From the Maccabees to Pearl Harbor to Iraq 2008

As Hanukkah entered its 5th night, I remind the entire world that again what is being celebrated is a military victory. The Maccabbees came, saw, and kicked rumpus. They did not negotiate, or dialogue, or sing Kumbaya. They did not have pointless meetings. They did not take photo ops. They got the job done militarily, and were rewarded with the right to stay alive.

One of the reasons the Jews were able to win battles in the dead of night is because there were no print media at the time revealing secret troop movements. There were no anti-war movies. The ACLU did not exist, so the Maccabees could kill with impunity.

If we are all dead, then all the civil liberties in the world will not matter. This brings me to the greatest generation, those who fought the good war, the heroes of World War II.

First of all, we recently had another anniversary of Pearl Harbor Day. December 7th, 1941, was the day that Franklin Delano Roosevelt correctly said would “live in infamy.” The soldiers of World War II saved the world. They defeated two threats that would have destroyed civilization and ended life as we had known it. When we see one of these fine people, we should say, “Thank you and welcome home.”

Yet while the soldiers of WW II are beloved, and FDR is revered by many, what is less known is the set of steps that the government undertook during this war. For those who want to read a fantastic book, I recommend Tony Blankley’s brilliant work, “The West’s Last Chance.”

On pages 116 and 117, Mr. Blankley lists steps that were taken by the National Association of Broadcasters less than two weeks after Pearl Harbor.

“Do not broadcast personal observations on weather conditions. Watch sports broadcasts for this. A late night comment that ‘it’s a fine clear night” might be invaluable information to the enemy.”

“Do not broadcast any long list of casualties. This has been specifically forbidden.”

In February of 1942, the federal government offered more restrictions.

“Criticism of equipment, appearance, physical condition, or morale of the Armed Forces of the United States or any of its allies” is to be censored. Also outlawed is the “reporting of rumor or atrocity stories.”

Seventy newspapers were banned, and in a delicious irony, Father Charles Coughlins antisemitic newspaper “Social Justice” was banned. I say ironic because leftists Jews have claimed that the Torah (Old Testament) commands Jews to engage in social justice, which therefore commands them to be politically liberal and hate all things connected to republicans and conservatism. If only these bleeding hearts knew that Social Justice, aka their reason for existing, was an antisemitic paper. Then again, give how angst ridden and self hating many of these Jews are, I would not be surprised if they happily read this paper at the dinner table.

The bottom line is that in the same way that the Jewish community was tough, aka sensible, the federal government did what needed to be done to win wars and save all we hold dear. Leftists claim that George W. Bush is destroying their civil liberties, but what his administration has proposed is nowhere near as extreme as what FDR proposed and carried out. Yes, the very FDR that is lionized as a demigod by liberals everywhere actually cared about a muscular foreign policy.

That muscular foreign policy that was once bipartisan is now under assault from within. Reasonable minds can disagree on whether or not America should wage war under certain situations. What should never be in dispute is that deliberately trying to sabotage a war effort is wrong. It is beyond wrong. It is sedition.

It is wrong to give away secret troop movements. Anything that hampers America in terms of strategy should be the domain of our enemies. Arthur Sulzberger, the owner of the Jayson Blair Times, should have been arrested and thrown in jail the minute that story broke. The first amendment is not an absolute right. Mr. Sulzberger went to a crowded theatre located in the heart of where our enemies reside, and yelled to those enemies to fire at will on American soldiers.

It is wrong to insist on dialogue when agreements reached in previous dialogue sessions have been dishonored or broken. America could have crushed Muktada Al Sadr and put a pair of bullets in his heart. Instead, on the verge of victory, we decided to negotiate with him. We were holding all the cards, and we bargained. He lived to wreak more havoc. We had a chance to destroy Fallujah, and instead we pulled back for talks. More Americans died. Only when we went into Fallujah again and destroyed everything, which by the way is the main function of a successful military, did the problem get better.

