Wanda Sykes–May her vocal chords fail

Wanda Sykes has decided to be the latest celebrity to cross the line from comedy into hate speech. Her refusal to let other leftists have all the fun without any social consequences has led her to embrace Ideological Bigotry.



2 Responses to “Wanda Sykes–May her vocal chords fail”

  1. Toma says:


    This is what Democrats do. Hate and destroy any and all that they don’t like or just get in their way. Power and control at any and all cost. They prove this in their words and actions. They are to be feared.


  2. Micky 2 says:

    Theres a huge difference between wishing for the failure of a policy and the failure of ones life.
    Not only is she a hatemongering not funny idiot, shes also a liar in that she said Rush wanted the country to fail.
    I watched her for about a minute, decided she wasnt funny, she was off, you could see her reaching, so I turned off the tube. Only to find out the next day I missed out on all her glory.
    The worst part was to see Obama cheerfully responding to her distasteful deranged statements.
    If Rush was the 20th hijacker I fail to see the compassion offered to him that the left offers to the other 19.
    Take away the squeeky cute little voice and you’ve got nothing but an evil sinister b*tch

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