Bicoastal Link Love Wednesday

The Tygrrrr Express is bound for New York.

While I am airbound, I offer link love to many.

Tracy at No Compromise Radio had me as her guest.

So Did Steve at the Republican Temple.

My friend Jerry helps blind children.

Help support the education of visually disabled children in Israel by riding or supporting the Friends of ELIYA-USA BIKERIDE.  We are once again join the Los Angeles Bicycle Coalition LA River Ride.

ELIYA is the Israel Association for the Advancement of Blind and Visually Impaired Children.  Our mission is to educate and train children who are blind or have a visual impairment or additional developmental disability.  We help them acquire the skills to thrive in a mainstream classroom, or least restrictive education environment possible.

We have a Kids’ Ride, 10 Mile Family Ride, 36 Mile Double Chai Ride, 50 Mile Half Century Ride, 70 Mile Park to Playa Ride and 100 Mile Century Ride.

Michael Tannenbaum

I am playing a musical gig on Lag B’omer, next Monday night on the balcony in front of the Carvel’s Ice Cream on Pico and Beverwil. We are inaugurating a summer music series on the balcony, which will continue on Saturday nights after Shabbat during the summer months. We will be playing a mix of famous Jewish folksongs and rock & pop classics from 8pm until 10pm. The event can also be found on Facebook at:

Brian A. Hoffman
Producer, corked!

David Hini-Slzos

Hauk puts out good rock music.

Tim Maxwell at Critical Bias writes well.

Ron arranges travel packages.

Richard Carroll

Debbie Lee

Lainie Sloane

Josh Bashioum

Dean Allen says:

I need help at the SC state GOP convention in Columbia, SC on Saturday May 16th.

For those who support Operation Gratitude, Operation Mot is just as important.

Jeffrey Jena is a great guy, fellow writer on Big Hollywood, and force behind an animation series known as “The Gloomers.”

Jeffers Dodge runs a site called PopModal.

Rabbi Nachum Shifren is the Surfing Rabbi.

Happy Wednesday all. New York and more adventure awaits.


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  1. hauk says:

    Hey Bro- thanks for the shout out! BTW- June 6th is our farewell show- I’m moving to Connecticut. Hope you can make it!

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