it matters. Those who want McCain to win already know this. Those don’t won’t care. Those who are undecided will get their information from the mainstream press who will not report this stuff no matter how many times it is said or will report it in a tiny difficult to reach area of the paper or internet.

    When I saw that Obama was getting more money than McCain and that the improper associations were not getting covered I felt like it was Obama’s race to lose. He’ll outspend and outmessage McCain.

    It would take a miracle for McCain to win even if he read your post directly into the lenses of every camera he sees. The country seems hell bent on going socialist. The vampiric power of incrementalism will suck the life blood from our economy as more and more socialist programs are emplaced. It seems like the only hope is to fight as hard as possible on every issue to put a tourniquet between them and our economic freedom.

    I’ll vote for McCain and I’ve tried to talk others into it, too, but the only issue I get any traction on is the war. No one seems to understand how dangerous Obama is to the economy.

  3. McCain has been hammering away with the rightwing talking points – what he’s discovering is that not enough people are listening. You can talk about “socialism,” “taxes,” and “wealth redistribution” all you want, but when 75% of all net income gains since Bush came to office have gone to the top 1% of “earners,” your argument comes off as hypocritical and out-of-touch. This same argument applies to free trade, where the wealthy are making a killing while blue and lower-level whitecollar American workers continue to lose their value and jobs to importers. And you certainly aren’t going to win any converts by blaming regular Americans for the mortgage meltdown or the derivatives disaster. Those fool or greedy enough to believe that are already voting republican. And blaming F&F justs makes you look like you want to further make it harder for regular folks to ever buy their own homes. And you can’t just fear-bait forever. Eventually people get used to it. Little children eventually grow up and realize there is no monster under the bed. Americans are waking up now and realizing that there is no great existential threat to our nation that we can’t handle with throwing everything and the kitchen sink at it. And you certainly can’t point at gov’t spending when the GOP doubled the national debt in 8 years.

    Your message is failing because the message is failure.


  4. oops… “…without throwing everything and the kitchen sink…”


  5. steveegg says:

    The Scramble – 10/14/2008…

    Yes, I’ve been very negligent with this, but I proved the last time I did this it takes a very long time nowadays…

    No Compromises found out the Obamination Censorship Cabal extends to BlogTalkRadio.
    Stephen Green……

  6. Hey gang, I highly suggest that you all watch Frontline tonight. This is the most comprehensive look at the political lives of Obama and McCain. While I doubt it will persuade any of you to vote differently, it may at least give you a more realistic and less comic-bookish view of where these guys really stand and what they’re really about. Just perhaps it will at least put to rest your fears that Obama is some radical, closet-muslim, anti-military, fundamentalist socialist.


  7. Micky 2 says:

    Nah, hes just a socialistic marxist liar.

    How did he put it ?

    “spread the wealth around “?

    Case closed.

  8. Micky 2 says:

    Oh, and Jersey , as far as your first post goes, nice try at making opinion fact.

    “McCain has been hammering away with the rightwing talking points – what he’s discovering is that not enough people are listening.”

    Really ? And what points would those be ?
    Maybe they’re just nt the points that Eric and I say he needs to bring up.
    So, you’re the mole huh ?
    You know what hes discovering ?

    ” You can talk about “socialism,” “taxes,” and “wealth redistribution” all you want, but when 75% of all net income gains since Bush came to office have gone to the top 1% of “earners,”

    Yea genius, the key word is “earners”

    “while blue and lower-level whitecollar American workers continue to lose their value and jobs to importers.”

    Which is what will happen if Obama slams on a cap gains tax. Money and productions will get shipped overseas.

    ” And you certainly aren’t going to win any converts by blaming regular Americans for the mortgage meltdown or the derivatives disaster.”

    We’ll just blame the leftist crooks on the hill.
    I’ll bet bi=oth gonads McCain throws Frank, Dodd, Reid , Pelosi and gang in his face tommorrow night.

    ” Those fool or greedy enough to believe that are already voting republican.”

    Yea, you should try believeing the truth instead of making up your own.
    The facts are in. Unfortunatly those thatr need to hear it dont want to because its Bambi thas gonna bail them out of the mess him and his gang created.

