Israel Cracks Down

Israel has been on the verge of losing its very life.

Israel is finally acting like it.

Israel has had enough. Fake dialogue, pointless meetings, useless photo ops, and worthless diplomacy have now gone up in thick, black, Gaza smoke.

Israel has cracked down.

It’s about time.

The most miserable group of individuals to ever inhabit the Earth have finally pushed too far.

The best part about the conflagration that will hopefully break the terrorists in Gaza once and for all is that no matter what happens, conservatives cannot be blamed.

George W. Bush is staying out of the way. That is what he is supposed to do in this situation.

Ariel Sharon is in a coma.

Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu is not currently in power.

No, a leftist peacenik Prime Minister is waging war.

This is fabulous. Even a peacenik has had enough.

Ehud Ohlmert is waging war. Ehud Barack is justifying the war.

At this rate, everybody to the right of Leon Trotsky or Barbara Boxer will be supporting the war.

Even liberal Jews in America, who live to hate President Bush, Vice President Cheney, and Ariel Sharon, are quietly thinking that maybe, just maybe, sometimes, war absolutely is the answer.

Part of this comes in the form of a natural political dichotomy. The rest is about common sense.

The political dichotomy grows naturally out of the fact that to govern effectively anywhere other than in a dictatorship, being somewhere near the center is vital.

Governing coalitions are fragile, and it is easier to win back die hard core loyalists than disaffected moderates.

This is why republicans get elected, and move to the left to survive. Conversely, democrats move to the right.

While on domestic policy this can be done with a certain amount of blurring the lines, there is nothing blurry about issues of war and peace.

Only conservatives can be trusted to make peace.

Only Richard Nixon could have gone to China.

Only Ariel Sharon, a lifelong warrior, could have been trusted to order the pullout from Gaza.

As a proud hardliner on Israel (as if that is a bad thing or that any other position makes sense morally and strategically), the idea of giving up land is normally a non-starter for me. You win a war, you keep the land. Period. Otherwise, America should give Texas back to Mexico and Florida back to Spain.

Yet I supported the Gaza pullout for no other reason than I trusted Ariel Sharon. “The Bulldozer” would not sell Israel down the river.

Nobody that matters can say that about liberal politicians. Most of them in recent years have been weasels that talked out of both sides of their mouth. Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and John Kerry stood for everything, which meant they stood for nothing. They looked at the polls to tell them what they believed. They offered meaningless blather and platitudes about “aggressive diplomacy,” “tough diplomacy,” and “more sensitive wars,” as if any of those phrases are less contradictory than “Jews for Jesus.”

Israeli liberals are even worse. Yitzchak Rabin agreed to the awful Oslo deal in 1993. Ehud Barak was ready to give away 97% of Israel in 2000. In 2006 Ehud Ohlmert was willing to accidentally get something right before bungling it in the grand tradition of leftist weakness.

Yet despite those failures, Ohlmert was given latitude to wage a 34 day war against Arab terrorism.

This is because liberals are allowed to wage war.

When a conservative wages war, they are referred to as imperialists, Nazis, fascists, dictators, and every other slur under the planet. If liberals want to stop being referred to as peacenik wimps, they need to stop demonizing conservatives as warmongers. They also need to stop acting like peacenik wimps.

Liberals are allowed to wage wars that should make conservatives green with envy.

Barack Obama could drop bombs the day after he is inaugurated, and the left will keep quiet. The left watched Bill Clinton bomb Iraq and Serbia. They also witnessed the disgrace that was Somalia.

The theory is simple. When liberals think somebody or something is bad, then it must be really really bad.

When liberals do not trust diplomacy, then diplomacy cannot happen.

The problem is that waiting for the left to finally give up their hyper-tolerant attitude is often the difference between winning with low casualties and losing with much larger casualties.

Nevertheless, liberals care about winning elections with a passion that conservatives save for killing terrorists. If a conservative is in power, it is beneficial for the left if the war is a failure. Democrats rode the discontent in Iraq to victory in 2006, and less so in 2008. The discontent did not come from the people. The discontent came from the media and the democrats. They forced bad news down the throats of Americans, despite the fact that the bad news was mostly lies.

Yet when a liberal is in power, the desire to win elections requires that wars be won. Sheer expediency allows the left to do the right thing, even if for cynical, naked, politically calculating reasons.

When a conservative is in power, winning wars is not allowed because giving that conservative an ounce of credit makes liberals angrier than the war itself.

