Liberals Gone Wild–Feminist Claptrap II

In recent days I have expressed contempt for the mentally ill, and for radical feminists. I have found significant overlap. I have always held leftists with some degree of legitimate scorn, and I do not need scientific studies to show the high correlation between them and the other two aforementioned groups.

So today I am offering a tale of what happens when a radical feminist is also a leftist and mentally unstable. It makes for a cocktail of lunacy.

I am not happy to be telling this tale. I take no joy in ripping another human being to shreds. I will only say that they completely deserve it.

For legal reasons, and because I am a decent human being, their name will be redacted. They may sue anyway, but remember, this is not a rational individual.

At one point I did care for them. Yet they decided to become a verbal suicide bomber.

I am retaliating for the same reason Donald Trump needed to destroy Rosie O’Donnell. He could have just “let it go.” After all who cares what a hideous and possibly quadrisexual leftist nutcase has to say about a wildly successful billionaire businessman?

Mr. Trump did not need the publicity. When he breathes, the media cover him. He struck back against Rosie Queen of Morona because letting such disgusting comments go would be seen, correctly, as weakness.

Bullies need to be decked between the eyes.

With that, I offer the next installment in my series of “liberals gone wild.”

It began in December of 2008, when I received an email from a woman I went to college with. We were close friends in 1990, and then one day she went bonkers, and we had a fight. She saw the movie “Thelma and Louise,” and then flew into a rage at the nearest man that dared be politically conservative. Then again, on a Jewish campus back then, I may have been the only one.

We made peace 3 years later. We lived in separate cities, and the only time I would ever hear from her was when she needed something.

She did let me stay at her home on a couple of occasions in 2007, and she regaled me with her horror stories of how dreadful her life was going. Then, in December of 2008, The following email arrived.


Hope everyone is warm and healthy…

Next Monday, 12/22, I am undergoing a neurosurgical procedure involving the implantation of a vagal nerve stimulator, a pacemaker-like device designed to treat epilepsy and severe depression. The treatment is referred to as Vagus Nerve Stimulation therapy, or ‘VNS Therapy’.

After following VNS therapy for nearly 12 years and working (fighting) to obtain this treatment since late 2005, it is finally becoming reality for me.

Some people have been able to discontinue all of their medications–permanently–within one year of beginning VNS therapy.

I had my first neurological work-up when I was seven years old, my first episode of depression when I was 13. In 29 years, I have been through 15 doctors, five nuclear brain scans (three SPECT, one MRI, one fMRI), two EEG’s (including 4-day telemetry), two hospitalizations, 10 medications, and countless sessions of hypnotherapy, group therapy, individual psychotherapy, and counseling. I look forward to ending all of this nonsense, and finally beating this thing for good.

The surgery date of 12/22 is very symbolic, and holds a great deal of meaning for me, for it is the first day of Chanukah, and the day of the Winter Solstice: It is the day the light returns, and we begin emerging from winter’s darkness. From here, it looks beautiful…

A brief blurb with a diagram and 3-minute video about how VNS therapy works can be found here:

(I deleted the link)

All the best to everyone

(name redacted, from hereon out known as ‘BSC,’ FOR ‘Bat Spit Crazy.’)”

I sent a very warm hearted email let her know I would be praying for her.

On December 24th, 2008, I wrote a controversial column called “Light a Candle, Smack a Woman.”

I will be the first person to admit the title is provocative. The column itself is one of the best columns I have ever written, judging by the love and hate mail I have received over it.

People who actually read the column and understood it had a more positive reaction than those that were unable to discern the crystal clear point.

Anyway, that is when she did what leftist feminist unstable people do. She flew into an email rage. I must say I was taken aback by the fact that anybody would end an 18 year association over an email column. I allow others to disagree with me. I am not an ideological bigot. As for her, well we all know how tolerant liberals can be especially, angry ones that fall into every possible category of victimhood.

Throughout her rants, I edited the foul language.

Don’t send me your columns anymore. In fact, don’t send me anything anymore. Your smug, right-wing, divisive, us-vs-them attitude is no longer welcome in my life. P*ssing people off is not ‘making people
Think’; it’s simply bullying. I’m disgusted that the Jewish Journal has
chosen to feature a ‘columnist’ who thinks joking about violence against women is appropriate in a civilized society. I will be sending the editor a letter which will include your little ‘Lighting candles and smacking women 2008-style” quip. Grow up.

