Noura Erakat–The newest UCLA sleeper cell

The Sacramento Queen and I went to UCLA a couple of days ago and invaded another terrorist sleeper cell.

As for the Sacramento Queen, we are getting along great. She is a staunch Republican. In fact, she is third generation Republican. There is nothing politically liberal about her. Unlike the previous romantic administration, the Sacramento Queen sees the world much closer to the way I do.

It has only been a few weeks, but the future looks bright. We shall see (Oh yeah, and her T and A is nothing short of spectacular. She absolutely may make my list next year of political yummy bouncies.).

Our romantic dinner did not start until 9:30pm because we decided to take in a show before dinner. Dinner theatre on this night consisted of blood libel from terrorist enabler Noura Erakat.

Noura Erakat is the niece of terrorist Saeb Erakat, whose responsibilities included everything from supporting Jihad against infidels to finding sexual partners for Yassir Arafat, be they male human, female human, or other mammals of either gender.

As for Ms. Erakat, she might be one of the most dangerous speakers in America. She is very telegenic. She looks like a girl one might try to pick up in a club or bar (She should live in Gaza or under Taliban rule and see how quickly her wardrobe changes…oh those evil modern Westerners and their lack of murder due to dress code violations.).

Ms. Erakat looks like a moderate. She even almost sounds like a moderate. She is no dummy. She speaks in crystal clear English (Again, Israel must allow Benjamin Netanyahu and only Benjamin Netanyahu to speak. No Israeli shall be allowed to talk to the media until they learn perfect America or British dialect. Shimon Peres mumbling about the “p*ss process” does not help our cause.).

She even manages to fake empathy for innocent dead Jews, neglecting to mention how they are being murdered (Hint: by Palestinian savages).

She switches back and forth from a thick Arabic accent to an America sounding woman with ease.

She offers a compelling presentation, except that every word out of her mouth was a lie.

She also wants Palestinians to befriend leftist Jews, because she understands that they are “helpful” and “useful.”

(Conservative Republican Jews call these leftist Jews imbeciles for a reason. When Palestinians are overtly claiming that these bleeding hearts are tools, perhaps the tools may want to listen. Better yet, they should just be quiet and stay in the shed lest they do any more damage in the name of “peace.”)

With that, I present the ugliness that is a presentation by Noura Erakat, who neglects to mention why the “poor, suffering Palestinians” are poor and suffering. I will get to that obvious conclusion after the ugliness that is Palestinian “moderation.”

“Israel is deliberately targeting civilians and civilian infrastructure. This (information) is a tool we can use.”

No, Ms. Erakat, that would be Hamas, which you found time to make excuses for. At least I admire your willingness to admit to manipulating information right off the bat.

“There are two issues. First of all, we must distinguish civilians from combatants. Soldiers are one thing, but civilians get special protection.”

There are not Palestinian civilians. In fact, there is no such thing as a Palestinian. Yet rather than rehash why they are just defective Arabs from Jordan and Egypt, for now it is important to note that their civilians do enable terrorists, which revokes their status as “innocent civilians.”

“The second issue is one of proportionality. Stopping rockets can be done with diplomacy. Hamas was firing 400 missiles a month into Israel. This was reduced to 40 missiles per month through diplomacy. Diplomacy did work.”

Lady, are you our of your Palestinian mind? Oh wait, yes, you are. Do your people want a medal for only being 10% as psychotic as before? Also, what about the daily attempts at homicide bobmings? It is not that you stopped trying to murder Jews. It is just that Israel is more successful at stopping. You don’t get rewarded for caught with your suicide belt down.

Until there is 0% rocket fire into Israel, there is nothing to discuss.

“Force must be restricted to the laws of war.”

What laws of war have Hamas and Hezbollah ever obeyed?

“Destroying family homes, even when militants have stayed there, is collective punishment.”

Yes. It is also completely justified. If you house terrorists, the entire house is fair game. Also, rather than blow up the houses after giving warnings, the house should be blown up when the people are inside. This is the Palestinian method of fighting. It is called indiscriminate murder.

“Hamas is ‘termed’ a terrorist organization. Hamas is a political party. Hamas provides social services.”

This woman needs to have a suicide vest attached to her body now. She should be detonated over the ocean of her choosing. That would be a “social service” I could live with. Adolf Hitler loved Eva Braun, in addition to poetry and painting. That doesn’t invalidate his deeds that Noura Erakat’s people celebrate and emulate in speeches.