    ” And blaming F&F justs makes you look like you want to further make it harder for regular folks to ever buy their own homes.”

    Ridiculous and just stupid because right after that you say we cant continue fear mongering and yet you put out a fallacious rumor that the right doesnt want people to own homes.

    “And you can’t just fear-bait forever. ” (see above)

    “Eventually people get used to it. Little children eventually grow up and realize there is no monster under the bed. ”

    And turn into conservatives.

    “And you certainly can’t point at gov’t spending when the GOP doubled the national debt in 8 years.”

    Right, as you guys push close to 3 trillion dollars in spending thru.

    Funny stuff

  9. “Yea genius, the key word is “earners””

    Micky, to a Republican a man born with money “earned” it, and a man who makes money from the money he was norn with “earned” it, and a man who bets that money in shady derivatives markets “earns” it. To someone like me, man who actually makes something and sells that something, earns it. That’s just a fundamental difference bwteen people like me and people like you. We just have different definitions of the word “earn.”

    “Which is what will happen if Obama slams on a cap gains tax. Money and productions will get shipped overseas.”

    International trade and taxation are mutually exclusive concepts, Micky, contrary to what the greedy little anational free traders will tell you. Don’t want jobs to go overseas? Raise tariffs. It’s as simple as that. And while I firmly believe that corporate taxation (apart from cap gains, because I think you’re really referring to corporate taxation here) is counter-productive and does encourage too much importation, the reality is that the wealthy prefer corporate taxation over personal taxation and so, in this corporatocracy we call home, corporate taxation isn’t going to end any time soon, be it from Obama or McCain, Dems or Reps, or whatever.

    And you can blame F&F all you like, but they aren’t the cause of this collapse. The Fed, the SEC, and the negligence of GOP government, regulatory bodies and oversight is to blame. Everyone knows it. They were in charge – not the Dems, not Frank, not Dodd, not Pelosi or Reid – it was the GOP. Sorry Charlie, but you’ve got noone but the GOP to blame. American’s just aren’t buyng the deflection and all the polls show it. As I said, even Americans aren’t that stupid. Of course, nothing is new to see here – the GOP always blames the poor and disenfranchised. It’s just so easy.

    And again, you guys can’t lie your way out of doubling the national debt. The GOP did it and they have no one to blame but themselves. The only question now is whether they can be man enough to admit it and apologize. Only John McCain admitted this horrific abuse of power, and sure enough he won the GOP nomination. If you guys really want to win the presidency, stop deflecting, lying, and sticking to failed policies – just be honest, repent, and move on to something new, because the old lead zeppelin just isn’t going to fly.


  10. Micky 2 says:

    With all due respect and Erics blessings.

    Go F*** yourself.

    I have busted my ass for everything I have, literally.

    If you’re going to come on with a comment that assumes you know how I got where I got then the conversation is over.
    Go to my blog and look at the pics with my late Great Dane.
    Everything you see in those pics I own and have been to hell and back to get it.
    My worth just dropped about 25 % over the last two weeks and I’ll be damned if some lazy schmuck who doesnt want to pay his way is going to take the rest from me.
    Keep your altruistic BS for someone who gives a crap.
    Dont you ever come on this blog again and make me out to be some trust fund baby or someone born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

    I went from a hope to die junkie to a man with 400,00.00 house almost paid off , his own business and two smart healthy happy kids along with a wife that is truly a gift.

    All without taking a freaking dime from anyone.

    Its mine ! Get it ?
    None other than myself has the discretion what to do with it.
    And I will fight to the death before some socialistic punk tries to take it from me.

    You crossed the line bub.
    Big time.

  11. Micky 2 says:

    “That’s just a fundamental difference bwteen people like me and people like you. We just have different definitions of the word “earn.””

    The fundamental difference is that I actaully own my house and my business whereas people like you have no skin in the game, you have nothing to lose, from what I understand you still rent and have no kids.
    So it makes sense that you have no concept of ownership other than what you think people should have that does not belong to them.