I responded in a restrained manner.

“First of all I did not even know you were receiving my columns. My (redacted college) list got mixed in with my political list. My (redacted college) list is for births, deaths, weddings, etc. Secondly, if you think my article was advocating violence against women, you are off your rocker. The article clearly states that I have a problem with left wingers that say they care about women, but really don’t. Otherwise Ted Kennedy would be in jail. Otherwise Freeing Afghani women and Iraqi women would be celebrated. Otherwise ‘abort Sarah Palin’ t-shirts would not exist. Third, if you are going to complain to the
Journal, then at least be honest and in engage in full disclosure. You know me in real life, and are not a disinterested party.
Fourth, the Journal already HAS that column. It was my first column. It was on their front page. Fifth, even conservatives have a right to free
speech. It is liberal bullying that you would try and recommend removing a column simply because you disagree with
it. That is censorship. Sixth, I prayed for you on many occasions, and told others to as well. I would be happy to let all of our friends know
that you have nothing better to do than wage a Jihad against a friend of 18 years who treats you with kindness simply because you completely misread my column. Of course I would not do that. I should, but I won’t. I stand by every word of that column, and wish you would reread it so you get my message. I will remove you from my political list since my columns upset you.
Happy Chaka Khan.

Her response was “typical” for every victim category she happily resides in.

“Your ‘message’ is inane, inflammatory blather. You are no Conservative; you are a right-wing idealogue. Politically-Conservative Jews (in Los Angeles and elsewhere) deserve better representation in the Jewish press than the purely partisan drivel of a misogynist
blowhard.  And I don’t need your brand of ‘kindness’, either as a woman, an American or a Jew. Your little threats mean nothing to me, and your claims to victimhood (censorship, ‘Jihad waged’ against
you) are pathetic. Like I said before: Grow up.”

Oh well. Another person needed me to take the gloves off. This might be the first time I felt I needed to give a woman a spanking, and yet was not turned on by it (Although in all fairness, if she let me, I would. Her head may be scrambled, but her body has everything in delightful proportions.)

“You can hurl all the insults you want, but I don’t remember you being this way when you wanted to borrow money from me, or when you wanted me to pray for you, or any number of times…like when I bought you breakfast at your favorite place because you are broke. I don’t remember any leftists offering to help you when you were down. You are just venting because that is what you do. I have never threatened you. I am also a moderate republican, and no amount of you protesting
otherwise will change that. I will say it again. You may have read the
article, but you didn’t GET IT. That is why you are hurling insults rather than debate on facts. You show me one thing in my column that is not true. You can’t. You are no dummy, but I challenge you to find
something in my column that is factually false. You will then respond by saying ‘I have better things to do than argue with a (insert insult here).’ You’re wrong. That’s it. You yourself said that you are bipolar, and perhaps you are having a bad day. I took you off the mailing list. Do what you need to do. I lead a happy, successful life,
and nobody will change that. I will also pray for you despite your recent attitude.

(She has in the past offered me sex for money. I turned her down. Don’t get me wrong, it was not for moral reasons. I just did not want to be subjected to future blackmail. Bill Clinton should have learned that THAT was why his adulterous affairs mattered. I knew she was vindictive, and thank my lucky stars that for once I did the right thing, even if for the wrong reasons. Then again, I missed out on playing her backside like Howard Stern did in “Butt Bongo Fiesta.”)

Howard Stern tangents aside, she continued. If you are asleep by now, my attitude is I had to suffer, so you shall as well.  

“DON’T ‘pray’ for me. Your prayers women, liberals, Democrats, Gays, feminists…YOU’RE the one who doesn’t ‘get it’:

‘You are just venting because that is what you
do”; “You yourself said you are bipolar, and
perhaps you are having a bad day”; “You’re
wrong. That’s it.’