“Denying medical personnel is never justified.”

Yes it is. Palestinians try to use ambulances and medical personnel to smuggle in weapons and homicide bombers. It is their d@mn fault no decent society trusts them. They get treated like garbage because they act like it.

“A school was struck. 41 children died. Food and medicine were destroyed.”

This is a lie. The story of the school near the U.N. building has already been debunked. As for food and medicine, Israel has no obligation to help its enemy. If anything they should cut off all supplies. This will not create a new generation of terrorists. It will kill off future terrorists before they get big and strong. The malnourished do not make for good “freedom fighters.”

“White phosphorous is not a chemical weapon. It is an incendiary weapon. An AIS school was attacked. Yes, the attack was at ngiht, but a 24 year old security guard died.”

Oh big deal. Israel deliberately waited until school was out to minimize casualties, while Palestinians try to maximize casualties. Next time just wait until school is in session. Oh no, that would make us savage animals…Palestinians.

“You kill a school to kill hope.”

A school is a building. Also, I want the Palestinians to have their hope killed. I want them to feel that the battle is over and they have lost. I want them psychologically obliterated. I do not want them going to school and learning how to murder Jews. Show me a curriculum that lacks a trace of Jihad, and then perhaps the school can be reopened one day in the future after the rocket attacks stop.

The best thing that can happen for this world is for Palestinians, murderous animals that they are, to lose hope. Wars end and society improves when the evil people lose hope and the good people declare victory.

“The Palestinian Red Crescent Society has been impeded. There has been direct targeting of medical personnel and ambulance drivers.”

The Palestinian Red Crescent Society has either deliberately or unwittingly (I regret giving any Palestinian the benefit of the doubt, but just for entertainment I will this time.) allowed their organization to be used for smuggling weapons and homicide bombers. This does not mean that the society itself is deliberately culpable. However, if they can’t prevent sabotage, then their own trucks cannot come in.

What Ms. Erakat calls “direct targeting” is actually security checkpoint action that is necessary. Palestinians complain about the humiliation they feel about the various checkpoints.

Well then stop blowing stuff up! My desire as a Jew to live supersedes Palestinians feeling inconvenienced. Being murdered is the ultimate inconvenience.

At that moment the lights went off. I was sitting in the back, and was convinced that a deliberate attempt to prevent me from taking notes was underway. I looked back just to make sure that members of the audience, who saw I was Jewish, were not planning an ambush. After all, this was not a place where the rule of law existed. It was a UCLA classroom filled with angry Arab terrorist sympathizers.

Ok fine, the lights could have been a coincidence.

I thought my ears deceived me when I thought I heard Ms. Erakat mention “Haman.” Gi9ven that the Jewish holiday of Purim had just passed, I was tempted to wave a noisemaker and boo Haman. However, I did not have a noisemaker, and apparently she referred to a guy named “Hamad.” He was also bad, but I confess to briefly spacing out, so he might not be. He probably is or was.

Then I thought I heard her say that “plashettes,” are bad. I wondered if she meant Suzanne Pleshette, and if Bob Newhart was part of the Zionist conspiracy.

Look, I may daydream, but my brief lapse into fantasy land was still much less delusional than Ms. Erakat, whose presentation was 100% separated from truth and reality.

“Plashettes are banned…when white phosphorous hit one family, one son was beheaded, and one son melted.”

What was he, the Wicked Witch of the West? The white phosphorous allegation is false. It never happened. More importantly, the Palestinians are not against weapons. They worship weapons. They are angry that the enemy they want to annihilate allegedly has better weapons. These people do not care about life and death. They are not upset about dying. They are upset about losing. They would happily kill 90% of their own people if the remaining 10% could live without any Jews around.

They then get angry when Israelis have the nerve to verify that Palestinian “emergency supplies,” do not contain bombs, either in literal or human form.

As for beheading, that is what Palestinians do. Jews don’t behead people. They do not engage in homicide bombings. Those with evidence to the contrary should present it. If Ms. Erakat had it, she would.

“With Hezbollah, the allegation that they use children as human shields may be true…but the problem is that the children cannot be blamed because they had nowhere to go.”

May be true? Try 100% absolutely true with a capital T for terrorist, or as we call it in non-denying Jewish culture, Palestinians.

