Bea Arthur–Farewell to a likable feminist

Comedians have lost a target, and the rest of the entertainment industry has lost a jewel. Bea Arthur is no longer with us.

She died peaceably at her home in Los Angeles at the age of 86.

She will be missed.


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  1. The Golden Girls was one of the funniest, and most underrated, sitcoms in the television history – if not the fuinniest, and Bea Arthur was the nucleus of that all-star ensemble. Her deadpan straightman (no jokes or puns intended AT ALL) was without peer. The jokes flew around on that show like bats in a mosquito swarm. You can watch the same episode over and over and still never catch all the endless witticisms. Just for the Girls alone, Arthur should be considered one of the great comic actresses of all time, if not the greatest, but she was so much more. A fantastic dramatic performer, vocalist, stage actress, you name it. Beyond her career and impact on feminism, Arthur was a strong supporter of PETA (I am a member as well) and animal rights in general, something I feel very strongly about myself. She will truly be missed. What a great human being.


  2. Laree says:

    This Little Piggy Went to Market This Little Piggy Stayed Home This Little Piggy Had Roast Beef….

    Market Trend Not Going Unnoticed.

    Whatcha Gonna Do Mama Now That The Roast Beefs Gone?

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