24 Hours, 1 Israel Rally, 1 Anti-Israel Gathering of Murderers

Over a 24 hour span, I attended one Pro-Israel rally and one anti-Israel gathering of terrorist murderers.

To describe the stark differences between the human beings that rallied for Israel on Sunday and the savage animals that congregated the day before would be akin to describing night and day. Like night and day, the differences should be self evident.

I was interviewed by FOX Los Angeles, although they edited out my more strident comments about wanting Iran and Syria to have their government buildings turned into 50,000 hole golf courses. Unfortunately I was  labeled as a “Pro-Israel Protester” instead of a “Pro-Israel Supporter.” Then again, this is local news. They did not have time to do the story about the escaped Panda from the zoo. Besides, the Palestinians in these crowds would have most likely shot the infidel fuzzy critter.



For many in the civilized world, self evident means simple concepts must be explained, reexplained, and overexplained until thick skulls are forced to inculcate them.

I use the 24 hour theme because I finally saw the television show “24” for the very first time. I know, everybody else on Earth has been watching it for years. I am not trendy. Within 5 minutes, I realized that occasionally, the masses are completely right. Jack Bauer is my new television hero. Once he told a liberal gasbag Senator where to stick it, I realized that I needed to go back and watch the first six seasons.

We are in a war on terror. War is messy. Self righteousness and piety needs to be replaced with what the purpose of a successful mission is…to get the job done. In the end, many more lives are saved this way. This brings me back to both rallies I attended.

My friend Shane from Political Vindication let me know that an anti-Israel gathering of sub-human garbage was getting together at the Federal Building. I live within walking distance of the Federal Building.

For those wondering why I would refer to a Pro-Palestinian rally as a gathering of the worst elements ever created on Earth, you were not there. I was. This was no peace rally. For coverage of this event, Shane has phenomenal footage. On Tuesday I will be a guest on his progam at 7:15pm PST.


Doug from Political Pistachio also came along and played a key role in helping expose the truth.


Bloggers Gawfer, Fouse, and Prying 1 also offered solidarity.




Reverend C. P. Hanson of the Fundamentalist Baptist Church can tell you all about the peace-loving “Palestinians.” They knocked him to the ground and ripped the signs he and his wife were holding. They are both ok.


For those in the Jewish community who are more scared of Pat Robertson holding a book than Osama Bin Laden holding a bomb, they should attend these “peace” rallies where peace is non-existent and murder is celebrated. Reverend Hanson did not try to convert me. He did not force the New Testament upon me. He simply shared a desire to see a world of more peace, love, and tolerance. That requires standing with Israel.

Blogger Snooper at “Take our country back” understands this.


The rally billed as a pro-Palestinian rally was simply a collection of left wing wack jobs. Yes, there were Palestinians chanting about how Israel murders children, how we must “Free Palestine,” and how Israel is a terrorist nation. There were also Che Guevara supporters, dopey college girls worried that bombs are bad for trees, dopey college boys pretending to care so they could sleep with them, and the dopey professors that still want to smoke a doobie and party like it’s 1968.

They kept chanting about the murdering of innocent babies. Perhaps they thought they were at an abortion rally. Remember, terrorist supporters are not the best and brightest.

Every good myth needs a good debunking the same way every Palestinian terrorist needs a good military shellacking. With that, I offer some debunking of Palestinian myths.

The biggest myth is the Palestinian people themselves. They are a fictional invented people that are every bit as made up out of thin air as the Easter Bunny, unicorns, and Snuffalupagus. The only difference is that in the case of the Palestinians, the air is more rancid.

(I apologize for spoiling the other myths. I will keep quiet about Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy to avoid hurting children.)

The non-Jews living in the West Bank are squatters from Jordan. They are Jordanians. They were kicked out of Jordan for being troublemakers. The non-Jews living in the Gaza Strip are squatters from Egypt. They were Egyptians, and were kicked out of Egypt for…you guessed it…being troublemakers. Yassir “That’s My Bay Terrorist” Arafat, despite credible rumors declaring him as half goat, was Egyptian.

To put things in perspective, these agitators were too crazy for their fellow Middle Eastern Arabs to deal with. Yes, apparently that is possible.