I am not blaming the children. I am blaming Hamas. Palestinians have two choices. They can blame Hamas for their own fate, or they can align themselves with Hamas and be eradicated. Neither option will cause me to lose sleep. The murdering of Jews must stop.

“Israel’s tactics only create more terror.”

Garbage. The death penalty is a deterrent. It prevents repeat offenders. If young children grow up seeking vengeance, they can be killed as well. So when does it stop? When enough Palestinians are killed that they surrender permanently. If they surrender now, they can save their next generation. They don’t value life. They will fight to the death. Therefore, Israel should oblige them. It really is that simple.

“Gaza should get aid for reconstruction. Gaza should get psychological attention. The people of Gaza get no sympathy.”

Hamas will spend any reconstruction money they get on munitions. Psychological attention sounds good except for the fact that basket cases don’t become normal just because they get attention. I have a couple relatives in my family that prove this. Basket cases need to be quarantined, which is exactly what Israel has done to the Palestinians. As for sympathy, I feel bad that Palestinian children have parents that want to sacrifice them as part of a Jewish sandwich of murder. I just care more about the Jews, since they love the Palestinian children more than the kids are loved by their own disgraceful excuses for parental units.

“My heart goes out to the people of Sderot and Ashkelon (Jews in Israel under constant rocket attack from Palestinian terrorists. This is an example of one of the social services that Hamas provides.). Yet there is a difference. Israel has a state. Israel has an army. Palestinians do not get the benefit of the doubt. They must prove that they are not terrorists before they can go anywhere.”

This is the same argument liberals use to justify why it is ok to steal from rich people to help poor people. The Palestinians are poor. They have nothing. Therefore, they are given carte blanche to engage in murderous behavior since Israel has more.

As far as not getting the benefit of the doubt, at some point the Palestinians must either understand, or be forced at gunpoint to understand, that nothing in their behavior makes them deserve the benefit of the doubt. Yes, they are guilty until proven innocent. Decades of genocidal lunacy justify Israeli suspicion.

“National security does not justify this disproportionate response. Similarly, the overwhelming response after 9/11 was excessive. One million Iraqis died because of an overwhelming response.”

Only in America could a terrorist get a hearing to air anti-American grievances. Only a university run by leftists would allow this.

“Nobody says Israel shouldn’t defend itself. It is about how they defend themselves.”

Palestinians are a culture of murderers. Nothing Israel could do would be too extreme for me. Palestinans don’t get to decide how Israel responds to Palestinian terrorism.

“All wars have destruction. Israel engaged in ‘wanton’ destruction.”

I just ordered some fried wantons the other day. When I opened up my fortune cookie it told me that Palestinian spokespeople are full of Palestinianism, aka garbage. This woman should run for president in the Democratic Party. It depends what “wanton” is.

“The Israel lobby outraises in dollars by a 100 to 1 ratio over Palestinians. Israeli Muslims and Christians need support.”

How about Jews? You know, most of the people living in Israel. Sheesh!

“Support Israeli human rights groups.”

Thank God Israel shifted to the right, reducing the effectiveness of the extreme faction of Jews that want to surrender.

“Support the 99% of Palestinians who are non-violent.”

Actually, 80% of Palestinians supported the second intifada, Hamas, and violence against Israeli Jews. It depends what the word “violence” is.

“Congresswoman Barbara Lee of Northern California has already done this.”

Nobody listens to Barbara Lee.

“Everybody for Palestine.”

There is no Palestine. There is Israel.

“The displacement of the indigenous people was a racist discourse.”

Palestinians are not indigenous to anywhere. Sometimes I think that when they are killed, at least it shuts those people up from spouting nonsense. Palestinians are squatters. They are Jordanians and Egyptians that were kicked out of these countries for being the same group of miserable wretches that they are now.

“Programs to encourage Jews to breed more are not taught to Palestinians. This is bigoted.”

Palestinians teach their children to kill indiscriminately. Jews don’t. Maybe we are bigoted. We must stop valuing life immediately. We must be proportional.

Besides, Palestinians multiply like cockroaches. They do not need to know how to breed. All they do is breed and kill. They have as many children as possible so that they can sacrifice half of them. How dare Israelis not do this. It is discrimination.

Before getting to my question, somebody asked Ms. Erakat about Avi Lieberman, who win a significant number of seats in the Israeli leection that shifted Israel to the right. I will say it again. Ms. Erakat is no dummy.

