Sacramento Sunday

More adventures abounded at the California State Republican Convention.

I had some interesting conversation with Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, who is a officially a rock star in the Republican Party.

I got to meet and greet California Gubernatorial nominee Meg Whitman, the founder and former CEO of eBay. Another California Gubernatorial nominee, California Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner, is also here. I am officially neutral in the race for now, since I do not know anything about either of them. Ms. Whitman is a fabulous speaker. She not only agreed to an interview, but her people were very friendly about it. I have not met Mr. Poizner at this event yet, but I heard him speak a year ago. For an insurance commissioner, he is quite lively.

Mr. Romney is backing Ms. Whitman.

There are a million things to be said, and they will be soon enough. I fly home today.

As for now, I am thinking of a phrase a bowling partner used to say. On th very last ball, he bowled a split, leaving the virtually unmakeable 7-10 combination. He did not have another ball, so he just looked and said, “That’s a good place to leave it.”

Well rather than try to extract every ounce past exhaustion, a good night of sleep followed by more socializing makes more sense.

Just before my head hit the pillow, a commercial for Fox News began talking about Chandra Levy, Haylie Cummings, and every other sensationalistic story. I did not want to end the night with that, but Lee Greenwood came on television and began singing “God Bless the U.S.A.”

For now, that is a good place to leave it.


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  1. Whitman looks like the woman to beat. Poizner has one glaring problem, namely his association with the Bush National Security apparatus. Whitman has her problems too, but she seems intent on running as another term of the Governator, and that could win her the job. Arnold has been quite a stunning success in many ways, and most of those ways involve breaking with the national party. His efforte to make California even more the leader in energy efficiency and alternate energy production alone make him a true mavarick in a party full of wannabe “mavericks.”

    Whitman would be well-served to run on the Governators legacy. On the other hand, Arnold first won office as kind of a joke, then won again as a proven unique commodity. Whitman has to show that she’s not a “traditional conservative” or a “mainstream republican” lest she quarantee herself a big loss. SHe has to run as a “liberal republican” and these days that’s getting harder and harder to do. Fortunately for those who can muster that, though, Obama seems willing to work with these sorts of republicans, and that could bode well both for California and for Whitman, if she chooses the that path.

    We shall see.



  2. parrothead says:

    Arnold was only a joke to those outside of California. Granted he was the second best candidate on the ballot, but the Alternatives or Davis and Bustamante were bigger jokes. McClintock clearly won all the debates and was the only knowledgeable candidate but he lacked the star power of Arnold. As far as a stunning success, have you seen our current budget situation. Companies are leaving the state in droves and they are going to make the economic climate even worse. After he lost the 4 statewide propositions. Arnold pretty much surrendered to the Democrat led legislature and we have been on a downward slope since.

  3. Ya’ know, Parrot, the conservative disconnect with reality never ceases to amaze me. Arnold is very popular, regardless of the failures and successes he’s had. The reason for this is simple – people believe he’s honestly trying to do his best for California. A guy like McClintock could NEVER win gov in CA. He’s just too much os a conservative ideologue. Extreme rightwingers like him simply can’t win in CA. As for CA economic climate, just like most of the rest of the country right now, CA is suffering from the same national disaster the cons left us all. The GOP WRECKED the country. Period. Anyone who says otherwise is dellusional or lying.


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