These rabble rousers and political agitators are worse than Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Roseanne Barr, and even most political science professors. At least they do not use guns. Palestinian terrorists worship guns. This brings us to the myth about children.

Nobody in Israel wants dead children. Nobody in any civilized nation wants dead children. It is the Palestinians murdering their own children and using them as human shields. As for “humanitarian aid,” money for aid is spent on more bombs and guns. The Palestinian people are being murdered by Hamas. It is a civil war. Israel has nothing to do with any of this beyond being innocent victims of murderous Arabs.

There is no Palestine. There is Israel, a nation of people who want peace, and several areas where defective Arabs and their descendants continue to devalue what little value they place on human life.

A bunch of Palestinian savages surrounded me at the rally. They told me to “go home.” Perhaps they cannot tell the difference between Israel and Wilshire Blvd in Los Angeles. This is my home. Perhaps they needed a compass. They definitely need a moral compass.

This is what Palestinians are. They do not want a homeland. They want to kill all Jews. I saw Palestinians try to chase the Jews of Los Angeles off of the streets of Wilshire Blvd. I had plenty of police protection. The cops were friendly, genial, and professional. Yet again, Palestinians will not give Jews an inch of land in this world, not even in Westwood in Los Angeles.

Well Westwood is MY town. I have lived here since 1994. I am not going anywhere. I grabbed a megaphone, and entertained the crowd with my own chants. After all, if the best Palestinians can come up with is, “jihad,” “infidel,” and “zionist donkey occupying aggressor,” then they do not need a homeland. They need a thesaurus.

I offered better chants to the Palestinians.

“1, 2, 3-4-5…have yourselves sterilized…”

“5, 6, 7, 8…you should never procreate…”

I did also chant some of the lyrics to my hit song “Burn Gaza Burn, Disco Inferno.”

Compared to what they chant on a daily basis, I was giving them the verbal equivalent of Kumbaya with a side order of love beads.

Yet one moment I will never forget was when I encountered a Palestinian boy that could not be more than five years old. His parents were walking him and other children past the line of peaceful Jews towards the enraged Palestinian mob. I am not sure why I did it, but I called out to this child, “Little boy!” He looked at me, and I offered him an extended hand of friendship. The boy took my hand and smiled. We shook hands for literally about 60 seconds. His horrified parents looked on, and after one minute of warm friendship, they had had enough.

They pulled the child away, and scolded him for his potential future of decency and humanity. I genuinely hope that if enough people can somehow get to this boy before it is too late, he can escape the culture of suicide and homicide that awaits him. Yet for those who wonder about the “poor, innocent, suffering Palestinian children,” it is vital to understand that it is the Palestinians killing their own children. If anybody wants to show me Palestinians offering to shake hands with Jewish children, I would love to see that framed in a picture with the unicorn and his other furry friends.

Yet the next day, civilization returned to the Federal Building in Los Angeles in the form of a pro-Israel rally.

The crowd was peaceful. Songs of love and harmony were being played. For a Neocon like myself, it was almost too much to stomach. Yet I understand that my level of stridency does not make for good public relations. It also forces me to admit that most of the Jewish community truly does want peace, love, and harmony, while I would prefer unconditional victory over our wretched enemies, with peace as icing on the cake.

Organizations including “Stand With Us” and the ZOA helped make this rally a success from a turnout standpoint and a human decency standpoint.



Naturally, Chabad, the organization that spreads peace worldwide, was in attendance.


People were not chanting about killing all Arabs, or even all Palestinians. They were chanting about peace.

The only reason a police force was even necessary was because a statistically and culturally insignificant group of “Palestinians” launched a counter protest. Yes, the Che Guevara supporters and college dopes were part of that crowd. Thankfully, LAPD quarantined them as any organization would to prevent the disease from spreading.

Other differences between the rallies came in the form of love of the United States of America. At the Pro-Israel rally, American flags were as prominent as Israeli flags. Jews sang “God Bless America,” along with “I’m Israel Chai.” The Jewish people gathered at the Pro-Israel rally shook hands with the LAPD. We thanked the police officers for keeping us safe. We were cooperative.