“I stay out of the Israeli election. It would be hypocritical to tell another nation who they can elect as leaders. The Israelis will not let us choose our leaders, refusing to recognize the legitimate government of Hamas. We will deal with whoever ends up in charge, but we should not get involved in their election.”

I then asked my question. Unlike Lisa Hajjar, Ms. Erakat managed to address me without blatant and overt anti-Semitism. She called on me and harmlessly addressed me as “the man in the back with the blue shirt.”

I even asked my question in an ambiguous way, rather than my usual outright hostile style. AFter all, there was no security in the room.

“In the most recent conflict, Egypt and Saudi Arabia among others gave Israel a free hand. Given that these nations are your fellow Arab brothers, doesn’t it undermine your claim of who is at fault? How can Palestinians ask for positive public relations when their own brothers allow Israel to do what it needs to do because they hate your Palestinian guts?

Noura Erakat gave an answer that was partially brutally honest and partially insane. She managed to involve President George W. Bush and Archbishop Desmond Tutu into the answer. Even boxing promoter Don King would have admired her verbal contortions.

“The Arabs in Egypt are not my brothers. They are absolutely culpable. We give Israel 3 billion dollars per year in aid. No other country gets more. That should change. Egypt gets the second most amount of aid at 2.1 billion dollars per year. That should change.

George W. Bush allowed Israel to commit apartheid. That does not excuse Egypt and Saudi Arabia. They did nothing to help. Yet when people told Archbishop Desmond Tutu to stop criticizing Apartheid in South Africa because there were also problems in Tanzania and the Congo, he made it clear that their issues do not mean we just ignore South Africa. Egypt and Saudi Arabia and others do not excuse what is Israel’s behavior in the occupied territories.”

I am actually relieved she is criticizing George W. Bush. Had she praised him I would be nervous. Knowing that some of the worst people on Earth hate him as well as Jews makes me know I am on the right side of decency.

The only way to conclude is to offer a cold hard dose of reality towards the little rats scurrying around in Gaza.

Yes, their situation is bad. Yes, there is suffering. Yes, suffering is bad.

However, the plight of the Palestinians is 100% their fault.

Until and unless these savages look in the mirror and admit that they are solely to blame for their plight, there will be no improvement.

The ironic thing is if by some bizarre scenario they actually try a sustained campaign of non-violence, they will benefit. If a decade went by without a single attack on Jews, Israel would have no leverage.

Every attack hardens Israel, and justifies their response.

I am delighted by this because either way Israel wins. If the Palestinians “knock it off,” and somehow become normal, then there will be peace. If they don’t, Israel will continue crushing them while their impotent Arab brothers watch and shrug their oil drenched shoulders. Israel will have victory.

Either true peace or total victory are acceptable outcomes. Surrender to Palestinian filth is the only option the filth will allow right now. Well too bad. They cannot have that option.

Palestinians want war. Bring it on Ms. Erakat. Tell your terrorist Uncle that Jews will never surrender. We survived Hitler and we will survive you.

Palestinians want war. They want all or nothing.

Besides, Jews are doing them a favor. If we left, like we did in Gaza in 2005, they just murdered each other. They are like Congressional Liberal Democrats in the sense that they need to hate somebody to exist.

They get nothing. If they want to kill each other, Jews will stay out of the way. After all, it would be discourteous to interfere in their internal “elections.”

If they want to kill Jews…then burn Palestinians burn.


15 Responses to “Noura Erakat–The newest UCLA sleeper cell”

  1. hauk says:

    Just out of curiosity- anyone got a complete list of who and how much foreign aid we dole out every year?

    As for Israel committing Apartheid… um… if I recall correctly, the Palestinians held their own election, and elected Hamas to rule their parliment. How was Israel stopping that? Apartheid is a system of racial oppression, where certail races are denied their rights because of the color of their skin. How does this apply?

    This is just another case of people playing the victim card.

    Congrats on the new lady! Hope it works out for you!

  2. Here we go again with this “there is no such thing as a Palestinian” nonsense. They’re there, aren’t they? They’re human beings, right? What the heck do you care what they call themselves? Would “local Arab people” be good enough for you? “Palestinian” is just a new name for a people who have been there for thousands of years, mixed with the various people’s who moved through the area over the ages – just like the Jews. So why our good host sees fit to dehumanize these people for determining their own cultural nomenclature is beyond me. This is no different than the anti-Israelis who say the returned Jews are just “Europeans” with no claim to the land. And this is the sort of adolescent, nasty, pointless hypocrisy that perpetuates this whole mess.

