Sacramento Saturday

The Tygrrrr Express arrived in Sacramento last night. I am attending the California State Republican Party Convention.

For those wondering, yes, the GOP still does exist in California. One just has to get outside of Los Angeles and San Francisco. Thankfully I did both, although it was not easy. I could only get a flight into San Francisco. Apparently because of the state budget crisis, the politicians try to discourage citizens form storming the Bastille by making sure that tickets to Sacramento are outrageous.

Thankfully on my way in the rental car from San Francisco to Sacramento, I got to go through Oakland. I could feel the power of the Raider Nation behind me on the road. It was a silver and black highway, although that could be less about football than the cover of the pavement and the lights respectively.

I made it to Sacramento just in time, and got to participate in a blogger forum with South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford. He is a calm and thoughtful man, and it was a pleasure meeting him. I will publish that interview later in the week. I will also be publishing my interview with California Senate Candidate Chuck Devore, who will be taking on Barbara Boxer. These were more serious interviews, since I had enough time to probe. They are both fabulous.

Mitt Romney and Bill Bennett may be on the menu for Saturday, although I will be happy just networking and making new friends.

Rather than write more, today is a day to live life. Besides, I read something in the new today that was so hysterically funny that anything else I could say shall wait another day. It was about ex and perhaps once more future football player Michael Vick. Regardless of what one thinks of him, this situation was classic. I could not make this up if I tried.

“(Michael) Vick was also sued for $63 billion by a South Carolina inmate, who alleged the quarterback stole his pit bulls, sold them on eBay, and used the proceed to buy missiles from Iran. The suit was dismissed.”

The article did not say if Michael Vick was part of the Zionist conspiracy, or if he was pro or anti-Mullah.

I have nothing to add on this one. It is priceless.

Oh, and as for eBay, former CEO Meg WHitman is here. She is a candidate for Governor of California.

If I run into Arnold Schwarzenegger, aka the Governator, I am going to see if I can give him an IOU in exchange for cash equivalent to my state tax refund.

I always thought that California would cease to exist at some point. However, I figured it would be an Earthquake connecting us to Russia, and not bankruptcy.

So if we truly are in decline, we might as well party. After all, before I know it, I will be back at work.

I believe it was rapper Coolio who said that there “ain’t no party like a West Coast Party cuz  West Coast Party don’t stop.”

Well it is time for some liberal doses of socializing with my fellow conservatives.

Happy Sacramento Saturday all.


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  1. So, are you going to back Meg Whitman?


  2. Dav Lev says:

    Let me see if I understand something about today’s announcement by
    Herr Obama that single and married workers will be seeing more in their pay checks starting April 1. Credits for tax relief will show up thanks to reduced withholding guidelines. ( Wowowo, 400 year..that’s almost enough
    to buy a new home at the currently reduced interest rates ).

    Gee, we all in California, who work that is, will be getting a credit against
    our 2009 taxes.

    Then I read in today’s paper that the State of California will be increasing
    our taxes by 12 billion dollars per year…including a county sales tax increase, sales tax and DMV increases AND a surcharge on State income taxes.

    The obvious question then should be asked by all of us, what is the net?

    Let’s all reflect on statements by the Gov of South Carolina, who may
    return the 2 billion stimulus money that state expects. His opinion is simply that less government is better government, that nothing comes free.
    He is concerned that the one payment thanks to the stimulus, will
    require constant maintenance afterwards..on those projects..which, in addition to the increased deficit (trilions nationally) will require his children, their children and their children to be paying both the interest and principal into the next century.

    But then again, with the Chinese financing US, our wars and the stimulus
    package…and Hillary not terribly concerned over the long standing civil rights issues in that country, ( its all about global warming, growth,
    good relations, North Korea per Obama’s latest reneg on his campaign
    rhetoric), their holding US in bondage..will preclude a military adventure which harms their intererests. Oh me oh my. They have 400 nukes, we have 40,000. Seems unfair to me.

    Let’s see what else is going on in the world. For 10 years I have been following Iran’s progress on it’s nuclear enrichment program, which
    they say is for peaceful purposes only…all this talk about having nuclear
    parity with it’s enemies is just a lot of hot oil.

