Radical gays are aggressors, not victims

Radical gays need to get back in the closet. Then the closet needs to be locked. Then the room needs to either be flooded with water or set ablaze.

(Fine, I do not want to take it that far. Yeah, the hyperbole train went off the track. Yeah, I am deliberately provoking those that deserve it. No, I don’t want God to strike them down. I just wish he would give them laryngitis.)

Either way, I never want to hear from another radical gay lunatic ever again.

I supported gay rights. I supported civil unions. I was neutral on gay marriage, vowing to follow the law, whatever the eventual decision.

Yet that is not enough for radical gays. They will not be satisfied until they successfully terrorize every person that disagrees with them. Also, their bigotry is hurting gay Americans that are not radical, and do wish to coexist.

All bigotry is wrong. Being the victim of past bigotry does not excuse current bigotry, whether it be reverse racism, reverse sexism, or reverse sexuality.

Gays celebrated when Dr. Laura Schlessinger had her television show canceled before it began. All Dr. Laura ever did was disagree with them. She passed no laws.

Now the radical gay community has affected the Miss USA Pageant.



Miss USA was supposed to be a beauty contest. Then they added stupid talent contests as ratings nosedived. Then politics was interjected.

Perez Hilton, who is basically famous for being gay and obnoxious, decided to ask Miss California Carrie Prejean what her views were on gay marriage. Miss California stated that she was against it.

Why the heck was this question asked? What does gay marriage have to do with being Miss America?

One can argue whether or not Miss California’s answer cost her the crown. Perez Hilton smugly seems to think so.

I want to know why this question was asked, and why Perez Hilton, an untraditional person to say the least, should be allowed anywhere near a traditional forum in a speaking role.

This is not equal rights. This is not tolerance. This is thuggery. This is the verbal equivalent of what was done to Matthew Shepherd. Miss California was ambushed and savagely beaten.

I was neutral on gay marriage. No more.

I will not support the agents of intolerance. The agents of intolerance are not those against gay marriage. Otherwise, 70% of black Americans and an almost equal number of Hispanic Americans in California would be intolerant, and we know that minorities are always tolerant.

The bigots are the radical gays.

I have friends who are Log Cabin Republicans. They are embarrassed by liberal gays.

The intolerance is not even an accurate reflection of all gays. It is a completely accurate reflection of liberals.

This is why I claim that liberals spread ideological bigotry. They just cannot stop the hate. They are diseased.

The next time somebody supporting gay marriage preaches to me about tolerance and equality, I will tell them that until radical gay America stops trying to bully innocent people for feeling and thinking differently, they will not get my support.

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is not a bigot. Congressman Barney Frank is a bigot.

Yet when anybody questions Barney Frank for being corrupt, he plays the gay card. Ask him about why he let his boyfriend run a prostitution ring out of his home. Ask him why he was one of the leading culprits behind the current financial crisis. Ask him why he had a sexual relationship with an employee of a company that his committee was supposed to be regulating.

Then expect to be called a bigot.

Governor Jim McGreevey was not fired for being gay. He was fired for being corrupt. The only person who used his sexuality as a weapon was McGreevey himself.

If the gay community wants to blame innocent people for their problems, then perhaps everyday Americans should just stop putting up with the abuse.

The next time I am presented with a leaflet from a gay marriage supporter, I will set it on fire right in front of them.

I have utter contempt for these bigots.

They have civil rights. They are not victims. They are aggressors.

Aggressors are bullies. Bullies need to be decked between the eyes.

Call me intolerant. I don’t care.

I will side with whoever wants them to shut up.

Unless the gay community, outside of the Log Cabin Republicans, condemn Perez Hilton, then they are just as culpable.

They should also condemn him for calling Miss California a “dumb b*tch.”

No Mr. Hilton. You are a dumb b*tch. You are also a bigot.

Until the gay community condemns this bigotry, my advice to the gay community comes with even more anger than when they tried to declare “gay day” and skip work.

Gay America needs to do what straight America has been doing for years.

Gay America needs to shut up. Just shut up. For the love of God, shut up.

I want gays to be treated equal to straight people. Straight people shut up and go to work. Gay people should do the same. People wanting to be treated equally need to act equally.

Otherwise, I will be happy to take up the cause of gay rights. I will break my neutral stance. I will join the gay marriage opponents.

After all, somebody has to stand up for the innocent victims of ideological bigotry.


11 Responses to “Radical gays are aggressors, not victims”

  1. I still don’t know what a “radical gay” is… Did I miss something here?


    How exactly is Barney Frank responsible for the current economic crisis?

    Why would anyone call him a bigot? Has he ever displayed bigotry?

    Who cares about the Miss America pageant? And why would anyone ask those bimbos anything other than “who does your hair?”