    There is about a 100-to-1 ratio of Palestinians killed to Israelis killed in this recent conflict. Of course that’s going to upset people. It would be like if someone killed my child so I went out and killed them, and their entire extended family out several generations and branches. I understand the problem the Israelis have dealing with the terrorists miltarily. How do you bomb a terrorist cell inside of a school or a family’s house? And how do you deal with terrorists who have popular support among the local population? And even if you do not use the military, how do you use law enforcement is a place like that, where the people are against you and the terrorists are spread out among them? The Israelis are caught in an impossible and self-perpatuating situation when it comes to fighting terrorism. The Palestinians, on the other hand are not.

    If the Palestinians simply utilized the non-violent resistance practices of Ghandi, King, Mandela and the like, they could well be successful in creating a viable state of their own. If they continue to use violence, the cycle will continue and worsen and they’ll never get their act together. But a culture of war creates a vicious cycle through the generations. For every generation born and raised into endless war, the cultures of those generations become more and more warlike, until, eventually, they are nothing but nihilists and fatalists and the culture is forever destroyed. When you look back at history, cultures that became like this suffered for hundreds of years – the European and Chinese Dark Ages are perfect examples of this. These terrible periods marked many of the same cultural phenomena we see today in the Middle East – sectarianism run amok, feudalism, devolution of institutions, infrastructure and technology, pointless factionalism and blood feuds, and so forth. It may be too late for the Palestinians. It may be that too many generations have been corrupted by the culture of war and that only a long period of suffering can bring forth a new culture of peace, prosperity and stability. But here is where the Israelis can step up to the plate.

    Only Israel has the impetus to bring peace and nationhood to the Palestinians at this time. The Palestinians are hopelessly trapped in the culture of war. The Arab states will not help, as the Palestinians make for a perfect political strawman for the Arab Street. The Europeans just don’t care and wish the whole thing would up and go away. The Far East shares that ambivilence. Russia enoys watching everyone involved fuss with each other, rather than them. The United States tends to support Israel regardless of what it does, so Israel does have that one friend to rely on, again, whatever it does. But the Israelis have to be realistic. They have to get out of the West Bank for once and for all. They have to create a viable geographical vacuum to allow for the creation of a viable political state. They can NOT absorb the Palestinian territories without soon becoming a Jewish minority state unless they impose apartheid – or commit a genocide of the Palestinian people which could lead to a complete destruction of the entire region from which no one would survive. These scenarios can only be accomplished by the Israelis. No one else will, regardless of whether they can. The Israelis hold the future of the region thier hands. If they choose the status quo, eventually they and everyone around them will perish. It’s just a matter of time. If they choose to withdraw and dismantle the settlements and truly create a viable geographic home for the Palestinians, tey could possibly bring this to the best possible end.


  3. Micky 2 says:

    Jersey, stop repeating your same old tired disproven arguments over and over again.
    We came to the conclusion that your ideas on this issue are old, tired, and proven failed measures that libs just want to repeat over and over again.

    You say only the Israelis can solve this yet you say nothing about this idiot Noura Erakat and those like her running around fanning the flames.
    I have a novel idea, why dont you actually try going after the people who are actually resposible for all of this ?
    HUH ?
    But no, you’re not interested in saving lives.
    If every Jew dying could prove for you that republicans are wrong you’d have no problem with it.

  4. Micky, stop pretended that something that’s never been tried has been “disproven.” That’s just stupid. Yes, the Ieraelis have dismantled some settlements, and yes they have left Gaza, but that’s not nearly enough of what they need to do. There are settlements all through the West BAnk and the shape of the territories is completely inviable for logistics, trade, etc. And Erekat isn’t “flaming” anything. That’s just stupid too. She’s imply expressing her feelings about the situation. I know you cons want to live in a Fascist state where no one can say anything untoward the powers that be without going to the Gulags, but this is America and she’s free to speak her mind.

    As for the rest of your diatribe, the Jewish people are going to have to be the one’s to step up to the plate. No one else can.


  5. Micky 2 says:

    “Micky, stop pretended that something that’s never been tried has been “disproven.” That’s just stupid. ”

    All your ideas on the last post had been tried before and failed.
    Would you like me to dig it up ?