I even joked with a couple of them. One of them noticed that I disappeared from one of the protests for about 15 minutes. I was hungry, so I ducked out for a hot dog. Also, the officer overheard me mention that it would be nice if both sides could come together and promise to stop scheduling protests that conflict with the NFL Playoffs. The officers hinted that as much as they loved preventing riots, they would not have minded being home for the games as well.

The few acts of violence led to arrests of Palestinians. The Jews did not have this problem. More importantly, they did not cause this problem.

It is one thing to act like barbarians in the Middle East. How does one explain the behavior of Palestinians in the United States?

We are told they are “angry.” When are they not angry?

We are told they are “suffering.” Whose fault is that? Their own.

They do not claim to want peace. I was at the rallies. They did not mention the word “peace.”

I pray that the 5 year old boy I befriended somehow ends up not hating Jews. If he does end up a homicide bomber, God forbid, it will not be because of the hand of friendship I extended to him, that he accepted. It will be solely because of the rejectionism of his own parents.

Palestinian culture is Hamas culture. They are inseparable and identical. Not all Palestinians use the Hamas means of bombs and guns. Yet too many of them, at least an overwhelming majority, support the end goal of the terorrists. Too many of them want to destroy Israel.

I saw it with my own eyes on Wilshire Blvd. They will not remove me from my home. Not one Jew will be displaced from Los Angeles, New York, Miami, or Israel, no matter how loudly the murderous defective Arabs scream and shout.

If they want peace, they will get peace. If they want war, and at this stage they do, they will get it.

May God Bless the USA, Israel, the USA military, the IDF, and honorable people everywhere that want to conquer barbarism and terrorism and preserve civilization.


18 Responses to “24 Hours, 1 Israel Rally, 1 Anti-Israel Gathering of Murderers”

  1. alfinoz says:

    It is always mystifying to me why the world media race around like rabid dogs in an effort to portray the women and children of Gaza as poor defenceless innocents under the mass onslaught of The Israeli Army. I didn’t hear of any UN resolutions during the weeks and months prior to the Israeli defence measures suggesting Hamas cease hostilities? Serious questions must be asked as to where the Hamas Leadership can find finance to provide weapons to wage war against a thriving democracy that craves peace in an area surrounded by poverty and terrorism.
    The UN is a corrupt organisation that survives on American Finance and continues to berate The Israeli efforts of self defence by insisting on an immediate ceasefire. How quaint an organisation that couldn’t pass wind if it’s very existence depended on it.
    No resolutions apparently forthcoming in support of a ceasefire directed at Hamas for deliberately targetting civilians. No that would be unthinkable.
    How about the rest of the world butting out and letting this wonderful symbol of democracy deal with this festering problem as they see fit.
    This Palestinian enemy regard human life as precious as children bearing arms and women bearing bombs under hideous garbs of concealment.
    How a civilisation teaches it’s children is a fair indication of where it is heading, and by the look of it, the path is all downhill.
    Death by indoctrination is a poor future for Palestinian children but a welcome relief for the suffering inflicted on them by the actions of their despicable leaders.
    Bring back Benjamin.
    Israel I support you.

  2. […] is part of his report: Over a 24 hour span, I attended one Pro-Israel rally and one anti-Israel gathering of terrorist […]

  3. Micky 2 says:

    “the purpose of a successful mission is…to get the job done. In the end, many more lives are saved this way. This brings me back to both rallies I attended.”

    God help me please !
    I’ve been trying to hammer this point home for a couple weeks now and no one seems to understand the concept of doing the job right the first time so as to avoid returns for constant maintenence and bringing down the costs which in this case are human lives.

    Also, I think Bush should of OK’d the strike on Iran. Not only should they of knocked out some nuke facilities they should of taken out the source of funding thats feeding Hamas.
    Two birds in one stone.

    Right on Alfinoz.
    Another thing that slips past most peoples radar including those at the protest in L.A and all those around the world that are supporting Palestinians and Hamas, is that these terrorists would kill them as quckly as they would kill any Jew.
    The Jews are simply at the top of their list and anyone after that who does not convert to Islam is the enemy.
    These Che supporters and peace niks that Eric describes at the protest woudnt last 5 minutes around radical islamic Iranians and Palestinians once their purpose has been served.