Getting beyond the political dichotomy is the issue of common sense.

No nation should have to face 9/11 horrors on a daily basis.

There is no moral equivalence between a nation trying to defend itself and a cluster of murderous monsters looking to destroy another nation.

There is no equality between Arabs that live freely in Israel and Jewish populations in Arab Muslim nations approaching zero for fear of being murdered.

There is no parallel between a democracy and the murderous dictatorships that surround it.

Conservatives have always understood this. Liberals, slowly but surely, are running out of excuses.

The liberal vision was tried. It failed.

It failed in 1993 with that pathetic Oslo agreement that Arab murderers never honored.

It failed in 2000 when Israel voluntarily left Lebanon. The reward for this painful concession was more terror.

It failed when Israel gave up Gaza and the Palestinians refused to stop murdering Jews, instead offering more terror.

We tried liberalism. It failed, and failed, and failed, and failed and failed.

Oh, and then it failed.

Some liberals have finally woken up.

Monday, Israel’s defense minister said the nation was in an “all-out war” with Hamas, the Palestinian militant group that rules Gaza.

“We have stretched our hand in peace many times to the Palestinian people. We have nothing against the people of Gaza, but this is an all-out war against Hamas and its branches.”

That was Ehud Barack. He is no right winger. He is a leftist that has simply had enough.

Yet some liberals still have not had the senselessness beaten out of them.

Some organizations simply exist solely for the purposes of despising America and Israel.

U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moonbat had this lovely anti-Semitic gem:

“While recognizing Israel’s right to defend itself, I have also condemned the excessive use of force by Israel in Gaza. The suffering caused to civilian populations as a result of the large-scale violence and destruction that have taken place over the past few days has saddened me profoundly.”

What saddens me profoundly is that the United Nations is a sad organization that has never offered anything profound.

Excessive? Disproportionate? Israel has lost 6 people, and the defective Arabs in Gaza have lost 375. That means that for every Jew killed, 62.5 Palestinians have been liberated to their land of blood stained virgins.

Let’s look at it differently. There are one billion Arab Muslims. There are 14 million Jews. By those calculations, the 6 Jewish lives are worth 415,000 Palestinians. If a 7th Jewish person is murdered, Palestinians should lose an even half of one million.

So yes, the losses are excessive and disproportionate against the Jews.

In Medieval times, families would have 14 children because they expected 7 of them to die due to diptheria or other illnesses. Nowadays Palestinians breed more children because losing some of them to homicide bombings they instigate is factored in!

Palestinians, as a whole, overall, do not value human life.

Are there individual Palestinians that value life? Absolutely? Are they sufficient in percentages? Absolutely not. As a collective, they are a genocidal society.

For those that want to make me aware of all the positive contributions that Palestinians bring to this world, I would love to see the research.

So am I advocating killing them all?

No. I am offering them an opportunity. They can give true peace a legitimate try, or they can choose war.

If they choose war, then the nation of Israel has every right to defend itself and win the war, with no exceptions.

A common expression is that liberals in America become conservatives after they get mugged.

Liberals in Israel have been mugged, beaten, raped, tortured, and savaged.

They have had enough. They wanted to be liberals. They saw what happened. They can’t stand it any more.

American liberals reached that point after Pearl Harbor, and gave a liberal President wide latitude.

Ehud Ohlmert needs more than wide latitude. He needs unrestricted, limitless latitude.

Then he needs to summon up the courage and bravery of Ariel Sharon and get the job done right.

Only then can somebody like Bibi Netanyahu be trusted to make a peace agreement that truly does lead to a lasting peace.

Until then, if Palestinians want avoid losing 500,000 people, they should make sure that 6 murdered Jews does not become unlucky 7.

After all, fair is fair, and Israel needs to be proportionate.


16 Responses to “Israel Cracks Down”

  1. Ehud Ohlmert is a “leftist peacenik”???

    I thought you were Jewish. What happened? You think Olmert, who was a member of Likud for the vast majority of his political life, who joined Kadima when it was formed by Ariel Sharon, is a “leftist peacenik”???

    What a strange thing to say.

    Is any so much as a milimeter to the left of Francisco Franco a “leftist peacenik” to you?

    “Only conservatives can be trusted to make peace.

    Only Richard Nixon could have gone to China.”

    LOL! Yeah, right!

    The ONLY peace EVER made between Israel and a neighbor was made possible by JIMMY CARTER.

