Dear David Letterman

Tomorrow will be more of the official announcement, but today is a quick unofficial announcement.

I was invited by Andrew Breitbart to be a guest contributor to his politically conservative entertainment site “Big Hollywood.”

This is an honor and a privilege, and I hope to do the site proud.

I will only be posting there sporadically, not daily. I will still be contributing daily to the Tygrrrr Express. For now, I will only be writing columns connected to the entertainment world, although of course there will be a political angle.

My first column for them was an open letter to David Letterman.

Feel free to leave your comments here, and there as well if you like.

I made one mistake in the article. Although the mistake was completely irrelevant to the overall article, naturally the leftists felt the need to use that to declare their moral superiority.

Ted Kath wrote the following. (I redacted the cusses.)

“you dummf(redacted)!!

thirty seconds on could have told you that!

what a CONSUMMATE, LYING (redacted)HOLE!!”

Ed Grimley of Kansas even gave me a death threat, which I will be turning over to the police just as a precaution.

“the best thng about your column is it identifies you so one night, when the black vans are on the street, they will know where to find you ….
keep that overnight bag packed, LOSER…..of course, you may not be allowed to take anything with you!!

ed grimley

So yes, the liberals are going wild. However, most of the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Read the comments to see that.

Happy Saturday all!


18 Responses to “Dear David Letterman”

  1. Here’s what I posted at your new site:

    There are two probems with the author’s complaint: 1 – Obama’s been president for all of a couple of months, so there’s not much to say about him yet. 2 – Obama is not a laughable moron. Stephen Colbert once famously pointed out that reality has a well-known liberal bias. Well, comedy is about the irony in reality, and few things are more ironic than the blatant disregard of reality – the counter-reality – that is conservatism. It’s funny. Conservatives are funny. They don’t mean to be. It’s not like we’re laughing with them, or that they’re particularly witty. They just unwittingly do very funny things. Granted, it often takes a dark sense of humor to laugh at what conservatives do, but Letterman is a dark humorist, so naturally he has a lot to say about them. Letterman can’t make Obama funny. Either Obama does something funny, or he doesn’t. If he does, you can be sure that Letterman, Leno, Stewart, Colbert, will all jump on the joke. But if he doesn’t, don’t expect them to go out of their way to make fun of something that isn’t funny. I really haven’t heard all that much funny stuff about Obama – from anyone. That would probably be because he doesn’t do a lot of funny things.

    So, lay off Letterman about this. It’s pointless. You’re looking for a snake in a meadow with no mice.


  2. History Chasers says:

    Letterman is a dark humorist? You must be kidding. He doesn’t have that kind of intelligence. He hasn’t been funny in many many years. He was never funny in that wonderful way Johnny Carson was. It takes true genius to be brilliantly funny. Letterman bores me to death.

    Eric is very bright person. And I’m so glad you find conservatives funny. Because I don’t find anything funny about the mess this country is in.

    And liberals are making it worse every day.

  3. Comedy, like all art, is subject to taste. You think Letterman is dumb and boring. Good for you. You really can’t argue that Letterman is not a dark humorist. He is. He often finds humor in the sordid or sardonic. That is the definition of dark humor.

    And I agree with you – there is nothing funny about the mess conservatives left this country in. It’s very funny, though, and on many levels, that you somehow believe “liberals are making it worse everyday.” As I said, conservatives, albeit unwittingly, are really very funny people.


  4. Toma says:


    I don’t watch Lettermen or Leno and don’t really care who they talk about. But the responses you get from the libs are typical leftists hate. These people have no manners and demonstrate it every time they open their mouths or type a post. The hate is their for all to see, hear and read.


  5. Toma,

    I seen just as much if not more frothing hatred from the right as I’ve seen from the left. If you believe that left somehow is more vitriolic, then you are one ridiculously naive human being. It’s time to grow up and be honest. Anyone with more a than minute could find countless examples of childish, nasty, hateful, spiteful, pointless, bigotted, stupid vitriol from the right all over the web. Why don’t you take a fes seconds out of your life to discover that so you don’t sound so foolishly partisan in the future.


  6. Toma says:


    You make my point perfectly. I don’t call you names, why do you find necessary to call me names?


  7. Oh c’mon, Toma. You conservatives are so goofy. I didn’t call you any “names,” and even if I did, you should be grown up enough to take it. Jesus, man. I didn’t make your point. All I said was that there’s just as much if not more rabid vitriol from the right as there is from the left and that only a very naive person wouldn’t know that. Does that make you naive? I hope so! Otherwise, I’d say you were being “disingenuous,” to say the least. And that whole diversionary “you called me a name” cr@ppola – What are you guys? Pre-teen girls? Again, read waht I wrote. I didn’t call you a “name.” I only suggested that perhaps you are naive. Personally, I think you’re just a partisan, and there are only two kinds of partisans: crooks and fools.


  8. Toma says:

    Ah C’mon Jers, disingenuous, partisan, crooks and fools read other people and can draw conclusions just as good as you can. You act like you are the only person on the planet that is wise, fair, unbiased, honest and smarter than a pre-teen girl. You are in serious need of psychiatric help.
    Grow-up please.