  4. ShaneBorgess says:

    Excellent round up Eric – we’re looking forward to you being on Political Vindication Radio to talk more about both of the rallies.

    The ‘Palestine’ movement is one of perpetual anger, and I wonder if after vomiting up all this poison all the time these people are tame as kittens at home! But we’re lucky, living here in Southern California – we get to experience the inanities that pass for logic on the left, right here on our streets!

    “Go home!” If only they knew that we would have liked to have been anywhere else than standing next to them – but Israel is worth defending!

    Talk to you tomorrow night!


  5. MoiOz says:

    Golda Meir said:
    “We can forgive the Arabs for killing our children.
    We cannot forgive them for forcing us to kill their children.
    We will only have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us.”

  6. Sabra says:

    Eric – Thanks for fixing it so I could comment. Appreciate it.

    “Serious questions must be asked as to where the Hamas Leadership can find finance to provide weapons to wage war against a thriving democracy that craves peace in an area surrounded by poverty and terrorism.” Alfinoz, this is like rhetorical, right? Isn’t it obvious? At the risk of having my own site censored – and this one blocked – I have to refrain from the two simple words that immediately come to mind. Two letters. They stand for a country. That country says it wants “peace.” It also says it is our ally. With friend like that country who needs enemies?

    “Although they edited out my more strident comments about wanting Iran and Syria to have their government buildings turned into 50,000 hole golf courses. Unfortunately I was labeled as a “Pro-Israel Protester” instead of a “Pro-Israel Supporter…. Then again, this is local news.” And it is also the MSM, Eric. Of course you were labeled in the most negative light possible.

    “It is one thing to act like barbarians in the Middle East. How does one explain the behavior of Palestinians in the United States?” What’s that Country Western song??? You can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl. Something like that…

    “We are told they are “angry.” When are they not angry?” Exactly!

    “We are told they are “suffering.” Whose fault is that? Their own.” Bingo!

    “They do not claim to want peace. I was at the rallies. They did not mention the word ‘peace.'” Really? What a surprise! [Hmmph! Because they do not want peace. It is standing in their way of having the entire Middle East being part of “theirs.”]

    “I pray that the 5 year old boy I befriended somehow ends up not hating Jews. If he does end up a homicide bomber, God forbid, it will not be because of the hand of friendship I extended to him, that he accepted. It will be solely because of the rejectionism of his own parents.” Too late, Eric. He was born. He’ll be indoctrinated. He’ll be hating you and anyone else that might be Jewish before he’s six. And that is just the way it is.

    “Palestinian culture is Hamas culture. They are inseparable and identical. Not all Palestinians use the Hamas means of bombs and guns. Yet too many of them, at least an overwhelming majority, support the end goal of the Palestinians. Too many of them want to destroy Israel.” Eric, you know I like you. I come here to be educated and see what you have to say. I enjoy reading your posts. But, please… You are an “awake” man, I don’t have to tell you to wake up and smell the coffee / roses – whatever it is you want to smell. To say “Not all Palestinians use the Hamas means of bombs and gun…” is like saying the islam is the religion of peace. Perhaps if the lie is said often enough… people will believe it. I, for one, do not believe a single word of it!

    And I apologize for it seeming like I had to “live blog” your post… Really no need for me to do it here. It’s like preaching to the choir. I just wish I could [safely] do it at my place. That, unfortunately, is a risk I am not quite willing to take as I really do rather like having my head attached to my shoulders. Someday, when we are safely back on US soil, I will say what I want – whether anyone cares to read it or not – but at least I will be able to speak my mind.

    Happy [belated] Birthday, Eric!

  7. I wish you’d stop repeating the lie that the Palestinians are a “ficticious” people. I’m from New Jersey, that makes me a Jerseyite – are Jerseyites a ficticious people? If we are, I wish you’d tell the rest of the country, because they sure do seem to think we’re real and they sure do hate us for it. Palestinians are real people from a real place that was once called Palestine. All you’re doing is dehumanizing them in exactly the way they say you do. You’re only making things worse. I don’t know why you can’t get that through your head.

