Celebrity Apprentice–Donald Trump absolutely still gets it

Life should be based on merit.

The Celebrity Apprentice works because Donald Trump bases his decisions on merit. He absolutely still gets it.



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  1. Donald Trump, a vacuus self-promoter born with a silver spoon in his mouth, thinks lief should be based on merit. Amazing.


  2. Dav Lev says:

    Tell that to government employees who for decades now have relied on
    anything BUT merit to advance within their agencies, get individual promotions to (higher paying) levels, switch from employee classifications
    to “management”.

    Anyone working or having worked for civil service knows that it’s not
    about how well you perform in your job, but the color of your skin, your
    nationality, your ethnic background, your gender and even your religion.

    In the private sector, merit (success and higher salaries) are being
    devestated by the Obama liberals…with trillions being pored into
    failing enterprises.

    I ask, why did we fight the Soviet Union for so many years..if we ourselves
    are no better?

    Food for thought!

  3. That’s just nasty, Dan. I’m sure there are lots of competent and meritorious government workers, just as there are in the private sector. This irrationally hateful way you guys look at the government and government workers is sooooo old already. I’ve worked in both the private and public sectors in my life and have found NO DIFFERENCE WHATSOEVER in the competence and meritoriousness of the people who work in both. Yes, in both sectors there is nepotism, unmeritted advancement, and such, but neither sector has a corner on that market, and in my humble opinion anyone who thinks otherwise is simply inexperienced and naive. And this notion that somehow Obama is destroying the merit-based system in the private sector is so absolutely and patently absurd on the face of it that it just makes me laugh. If these shmucks were so meritous, why did they fail so miserably? It’s just idiotic.


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