Like your column, this is so (redacted) smug and derogatory, it’s sickening! I am NOT bipolar; you have never heard me say that, because I have never been diagnosed as such. I have epilepsy. One thing wrong with your column? Here’s one:

‘Poor and/or ugly women are not given the same
protection as attractive women…’

Oh really? Well, with no false modesty here, I’ve been told many times by many people that I’m quite attractive…so why the hell did Los Angeles County courts let the (redacted)hole who beat me black-and-blue 12 years ago (landing me two emergency room visits) get off without even
so much as a slap on the wrist? How come *I* got written-up two months ago when I reported to my supervisor that a male employee cursed at me,
called me names, and physically intimidated me on the job? Again, where was this wonderful “protection” that you so confidently assert I have by virtue of being an attractive woman?
‘Ever since the feminist mistake, women have been
up in arms looking for ways to exact vengeance on the male
gender…Now it is about attempting to destroy men.’

What a load of (paranoid) horse (redacted). Who are ‘The Feminists’ that you constantly refer to in your diatribe, Eric? I live here in the liberal bastion of the San Francisco Bay Area (grew up here, too), and for the life of me, I have never met any of these evil feminists that you rant and rave against. And I have yet to meet or read a modern feminist that compares (modern) marriage to slavery. Who are these people? And do you really believe these ‘radical feminists’ exist (assuming they do, in fact, exist) in large enough numbers to even put a dent in popular opinion?

‘It is very important that men do not try to physically or sexually abuse women who are politically liberal…’

And why is this? Because we’re ‘protected’? Because the man would be punished severely? If so, again, where was MY protection? Why wasn’t my ex-boyfriend punished severely (as the law, according to the books, prescribes)? Ten pages of physician’s notes (from two different doctors), three X-ray films, photographs of bruising and scratches, a police report, a social worker’s report—and the case didn’t even get beyond the initial hearing. I wasn’t poor or ugly–I was a 24-year-old schoolteacher! Here’s a third thing for you: Judaism is seen as ‘weak’ by outsiders? Funny, why is it that so many outsiders that I’ve come across bash the Israelis (i.e. ‘Jews’) for being ‘overly aggressive’?
And what about the usual crap about a mere 14 million of us
‘taking over the world’? And ‘controlling the Banks’? And ‘controlling the media’? Doesn’t seem to me like outsiders see us as ‘weak’…
And Judaism “emasculates men”? Just because there are holidays that ‘celebrate women’? Now *there’s* some (redacted)-up logic…Oh–and about that bull(redacted) regarding ‘freeing Iraqi women’ (from your earlier message), here’s some “light reading” for you:
Iraqi Women ‘Forced to Veil’ Prefer an American source? How’s this:
Violations of ‘Islamic Teachings’ Take Deadly Toll on Iraqi Women
‘We thought there would be freedom and democracy and women would have their rights. But all the things we were promised have not come true. There is only fear and horror.’
How about NPR? Iraqi Women Face Greater Danger, Fewer Rights
(NPR link deleted. Nobody that matters cares about National Palestinian Radio.) and In Iraq, Activist Struggles as Women’s Rights Shrink

Take me off of ALL your mailing lists. I don’t want you in my life. Tell whomever you damned well please if it makes you so happy.
And don’t you ever–EVER–speak of my medical condition in such a context again!”

And…exhale everybody. She did mention to me she was bi-polar, as well as bisexual. She might be bi everything. In fact, if she was twice bi, she would be Bibi, which would make her the next Israeli Prime Minister.

I never thought as a republican I would start singing “Kumbaya,” but wow that woman makes Alanis Morrissette seem happy.  Out of curiosity, and because I knew this was worthy of a scientific study, or at least a column, I responded.

“I have already taken you off my mailing list. You requested
that earlier. However, your entire screed will be one of my columns next week. I have a series about ‘liberals gone wild.’ I will redact your name and the profanity. The fact that after 18 years you would make something ‘personal’ is your choice. This is not personal
for me. It is business. Oh, and being pretty is not always a get out of jail free card, but if beauty did not give people an advantage, the
modeling industry would cease to exist. Your rage is misdirected. All I did was write a column, receive one angry email (yours), and a ton of positive emails from other women that I will be publishing.

Again…you take politics way too seriously. This is just
eric aka the Tygrrrr Express”

She replied, “Don’t you dare publish it.”

Well I needed a column, and I am hoping that Helen Reddy would sing “I am woman, hear me complain,” in the musical version.

“I said I would redact your name so nobody knows it is you.

I would NEVER be so cruel as to let anybody know who you are.

However, other more experienced bloggers have taught me that publishing hate mail is an effective deterrent.

In the future you might wish to debate somebody without getting personal. I never once personally attacked you. You read a generic column and made it personal because of things that are deep inside of you.