Yet if the real battles are difficult, the public relations war has been a nightmare for anyone who loves the U.S. Military. During World War II, even when censorship was not in place, Hollywood voluntarily supported the troops through movies that supported the war effort. America and the Allies were the good guys, and the Axis were the bad guys. It was not shades of gray or other John Kerry type nuances. It was black and white, and the good guys won the war and saved civilization.

Nowadays, movies show America as the villain. Everybody else can be redeemed. Muslim terrorists are freedom fighters, while the real evil sociopaths beyond redemption are corporate executives, especially republican ones.

Where is the sense of honor? What about loyalty? What about love of a nation that enriches these people? Forget the legal freedoms that these parasites have. What about a moral sense of decency?

General David Petraeus says the surge is working, and that we are succeeding in Iraq. People who have never been to Iraq disagree with him. These people have the right to feel this way. Free speech exists. Yet so does the Flat Earth Society.

2008 Update: The surge did work. It was a total and complete success. Most people on the left would be fine with the Iraq War if a democrat was running it. For the left, hatred of President George W. Bush takes precedence. He favored the war, so they reflexively must oppose it till death to stay consistent. Admitting President Bush was right might destroy the left more than terrorism and war itself.

ROTC is banned from college campuses, but terrorists such as Armageddonijad are welcomed under some concept of diversity, which apparently is extended to everybody except for those who defend American freedom.

Defending the right to exist with military force allows this existence to actually take place. When Judah Maccabee and his Israeli Brethren destroyed their enemies militarily, it started a tradition deeper than Hanukkah. It started the Jewish people’s fight for survival, one they have still not relinquished.

In World War II, villages were burned to the ground, homes were razed, and the body count was deep. Pearl Harbor was not a time for dialogue. It was a time for waging war, and even with a liberal president, waging war is exactly what we did. America and the world was significantly better off because of this.

Now we have the 9/11 generation and the War in Iraq. Islamofacists want to kill us all. Those that want to go on Oprah or Phil Donahue (thankfully canceled) and talk out our differences do not understand that the gap is not bridgeable. They want to kill us, we wish they would not do so. That does not leave much room for common ground.

From the Maccabees to Pearl Harbor, good was united against evil. I pray to Almighty God that those that truly believe that civilization and barbarism are equivalent will stop trying to get in the way of those who truly do wish to see civilization win. Some say that evil wins when good people do nothing. Evil wins when those who have the opportunity to support good are unable to tell the difference…or worse…know the difference, and refuse to care.

The Islamofacists are genocidal lunatics. They need to be rooted out with overwhelming brute military force. As Mr. Blankley reminds us, this is the West’s last chance. If we fail to support the military solution, there may be nobody left alive on our side to engage in dialogue.


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  1. Micky 2 says:

    “For the left, hatred of President George W. Bush takes precedence. He favored the war, so they reflexively must oppose it till death to stay consistent. Admitting President Bush was right might destroy the left more than terrorism and war itself.”

    You gotta laugh because Obama was consistantly saying that with McCain we would get 4 more years of Bush. Then when it comes to national defense he turns around and decides to retain Gates and his staff.
    I will always wish I was a fly on the wall at Obamas first security briefing just I could watch his eyes bulge as he discovered that we really are at war.

    On one hand you have to be glad that Obama is capable of seeing the light.
    On the other hand you have to worry about the fact that he needs to be shown the light.

    Were not leaving Iraq or shutting down Gitmo any time soon.

    If I were an Obama supporter, right around now I would start feeling a little dupped, and a lot stupid.

  2. Iraq War says:

    […] From the Maccabees to Pearl Harbor to Iraq 2008Most people on the left would be fine with the Iraq War if a democrat was running it. For the left, hatred of President George W. Bush takes precedence. He favored the war, so they reflexively must oppose it till death to stay . […]

  3. riggword says:

    I have always like the Maccabees,
    What a courageous bunch of fellows.

    Hey I didn’t know you where Jewish?

    nice to check out your blog again.

    God Bless,

  4. Funny, I would think you’d have used Ezekiel in context with Iraq. how you squeezed 9/11 into any of that is beyond me, though…

    Talk about mixed metaphors!



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