My Interview With Byron York

At the 2008 Republican Convention in Minneapolis, I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Byron York of National Review.

In addition to being an admirer of his conservative and clear thinking analysis, I have an apolitical reason for liking Byron York. He and Sean Hannity, like me, wear jeans. We do not like dressing up. ABove the waist is fine. I will wear a nice collared shirt and a tie with a fine jacket. Yet below the waist it is jeans. Seeing Byron York show up to the GOP Convention in jeans made me feel like I was not the only one. Then again, by definition, I wasn’t.

Anyway, fashion aside, below is my interview with Byron York.

1) What are the most important issues of 2008?

BY: “I thought Iraq, but the surge has diminished that. If progress continues on that front, then the economy will be completely front and center. ‘Drill here, drill now’ is taking hold.”

2) Do you have any predictions for 2008?

BY: “I don’t have a prediction for the White House, but the democrats will gain seats in the house and senate. It is looking very tough. The Democrats could reach 60 senate seats.”

3) Who are your 3 favorite political heroes?

BY: “I don’t know about heroes, but I really admired Bill Buckley. He brought conservatism to a wider world. I really wish he was here. I would love to hear his thoughts about Sarah Palin.”

4) Who do you think has been the star of this convention?

BY: “I would say Fred Thompson. He did exactly what John McCain wanted him to do.”

Normally I would have asked Byron York how he wanted to be remembered, but he really was lamenting William Buckley, who had recently passed away.

Besides, Byron York is not a politician. He is a thinker and an intellect. Political parties come and go, but ideas can transcend time. I would not be surprised if the admiration he feels and expressed towards the late William Buckley is one day directed at Mr. York himself en masse.

His predictions were solid. Then again, I am sure even he had no idea how serious the economy would become as an issue only days after I interviewed him.

I look forward to what he has to say next.


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  1. Has anybody else noticed that Byron York looks like Ozzy Osbournes long lost twin brother?


  2. Dav Lev says:

    The Democrats won for 2 simple reasons: first, the economy baby.
    Even though for two years the Democrats were the majorities in both houses, prior to the bubble bursting..and responsible for our economic
    collapse in my opinion, Obama and his team of whiz kid advisers, played it to the hilt. (Hey guys, a lot of just plain folk bought into the US dream,
    who couldn’t afford same).

    Okay, alls fair in love an war as they say.

    The second reason was because Obama got the youth vote…and
    the minority vote..the first not having any experience in the running
    (or ruining) of the country, and the second group the Democratic base.

    Both groups gave the election to Obama..(admitted by Bill Clinton
    during interviews on late night TV).

    We can throw in Obama’s eloquent speaking style, his gift for the
    English language. It was important, after years of Bush’s poor

    When I went to the university, all of my teachers had that gift.
    They were impressive. I was 18 to 22 at that time.

    My first preference was for R. Giuliani, who talked the talk, and walked the walk. His experience in government (most especially as a former US Attorney and mayor of Democratic New York City) far exceeded Obama’s
    “Community organizer” qualifications.

    I find it most interesting that Obama, undoubtedly a genius in some
    ways, was the head of Harvard Law Review..and took conservative
    positions, in the otherwise leftist publication and staff.

    I have to ask myself, again and again and again, listening to and watching
    Obama in action. Where is he coming from? I can’t read him.

    He goes to Iraq and talks in front of a captive audience of soldiers who would clap at any US President. Obama said nothing concrete..except
    we will be out by 2011. (I thought the Maliki government had demanded that after months of debate). Anyone notice the Shia demonstrations the other day? They are just waiting (with Iran) take over Iraq’s oil.

    Closer to home, Obama spoke before medical personnel. He said that
    they will have an electronic interface between the DOD (military) and
    the VA.

    Wowoowowow, and wha about the doctors, will the VA hire doctors who
    know what they are doing?

    BTW, there are lawsuits against the military whose doctors screw up
    treating injured soldiers. I don’t think they can be sued however.
    Obama didn’t even address that.

    I admit that my HMO has a computer system. But computer systems
    are only as good as the prognosis and diagnosis of the medical staff.
    Most people who die in hospitals die because of the lack of communication among the people who TREAT the patients, not the info on a chart.

    Get it Obama, only as good.

    Perhaps to avoid these tramatic head injuries, or worse, hows
    about saying “Mission completed”. We kicked Saddam out of office,
    and leveled the Taliban (then).

    Or as John Negroponte says, there are NO tensions between the major
    powers now…ie, Europe isn’t fighting the Soviet Union, the US isn’t at war with the Vietnamese or No. Koreans (yet), India and Pakistan are arguing and suspicious but that’s about all, Japan hasn’t invaded China in decades.
    There are these regional conflicts..yes indeed., mainly the Shias vs
    the Sunnies (see Iran vs Saudi Arabia) and both groups vs the Jews (see
    Israel vs everyone else).

    Sure, little Israel is at war with Islamo-fascism..but can handle
    Hamas and Hezbollah at will, if it had the will.

    I’m curious to see what Obama does about immigration. Will he
    make 11m illegals legal, or will he have them removed to provide
    jobs for 11m legals?

    Stay tuned folks.

  3. Well, Dan, more illegals entered during Bush’s tenure that at any other similar timeframe in US history. And if Bush hadn’t invaded Iraq, Iran wouldn’t have the upper-hand in the ME right now. The soilders may clap at “any president,” but boy oh boy diod they clap when he talked about getting them out of that hellhole. Information is vital in medicine – and a chart only tells you what you already know. Digitized and sharable permanent medical information could avoid a LOT of avoidable problems. And finally, if you think the Dems are to blame for the financial collapse, you are truly one dellsuional individual. Sure, the Dems shoudl get their share of the blame – for going along with the GOP over the years – but to say they “caused” it shows either intentional ignorance, severe cognitive dissonance, or just a willingness to blatantly lie for your cause.


  4. Laree says:

    Neil Cavuto trying to explain Regular Americans to a Democrat

    This Video should go viral, really this is person towing the party
    line and is completely clueless to the sentiment in this country. I
    know people think this is a Republican or a Conservative movement,
    there are plenty of Americans that don’t fit into those categories that
    are joining tea parties. This Person in this video doesn’t believe the MSM should cover Tea Partys April 15th, because we just are not worthy! I have news for this person I was a Democrat for years and am an Independent today. It isn’t about Politics it’s about OUR money.

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