Terrorism and Blood Libel at UCLA Part III

March 11, 2004…The 5 year anniversary of the Madrid bombing.

March 11, 2007…The 2 year anniversary of the Tygrrrr Express.

March 11, 2009…More support for terrorism from Arab groups at UCLA.

Once again, the University of Crooked Lying Arabists has decided to spread libel under the cloak of “diversity” and “multi-culturalism.”


I wonder when UCLA will dedicate a sufficient amount of time to speakers not connected with worldwide terrorism.

I suppose I could throw out a politically correct disclaimer about how not all Arabs are terrorists, and blah blah blah.

Most terrorists are Arab Muslims. Radical Christianity has not murdered anybody in over half of a century. More importantly, in the rarest of instances when a Christian tries to commit evil in the name of Christianity, decent Christians everywhere reject the evildoer.

This does not happen with Arab terrorism. All that is offered are excuses, justifications, rationalizations, and blame of Jews and Westerners globally.

Now in the real world, the Palestinians are a failure because their leadership are genocidal lunatics. The Jews want to live. The Palestinian Arabs want to murder them. This is not complex. Yet in Arab land, which is similar to Candyland except the children are given bombs instead of lollipops, the Palestinians are the victims.

The most recent terrorist to visit UCLA was Noura Erakat.

Noura Erakat is the niece of terrorist Saeb Erakat. Saeb Erakat was the spokesperson for Yassir Arafat. He is now the spokesperson for the Palestinian people. His hobbies include making excuses for Palestinian homicide bombers.

Noura Erakat took part in a 2006 meeting in Detroit that was basically a front for waging an Intifada in America.


The conference dealt with “60 years of Nakba.”

Nakba is the word for “catastrophe.” The catastrophe is the existence of Israel. 60 years ago refers to 1948, the year Israel was created.

So any Arab terrorist apologist that piously wails about the poor suffering Palestinian people and the “occupation,” should be dismissed. The “academics” that pretend to talk about 1967 are really angry about 1948.

This is not about Gaza or the West Bank. This is about the fact that the Arab terrorists currently blowing themselves up are trying to eliminate all Jews from the Earth.

They frequently, and with great admiration, quote Nazi literature.

For those that want to ignore academics and actually become educated with real knowledge and facts, the Anti-Defamation League is a good place to start. They covered terrorist conferences such as the one attended by Noura Erakat.

The Palestinians want to ethnically cleanse all the Jews out of existence. They say so at these conferences. Their actions back their words.

While I personally do not know what to do with these miserable creatures that are basically Arab defects, a bigger problem right now is what to do about the cancer within walking idstance of my home.

Perhaps UCLA will get the message when the Intifada turns on them for not being tolerant enough. Palestinian violence has taken place in AMerica, most recently against Jewish and Christian children in North Carolina. Unlike Palestinians, those children actually were innocent victims.

It is bad enough these terrorist supporters live in my city. I hope I am out of town when UCLA becomes the victim of a homicide bomber.

It will happen one day. When you let murderers onto college campuses, do not feign surprise when they murder.

Water is wet, Palestinian terrorists murder, and UCLA professors enable them.

God help decent people everywhere.


14 Responses to “Terrorism and Blood Libel at UCLA Part III”

  1. hauk says:

    “Most terrorists are Arab Muslims. Radical Christianity has not murdered anybody in over half of a century.”

    Objection- what about the IRA? The situation in Northern Ireland is partially political and partially religions- Catholics vs Protestants.

    I suppose the keyword is Most, but it is good to remember that while not all muslims are terrorists, not all terrorists are muslim.

    That being said- Fight On! Go USC Trojans! :P

  2. Toma says:

    Eric, your fears are well placed. The Dems are in charge and anti Jew, anti Christian, anti American, anti Israel, pro terrorist activitists have carte blanche. My advise is move or at least arm yourself.

    Remember my post in Monday 9th comments. The statement about government employees being Schumerites, read Thomas Lifson’s piece “The New American Class Structure”, in American Thinker.

    Also we can thank the “clueless kid” for allowing the release of inmate 008 from Gitmo. He is now the Operations officer for the Taliban. Preparing to kill as many American Soldiers as possible. re: Rick Moran, “Look who Showed up as Taliban Operations Officer.” American Thinker

    Where do we start to fight this war??


  3. Dav Lev says:

    We Jews and Christians have many enemies…in the 21St century
    they are mainly Islamo-fascists.

    One poster mentions other non-Arab/Muslim terrorist groups.
    That is true. But Al Qaeda alone equals the hostility and danger
    of these groups combined. It, we know, has marked for death
    every Jew on the planet, and many Christians. According to a local
    paper, it is now again penetrating Afghanistan, while it’s buddies
    in Iran seeks to destablize our efforts even more so.