    “Don’t want jobs to go overseas? Raise tariffs. It’s as simple as that. ”

    You wish, typical lib mentality, punish the movers.
    Tax the crap out of em and then keep em from moving the money to a profitable margin by throwing a tariff on em.
    Hold em down at any cost right ?
    get ahold of whats not yours at any cost , right ?

    Yea, gee whiz genuis. Of course we will always have corporate taxation but Bamabi just wants to increase trifold it to feed lazy slobolla libs that think the world owes them something.

    “Everyone knows it. They were in charge – not the Dems, not Frank, not Dodd, not Pelosi or Reid ”

    What freaking drug are you on tonight ?
    You just mentioned above whos been in charge of the most destructive /useless congress in our history for the last two years.
    It was their legislation to pass if they wanted to and they told McCain to shove it.
    FACT !!!

    Also, no one blamed any disenfranchised minorities.

    Frank, Dodd, Pelosi, Schumer are all rich white people, but they’re moonbats

    “And again, you guys can’t lie your way out of doubling the national debt.”

    Where did I lie ?

    Are you also calling me a liar ?

    Although it is a fact that the dems just kept adding on to this bailout of whats getting close to 3 trillion dollars for a problem that they created by instuituting a sh*t load of sub prime loans that they knew no one could pay back.
    Its almost as if this was all planned.

    Once again, you have nothing but your mouth and your opinion.
    I have supplied you with verifiable documents from congress, McCain, and quotes from president Clinton proving neglegent actions on behalf of your buddies on the hill.

    Bla bla bla, you got nothin, nadda, zip zilch.

    See how far that crap gets you in any serious debate.

    “Cuz I said so”

    You lose.
    Only because you are so self indulged like most libs that you automatically think that voicing your presumptive opinions up front is what wins arguments and debates.
    And then when the facts hit you in the face you resort to putting people down by categorizing them with nothing but bias ignorant prejudgemental hypocrisy.

    Your pre concieved notion of who and what I am in your post above proves it.
    People like you are the true bigots and racist in this world.

  12. Eagle 6 says:

    Eric, Good talking points – and as echoed by many – it takes comprehension, logic, and rugged individualism to understand your message. The comment, “Americans are waking up now and realizing that there is no great existential threat to our nation that we can’t handle with throwing everything [but] the kitchen sink at it. ” exemplifies the real threat: comprehension, logic, and rugged individualism are minimized by a socialist media, government-backed education system, and a “be fair” doctrine that smacks in the face of how this country was founded. The “existential threat” is the belief that the government will take care of us – all we have to do is vote for someone who will spread love and wealth around…with poise… or smug arrogance, depending on whether you watch CNN or Fox…

  13. Hermes23 says:

    No doubt, Sen McCain is a decent man. But how in heaven can he say in public as watched on FoxNews “I admire Sen Obama” or “Sen Obama will be a good President”?

    And: It’s fashion in USA to criticise President Bush. I judge him a good President, much better than Presidents Clinton or Carter. Just imagine one of them or even Mr Gore would have been President and should have faced 9/11. Everyone who would have done this job successfully as President Bush would have faced bad polls. And it is just not serious to compare economic landscapes under Presidents Clinton and Bush. Clinton had no 9/11 and all connected war expenses.

    Years ago German chancellor Dr. Kohl faced a similar situation: His government was economically extremely successful till Dr. Kohl took the chance to re-unify Germany what caused 100s of Billions Deutschmark to be transferred to East Germany to reach same economic level as in West Germany. Without re-unification Dr. Kohl might still be German chancellor. His Socialist opponent Mr. Schroeder and his party always opposed re-unification and Dr. Kohl knew that but decided it’s finally better for all Germany and Europe. And he knew he’ll lose next elections. And he did.

    In Europe Sen Obama would be a Socialist, Americans prefer to say “Liberal”. And in 3 weeks Sen Obama seems to get elected. I wished having seen a Presidential Debate with Sen. Obama vs Gov Palin. And Biden vs McCain. I’m pretty sure Palin/McCain would have made it.

    Why Americans do not laugh about a man who obviously can only read third party speeches from a tele-prompter and – as seen yesterday on FoxNews – does even turn his head a dozen times from left to right and right to left WITHOUT a tele-prompter looking down to earth while talking to journalists. Even socialists in Europe would laugh about Sen Obama. Keep in mind : Europeans do not know Tele-prompters.

