More Jewish self-loathing from the Jayson Blair Times

The most self-hating people on Earth are liberal Jews. They beg Islamofacists to like them, all the while despising themselves for not doing enough to bring word peace while disparaging evangelical Christians, who for some reason tolerate this.

The most anti-Semitic newspaper in the country is the Jayson Blair Times, run by self-hating Jew (to be fair he did convert away from the religion) Arthur “Pinch” Sulzberger Jr.

While the Jayson Blair Times thinks that the Arabs are innocent victims of evil Jews, the JBT will offer a balanced perspective. A jewish voice is allowed in their paper provided that the Jew is an apologist that also blames Jews. Arabs do not have apologists. They shoot them.

Richard Cohen has a Jewish last name. I wish he understood that when Iran tries to form a Caliphate, he will not be spared.

His most recent self-loathing screed comes in the form of supporting victim Iran over aggressor Israel. The fact that his article came out during Passover is just icing on his anti-Israel chocolate digestive, or in his case, indigestive.

He accuses Israel of “crying wolf” over Iran. That is a fancy way of saying that Israel is a liar.

His “evidence” is flimsy at best.

“Four years earlier, in 1992, he’d (Shimon Peres) predicted that Iran would have a nuclear bomb by 1999.”

“You can’t accuse the Israelis of not crying wolf. Ehud Barak, now defense minister, said in 1996 that Iran would be producing nuclear weapons by 2004.”

I want to be more eloquent than simply referring to Mr. Cohen as a self hating Jew and left-wing horse’s hide. Yet equine anus is as equine anus does.

The issue is not whether the prediction was 100% accurate. The issue is whether the prediction based on behavior was reasonable. Of course it was reasonable.

The fact that Iran has not blown up Israel YET does not mean they are not trying to do so every waking moment.

It is this same idiotic logic that says that Hamas and the Palesimians should be rewarded because homicide bombings are down. Homicide bombings are down because the Israeli Defense Forces are getting better and better. The Palesimians are as bloodthirsty as ever. They are just less successful.

Iran only needs to get it right one time.

One school of thought that those on the elft continue to spout is that Iran will not attack Israel because Israel would then obliterate them. This argument is beyond flawed.

The Mullahs are not pragmatists. They are not afraid to die. They believe that the Caliphate will be spread when the 12th Imam returns. This can only happen after a cataclysm.

Also, there are one billion Muslims in existence. There are 14 million Jews. If the Iranians sacrifice 10, 20, or 50 people for every single Jew, they still win.

During the Iran-Iraq War from 1980-1988, the Mullahs sacrificed women and children. 14 year old boys were sent to die. The Mullahs do not care. Dying in battle is glorious, and they have the people to sacrifice.

“Netanyahu also makes the grotesque claim that the terrible loss of life in the Iran-Iraq war (started by Iraq) ‘didn’t sear a terrible wound into the Iranian consciousness.’ It did just that, which is why Iran’s younger generation seeks reform but not upheaval; and why the country as a whole prizes stability over military adventure.”

The young people have no say. There is no revolution from within. They will not rise up without U.S. support. Republican Presidents did not finance this. There is no way a liberal President would. Also, the Iran-Iraq War did not make them averse to war. It just made them determined to get better weapons.

As for the imbecilic notion of prizing stability, Iran foments worldwide terrorism. They fund instability. Their leaders are unstable. Unstable people cause unstable situations. Even liberals should grasp this. If not, they can go to Amazon and buy a thesaurus.

In 2009, Benjamin Netanyahu referred to Iranian President and psychopath Armageddonijad as a “wide eyed believer.” Roger Cohen saw a bigger threat that he described as only a smug liberal could.

“I must say when I read those words about ‘the wide-eyed believer’ my mind wandered to a recently departed ‘decider.’ But I’m not going there.”

Liberals love to chortle at their own wit. This guy is practically French he needs rhinoplasty so bad.