    Yet, the NYTimes, a notorious liberal newspaper..but with articulate
    editors and op-editors, (See Thomas Friedman and Maureen and King Krugman), now is saying that Iran may have enough enriched uranium for at least one bomb.

    I thought that they were at least 5 to 10 years away from this point?

    According to the Israelis, the IAEA found traces of uranium at the
    destroyed nuke sight and both Syria and Iran are clandestinely progressing towards a nuclear capability. Syria said that the building
    destroyed was vacated..something about empty army barracks, that
    never needed protection against being an innocuour structure.

    Recent testimony before Congress revealed Iran has ALL the componants to
    deliver a nuclear warhead right now, the warhead, casing, guidance system, and rocket. (See Shihab)

    We know that No. Korea has threatened to launch a 3 stage rocket which
    can reach Alaska, Japan, South Korea, China and San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego, not to forget Pasadena and the Inland Empire.

    But does anyone really believe they would have the audacity to do the above? I mean, we would certainly retaliate, like we did against
    it during the Korean War, when they didn’t have nukes (recall the fuss
    over bombing “Red China”.

    John Bolton is obviously saying, “I told you so”, Im sure. “You nitwits”.

    Let’s see, Bibi Netanyahu, who I’ve always liked, and have been watching
    for years, wrote a book years ago about Islamic terrorism and the spread
    of suicide bombings (there had been bombings in Israel). Few people
    thought he was sane. Oh before I forget, there is play about Gaza and Jewish children….sure to evoke smiles with the UCLA crowd.

    I read today that there was a suicide bombing in Pakistan (28 died) at a Shia funeral. (The bombers are specifically bombing funderals to send
    a message that no one is safe, even at a funeral.)

    Bibi is already being condemned around the world for his previous RIGHT wing views…you know, show me..deeds and not just words, reciprocity for land relinquishments. ( He gave up the city called Jericho to the Palestinians and had joint Israeli-Palestinian patrols until, that is, the Palis used their Israeli supplied guns on their partners).

    But then again, I’m waiting for my small credit to show up on my paycheck…..while I prepare my State and Federal income tax returns..and pay whatever I owe, I’m never delinquent you see. I refuse to pay
    interest and penalties to the IRSS who, for the sake of their egos will
    summons, seize, levy and lien..forcing the delinquents into bankruptcy..
    just another case closure at all our expense.

    Hey folks, anyone see the interview last night on PBS with Mr. Holbrooke.
    He is supporting the 17,000 men we are now sending to Afghanistan to
    put a crimp in the Pashtun.

    The problemo is that the Pashtun have 60 million young men, who for
    seven dollars day (or is it a week) and an AK-47, will join the Taliban to hunt our marines and army, using the mountainous country adjacent to both Afghanistan and Pakistan as protection.

    BTW, most of Pakistan’s 180 million Muslims aren’t too thrilled at having
    US bomb their territory. Get it Obama..not too thrilled.

  3. Funny, with just a a few short years GOP one-party rule, the debt is doubled, the deficits hit a record high, the country is in shambles, and you guys complain when people have to clean up the disaster areas yor guys left behind. Amazing. Do you think people like having to mobilize a massive stimulus and bailout effort? Do you think people like to raise taxes? WE HAVE NO CHOICE. The rightwing WRECKED the nation. Smart, good people now have to clean up the mess that stupid, bad people left behind, because unlike the rightwing, the rest of us actually take responsibility for our debts and messes, even if they are not of our own making.


  4. Firehawk says:

    JMJ please send me some of what you have been smoking!

  5. It’s called REALITY, Firedrake. You should try it.


  6. Micky 2 says:

    “unlike the rightwing, the rest of us actually take responsibility for our debts and messes, even if they are not of our own making.”

    Thanks Jersey.
    I needed a good laugh.

    “Reality”, you like using that alot when you think that 6 ft. rabbits really do talk.
    Its just stoooooooooooooopid to actually try and convince anyone that your warped perceptions are reality.

    You need to find some new arguements, or at least prove your old ones.

  7. Micky 2 says:

    “It’s called REALITY, Firedrake. You should try it.”

    Uh, excuse me, in the real world…
    His name is “Firehawk”

  8. Alright, alright. It’s only a moniker for Bejebus sake.

    Micky, MOST people NOW agree with me that the late GOP rule is to blame for all this mess. It’s just too bad it took ’em so long. A minority share your view.