  9. Micky 2 says:

    I appreciate your efforts Eric but from my experience with Letterman and lib’s I’m willing to bet that any humor intended for Obama will be spared until its evident that the majority of 2010 doesn’t want him. Dave cant afford to poke fun at Obama right now, are you kidding ? Aren’t the majority of his viewers moonbats tuning in for exactly what disappoints you and I ? If Letterman did take your advice the blowback from producers and half of his peers would be more than he could, stand never mind the audience.
    My attitude recently has become one of that we should put our energies into those that are not so far gone and entrenched in this “eyes glazed over ” following where Obama can do no wrong and who are victim to this incredible falsehood that there just isn’t enough material on Obama to actually make for any good humor on his part. Of course there is but will we see anything within the MSM or other comedy shows that will give a pass by popular consensus that its okay to make us aware even in jest that Obama is a huge screw up ? Someone in the entertainment industry besides Letterman will have to break the ice when it comes to pointing out the obvious irony and contradictions (lies) going on in his administration before the guy at the top of the totem pole even thinks about doing something like you suggested that would amount to corporate suicide with the intention of somehow being fair. Not until the country is knee deep in the debris of this colossal wreck and half of us are on welfare while dodging hi jacked 747’s will these morons finally break down and decide its time to come after him. But by that time it might not be all that funny.
    I got off track.
    Should we put our energies into the committed left that are blinded by denial so deep it keeps em from realizing that this promise of hope and change was not all it was cracked up to be ? Dave’s buddies the hollywood swimming pool capitalist hypocrites? Forget it, they’re past the point of ever being redeemed. Putting energy into guys like Sean Penn and anyone else in hollywood is a waste of time. I believe it was you who told me once that its not worth putting your time into someone that is beyond reason. Were not going to get anywhere with entrenched mentalities like Letterman or the rest of these guys and even if they did come to a spark of reason their egos wont let them come round to admitting just how dangerous this messiah is.
    If we can find that person not so far gone who still has a little sense and humility left in them who’s able to take a joke pointed at “the one” I believe those are the ones we should be putting our energy into

  10. Toma,

    I am but one among probably hundreds of milllions of people who think the way I do. You are but one among a similar, though I would argue smaller, number of people who think like you. So as far as I’m concerned, you’re personal critique of me is useless nonsense.


    As with any other popular figure, Obama has his fans who love him no matter what – just like you guys with Bush. I think most people, like me, have a more realistic view of Obama. For instance, I never expected any radical change for the socialistic better from Obama, I never expected him to cut the military in half, to end “Free Trade,” to cut off relations with dictatorships and juntas that are our “friends,” to bring single-payor healthcare any time in the near future, etc. I don’t see these failures as hypocrisy on his part, but simply as inevitable realities. On the other hand, I don’t applaud what I see as failures, unlike conservatives, who will change with the wind if their popular figures tell them so. “Nation Building” was once an athema to conservatives – then it became a demand – now it’s back to “no nation building.” Conservatives tend to walk lock-step with what their popular figures tell them. Liberals, like me, simply hope for the best and tolerate as much inevitable deviation from that as we can.

    Back to comedy, though… I just can’t think of any particularly funny things Obama’s done since being in office (which hasn’t been long at all). Bush, on the other hand, couldn’t go a day without wlaking into a door, slaughtering the English language, insulting a foreign dignitary, and generally making a fool of himself at every turn. Let’s face it – he was comedy gold. Bill Clinton, as you guys conveniently forget, was comedy gold as well, and these same comedians you guys selectively criticize for going ostensibly easy on Obama regularly joked about Clinton from the time he was first running through today. Biden is a bit of comedy gold too, and the comedians have found more than a little gold in his gaffe-hills as well. So I really think your critique is BS.


  11. Toma says:

    Oh, I get it. I use your words and emulate your attitude and it is useless nonsense.

    Well said.


  12. eucher says:

    Ah, let me count the potential fodder of Obama’s presidency, after just a few short months:
    ~ first and foremost is his addiction to a teleprompter and quite comical inability to speak without one (sooooo much humor available there), but there is also:
    ~ saying there are 57 states on the campaign trail
    ~ bowing to a Saudi King
    ~ blatantly LYING about bowing to a Saudi king
    ~ his campaign promise of “sunlight” (ha ha! that still cracks me up)
    ~ , his complete inabiltiy to vet and recruit above-board, law-abiding Democrats (I know, I know, I know – again, lots of fodder for late night comedy, if they wanted it) to top posts
    ~ saying over and over he “inherited” everything about the economy even though DEMS HAVE CONTROLLED Congress since 2006 (hey, that would be a funny video, all the times he has passed the buck)
    ~ Jon Stewart’s comparison of the SIMILARITIES between O and W
    ~ pretending to be a Christian and then slipping up and saying he’s a Muslim (please, if he was a church-going man, he’d be going to church)
    ~ throwing his own grandmother under the bus
    ~ using slimy tactics to get elected in the first place
    ~ being a Coke-head Socialist in college

    … I mean come on, this man is comedy gold! You’re right, the media doesn’t want to turn on them, but when they do, oh it’s going to get ugly.

  13. Toma, you started this silly, tweeny tit-for-tat. Why don’t we try debating the topic at hand instead?


  14. Micky 2 says:

    Hopefully you’ll see the point behind my last post and wont be victim to a part of what I described as long as I was.
    Of course your decisions are your own but all I mean to say is that some are past the point of reasoning and its the ones that have a glimmer of hope that we should put our efforts into.
    Those that cant find as much reason to laugh at Obama as anyone else are the ones sleeping with a picture of him under their pillows and are beyond redemption.
    We all know that today of all days reflects the greatest act of redemption ever in history yet there are some I find that arent worthy of a proactive effort and all you can really do is much like you do with an addict where you wait til they come to you admitting their ways arent working.

  15. Alright, Micky. What has Obama done that’s particularly funny? Really. I’d love to hear it.


  16. Toma says:

    Mick I appreciate your reasoning. My first post was addressed to eric.
    I was ready to go out and watch for black vans when the name calling started. I made my point. It will be taken by someone hopefully.


  17. So three guys all complaining that David Letterman is going easy on Obama and not one single example of something for Letterman to tease him about. Huh.


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