Israel Must Obliterate Gaza Now

Israel is launching a massive offensive against Hamas.

The only thing offensive is that Hamas still exists.

Israel has until January 20th to obliterate Gaza. They need to act now. They need to do an imitation of General Tecumseh Sherman and march straight to the sea, razing everything in sight.

The window is now. Once the first Jewish man ever to become President, George W. Bush, leaves office, all bets are off.

Now I know liberals, especially liberal Jews, say they care about Israel. It just depends on what the meaning of “care” is. It is not that they are anti-Israel, although liberal non-Jews they worship are often anti-Semites. It is that liberal Jews care about trees, bunny rabbits, and zygotes more.

Ask them what they are passionate about. Liberal Jews fly into rages over global warming/cooling/climate change, or whatever it is this week. They will take to the streets over abortion, despite the fact that most of them will never have one. Yet when asked about the situation in Israel, the same level of passion is not there. They use words such as “unfortunate,” “sad,” and even “tragic.”

Those are shoulder shrugging words. Those are words that imply that a situation should not be the way it is, but that nothing can be done to change it. It plays into the worst stereotypes of Jews as agonizing, pathetic weaklings that wring their hands and worry endlessly to no positive effect. Jews being murdered should be a bigger worry than whether or not the eldest daughter over 30 will finally marry a doctor.

Try telling a liberal that restrictions on abortion or gay marriage are “unfortunate,” and watch their face split. It is called a conniption, and liberals are capable of feeling actual emotions.

When they care about a cause, they will get passionate. The problem is not their inability to get passionate. They just pick the wrong causes.

The situation in Israel today, particularly with regards to Gaza, is not “unfortunate.” Unfortunate implies “unpreventable.”

The solution is to let Israel do everything and anything it needs to do at any moment…ALWAYS.

Bill Clinton invited terrorist and murderer Arafat to sleep at the White House. President George W. Bush allowed Ariel Sharon to sideline Arafat in his compound until his shameful death.

Bill Clinton brought us that idiotic peace agreement at Oslo in 1993. Whether it be Neville Chamberlain declaring “Peace in our time” in the 1930s, or Bill Clinton forcing Yitzchak Rabin to shake a murderer’s hand in 1993 and give the murderer 97% of Israel in 2000, the meaning is the same.

Agreements mean nothing when they are unenforceable. Agreements are unenforceable when lying and cheating is beneficial. North Korea in 1994 is another example of liberals celebrating meaningless agreements.

Liberals lose sleep over the fact that America might not always be “liked.” Liberal Jews are like the hated kids in school crying to anyone who will listen, “Please like me. I will give you my lunch money, just promise to like me.”

Conservatives have a different approach. “You come at me with a knife, I pull out a revolver. You bring a revolver, I bring a machine gun.”

Right now the Palestinians need blue and white bazookas shoved up their hides.

For those in the Jewish community that disagree, an experiment is necessary.

Go up to a random liberal Jew and deck them in the face for no reason. Just punch them. One of two things will then happen. The most pathetic of them will try to talk to you, and understand what you did and why you did it. Maybe they can change you and make you a better person. Heck, if you change, they might even buy you a drink, invite you over for Sabbath dinner, and pat themselves on the back for making you a better person. They may get lucky, but most likely something bad will then happen to their wife, children, and expensive possessions.

This is called the “root causes” approach. It is successful 0% of the time, unless success is defined as employing more sociologists.

A second occurrence is that the liberal Jew might forget momentarily that they are a liberal. They will realize they are in a fight, and do what people in a fight should do…they will actually fight.

What a novel concept.

I have applied this to my daily life. I treat people with kindness until they give me a reason to not deserve this kindness. Those that threaten my livelihood get scorched Earth in return. I do not care if I go down as long as I burn the entire village.

The result of this is that I lead a happy life.

Let me explain why Palestinian Arabs murder Jews. I do not have a PHD in uselessology, but here is the reason.


Water is wet, the sun rises in the East, Palestinians murder Jews. They do it for sport. The murder is the end result, not the means. They murder “just because.” The word Palestinian should be a verb. To “Go Palestinian” on somebody means to blow them up.