Now stop lashing out. You have every right to criticize my views, but personal attacks cross the line. I am handling this the way I would with any other hate mail.

Besides, if you believed your email was appropriate, you would encourage me to publish it. The fact that you prefer otherwise tells me you realize you were harsh with me unjustly.

I am much more sympathetic to what you have been through than you will ever know. Feel free to believe otherwise since your mind is made up.

I mean the facts show otherwise, but ignore them. Oh wait, you already have.

For the last time, not personal, just business.

eric aka the Tygrrrr Express”

Like Bill Clinton not understanding the word, “is,” she has a unique label for “hate mail.”

“This wasn’t ‘hate mail’; it was personal correspondence. Important difference. Can’t believe I wasted 18 years being “friends” with someone who would be such an (redacted)hole as to publicize my private affairs!

You publish it and I contact my lawyer. Nothing personal–it’s just business.”

She will probably contact her lawyer. She will probably find some legal aid person who would be delighted to help her. She is broke, another reason she rails against people like me. After all, while I am busy working she is busy writing hate letters to various conservative papers (I have some). For those who do not know, Birkenstocks are actually biodegradable. In their original form, they are used to make veggie burgers.

Her lawyer will tell her that since her name was redacted, the only way anybody would know about her is if she revealed it.

What is she going to do, spread dirt about me? I reveal my own laundry right here!

Yes, she gave me an erotic massage, yes, I saw her naked in the shower in 1990, and yes, she has still held up well physically.

No, I do not think we should abuse women. I also don’t think anybody should be abused.
No, she did not “have it coming,” by her ex-boyfriend who hit her.

However, she absolutely did have it coming in terms of me trying to teach her about responsibility and behavior.

Wow, my soul has not been this cleansed since I finally told my therapist about all of my problems.

Ok, so it was not a therapist. It was the teenager behind the counter at McDonalds. At least he was empathetic. He did offer me fries and a drink with my burger. Granted he was like a hooker, just using me. I mean hear I pour my heart out and he then tries to get me to buy apple pie with that.

I can’t help it. I am healthy and well adjusted.

Now if only God would stop wasting spectacular yummy bouncies on such screwed up women. I am not sure if that is to torture men, or to give every person “something.”

Ok, time to think of her, and listen to the song “Crazy.” Aerosmith has a version, and so does Gnarles Barkley.

I would pray for her again, but the more that I think about it, prayer is for hopeful situations.

I will pray for me. After dealing with her, I am sure God himself is up there preparing for the Super Bowl thinking, “I feel for you buddy. I owe you one.”

Ok, off to seal my rumpus with caulk so that the lightning bolt I may receive for that last remark will not penetrate.

I’m just a soul, whose intentions are good…Oh lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood.  :)


11 Responses to “Liberals Gone Wild–Feminist Claptrap II”

  1. Wow. Dude. I hope you have a lawyer. That was really pushing the envelope. While I don’t see why friends can’t be friends, I think you overreacted publishing some of those personal anecdotes. I would strongly advise removing one of them in particular (the one involving the world’s oldest profession, if you catch my drift), or you may find yourself in a heap of trouble. I wouldn’t want to see that happen to you.


  2. Micky 2 says:

    I think if you got some therapy you would be able to deal with this better.

    Or just run like hell.

  3. Micky 2 says:

    On a more serious note and after thinking on this a little more, if I were you I would back off on this chick and leave it alone already.
    Shes sounds like bad news man, really bad news.
    If she does file suit and it doesnt pan out for her I hate to think of whats next.
    All I see is the ending in “Play Misty For Me”

  4. I’m with Micky (and Clint Eastwood) on this one.


  5. Dav Lev says:

    A true story: Several years ago, I typically heard screaming, shouting and lots of cuss words being spoken, from the adjacent apartment You see, the neighbor next door, a waitress by day, had given the keys to her apartment to her long time boyfriend. She had moved into my building
    after being evicted from her old apartment nearby fairly recently.

    For months, I, frankly, enjoyed hearing all the arguing..but I really could’t understand what they were arguing about. For hours on end, they disrupted my sleep. Im a light sleeper to begin with.

    But I woke up typically at 7 a.m., and left for my job in the area.

    Their apartment faced a small courtyard..and anyone bothering to listen, could also hear the fighting.