What liberals pass as dialogue is advancing the idiotic notion that President George W. Bush is more dangerous than Armageddonijad.

I challenge Roger Cohen to take his liberal smugness to Iran and see how long he lasts. Nicolas Berg and Daniel Pearl were not beheaded by Republicans. They were murdered by Islamofacist zealots.

Let’s see how funny Iran would find him if he made remarks about Iranian leadership while living there. It is pretty easy to brave when working for a morally bankrupt newspaper that exists because American soldiers protect and defend the paper’s right to be hateful and wrong.

“I don’t buy the view that, as Netanyahu told Goldberg, Iran is ‘a fanatic regime that might put its zealotry above its self-interest.’ Every scrap of evidence suggests that, on the contrary, self-interest and survival drive the mullahs.”

What scrap of evidence? Oh, I forgot. In the world of the Jayson Blair Times, “fake but accurate” memos are considered evidence. In the real world, not the Jayson Blair Times world, allowing your nation to receive economic sanctions puts fanaticism above self interest. Refusing to allow western culture, including technological advances that could help with oil infrastructure, puts fanaticism above self interest. Driving out Jews from your country despite the fact that everywhere they go, they have brought economic value to their mother econmy, is putting fanaticism above self interest.

Murdering your own intellectuals and beating your own women, while refusing to let them get educated, is putting fanaticism above self interest.

The Mullahs are not pragmatists. They are prepared for Armageddon as soon as they get the tools to bring it to their enemies.

Self loathing liberal newspapers are bad enough. They will be bankrupt financially soon enough, to accompany their moral and ethical bankruptcy.

Yet liberal Jewish apologists that are more threatened by a President who was reelected after liberating two nations than a nation run by murderous monsters need to have have their heads examined.

It is not paranoia when they really are out to get you.

It is not crying wolf when the wolves really are there, with blood dripping from their Islamofacist fangs.

The Mullahs want to kill Roger Cohen. He wants to blame Israel and Republicans.

Who or what could be so disgusting to tolerate such a useless human being?

Oh, that’s right. His fellow self-loathing Jewish apologist Arthur Sulzberger at the Jayson Blair Times.


7 Responses to “More Jewish self-loathing from the Jayson Blair Times”

  1. I’m not buying it. I seriously doubt “The fact that Iran has not blown up Israel YET does not mean they are not trying to do so every waking moment.” I seriously dount that the mullahs are suicidal. It’s not the mullahs, afterall, who are committing suicide. Israel is an eternally useful political strawman for the Islamic powers. Getting rid of Israel would be the equivilent of Republicans getting rid of abortion – they could hace, they had their chance, but they didn’t. Why? Because without abortion, the GOP would have nothing to keep the lowbrow Christians in line with tax cuts for the rich. Without Israel, the rulers of the Islamic powers would have no one to blame for all their societies’ ills, nowhere to divert attention while the juntas, theocrats and kleptocrats run their countries into the ground. No, Israel does not face an existential threat from Iran. I simply don’t believe it. And given the track record of the neocons and hawks in recent years, I simply don’t believe anything they have to say about such things.


  2. Micky 2 says:

    Cohen should look at the insanity Iranians displayed towards the end of the Iraq/Iran war where these men were not armed with anything except for a good luck charm around their necks and an urge for some virgins.
    They dont care, and when they’re done with Israel theyll go after the other Satan thats responsible for all their problems…

    But its cool, as long as you keep your head lower than your enemys he’ll see and respect the yielding passivness and carry about his way.
    Its also a hell of a lot easier to chop it off.
    Liberals will never learn. I’ve seen some reports saying that liberalism is a disease and used to just laugh it off as some shrink just having a really sarcastic cynical view or was actually a liberal trying get psychological assitance for all liberals at the cost of the tax payer so they could be written off and put on entitlements.
    In the last couple years with these three months of Obama I’m quite convinced that these folks really are a few quarts low.
    While Obama wants to bring up charges against Bush and co. for defending and saving lives, Obama like a treasoness little hypocrite goes and releases info telling every terrorist in the world what we’ll do to them if caught and just how far we’ll go now.
    Thinking he can do this without even trying just goes to show how correct these psychologists were. Its clear that his hatred is outweighing his judgement when he even mentions the thought of doing something that would make him the laughing stock of the entire world.
    More insanity is displayed when he thinks that because he handed it off to Holder and said if anyoine makes a decision to go forward with it , it will be Holder. Is he so retarded that he thinks the American people dont know Holder answers directly to him ?
    Guys like Cohen always learn from their enemies and not their friends