Now some liberal Jews at this point will wail and bleat about how not all Palestinians are terrorists, and how Hamas is the real problem. Who the heck elected Hamas? Also, does anybody think Fatah is less murderous?

Polls show that 80% of Palestinians support the struggle against Israel. Fine, 80% of their society is disgusting. My heart does not bleed for the other 20%. 4/5 of a wretched society is too much. In short, decent and humane Palestinians are the aberration. Bloodthirsty murderous ones are the norm.

Liberal Jews love to wring their hands. That is not a solution. That accomplishes nothing. Photo ops accomplish nothing. Handshakes with murderers accomplish nothing.

Wars end when one side says, “We cannot win.”

The solution is to take the Palestinians, and break them. They must be destroyed physically, structurally, and most importantly, psychologically.

Jews must stop providing humanitarian aid to the children of murderers. Stop providing electricity. Stop sending in medical help.

Let their “brothers,” the Arabs, handle it. There are 22 Arab states. If Egypt or Jordan want to provide supplies to Israel, that can be negotiated.

Not one dollar of Jewish money should be given to the savages in Gaza.

The goal of a war is to win.

It is bad enough that liberals in San Francisco, Malibu, and Manhattan will do whatever it takes to prevent America from remaining safe. After all, why not gut the Patriot Act and eliminate FISA Courts, and close Guantanamo Bay? Who needs those things? They make America look bad, and as everybody in liberal land knows, appearances matter more than results.

Israel still has hope. It knows what Americans on the left refuse to admit. The only solution to winning a war is overwhelming brute force.

The left will rail about President Bush, but they have no alternative solutions, unless doing imitations of ostriches counts.

Even Ehud Ohlmert is starting to understand this. Having rockets rain down on a daily basis can have an effect. Even he is starting to get it.

So let me explain to liberals, particularly those in the Jewish community, what actually matters.

Genocidal lunatics destroy trees, bunny rabbits, and zygotes. Yes, terrorists that blow up innocent humans also blow up flora and fauna. Homicide bombers are terrible for foliage. They kill animals. As for homosexuals, let’s just say that Hamas is not moderate on gay rights issues.

The real problem is that liberals do not know the difference between opponents and enemies.

Republicans, conservatives, and President George W. Bush are not enemies. They are opponents.

Palestinian homicide bombers are enemies. Enemies use women and children as shields. Those women and children then become “collateral damage.”

Too d@mn bad. People die in war. If the Palestinians were to stop fighting, they would be shocked at how quickly Israel agreed to peace.

Palestinians want to wipe Israel off of the map. This requires self defense. It requires never again giving them the chance to do this.

Cease fires are used by Palestinians to rearm themselves. Who helps Hamas? The so called “innocent and peaceful” Palestinians that supply the food and lodging for the terrorists. They are just as culpable.

On January 20th, a cool, aloof, detached President and a Secretary of State that cares only about herself will fiercely protect and defend Israel provided that polls and their opinions at that moment tell them to do so.

They are not anti-Israel. They are just “neutral.”

Neutral is not good enough.

Israelis know this. That is why 70% of Israelis support George W. Bush.

As for President Bush, the nonsensical notion that he supports Israel because of rapture and revelation is just pure anti-Christian bigotry, another part of the liberal platform.

President Bush supports Israel and despises Hamas because it is the only decent, humane position.

As for liberals, wring your hands and worry all you want. Just be silent for once and get out of the way.

In three more weeks, Israel may be forced to sit down and talk to murderous monsters.

If they kill enough savages before then, they will have less to worry about.

The clock is ticking like a Palestinian homicide bomber.

Get to work Israel. Your window of pursuing the only feasible option to survival is closing, and your fellow Jews will be the ones sabotaging you in the name of peace.

Yes, I am part of the other 20%, but just like Palestinians, that is not good enough. All you see is the 80% that are part of the problem.

It is time to give Hamas leaders and their supporters three weeks worth of rocket launcher enemas.


10 Responses to “Israel Must Obliterate Gaza Now”

  1. Micky 2 says:

    I feel for you man.
    The time is now.
    Enough is enough.