  14. Micky 2 says:

    Right on Eagle.
    Unfortunatly the other existential threat that has proved itself in more bloody terms is still out there also.
    Had it not been for this economic play by the left national security would be a much larger selling point right now.
    The left is eating this up to the point that it deserves question as to whether or not some components of this economic downfall were actually intentionally put into play.
    The timing and placement just seems all too convenient.

    I’ll go with smug arrogance no matter what you watch.

    Everyone is more worried about free health care when theres no amount of health care that can put back together a body that has been squashed by 160 stories of skyscraper falling on it.
    The economy will rebound as it always has before.
    In all that time that it has taken its ups and downs the radical movement has grown at a steady pace but more in the form of an ideoligy that is spreading to other nations as opposed to a centralized front in the middle east.
    Were taking our eyes off the ball again.
    It also deserves notice that radical elements are watching right now and looking at one of the best strike opportunities they have seen since 911.

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  16. Obama Has to Win The Election First…

    Barack Obama’s spiritual adviser and inspiration for his book, Jeremiah Wright, has told his congregation (which included Obama) that the chickens have come home to roost. Looks like now Barack Obama is counting them before they have hatched as …

  17. pobaldy says:

    i question mccain’s decency. the heightened use of rhetoric, even by extension, reflect on a do-whatever-it-takes behavior that is the worst possible quality in politics, or, more precisely, leaders. it appeals to the worst, most base instincts, and is morally worse than ideological partisanship which may be a reflection of core, experiential values. what i’m saying is mccain knows what’s going, and has become the look-the-other-way ceo who must guide a troubling asset’s ass.

    i guess that is conservative — capital C — politics that it views itself, like a business entity: right or wrong, survive or die. god, how i wish narcissism allowed for proportionality.

    besides, the mccarthyesque overstatement about socialism (typical of conservative rhetoric) lacks any substance. starting here, 95% of eligible tax payers, based on avg. incomes, would not qualify. if all of a sudden most americans made more or less money, no matter whose tax policy, and providing that either/or were only available to us, any percentages would be wrong. and it would affect the businesses of government either way, whose business should be constantly tailored for a window of time.

    we should then determine what business government should be involved with at this time.

    tax revenue is falling for the foreseeable future, and as the potential for dislocation increases, the safety net must be increased unless we are comfortable as a nation with unparalleled despair, between haves and have nots, yes, but also between periods of prosperity and recession.

    we have irreversible elements of socialism already — in the military, justice and all laws that unite societies. philosophically, all wealth comes from the critical mass of societies, production and the good of “country.”

    your reading of free-trade is out of fashion. baby-boomer wealth chasing speculative bubbles with increasing debt — including entitlements — to everyone — including inflation — at the cost of disemboweling productivity in this country (that is, not to diminish the financial, and satellite, service industries) has given the ideological football back to the lefties.

    the surge does not justify the war, still, and might won’t ever make right. chauvinists should always learn to deal with their own behavior rather than focus on just winning. you know my position. our behavior includes pure western meddling with middle eastern sovereignty and self-determination since the 50s.

    perhaps, by not being in iraq, the power that is in tact in a viable hussein regime, presumes an equally in tact american power through isolationism that protects workers and citizens that does not sacrifice, say, purchasing power, civil liberties, education, health care. you know the things we claim we cannot afford to care about as a society, and are trumped by unintended, however learned, consequences like higher gas prices (nothing by comparison to killing people in our names) as a social claim to justify further destabilization. however much your claim for being in iraq is redressed, and it’s worth mentioning, until recently, and the surge became the argument for itself, it was “helping people” — all an effort to make objection out of reach.

    i reject the apparent hierarchy of suffering. if i thought obama were at all unreasonable towards the security of any group of people, or preferential of another, i would have no problem adding it to the reasons i am not voting for him. i think you are either paranoid, or just trying to smear him. but then, conversely, i believe black people, not to discount the increased advocacy on everybody’s part, automatically assume the best.