    How exactly would a straight person go about “follow(ing) the law” when it comes to gay marraige? How would you break such a law – aside from maybe denying benefits or some other employer/employee compact?

    Scalia says that “homosexual conduct” is unconstitutional, Barney Frank never said anything like that about anything or anyone, but somehow Scalia is “not” the bigot and Frank is? Can anyone explain that to me?

    Is it in fact “bigotry” to call a dumb b*tch a “dumb b*tch?” She sure seemed like a dumb b*tch to me and I never thought of myself as particularly bigoted against anyone. I mean, I really don’t care if she’s a dumb b*tch or not. I wouldn’t hold it against her if she was an employee or a business partner, or something like that. I just wouldn’t want to sit down and have a casual conversation with a dumb b*tch like that. Does that make me a bigot?

    Why would a Jewish person care about gay marraige anyway?

    Who exactly is the victim of “ideological bigotry” in this case – the dumb b*tch who announced her bigotry, or the silly b*tch who bothered to ask the dumb b*tch about her bigotry?

    I know conservatives are by definition constantly curmudgeonly, but curmudgeonly jokes aside, don’t you think this post is just a wee bit bigoted?

    Is this one of those circumloquacious conservative games like “to be tolerant you have to be tolerant of intolerance?”

    Ouch. My head hurts. I don’t understand what this post is trying to say at all.


  2. indysteve1563 says:

    OK Eric. Now – tell us how you REALLY feel lol
    By the way, your dissertation of the teabagger aka Perez Hilton was spot on. I think you confused the liberal who posted prior to me, but I digress.

  3. […] The Tygrrrr Express dares to imply that the Radical gays are aggressors, not victims. Actually, he comes right out and says it. Will Perez Hilton have a go at Eric tomorrow? […]

  4. infidel308 says:

    First off, I am back from Iraq so greetings to all.
    I was generally abel to read the blog occasionally, but did not have the time to participate. I will be unusually busy while stateside so may be able to do much while here either. I will be concentrating on hiding from Ms Napolitano at DHS. :-)
    I did get to see a lot of agricultural improvements since 2005 as I did a few daytime missions that allowed me to see. It was very interesting to say the least.

    Jersey, you are SPOT ON about the pageant. Except after seeing the video of her, my question would have been ‘is a hummer out of the question?’

    “I will not support the agents of intolerance.”

    eric- they are not intolerant, they just want the majority to change their standards and morals to fit THEIR lifestyle.

  5. infidel308 says:

    But I guess I am not “able” to spell, my apologies…

  6. Hey infidel! At least you’re talking to me! All the other guys have written me off lately. They seem to think I’m some kind of Obamanaic wgo’s rubbing their noses in defeat, or something. I don’t know. I’m not, so I really don’t get it.

    Glad to see someone out there agrees with me about this stupid pageant. I think Eric hit it on the nose when he said, “Why the heck was this question asked? What does gay marriage have to do with being Miss America?”

    It’s a good point. After all, beauty pageants are about vacuus bimbos parading around feeling pretty. No one really cares what they think about anything, otherwise they’d be Jeopardy contestants instead of Miss American bimbos. I mean, has a Miss America ever amounted to anything? I don’t know.

    I don’t get you’re “they just want the majority to change their standards and morals to fit THEIR lifestyle” though. I mean, what do you have to change? You’re not being asked to change anything, to do anything, to think anything. It’s not about you. Not everything in the universe is about you, is your business. The whole universe does not revolve around you – or Eric, or Micky, or me, or anyone. The only people who should “shut up” are the people who complain about gay rights. After all, it’s really none of their business. Nosey Nellies. ;)


  7. Dav Lev says:

    One poster asks a very salient question, “Why would a Jewish person care about gay marriages anyway?”. As a Jew ( I take ALL the commandments (613) and the rest of the Torah to be divine ). That said, there are reasons for the 613, which include
    the 10 most popular.

    Simply put, my Torah (bible) forbids sexual acts between the same sex.

    Considering there are an estimated 750,000 homosexuals in California,
    if even 10% of them were to marry, that’s 75,000.

    Just think of all the adopted children..sharing their beds with mommy and mommy or daddy and daddy.

    As a youngster, I enjoyed spending Sunday mornings with my mother and father. We were not an especially touchy feeli family unit…but those Sundays
    were a pleasant break in an otherwise kind of cold household.

    Somehow I cannot imagine hopping into bed with Danny and Manny, perferring Danny and Karen.

    Besides..having Danny and Manny at a parent teacher’s meeting..well, you get the point.