    So, that’ why Homeland Security has billions of dollars to fight
    the terrorists who are attempting to invade our shores, or who
    are already here..hiding in “Sleeper cells” and obtaining literature
    and the means to murder US, from within in their mosques (quietly and descreetly
    of course so as not to provoke the FBI, Justice Dept, ATF and IRS.)

    We as Americans, both Jew and Christian and other, can be vigilant.
    We must keep our eyes and ears open and a low profile. We should
    be scouts reporting any unusual activity, mainly from those mosques
    or groups, to the FBI. I do.

    For years now, I have been warning my Jewish friends to arm themselves.
    with a 22 rifle, 12 gauge and 9mm Glock. Many have listened, most
    have thought I was paranoid. Paranoid, with 250 million guns in
    circulation among the gentile population? Are we to set examples
    of stupidity?

    Why is it we Jews, even after 6m were butchered..1.5 children (many
    of whom were bashed against walls, or thrown live into flames) still don’t get it? Can it happen here..considering the recent depression, you bet!

    I believe most people are law abiding, kind, good Christians and Muslims and revere
    and respect life. But there are those that aren’t, obviously including
    Miss Erekat. I recall her famous relative speaking on a TV show years ago. The Israelis and Palestinians present were separated by a
    divider. The fur flew as we can imagine. Mr. Erekat, whose
    activities I have been watching for years…was particularly happy.
    This was when he had shaved his head…bald men are not necessarily
    smarter or more mature.

    Like Edward Said, Mr. Erekat and Hanan Ashrawi (remember her?),
    have been troublesome for US and Israel. Unlike Barghouti, a
    convicted terrorist, they are not in an Israel jail for life. Oh BTW,
    in a poll taken of Palestinians, this murderer of Jews has the most
    support to be their next leader, if and when he gets out per some
    “Deal”. Jews are good at deals, so the myth goes.

    This network of scumbags and others, really do get around and
    voice their lies, underlying hatred for US and goal to exterminate
    all world’s Jewry (13.5m).

    I for one, am armed. I will tolerate speakers at UCLA, until they
    cross the line. Then it’s time for authorities and the U. of
    California to get tough with them. If attacked, I will defend myself,
    with my taser, pepper spray and mace (carried at all time). I have no qualms about
    protecting myself, my family and my friends and co-religionists.

    I am reminded of a shooting incident several years ago at
    a Jewish community center in Granda Hills. A skin head type
    shot several students in the lobby, then killed a postman nearby.
    He drove into Hollywood..and stayed at a hotel until captured.

    I asked myself, where was the security? Why was he not shot dead
    immediately? Why are we Jews so damn naive?

    Unfortunately, most Jews cower when it comes to defending themselves.
    They still believe that the good in man will prevail.

    Well, tell that to Ahmad, Assad and Hamas.

    To my fellow Jews and Christians..wake up and fast, or you will
    find many more Erekats and in your neighborhood, shouting
    “Kill the juice”. Sharia (Muslim law) is spreading throughout Europe
    and is still preferred by some in our country. Don’t believe me,

  4. Micky 2 says:

    Dammit !!!

    Theres radio show simulcast on TV here in the islands caled Radio Tiny, hosted by a local DJ “Tiny Tadani”
    This mornings guests were a handful of Palestinians promoting an upcoming music/crafts fair benefit for Palestinians.
    I watched for about 2 minutes and couldnt believe the blatant slant and lies this schmuck was spewing.
    “Israel broke the cease fire”, “missiles are being launched at us this minute” “all they send is a couple trucks with aid”
    I called in to voice my disgust at how the host would allow this character to totally distort the facts and spew half truths that dont tell the whole story.
    He then gave me this line of crap that “its just an entertainment show and holds no serious political implications or positions”
    I then told him that if that was the case then he ought to tell his guest to stop trying to make the bullsh*t case that the Palestinians were just sitting there minding their own business while the Israelis started bombing them for the fun of it. Once again I was told that the show is for entertaiment purposes only, so I asked him if I could go on air and ask his guest a couple of questions about his craft fair.
    He said no.

  5. Micky 2 says:

    Sorry, My “Dammit!” was because I forgot to record it.
    I went to the “Radio Tiny” website and it “cant be found”


  6. Toma says:

    Happy 2nd anniversary Tygrrrr Express. Thank you Again

    Be Well


  7. Micky 2 says:

    Oh gosh ! Sorry Eric.

    Happy Anniversary bro !
    It’s been a pleasure and am proud to say it was a defining part of my life to meet you almost 2 years to the day.