    All you’re doing is taking small components of previous ideas amd mixing them in a different order and putting them in a prettier pacakge.

    The one and only thing that hasnt been tried is an all out good ole a$$whooping but you and your delusional ilk will keep dreaming on and on that theres some peaceful solution when all peaceful solutions have failed.

    “She’s imply expressing her feelings about the situation.”

    Put down the gallon jug of koolaid.
    She supports terrorism indirectly by not condeming the actions if Hamas and Hezzbola and giving them labels that dont cover the full spectrum of their actions.
    Shes a deceptive lying conspirator to murder.

    “As for the rest of your diatribe, the Jewish people are going to have to be the one’s to step up to the plate. No one else can.”

    Yes, I agree, they need to slam a nuke over the fence into Gaza.

  6. Laree says:


    Dick Gregory, 76, world famous activist, author, lecturer and comedian, appeared on the radio and television shows of Don Imus … this morning and made an historic announcement in connection with what he called “the inexcusable crisis of humanity in connection with the tragic state of the this country’s economy as a result of the past eight years of greed, arrogance and fear-mongering,” Gregory said.

    Yep he won’t eat till it’s fixed.

  7. Hey guys. I know this is off topic, but I do really value all your opinions (contrary to all the haranging I give you guys when we debate politics). I just took in a wondering dog. She’s in my garage. She’s young and friendly, a small black hound(?)/pit(?) mix. She is severely underweight and emaciated. She has up-to-date tags (county license and rabies), but beyond that, I don’t know much about her. I contacted the vet from the rabies tag and notified the local county shelter. Apparently this dog has been in the pound before and the owner may well be in some trouble, but the dog herself seems like a sweetheart, if a little young and hyper. The shelter is coming to pick her up tomorrow, but they promised my wife and I that they are not going to turn her over to the owner without an investigation and predication that she’ll be taken care of (they wouldn’t give me the name of the owner for fear I’d ring their neck). My dog, a big old Australian Sheperd rescue saint of a dog, has been keeping her company. She seems well-adjusted and friendly, but she’s crying and obviously afraid. If the authorities decide she should not be returned to her owner, I will offer to take her in – but she HAS to be good with cats, as my wife and I rescue cats too. Do any of you guys have any advice?

    Also, on a nice note, my absolutely wonderful Cuban neighbor (when I hear people call Cubans the “S” word, I really just want to punch those racists in the face) next door rescued two little squirrrel pups last week. She brought them over today for us to see and they’re just soooo adorable and tiny, like little blind midget monkeys. My faith in humanity both took a hit and a boost today. Makes ya’ wonder, huh?


  8. blacktygrrrr says:

    I think you just wanted to hijack a thread in a way that would make me an evil conservative if I deleted it…haha.

    Anyway, my solution to most problems is to find experts, and do research. Yes, that is a platitude, but outside of the things I feel I know, I don’t even try to claim expertise.

    Research the shelter to make sure they are reputable.

    Just follow the law, even if the result sucks. I love animals and grew up with many of them, but do not let emotion trump your right to stay free yourself.

    I hope it turns out ok.

    As for Cuban-Americans, they are fabulous. They vote Republican, although that grip has weakened slightly only in the last 3-4 years. Also, Gloria Estefan is stunning.


  9. bdubya says:

    Eric, I don’t see how your head doesn’t explode from listening to someone like Erakat. The tripe she is peddling is deceptive and pure propaganda. The story is really always about what they leave out, isn’t it? Facts are anathema. Your observation that either way, the Israelis win, is prescient. The “Palestinians” will either keep running themselves into the meat grinder of the IDF or they will cease and desist. There is no other ending to this story. Be patient….

  10. Toma says:


    Cats and dogs some times don’t mix very well, but with time and patience they can learn to peacfully co-exist. The wayward pup’s nervousness will subside when she gets used to her new environment. Give her lots of attention and consistant disipline. Lots of exercise will help to occupy her mind. If you turn her over to the shelter, I would check on her at times to see that she’s ok. Don’t fall in love with any on else while at the pound. It easy to do. Good luck!!


  11. Micky 2 says:

    Filipinos will pay a hefty price but you’ll have to fatten her up a bit first.

  12. Micky 2 says:

    he he.