  2. steveegg says:

    The Morni…er, Afternoon Scramble – 12/29/2008…

    I’m a bit under the weather, so that’s why I’m late today. It’s been a while since I did an instrumental, so let’s start the week off with one…

    Lemur King wonders if things are truly as bad as the……

  3. I don’t know who you’re mopre mad at here – liberals or Hamas!

    Sometimes, I must say, I wonder where your loyalty lies. Already there are mass demostrations in Iraq over the Gaza retaliation. If Israel launched a full invasion of Gaza, American troops in Iraq would be put at horrific risk. Iraq itself could fall back to pieces. Don’t you realize this?

    Now, of course, Israel can’t just sit back and enjoy being a missle target, and so their reaction is understandable. Apparently, Hamas saw and opportunity to wreak havoc while the Israel parliament is in disarray and Bush is an unpopular lame duck presiding over a significantly weakened America. But apparently, as I read somehwre, Hamas has “overplayed their hand,” and Israel, liberals and conservatives aalike, contrary to the opinion of our good host, will not tolerate it. I personally know a “liberal” Jew who, if you punched him in the face, would remove your entire head in one uppercut.

    This isn’t really a liberal or conservatove matter. This is bigger than that. This is an international situation spanning from Egypt to India. Volatility is very high right now. There is a vacuum of world powers. America is no longer going to be the worlds one superpower. We have been crippled by our cannibalistic corporatocracy, especially over the past eight years. There may not be much we can do about this situation – ours, or theirs. Hopefully, Obama and the new Dem majority will make some big changes in approach both here and abroad and we can help to ease world tensions. On the other hand, we never really were the world’s police. We just thought we were. There might not be much we can do. And Dem or GOP, the corporatocracy remains in place, and they will continue our obvious and steady decline.

    I’d be more worried about us than Israel if I were you.


  4. Micky 2 says:

    ” I personally know a “liberal” Jew who, if you punched him in the face, would remove your entire head in one uppercut.”

    That doesn’t explain what his solution would be to this, or that it omits him from the mindset liberals have over Israel that Eric describes.
    That doesn’t change the fact that we all know Eric was talking about the general mass.

    Being a rabid conservative I would still give any opposition as least one benefit of the doubt, but when your time has come, it has come

    “This isn’t really a liberal or conservatove matter. This is bigger than that. ”

    Yes, it is, but liberals cant see that.
    That is why they will be a major contribution to what could be the beginnings of collateral effects everywhere.
    If Obama ends up having anything to say it will be approached from a humanitarian point on behalf of Palestinians and not so much the point that the Jews must settle this once and for all.
    Everywhere, including Condi Rice there’s talks about re-establishing the peace process.
    F*$% the peace process already !
    I’m sick and tired of hearing that phrase for 40 + years now.
    Its a joke intended to pacify an appearance that there’s some solution other than to smack the living crap outta these punks once and for all.
    Anything else will only embolden Iran, Hamas, Hezbolla, and the Palestinians

    Liberals would just like to see things take their course with no intervention from America when jersey says that we should worry about us and not Israel.
    Well, if Israel does go down I hate to think of the implications for the middle east and what would happen if we did let it alone and not police the situation.
    And then there’s the question of simple right and wrong.
    Right must be upheld and the Palestinians are wrong.
    Once we let a movement who’s only purpose is to extinguish Jews get away with it we send a message to the world that its permissible.
    And in this volatile age with terrorism what it is that is the absolute last thing in the world we should be doing.

  5. Micky,

    I haven’t spoken with this particular liberal Jewish friend of mine about this, but knowing him, he’d say what I said. That it’s a disasterous situation and all we can do is hope things will work out. Committing genocide in Gaza is not an option. But only very hardcore rightwing Zionists would suggest such a course. Thankfully, there are few of them and most of them reside safely and irrelevently here in the United States (and Australia – surprise, surprise).

    Again, I think it’s dangerously counter-productive to inject American partisan politics into the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Really, both parties and their constituencies have been equally very supportive of Israel over the years. Why anyone would want to create a polarization there is beyond me. The differences between the modern American “liberal” and “conservative” positions on Israel are virtually negligible. And Obama is a strong a friend of Israel as any American pol. Bush, if you recall, pretty much avoided the whole Israeli situation from the vast majority of his presidency, only taciitly (and uselessly) engaging at the very end.