    There is one other aspect to this: we Jews are being reduced in numbers
    by about 35,000 per year, thanks to assimilation and intermarriage.
    Most children of these intermarriages do not choose to follow a Jewish lifestyle. After all, it is difficult and we are still a beseiged minority…..

    The bottom line here is that same sex marriages and the gay lifestyle
    are against G-ds law. It’s that simple.

    Admittedly, there are rabbis who perform same sex marriages..and who
    advocated voting No on Prop 8. Thank G-d for the Mormons and Catholics.

    One thing about we Jews, when it comes to self-preservation..well
    consider what happened to us from 1933 to 1945. We have never
    recovered from that period..as George Will said once.

    Personally me thinks this has nothing to do with promoting marriage or lifestyles,
    but the TAX advantages of being married, and other benefits (life-insurance, etc.).

    Yes, the question was inappropriate and in poor taste.

    As far as “none of your business”, perhaps? But when children
    are affected, it is all of our business. Let’s use the analogy of
    two children, a boy and a girl, who are placed in a foster home
    with parents who are totally disabled. Is that right?

    We know that a single person cannot adopt a child (American citizen).

    There are reasons why the caution.

    Personally, I don’t think the government should intrude in one’s bedroom.
    But sanctioning gay sex, or same sex marriages, is something else.
    I am against public displays of affection by the same sex. I have seen
    it often times, recalling years ago taking my date (female) to a hotel
    to dance. On the dance floor was a lesbian couple…that sight so sickened me, I almost had to leave. To this day, I remember how revolting it was.

    Had they danced in their own living room…okay, no harm, no foul.,
    but on a public dance floor. They seemed so mal-adjusted..so really out of it.

    It is wrong, and all of our business.

  8. Micky 2 says:

    Hiltons a perfect example of intolerance.
    Dont like the answer ? Attack the person.
    That is whats radical because its void of composure that allows us to speek freely as she was asked to do without being excoriated.

    To have one beliefes or lifestyle being taught top our kids in school id the first example of just how these people are doing anything but minding their own business. When the promotion of a lifestyle thru violence and intimidation is practiced it becaomes radical much like terrorist attack us because we dont accept their lifestyle or refuse to change ours for them.

    Perez needs his pink little head slapped for that little hissy fit he threw and for contradicting himself in saying she could of answered that question any way she wanted to.
    She did, and the little feminite brat didnt like it. Boo hoo.
    He goes on to say that her answer should of been one that unites people and then immediately calls her a b*tch.
    Yea bonehead, calling her that will really unite us folks and bring us all to your camp, wont it ?

  9. But Dan, Judaism separates civil and Jewish marraige. There is no Jewish law regarding what gentiles, for example, do in the civil arena, as long as it doesn’t interfere with Judaism. And what Jews do in the secular arena is likewise only relevent if it interferes in the faith. You are also selectively picking and choosing your way through the Bible. As with the Talmud, much of the Torah is completely outdated and not in practice today. Heck, much if it is just downright disgusting, let alone illegal!

    All that aside, most Jews don;t care one way or the other about gay marriage and it’s not because they are ignorant of their faith.

    Besides, it really isn’t any of your business. I don’t want to look at morons, but life wasn’t designed around my wishes any more than it was your’s. You simply don’t like gays being “gay” in public. Well, boo hoo for you. Move to Iran and you won’t have to look at them any more. Like Ahmadinejad said, they have no gays there! LOL! Gays aren’t going to make your kids gay. Only you can do that, unless, of course, they really are born that way, in which case, you guys are gonna look like really, really, really bad. ;)


  10. Toma says:

    Welcome home Infidel!!!

    You guys are missing the point. The post is about HATE!!!!!
    Some gays hate straights and the haters are venomous and love to demonstrate their hate. Some straights hate gays and the haters are just as venomous. The point is the gay haters are the most vocal and do the most demonstrating. They hurt their own cause. What ever the cause is.


  11. Toma, you guys may worry about vocalizing, but vocalizing is protected by the 1st Amendment for the most part, so it really doesn’t matter what you think about that. On the other hand, violence is not protected speech.

    Here’s from the FBI from 2007 – http://www.fbi.gov/ucr/hc2007/incidents.htm

    In 2007, law enforcement agencies reported 1,460 hate crime offenses based on sexual-orientation bias. Of these offenses:

    59.2 percent were classified as anti-male homosexual bias.
    24.8 percent were reported as anti-homosexual bias.
    12.6 percent were prompted by an anti-female homosexual bias.
    1.8 percent were the result of an anti-heterosexual bias.
    1.6 percent were classified as anti-bisexual bias. (Based on Table 1.)

    And these are just the reported incidents!

    Straights are faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar more hatefully abusive of gays than the other way around. Me thinks you guys are all bass ackwards, and rather irresponsibly so.


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