    as for war crimes against armageddonijad, we should start with our own presidents, and i don’t mean iran-contra. sadinista!, yes, but how do you resolve your own changing rationale for the current war and, my guess, abjure bush, and his administration, of any criminal liability?

    also, i suggest we either charge people held, release them, or determine we are legally at war. due process is a value we hold to be self-evident. very simple.

    there is plenty of blame to go around regarding the economy, and that is why neither corporate candidate, and their spend, spend spend alliance to an eternally, nay, imperially optimistic can-do and epochally distinct and exaggerated american culture is enough of a leader to get my vote.

    why are you devolving into sex. did this piece need some sex to get us through it? if that wasn’t homo-erotic i don’t know what is.

    no one can argue obama’s , or any other politician’s, underbelly of politicking (one hopes not reducing it to chicago). better yet, a focus on the other candidate’s flaws has always “ethically” tended to highlight, for me at least, the absence of a positive vision. the doom and gloom vision, including from liberals) fails as a prescription. unless one is hearty and well-connected, you have a dicey time of illustrating that your social benefits come from the status quo: rising productivity, growth, opportunity and prosperity. (trickle-down economics is fine, if it can be established.) either a leader is an incumbent, insuring that nothing changes, or professes a change in priorities that snags it.

    as i stated about your earlier philosophical disagreements, you have much to learn. the personal attacks that you certainly keep coming back too are just weak.

    i don’t think, as it is strictly implied, minorities that could never afford their homes are the reason for the velocity of money that went into the speculative bubble, driving baby boomer, and general perceived wealth into a frenzy, also taking the financial service industries to the brink. the only precedent for such thinking would be hip-hop driving sales to crazed white suburbanites, and into a world-wide phenomenon, and due to the liberal racialization of sba loans.

    community organizing happens in synagogues too. i realize that you ideologically prefer big business over big government, but i prefer policy decisions get their start in smaller communities of shared needs and values. the country, i hope, is not at war because of a few doctrinaire basket cases flaming passions. obama and social democrats are better able to represent the values of avg. americans as evidenced by poll numbers and state elections.

    on the board of the ymca of san francisco that i worked at were executives of large businesses, in the position of community organizers. mrs. mccain is one community organizer. her organization is, like the ymca, a not-for-profit, and she’s not at all like sharpton and jackson. the poor that she is a voice for deserve all that they can get, but, i take it, they aren’t exceptional. she probably created the organization, like many others do, to position herself closely to other business leaders, and it assumed that she possesses the right equation of charity-to-self interests. she is not black that’s for sure.

    your machine gun finale does offer so much more, to challenge, but i will leave it here for now, and thanks for the fun.

  18. pobaldy says:

    in reading the comments:


    1) get an accountant, or start by claiming as many exemptions as possible, and tell your accountant who will understand your course of behavior

    2) see lewis and clark. you did not do everything. they did not do everything. if you did not exist your 400k mortgage and your kids would be taken are of. your 400k mortage is only possible due your neighbor: legally, and economically. you make the mistake of idolatry. civil rights exists without king. the movement of tribes exists without columbus.

    3) case in point

  19. Micky 2 says:

    Whos blog is this anyway ?

    There is no collective/community without the individual.


    Yea, so someone else bagged my groceries for me today.
    I guess I’m a socialist.

    I guess I should give a part of my earnings to the man who designed all 250 dollar bills it took to start my business.

  20. pobaldy says:

    the rugged individual might try making it on an island, assuming his public education has value. instead, put him on the island — fiji, to make living easy, sometime after he is polished through society’s institutions, easier still, and let him try to promote widgets, or livelihood, to literally “the last man on earth” — himself.

    even on gilligan’s island they took for granted that survival, let alone our lifestyles, depended not only a skipper and the professor, but many hunters and gatherers. (you can add consumers.)

    you tempt providence by assuming the grocery bagger has no other choice. there is a great, and dubious, instinct that is called survival. laissez fair historically has lead to greed and social unrest. it also explains licentious crime.

    let me tell you something: you don’t want the disappearing middle class, as a fatality of being priced out of the economy, to resort to real fear. your little payments* also help them to buy into americana.

    i put at least $250 into my 7-year old daughter’s “snack shack” this summer, not including, fancy this, my labor. she may make a go of it, at this or graduate into some other thing, and turn out quite nicely too. (i’m assuming you’re strenuously trying so to tell us just that, but we clearly have different measuring tools.) fortunate crumb snatchers — the pair of you.