    Clinton went to Vietnam.

    Peacemaking has a long bipartisan history, as does warmaking. It is not a matter of conservative or liberal, Democrat or Republican, but rather it is a matter of political will and capital.

    Nixon didn’t go to China to make peace – he went to China to establish a cheap trade relationship. Same thing goes for Clinton and Vietnam. Peace was a just requisite by-product. If China and Vietnam didn’t have anything we wanted, we’d still be at a Cold War with them.

    And again, why do you partisanize everthing? Do you really see everything, everwhere, for all time, always a partisan matter? Really? Do you really, honestly believe that partisan rhetorical ideology trumps international corporate interests? Really?

    That’s just naive.

    As for your last comments, they sound very familiar. I recall, from my study of history, the exact same human equation made of Jewish people.

    You are becoming your enemy.


  2. Micky 2 says:

    Carter ?

    Oh my god , that was so funny I stained my seat.

    Typical lib rhetoric.
    “you are becoming your enemy”

    You cant become something thats gone.

    Two armies may well have the same attitude and fortifications jersey.
    But please, grow up and realize that its the purpose one fights for that defines the difference.
    Israel fights to be left alone and not just survive, but live.

    Palestinians fight only to take that away from them.
    That is what defines their existance.

    carter, oh my god.
    that crap he put out wasnt worth the paper it was written on

    Not the methods.

  3. Micky 2 says:

    Ooops. “Not the methods” got misplaced

    Two armies may well have the same attitude and fortifications jersey.
    But please, grow up and realize that its the purpose one fights for that defines the difference.
    Not the methods.

  4. Micky,

    Perhaps you weere visiting another planet 30 years ago, but yes, Carter negotiated the Egypt/Israel peace deal. The only peace treaty ever arranged bwteen Israel and a neighboring state. You didn’t know that?

    I mean, wher have you guys been? Why don’t you know the subject matter you’re trying to discuss? Olmert is a “leftist peacenik”??? Carter did not arranmge the only peace deal Israel ever made with a neighboring state? Are you guys just lying, dellusional, or living in some alternate universe?

    Israel fights to maintain a useless status quo. The almost-late Ariel Sharon finally began to realize this with the wisdom of age, but then fell ill. Israel would not have to fight so much if they just pulled out of the West Bank, connected Gaza to their, created the vacuum for a viably contiguous Palestinian state, and eventually stopped the blockades. Even this latest violence was avoidable, but Israel negotiated in bad faith last time aroun and never opened the check points they promised to open, essentially starving a beseiged Gaza because they didn’t like the way the palestinian people expressed their right to vote.

    I mean, c’mon. Get real here. Israel is not a perfect innocent here.


  5. Micky 2 says:

    Yea, I knew about it, so what happened ? he he.


    Arafat won the Nobel Peace Prize only because he signed one of Carter’s ‘paper” peace agreements with Israel and thats the only reason Carter hung on to his dellusions about Arafat and the Palestinians. He and the snotty foreign policy elite of his screwed up term had too much invested in that failure to admit it IS a failure.

    Even today while Hamas, Hezbollah, and Islamic Jihadiosts target any and every Israeli who lives in the Middle East, Carter still remains the typical one-world-fits-all leftist idiot in denial. You just dont want to admit that his good intentions and efforts created hell on earth for millions of jews (and other people). You dont want to admit that the fruit of his asinine utopian dreams for a peaceful world were not accomplished through accommodating and wheeling and dealing with terrorists, crazy leftists, madmen with nukes, or those who simply hated America.
    The same schmucks murdered Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, another Nobel Peace Prize winnert bbecause he signed Carter’s Camp David peace treaty with Israel. Carter didnt have the ability to connect the dots, and that made (makes) him a dangerous man rather than whatever you think he is Jersey so give me a break please. It was a stupid move that made matters worse, it made no peace, thats what happened.
    I’ve been watching this since the PLO was just a fledgling organization that even had operatives here in America leading the onslaught and am well aware of what a failure Carters attempts were.
    Carter’s treaty in the end only increased hostility in Egypt toward Israel.
    Thats what happened.
    Remeber ?
    Or were you like about 5 years old ?

    ” Israel would not have to fight so much if they just pulled out of the West Bank, ”

    “not have to fight so much “?
    They shouldnt have to fight at all JERSEY !!
    What dont you utopian freaks understand about the fact that no matter what Israel does or has done the Palestinians have and will keep coming after them ???????????????