    Anyway, one day, about 4 a.m., I again awoke to her screams..but didn’t pay any special attention. That could have been my undoing.

    Suddenly, I heard a loud (what sounded like) a shot. Everything went
    silent, until that is, I heard the sounds of the siren within 20 minutes or so.

    I knew by instinct something awful had happened, and I was right.
    But I decided not to get involved, after all, they had been arguing for months, and many others in the building MUST have heard the commotion.

    A knock on my door woke me up, just as I was falling asleep, not wanting to be bothered. True to my instincts, two giant LAPD were standing there. I gasped, waiting for the inevitable questions. “Did you hear anything one said”? Being an honest (and naive) guy, I said, “Yes”.

    Apparently, this couple, had been fighting for years before the
    this particular incident. She, had given him her key, so he had access to her apartment at any time.

    She shot him with a 45, right in the middle of the head. He staggered
    out into the hallway, then to the elevator. He died almost instantly. His blood was still in the carpet, weeks later, as well as on the hallway walls.

    Ah I thought to myself, I will now have a better night’s sleep.

    I was called to testify at the preliminary hearing. I was asked by the
    defense attorney, “What exactly did you hear”? I said (I had been
    instructed by a law enforcement co-worker), “It sounded like a shot”.

    Year later I ran by coincidence ( I was on jury duty) into the same attorney. He said that she was placed in a mental hospital for evaluation, and they were trying to get a manslaughter charge against her.

    Somehow, I think the mental health profession, failed us all, again.
    There was, after all, a history of disputes between these two people.

    My real concern was the finding of 3 other 45 bullets in the wall next to mine, which had been fired previously. Oh BTW, she found sufficient time to throw the gun down the incinerator. The police never bothered to
    search the bin (gun never found).

  6. Micky 2 says:

    Dude, you got some stories man.

  7. Laree says:

    Glen Beck discussed the economy and the so called stimulus package this morning on Imus in the Morning.

  8. Micky 2 says:

    Well, it looks as if our society paid a little more attention to these folks by way of awareness programs and maybe beefing up services to individuals, Eric and us who are tired of having to deal with these people might catch a break. Then there’s also those of us who could take the matter into our own hands, but I’ll discuss that later.
    The problem is at what point do you determine that they’re truly nuts ?
    Sure, there’s the ones that are recognizable due to what’s almost obvious but then we have cases like 911 trufers and Katrina conspiracy freaks that are so passionate about their beliefs that they are willing to disrupt peoples daily lives in protests that block traffic, entrances, hallways, shoving their blood stained hands in Condis face, and bombing abortion clinics. But then you have people like Bill Ayers who are instead viewed as criminal first and maybe by only a few as truly deranged/mentally ill.
    I think these types are actually more of a threat to not just one individual in a domestic situation, but the whole damn society.
    In the professional world maybe we should start working on changing the definition of crazy based on the actual physical actions of someone or drop the requirements.
    You want to believe that Bush was behind 911 ? That’s one thing. But when you blow up a recruiting center because you think the resulting war is a farce and a result of Bushs evil deed, that’s another story.
    I know, I can hear the rally now. Moonbat anarchists will immediately say were just trying to silence free speech, the opposition whatever but that’s not the case.
    All I’m saying is that we drop the requirements (improve the standards) that are needed to haul someone in for an evaluation. Once someone starts running around saying the president killed 3000 with the help of hundreds and there are no witnesses maybe a professional should have a talk with him.
    The nuts that go off on the individual in domestic cases like Eric’s and the friend I had who’s wife we came home to with her brains on the wall are dangerous to that one person only.
    Then we have people who have the power to effect thousands if not millions like Blago or Cynthia McKinney who I believe are truly out of their minds and could snap one day and do a Columbine on their offices.
    Its these pathological sociopath morons in power that worry me more.
    And not just the politicians. We need the ability ahead of time so we could of seen that David Koresh, Manson or Bob Jones were truly threats masked under a veil of what looked rational.
    Its a thin line between those who we disagree with and those that are truly dangerous but I think that line needs to be a little more visible.
    Maybe if people started to realize that there are consequences for screaming fire in a theatre when their is none we would see less of these morons in public screwing up our lives.
    Ill use my own mother as an example without regret because I know she feels the system has let us and her down and that if anything I say here helps her or anyone that would be justification enough.
    My mother is a nut, seriously. Three days after I was born she went into a post partum depression that it seems never went away. Three years later she gave birth to my sister who passed away at 5 due to a heart condition. Obviously, that would devastate any parent.
    In the last 51 years my mother has been on every kind of anti depressant and sedative you can think of. Been to therapy sessions and was even subjected to electro shock therapy before any of us knew better.
    Over time I’ve watched the system actually make her worse. In the viscous cycle of all her treatments that haven’t really worked she’s gotten to the point where along with her prescribed med’s she also self medicates now with weed and booze.
    I think a part of this process that let her get this way is the fact that she never had once in the last 51 years had to be held accountable for any of her actions. And now I see a life in ruins because of that and its gotten to the point where every family gathering or event is always meant to be a display so we can all pay attention to the one that has endured so much suffering instead of having a birthday party or holiday celebration that is just that in itself.
    Her whole life is based on the premise of her plight, suffering and all the injustices that came about in her life.
    This has led my mother to believe that she must always be the focus of everyone’s pity and no matter what, she is always right. She has actually told me to my face that she is never wrong.
    Every aspect of my life today (and everyone else’s) is subjected to her guidance and approval and is not acceptable unless it is done her way.