    I agree with you about one thing, though. Hamas did bring this on. The Palestinians really ought to learn from Ghandi and King and Mendela (all successful in their endeavors, unlike the Palestinians) – non-violent resistance always works better than violence in this sort of situation. They’ll never win this with violence. They just aren’t up to the task. They’re just making things worse. I don’t know why they can’t get this through their heads.


  8. garyfouse says:


    On the way home Saturday, Joi told Shane and I that one Middle Eastern motorist rolled down his window and shouted, “Go Hitler!”. It’s starting to become a trend, isn’t it.

    Oh, and congrats on having “McJersey Jones” (the guy with the porkpie hat and charoot) crash your site. He didn’t like my essay on black conservatives a couple of years back. Actually, if Jerseyites keep leaving New Jersey as they do in droves, they will soon be a ficticious people.

  9. Micky 2 says:

    “I wish you’d stop repeating the lie that the Palestinians are a “ficticious” people.’

    They are ficticious.
    There is no “Palestine” for them to claim as their home.
    They are “MADE UP” from surrounding states that were at one time a part of Palestine, and if you believe that they are real then its you who live in that comic book universe if you’re going to keep imagining that because you read it somewhere its true.

    I came across one of those comic book authors today.

    The Wicked Witch of OZ Helen Thomas;


    “If Americans are wondering why the Palestinians continue to fight, they might understand that for the last 60 years foreigners have conquered and annexed their land.”

    Where Palestine once was is “not” their land anymore ! And where the Israelis are at is not their land. The parts of Palestine that once existed , Jordan etc, do not want them back
    But still, every moonbat from here to kingdom come keeps repeating this crap that you yourself say “ONCE WAS” is still theirs.
    And it is “THIS” that is a lie !!!
    Why dont they start bombing Egypt or Jordan and demand a peice of their real estate ? HUH ?

    There is no “Palestine” and never has been for any one of the Palestinians alive today, so they are not “Palestinians”. They are nomad migrating to who knows where wandering Arabs whom could actually have a home if they just stooped acting like idiots.

    In acting as if the Israelis are unfit to live in their home and that somehow out of sheer BS believe that its theirs they are the ones who are dehumanizing the Israelis by saying they are not worthy of a home.
    Using kids and civilians for cover and as weapons is what dehumanizes them.
    The Israelis returning the same does not make them the same as the Palestinians.

    And I will say that any people who believe that are unfit to be about AND WHITHIN the world community, have dehumanized themselves and will be treated accordingly.
    if I were to say that Nazis dont deserve to live anywhere would I be dehumanizing myself ?
    Hardly !
    So now with you can take your bleeding heart attempt to justify blatant BS and try it on someone else whos fool enough to swallow it.

  10. Garyfouse,

    I don’t recall that. What did I say? Do you have a link? I’d love to see an ol’ blast from the past post. By the way, I’m one of those who left. I’m happily living in Florida now.


    The Palestinians are real people who call themselves Palestinians. That’s all the criteria a people need for a name. Calling them “ficticious” is just plain sophomoric.

    Now, taking from your logic about whose land is whose – would you say that the Cuban exiles deserve to return to Cuba and get their land back? How about the Native Americans? What about Armenians? Should they get to return to Turkey? These are not simple questions. The problem with you conservatives is that you always look for simple answers to complex questions. Sometimes things just aren’t black and white.


  11. Micky 2 says:

    Jersey, drop the childish sematics.
    Of course they are real people. I get it, flesh and blood.
    But they are not of the title they give themselves.
    The simple answer is that life moves on and you have to deal with today and its consequences, laws and rules.
    And where the Palestinians are at is not the land they should be claiming.
    Like I said they should be claiming and bombing Jordan and Eygpt which is more of a homeland to them than Gaza is.
    So, your argument relating American indians and Armenians is false and mute.
    Liberals like to confuse issues and get snotty by demaning their opponents intellect by saying its “complex”.
    Its not complex, its simple, but when you guys are losing on an issue you like to make more of it than it is thereby making it more complex when actually half the contributions you bring are false and mute like the example I just made in the last paragraph.