  9. Micky 2 says:

    “MOST people NOW agree with me that the late GOP rule is to blame for all this mess.”

    Yea right, maybe in your “Camp Kumbaya” or your “reality” as you see it.
    You know this how ?

    Who established the CRA that creaqted the housing bubble everyone says is “mostly ” responsible for the housing burst ?,and who moved along and even pushed the CRA more to the front and leaned on the banks even harder to make stupid loans to pacify the minority democratic voting base ?
    Yea, thats right . Carter and Clinton, the C&C risky loan factory, thats who.
    We had this debate a couple months back and you had nothing to prove your point while I showed you documents showing how both McCain and Bush were trying to stop this train wreck and your crappiest ever congress ala Dodd, Frank and Schumer told em to screw off.

    “Alright, alright. It’s only a moniker for Bejebus sake.”

    Just goes to show that ones man reality is another mans stupidity

  10. Micky 2 says:

    hah !
    Even if your BS assertion that it was our fault were true the numbers today sure dont reflect that sentiment

    ” separate survey released today showed that 67% of voters think they could do a better job than Congress on handling the current economic crisis. ”

    “When it comes to taxes, voters say they trust the GOP more by a 44% to 41%, after the parties were tied on the issue in January.
    Related polling on the stimulus package showed that most voters wanted to see a plan with more tax cuts and less government spending. ”

    Voters trust Republicans more on national security – for the fourth straight month. Republicans now hold a six-point lead on the issue, after leading by eight points last month. The latest poll of voters on the War on Terror shows confidence that the United States and its allies are winning is at an all-time high.

    Thirty-nine percent (39%) of voters trust the GOP more when it comes to immigration, while 37% trust the Democrats more. A month ago, the Democrats led by seven on this issue.

    Uh oh,

    Public support for the economic recovery plan crafted by President Obama and congressional Democrats has slipped a bit over the past week.

    Oooooooooooooooooh, not looking to good in that dept, either, are you ?

    “Forty-two percent (42%) of the nation’s likely voters now support the president’s plan, ”

    if the cons were so resposible for the last mess than you’d think support in this area would be higher, right ?

    That means that 58% dont support it jersey !

    “The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows that 39% are opposed to it and 19% are undecided. Liberal voters overwhelmingly support the plan while conservatives are strongly opposed.”

    That leaves only 42% that can say they’re actually in favor of it jersey.

    “Last week, support for the President’s plan was at 45% and opposition at 34%.”

    That means things are getting worse Jersey. (for you)

    “As they consider the size and scope of the $800-billion-plus economic recovery plan, 46% are worried that the government will end up doing too much while 42% worry that it will do too little (see trends).”

    Guess what Jersey !!! it looks like just about everyone thinks they’ll screw it up one way or another.

    “A plurality of women now support the recovery plan, but a plurality of men take the opposite view. Those who earn less than $40,000 a year are more likely to support the plan than those with higher incomes.”

    Gee, I wonder if its because those who actually make a taxable income know they’ll get taxed up the rump.

    ” support among unaffiliated voters has fallen. A week ago, unaffiliateds were evenly divided on the plan, with 37% in favor and 36% opposed. Now, 50% of unaffiliated voters oppose the plan while only 27% favor it.”

    Yea, once the crap in this peice o sh** bill went public you could count on it being rejected even by dems.

    “While support for the plan has slipped, (you could say that again, and you probably will in a week or two) support for a recovery plan that includes only tax cuts – like the one proposed by House Republicans – has grown during the past week.”

    OH, ah, what ???
    Growing support for a conservative idea ?
    You’d think after we screwed up the economy so bad something like this wouldnt happen.
    Oh well, maybe Jerseys just “butt” talkin again.

    ” Forty-three percent (43%) of voters support that approach while 39% are opposed. ”

    Naaaaaw, really ?

    “Survey data released yesterday showed most voters believe that tax cuts are always better than government spending. Other recent polling shows that 59% are concerned that government spending will increase too much. ”

    OBAMA !!!!
    (as Santelli would say)

    A R E Y O U L I S T E N I N G ? ? ?

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