    *with a competent tax accountant you are paying no more than at the 20%, daddy.

  21. […] Eric over at The Tygrrrr Express has some good thoughts on tonight’s debate: Barack Obama is wrong on virtually every issue. John McCain will not list the reasons why. […]

  22. Micky 2 says:

    Ironically I live on an island that happens to be one of the most unfriendly places in the country for new businesses. Although most of us have no choice but to succumb to public education I twarted the system at 16 and had my assoc. science at 18.
    The irony as you speak of “polishing” my way through institutions is that I spent a good part of my life in prison and came out singular with little funds only to open a polishing shop/metal refinishing shop to which I closed out all competition in a year.
    No grants, no loans, no handouts or entitlements as I more than qualified for many of them.
    When you can buy a 400,000.00 house with that 250.00 investment then you can come and give me finacial advice and tell me that my choice to remain as independant as possible was wrong.

    As I pointed out before, there is no such thing as “a collective” at all, there are only the individuals who make up that collective.

    The individual is the one “Indivisible” unit, the individual is the only real standard of law, including of course and most definitely property law. To subject an individual to this nebulous “collective” , to subordinate the individual to the “we,” , that is socialism in a nutshell. It is to subordinate the individual to the masses. Which is precisely what the Untitled States Constitution meant to avoid. That is why we do not live in a democracy but instead a Constitutional republic where the absolute right to life, liberty, and property are guaranteed by the constitution, but not in the case of democracies, subject to vote or subject to the whims of the majority, but absolute.

    In fact, our Constitutional framers and the enlightened thinkers who most influenced these men were opposed to democracy precisely because “democracy subordinates the individual to the majority.
    Our original settlers managed to starve to death all whithin a year of their arrival due to nothing other than the lack of individual rights to property ownership.

    Thats as literal as I get today, it was a lot of work for me as I tend to cut to the chase more often than not.
    Happy snacking, you lost me at Gilligans Island.

  23. jafman says:

    McCain has everything in the world going against him.

    1. Pres. Bush has a lower approval rating than when Nixon resigned.
    2. Economy is in the dumper (Remember Clinton and “Its the Economy Stupid”).
    3. 8-years of Republican rule with nothing to show except the largest government deficit in history.

    Add these things together and history will tell you that the office of the President switches parties 9 times out of 10.

    All the above said, McCain is a good man (I voted for him in the 2000 primary) but his biggest problem is that his campaign has been run very, very poorly. I am sure that this will be how history judges this election.

    McCain’s campain has been all over the place taking large gambles that have been failures at almost every step. Of course, the campaign’s biggest failure was to bring on an inexperienced, poltical hack as Vice President. Maybe a good choice for fundraising and exciting the bottom rung of the base, but any conservative with half-a-brain can’t look you in the eye and truthfully tell you that she is qualified to be President.

    She is an anchor to this campaign and there is no one to blame but the poor decisions that McCain’s handlers have made to try to get this election heading in their direction. McCain should have dumped her and when he had the chance. Soon as she went off script, so did his campaign.

    Outside of a major external factor, this election will probably be called before the polls close in California.

    McCain’s time was in 2000. This world would have been a better place if he was the Republican candidate then. Of course, as the London newspaper “The Mirror” said so well after Bush’s re-election in ’04 “how can so many people be so stupid.”

    I don’t know, but it is good to see a vast majority of the population starting to get their heads straight again.

  24. Micky 2 says:

    Straight up their butts if they vote for Obama

  25. Eagle 6 says:

    Good one Mickey… and I didn’t make it as far as Gilligan’s Island…or maybe you and I are ON Gilligan’s Island… It was rugged individualism that forged this country – my way or the highway, kick out the Indians, French, Mexicans, Russians, and English – Manifest Destiny…it’s what made this country great. If it’s parity one wants, we are on the right path of destruction… see what parity provided in the mortgage industry…illegal alien problems… spread the wealth…

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