  8. Wow – two years! I’ve been here through a majority of your blogging time. That’s really cool!

    As for thise piece, well, I’m not sure what to say. The CFP piece you cited referred to the Detroit ISM conference as “clandestine,” and it wasn’t, and it was back in 2006. As for Noura Erakat, if she was such a terrorist, she wouldn’t been been allowed to spend all that time she did in Haifa. So I’m not sure what that’s all about. I’ve never heard of the IMS or Erakat ever condoning, supporting or otherwise aiding terrorism in any way. The ISM is an explicitly non-violent organization, utilizing the principles of Ghandi, King, and Mendela to achieve peace and independence for Palestine. You’d think you guys would be applauding them, rather than accusing them of being pro-terrorist. It seems to me that you guys just don’t want peace, and, knowing neocons, that’s kind of easy to believe..


  9. Micky 2 says:

    Erakat is an outspoken critic of the US and is without a doubt a supporter of Hezbolla choosing to call them a “political organization” without at the same time acknowledging that they are also a bunch of terrorists.
    Its fine and dandy to say that you want all countries disarmed, to end the occupation and that you dont want Israel to be destroyed.
    But the bottom line is that if you’re not going to just flat out come out and say that terror is wrong them we can all read between the lines and know that you’re a full of crap supporter of terrorism.


    “It seems to me that you guys just don’t want peace, and, knowing neocons, that’s kind of easy to believe.”

    We choose not to have the liberal version of peace which is best described as cowering in a corner submitting to those that think peace is worldwide institutionalized sharia law.
    Liberal peace is at best only temporary due to liberal band aid measures that only keep these morons at bay until they think of something else they can extort from those they threaten with terrorism.
    Its hardly the neocons or the Israelis that dont want peace, we and they are not the ones breaking cease fires, sending suicide child bombers into neighboring countries and lobbing missiles over the border with no intended target other than “whoever it hits”

    Spare me your childish gratuitous injection of hate for republicans that serves no other purpose but to get off your cranial rocks

  10. I don’t see the ISM or Erekat making war on anyone. The neocons, on the other hand… And ISrael has to stop settling the occupied territories and give Palestine their space. Israel is committing national suicide if they continue this course. Without committing outright genocide, Israel will never me a Jewish state if they absorb the territories. It should be just plain obvious to anyone. The US should take the lead and demand that Israel get the heck out of the West Bank, return to the 67 borders, divide Jerusalem, and be done with this insanity for once and for all.

    God did NOT give ANYONE that land. There IS NO God. It’s a %$#!%$ MYTH! It’s time for all involved to GROW UP and GET REAL and find a way to end this thing peacefully, because otherwise, one of these days, ALL of them there – the Israelis and the Arabs, are all going to meet one monstrous final and disasterous fate.


  11. Micky 2 says:

    “I don’t see the ISM or Erekat making war on anyone. ”

    Thats not the point.

    They’re not doing anything to stop it.
    I dont “see” Ahmajinedad making war against anyone, but I know hes behind the violence
    The point is that although she doesnt come out and promote violence against Israel she does not condemn the terrorist attacks against them.
    Adults know this game, children ingnore so they can play games.

    “And ISrael has to stop settling the occupied territories and give Palestine their space.”

    No they dont.

    “The US should take the lead and demand that Israel get the heck out of the West Bank, ”

    Why should they as long as theres bombs and missles being sent their way ?
    The US should tell Iran and Hamas to knock it off or well give Israel whatever it needs to obliterate the Palestnians.

    “divide Jerusalem, and be done with this insanity for once and for all.”

    Dream on kumbaya freak.
    If anything is suicide that is. Palestnians have proven oer and over they cant be trusted any further than you can throw them and you want them next door and mixed in.
    Genius, pure genius

    “God did NOT give ANYONE that land. There IS NO God. It’s a %$#!%$ MYTH!”

    Thats not for you to decide and has absolutley no relevance whatsoever since both Israelis and Palestinians believe there is a god.
    Only an idiot would expect both sides to loose their faith in order to end this.

  12. dumb_ox says:

    Wow, Tygrrr, your blog has come a long way since I last stopped by! Congratulations on the look but especially on the content. Your writing has acquired real substance and a well-deserved following.
    Best regards,
    D. Ox

  13. Norm says:

    Ref: Toma “Where do we start to fight this war?? ”

    I’m sure it will not be from some obsure bridge in Lexington (MA)…

    But UCLA campus might be a good place to start cleaning out the terrorist sympathizers…and Columbia, U of Wisconsin, Harvard, etc, etc, etc

  14. prying1 says:

    Hey Jersey,

    What rock you been living under?

    Quote: “And ISrael has to stop settling the occupied territories and give Palestine their space.”

    How about you start telling the Arab counties to each take their share of those Palestinians that want to leave Israel. Tell the Muslums to take care of their own. Get militant about it too. Really! Go to Saudi Arabia and Iran and carry a sign demanding they give space to the Palestinians.

    Be sure to have a friend go with you & shoot video of it for YouTube.

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