    Legally, its not theirs and they are not Palestinians.

    Calling yourself anything but what you are is more apt to happen with pre schoolers and not sophmors.

  12. Micky, I’m not the one playing sematics here. You and our good host are.

    I mean, what the heck is this?

    “But they are not of the title they give themselves.”



    If they want to call themselves “Palestinians,” then fine. Who the $#@! are you or our good host or anyone else to tell them what they can and can’t be called. It reminds me of that ridiculous flap over the name of “Macedonia” some years back. Those idiots were came close to starting a shooting war over a $#@! name! But what makes this so nasty is the intent – that somehow these people aren’t even people, that they have no homeland, no claim on the land on which they once lived. Ironically, you conservatives are the first to denounce Castro and demand the property and citizenship of the Cuban exiles be returned, but out the other side of your collective mouth you claim the Palestinians have no such right!

    I call HYPOCRITES!


  13. Micky 2 says:

    No, you’re the one who called the Palestinians “Gazanians” (Remember?)

    They can call themselves jack sh*t if they want but they are not what they claim to be.

    Your playing kiddy games again.
    No one said they werent people.
    Cubans will always be Cubans because Cuba is what it is and is not made up of a terrirtory that has since been divided.
    Palestine no longer exists.
    It is Jordan, Syria, Lebanon etc.

    Get used to it and get over it.

    More KIDDY games !!!
    NO one said that they couldnt title themselves, did they sonny ??

    They can each go back to their respective homes. Israel should ask each one “whats your ancestral region “?
    If he says Jordan when it was part of Palestine, then they should air drop him into Jordan and he can be a Jordanian freedom fighter !
    Hows that ? Make ya happy ?

  14. @ Jersey, The “Palestinians” blatantly deny that Jews belong to the land. Israel doesn’t make that claim against the “Palestinians. Israel has encouraged the “Palestinians” to reside peacefully with them. Many of them would have gladly shared the land had the Mufti’s and clerics allowed it.

    Palestinians are former Syrians and Jordanians – and remember, there was no Jordan either, until the Palestine Mandate was corrupted and Abdullah I became King to appease the Saudi’s. The League of Nations settled it unanimously, the U.N. accepted it.

    The point that the “host” and other commenters are making, I think, is if they want to call themselves Palestinians, no one cares, but when they say there’s no such thing as Israeli’s, well that raises our blood pressure.

    Palestine is just a place where some ancient Mediterranean nomads settled once upon a time.

    Eric, great reporting. I watched some video of the Saturday get-together, and by the time the third one was over…well, it was depressing and I wasn’t even there. I took solace in Shane’s witty dialog at Political Vindication though.

    What a stark difference in the two days.

  15. Micky 2 says:

    Im sorry, yoiu said “Gazans” not “Gazanians”

    Jersey McJones Says:
    January 7th, 2009 at 6:36 pm
    “The Egyptians don’t want the Gazans. The Jordanians don’t want the West Bankers.”

    So, is it you who gets to title them ?
    What’ll it be ?
    GAZANS ?
    Laughing my arse off

  16. garyfouse says:


    the site is fousesquawk

  17. Micky 2 says:


    “The point that the “host” and other commenters are making, I think, is if they want to call themselves Palestinians, no one cares, ”

    Actually I care because the title gives the assumption that there is an existence of something that in all actuality does not exist as portrayed.
    Much like in the case with global warming.
    We see adds and proclamations all over the place that move forward and project as if there is no debate on the issue and that’s its fact by common consensus. What you end up with is a bandwagon effect where everyone jumps on board because it gets to point where its taken as granted that its really happening.
    Its a tricky sales technique that’s been used for centuries that makes one move in a certain direction by subliminal assertion and assumption that the sale will happen.
    Keep saying it without anyone ever questioning it and it’ll become fact one day.
    George Washington did not have wooden teeth.
    And there is no more Palestine so there is no way to be a Palestinian
    Global warming is still very debatable but we keep seeing adds that claim the product will help stop global warming while no one asks anymore if its really happening.

    Gazans, West bankers, or even Gazanians would be a more accurate and truthful title for these people to go by and would accurately describe their being

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