    If Israel did “go down,” it would be a major historical event, on par with an Indian/Pakistani nuclear conflagration. I don’t think anyone who has the power to make that happen wants that sort of MAD situation. And the Palestinians simply don’t have that power. No, the real powers at play here – Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, etc – want the status quo; and endless conflict between a “poor” and “abused” Palestinian population and a “greedy” and “inhumane” Israel. It’s great political fodder for the rabble Arab Street to support their disgusting regimes. It’s sorta like the way the GOP plays illegal immigration in America. They have no intention of legalizing them, no intention of stopping them, no intention of helping them, no intention of punishing them. They just want the status quo so they can lambast them for the rabble, and pay them cheap wages for the profit.

    You cons have to learn to see the forest for the trees.


  6. Micky 2 says:

    “But only very hardcore rightwing Zionists would suggest such a course. ”

    This shows the fundamental flaw in your thinking.

    Its actaully radical islam (Hamas, Palestinians, Iran, etc…) that not only suggest it, say that its their intention, and are trying to accomplish it as we speak.

    The rest of your post is one the same level of flawed concept/thinking.
    yet only confirms the fact that liberals never learn from the past and are always trying to revive failed methods and policies such as socialism and appeasing enemies that dont want to hear it.
    You guys simply dont understand real threats for what they are.
    You are blinded by the idea that we can all just get along.
    That is insane.
    You think everyone can be a winner. You teach this crap in our schools.
    Trophy sales are doing great.
    Well, that might be O.K. at potatoe sack race at the company party but in real life there are winners and losers.

    Its not a forest.
    Its a desert full of murdering punks

  7. Alright then, you need to see the desert from the cacti.

    “But only very hardcore rightwing Zionists would suggest such a course. ”

    This shows the fundamental flaw in your thinking.

    Its actaully radical islam (Hamas, Palestinians, Iran, etc…) that not only suggest it, say that its their intention, and are trying to accomplish it as we speak.

    Yes, I know. So, what are you and Eric saying? Are you saying that Israel should be more like Hamas? Do you see the hypocritical irrationality in your though process here?

    And you say “liberals never learn from the past”??? Liberals, by definition, learn from, and depart from, that past. Conservatives, by definition, remain in that same past, never departing from it, never learning from it, constantly repeating the same script. I think back not so far to this year’s GOP primaries – it was like it was 1980 all over again! I thought they were going to disinter Ronald reagan and prop him up on the convention floor for a standing round of applause! And you guys not only live in the past, and repeat it, and don’t learn from it, but you you don’t even remember it! You invent a past that never was and then base you logic on it’s pretend assumptions!



  8. Micky 2 says:

    Yea Einstein.
    Its called killing the bad guy who wants to kill you, has tried to kill you, before he kills you.
    Its not rocket science.

    Look, you missed a major fundametal element in your thought, and that is that its actually the Palestinians that want to commit genocide and are the hardcores that suggest such a course.
    If you fail to notice something like that at the very front of all this, all bets are off that your clued in the least.

    So, here we go again, because Jersey “says so” when I give actual examples of liberals repeating the past you simply assert that your opinions are true.
    Liberal by definition does not mean anything other than you blame everyone else, accept no responability and make up the rules as you go along.
    Liberal means you commit to nothing that commits you to obligation.
    Liberal means to be free of ethical and moral authority.
    To be free to be promiscuous with your bodies and other peoples money.
    ]It has nothing to do with any elevated plain of thought that would come as a result of from learning from past mistakes.

    Please, spare me the elevated levels of conscience crap.

    Lets cut this one short, you lost at your genocide comment and now all you’re going to do till the next post is try to recover some dignity.


  9. “you lost at your genocide comment”

    Micky, did you read the title of this post???


  10. Micky 2 says:

    As I said somewhere else.

    Anyone who wishes and attempted many times the obliteration of a people deserve no less for themselves.

    You still lost based on your premise that genocidal maniacs should be treated like anything less than what they are.

    Its not the hardcore Zionists that subscribed to such a thing until it was attempted against them, and actually happened to the once before.

    Try to put yourself in the position of nearly having all your people wiped out once before and then having someone else come along and say they want to do the same thing to you all over again.

    I would crap myself and then kill them in very quick fashion.

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