  3. Micky is seriously twisting history here. the “key” incidents involved “human wave” attacks, similar to tactics used in WWII and the Napoleanic wars. they were NOT suicide missions. And “The Road to Jerusalem Goes through Baghdad” line was a an inspirational slogan, not a military strategy.

    You guys have to learn rhetoric from reality – and myth from fact.


  4. Laree says:

    Message To Iran hit Israel, we melt down Mecca, lets play chicken who blinks first?

  5. Bishop says:

    “Also, there are one billion Muslims in existence. There are 14 million Jews. If the Iranians sacrifice 10, 20, or 50 people for every single Jew, they still win.”

    That’s only if they can shoot straight.

    @Laree Gee, that’s a guaranteed way to have ALL of the muslims come down on Israel. Yes Mecca is associated with Islam, yes Iran is Islamic, but Mecca is not in Iran. Doing that would bring world wide condemnation from the UN and every other country. The Saudis, even though they would rather Israel not exist have actually stopped other countries from attacking Israel.

  6. Dav Lev says:

    One thing about the Jews, they are “clever”, “stiff necked people”, yes., but
    have no capacity to preserve themselves.

    In 1933, there were about 19m of us. After WW2, about 13m. Worldwide
    there are currently about 13m, That tells it all (200,000 converted
    to other faiths).

    During WW2, the “Jew York Times’ (not so Jewish), hardly ever
    reported what was happening in Europe to the Jews.

    Now they do, but, as in Eric’s commentary, with derision..and
    often times very pro-Palestinian. Is it a “shonda” (shame), you bet!

    Only the Jews can do this to themselves..converted or not.

    BTW, Hitler didn’t consider Jews who converted, or their children
    when deciding who lived and who died.

    Bibi Netanyahu, my hero (even more than Obama) wrote a book
    years ago about terrorism. He predicted suicide bombings
    throughout the world. He was laughed at.

    Who now is having the last laugh.

    I read that 72 more Muslims were blown apart in Iraq, by their
    own people. Sort of says it all.

    The Taliban have taken over an entire district near the Pakistani

    Do I have to say any more?

    Oh yes, Aham was roundly applauded in Durban. But he opened
    his mouth and told the truth about Iran’s goals.

    I guess most nations really don’t want Israel to nuke it after all.

    Studies show that in a full fledged war between Iran and Israel,
    Iran loses 30m within 3 weeks. Not my report folks, but that of
    a respected retired US general.

    Hey Bibi, hows about running for our office of the Presidency.
    Oh I forgot, you lived here, worked in a furniture factory, but
    wasn’t born here, the way I was.


  7. Dan, how can you say the Jews “have no capacity to preserve themselves”??? They’ve managed to survive through more hardship over more time than alomost any other group of people on the planet! One of the reasons for this is their amazing capacity to both assimilate and yet keep their culture. Most diasporas dissipate into other cultures, but the Jews, through diaspora after diaspora have managed to maintain their Judaism. The Jews didn’t accomplish this by being an abrasive, aggressive pain-in-the-rump everywhere they went. They did this by accomodation, secularism, and compromise.

    As for terrorism, of course it’s up! We reacted to it by fanning it’s flames! The Bibis of the world only make more terrorism. As usual, the conservative way of dealing with terrorism is a complete and utter failure. We need to act like adults to deal with the problem, not like Bibis. (Sorry, couldn’t resist the pun!)


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