    Look, sounds like you’re doin fine. If you end up keeping her all you can do is the trial and tribulation thing seeing if it works.
    My Dane and my Pug got along with my cat just fine as long as she stayed away from their food

  13. Micky 2 says:

    Hey, its not that hard to tail the shelters driver if they do return it to the owner.
    Or, you could just hide it and say it got away again then when the heats gone throw aways the tags, hope it doesnt have a chip and make it yours or adopt it out on your own.
    Found a little terrier a few weeks back. Damn thing was so hairy I didnt notice the tags till the next day. I was sorry when I returned ot to the owner cuz it was like no big thing to them.
    My Pug ever went missing I’d tear the planet up looking for him but these people almost gave the impression they were being bothered

  14. Thanks guys. Very good advice.

    Yeah, Eric, I figured you were an animal guy like Micky and I. I always believed that people who love animals are good people. Thanks for the advice to. Unfortunately, our local shelter has it’s hands full these days. The proper authorities have all been advised, but we haven’t heard anything back from them yet. The vets office has a back-line to the shelter (we can’t even get them on the horn), and even they can’t get through. I told the vets office to advise the shelter that if they’re too busy or full, we can hold the animal as long as they need. The vets office also advised them, as they will do, not to disclose us or where we’re keeping the dog. I want to avoid a confrontation if at all possible (I swear, I’ll lose it!).

    There’s a wierd story here. When I first caught the pup, I checked it’s tags and called the numbers in. I was given the dog’s name. I asked my neighbors (those Cuban folks again – and yes, they are great people, and yes, they are very republican – but the kids are leaning more and more Democratic, mostly, I think, because they’re beginning to give up on returning to Cuba and becoming more and more “Americanized,” and they told me they did get very offended by some of the recent immigration debate) and they told me that a black dog of the same name lived in a house right up the street. So I went to the house and a very nice lady with kids greeted me and out of the house comes this little black poodle with the same name. Coincidence? I have no idea. I checked her tags against our dog’s and they don’t match. So maybe it is just a coincidence. To add to the wierdness, the vets office told me that the owner had requested new tags to replace the old ones as they were “missing” – but they’re NOT missing! They’re right on the dogs collar! WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON HERE??? I wonder if he dumped this dog and was trying to pull a switch.

    It is tough, though, like Micky says. If the shelter says they have to return the dog to the owner, it will break my heart. I think I’ll follow your advice, Micky, on that one. I’ve done some recon before. I don’t mind the hassle. Anything to help this little girl pup. I'[ve got a good rapport with the vet involved. I’d bet I could get all the info I need from them on the downlow.

    Thanks again guys, JMJ

  15. Dav Lev says:

    Perhaps the comedy routine should add this joke, “Why is the US closing
    down Gitmo, reversing warrantless wire taps, eroding the profiling
    on aircraft, and telling our enemy in Iraq that we will be reducing our military by a brigade or two a month?” The answer, so that 911 will seem
    like a picnic after the next terrorist attack.

    Isn’t this funny guys?

    I read today that Obbbbbama criticized former V.P. Cheney for
    his views..(he denounced Obama’s security changes). Said Bush
    only aggravated the world’s opinion of US by HIS policies.

    Hmmmmmmm, we upset the world, which world, the world of Al Qaeda
    supportive countries, like Syria, Iran, No. Korea, the former Iraq under

    The Arabs think badly of US..well, maybe they should drink their oil,
    rather than depending on our wealth to pay for their Sharia laws, arms
    purchases, export of terrorism worldwide, and funding of mosques in the USA which regularly preach Jihad ( quietly of course).

    Maybe someone should tell Obama that we freed 50m Muslims from
    brutal dictatorships..costing over 1 trillion to date and over 4500 US lives and tens of thousands wounded.

    Maybe someone should tell Obama and his advisers that HIS approach
    has backfired already.

    But, let’s talk, engage, push diplomacy…

    I hear now that Obama will appoint another Arab lover to that intelligence
    committee. Charles Freeman, blaming the Jew lobby, withdrew (he was
    ambassador to the Saudi Arabia, with a definite pro-Arab, pro Chinese

    We might have gone from the frying pan into the fire folks if
    the rumor is true.

    I have predicted for 2 years now, that by the end of 2009, Iran will
    test an atomic device over Tel Aviv or Haifa..or New York.

    Maybe Obama will be able to stop the above in time. Maybe?
    Guess who will be part of the surrogate cell in New York..a released
    GITMO prisoner. You can count on it.

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