    They didnt open the check points because the Palestinians were still using tunnels to smuggle goods and bombers and weapons jersey, they didnt just do it out of bad faith.

    Also, I need to refine statement here.

    “Two armies may well have the same attitude and fortifications jersey.
    But please, grow up and realize that its the purpose one fights for that defines the difference.
    Not the methods.”

    The methods and “fortifications” are actually very different.
    The outcome may be a diminished Palestinian people but the Israelis actually have weapons that can aim and practice discrinimation hitting intended targets.
    The difference that makes Palestinians the monsters they are is that they use weapons that could land just about anywhere, they place outposts and bases next to civilian pouplations, the use their kids as weapons, they use terroritic tactics, they attack Israel everytime shortly after a peace treaty and things become a little complacent.

    Sorry Jersey, but I dont see the Israelis doing anything like that.

    Both of them want to obliterate each other and frankly I dont care how Israel does it, I just wish they would do it alr

    1) To end the Jews suffering already.
    2) For security reasons I do not want to lose our only ally in the middle east.
    3) I do not want any more radical factions in the middle east emboldened should anything happen to Israel.
    4) I &^%$#*^ hate terrorists

    It has absolutley nothing to do with perfect, no one is totally innocent.
    When you define the purpose between the two, if you have any sense of right and wrong you can only chose the Jews.

    Any people or movement that defines its only purpose as wanting to eliminate another people from the planet.

    Those people are the ones that this must happen to

  6. Israel will defend itself, and few aregue they shouldn’t. But to say that the Palestinians should be “obliterated” is just plain Hitlerian.


  7. Micky 2 says:

    Oh, here we go with the Hitler crap again.

    What happened to Hitler and the Nazis is what needs to happen to the Palestinians.
    Who knows, maybe the Israelis will succeed in tearing apart Hamas and Hezbolla so that the Palestinians can elect a decent leadership or put the P. Authority back in majority.

    I wouldnt count on it
    If that does happen and this crap keeps happening I think they should get their butts nuked out from under them.

    Thats a given, as I feel after decades of this crap nothing will change and it should be done now.

  8. Personally, I’d like to see the int’l community get into Gaza and the West Bank, evict the settlers, disarm and police the Palestinians, allow only legitimate and peaceful political parties to run for office, force Israel to build a connection between Gaza and the West Bank and to end the blockade, secure the ports and enforce a customs mandate, and this and this alone I believe is the only way there will ever be peace over there.


  9. Micky 2 says:

    Force Israel to build what ?
    All the terrorists need to be killed first.
    Anything else is just time for them to re-organize and come back later.
    And then you have to convince the Palestinians to vote for a legit peaceful party.
    I mentioned the Palestinian authority but they dont seem like thats the way they want to go
    Whatever, give em enough rope to hang themselves so we can show the whole world we tried and then blow their a$$es to smithereens next time they so much as fart.

    Thats a given scenario if I were to somehow get a little compassion one day

  10. parrothead says:

    Anwar Sadat and Menachem Begin negotiated the peace deal in spite of Carter, not because of him. Although I find it interesting that the only one of the three who didn’t receive a Nobel Peace Prize was Begin. That says volumes about the “world view.” One mistake Begin did make back then is when he gave up the Sinai he should have included Gaza so it would have been part of Egypt as it was prior to 1967. Then what would their argument be. There never was an independent nation of Palestine contrary to the popular myth.

    Jersey says ” Israel would not have to fight so much if they just pulled out of the West Bank, ” Yes because that worked SO WELL when they pulled out of Gaza. The truth is following your logic Jersey, Israel wouldn’t have to fight at all if the Jews just renounced our homeland and left. Then the neighboring Arab countries could to fight over it amongst themselves. Please get real.

    While you are forcing countries to give up land what about the large swath of what is now Jordan which was supposed to be part of the Palestinian State. I notice nobody ever asks Jordan to give up any land.

  11. Micky 2 says:

    Yea well we all know by now that Nobel Peace prizes have just become brownie points that the left hands out to any moonbat whos been in the spotlight more than a day.

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  14. Bishop says:

    I don’t think Eric could give a rats ass about SEO. This is his outlet and I think I can put myself in his shoes. I’ve known him well over ten years. He doesn’t want to be bothered with that stuff. He thinks if people read his opinions great, if they don’t then they don’t.

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