    But you want to know what has worked that no one but myself has tried ?
    I refused to take her crap that she has always blamed on her past or others. I applied to her what was used in my own recovery from my depression, alcohol and drug use. Twice now when she started her crap I have had the police remove her and once even put her on a plane with the threat that if she did not leave for home and stop her crap she would never see her grandchild again.
    And guess what ?
    Once there was some consequences attached for her actions the psychotic episodes went away, the drunken stupors in front of the family went away, and dictating how I should run my life went away.
    So I think that we can safely say that even those of us who are truly ill are still not that crazy that we don’t know right from wrong and can eventually come to the awakening that we cant keep using all the bummers in our life to justify bad behavior.
    Don’t get me wrong, my mother is truly is ill, but there is a limitation to just how much that illness really dictates your life. As was made clear once the threat of never seeing her grand kids came into the picture.
    She used to use her depression and drinking as an excuse for everything under the sun.
    I’m a nut, so the doctors tell me. I’ve also had a major battle in my life with dope and booze. But at some point in my life I still had enough presence of mind to decide I was sick and tired, of being sick and tired and would rather be wrong and happy than dead.
    AA, treatment, therapy, psychotropic drugs all helped a little, sometimes they were also downright deadly from bad reactions but were all part of the process that got me to the point where I finally just said I cant function on this level anymore and need to just deal with my sh*t and get on with my life.
    My depression was supposedly always the reason for my initial addictions and behavior and I thought I could go thru life using that as a justification for my actions. After a few trips to the hospital, fairly decent stretch in jail, and even death at one time I started to just face up to my crap, not do it anymore, admit that its doing more harm than good and accept myself for the a$$hole that I am.
    When a flaming liberal like Jersey and a right wing con like myself agree (as we did on the previous thread) that people simply need to own up to their sh*t then its safe to say were on to something
    These people that we are subjected to in public or our personal lives that make us miserable I believe need to be confronted with the consequences of their actions and have it made apparent what will happen to them if they act up. We need to push them in that direction.
    You’d be surprised how many of these people are actually not nuts or not so nuts that they don’t know the difference.
    I’ve seem many a persons who claimed some sort of mental ailment but when confronted with danger or something to their advantage all of sudden seem to obtain thoughts that are a little more on the straight and narrow.
    I think if we just started getting in the faces of the kind of people that Eric mentions in his previous post and actually confronting them with the reactions we also have the right to display we would see a change in them.
    Basically put, most of the nuts that confronted me all of a sudden got sane when they hit the floor.

    Dav, do you think if at one point maybe you made a suggestion to someone, anyone, maybe things would of turned out different for your neighbor ?
    Or just went next door one day and told em to knock it off ?

  9. Laree says:


    There is a Poll up on Chicaboomer’s blog, should Blagojevich go on SNL?

    I voted Yes but he would insist on writing his own lines

    Upper right hand corner.

  10. wrl1791 says:

    This was a fun one, Eric! Hee hee.
    I loved “Light a Candle, Smack a Woman”, too. Right on!!!

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