Islam and Judeo-Christian Culture

I attended a presentation by a woman that I will refer to as LR.

For her safety, LR will have to do. Some of you may accuse me of being like the Jayson Blair Times and fabricating the whole story, but the last time I checked I was still a conservative Republican.

LR’s presentation was a sobering presentation on Islam. The presentation was entitled “Why Islam is the antithesis of our Judeo-Christian culture.”

The key point was that Islam was not a continuation. There was no synthesis.

I will say personally that I am not an expert in Islam, and my experiences with the Muslims in my life have been very positive. Having said that, these Muslims either came from democratic nations like Turkey, or fled from persecution in Iran.

As for the presentation, I will allow others to account for its veracity and accuracy. Whatever one’s views, it was provocative.

With that, I present LR’s presentation on Islam as it relates to Judeo-Christian culture.

“In the Koran, all prophets pre-Mohammed are Muslims. This means that Moses and Jesus are Muslims.

In the Bible, the enemies are already dead. This includes the Assyrians and others. In the Koran, the enemies are still alive. They include Jews, Christians, Gays, Buddhists, Atheists, and some Muslims.

In the Koran, Isaac is barely mentioned.

At the location of the Dome of the Rock, the holiest site in Islam, it says, “Allah has no son.” This is a direct attack on Jesus and Christianity.

Slavery is an integral part of Islam. The Koran says than Mohammed is a slave of Allah. There are words for black slaves, white slaves, and child slaves.

Freedom is only mentioned five time in the Koran. It is in the context of conversion to Islam, which renders one free from the Jizya tax.

The Bible celebrates freedom. The Koran celebrates slavery. Jesus is a slave of Allah.

A famous passage reads ‘None of you will have faith till he wishes for his Muslim brother what he has for himself.’ This is the Islam Golden Rule.

‘The best action is to love for the sake of Allah and to hate for the sake of Allah.’

The bible condemns liars and lying. The Hadith allows for it.

Hadith equates women with camels.

‘There shall be ‘no flogging the wife like a slave and having sex with her in the late part of the day.’

Islam offers three choices: Convert, subjugate, or die.

Muslims that come to America. It is not up to us to understand them. They need to understand us.”

After observing this presentation, I have to point out that it says in the bible that if a man lays next to another man as he would a woman, he should be stoned to death. So not everybody, even religious people, take their own texts literally.

Yet stoning of gays is not happening by Christians around the world. Radical Muslims are beheading infidels, for those who remember Daniel Pearl and Nicolas Berg.

Again, I am no theologian or religious scholar.

Yet I am an American who believes in Western Judeo-Christian values. Radical Islam is a deep concern, and the main threat to civilization today.

As for the texts, I look forward to learning more.


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  1. Dav Lev says:

    I have heard Muslims allege that we Jews have betrayed G-d and Moses
    commandments, we are in fact a lost people in a lost religion that we
    have subverted.

    Frankly, I could care less about US Muslims, unless they are somehow affiliated with Louis Farrakhan, or some other minority fanatical group.

    However, these past few years, I have had the opportunity to talk to
    several Muslims, from both the M.E. and Africa.

    Both groups hate US and admit to same. They both point the blame
    of all the world’s problems, economic, political, at the Jews and

    Several years ago, I heard an Arab tell a professional, “The Jews love money, the Christians and Muslims love love”. Sure! I felt like saying,
    yeah, and you Muslims love “Jihad”, but didn’t.

    I find it amusing how NAZI Germany also blamed 500,000 very
    assimilated German Jews for the demise of that country during and
    after WW1 (Germany didn’t pay a dime of reparations as required
    by the Treaty ending the war).

    The Jews in Germany, were more “German” than the Aryan Germans
    that Hitler was so proud of. Many were intermarried and raising
    children outside the Jewish faith. Germany Jews were the elite among
    the European and Russian Jews..while only a small fraction of the total.
    Prior to the war, over 250,000 managed to escape. The others perished
    in Treblinka, Dachau and Sobibor.

    Of course every Jew had to perish according to liberal Fascism (Hitler).
    One-third did, shot, hanged, gassed, starved to death, experimented upon,
    including 1.5m children.

    Hitler said that if German children are killed (Allied bombing raids), Jewish children must also die., and he carried out his promise.

    Those Muslims who I spoke with advocated Sharia, the barbaric
    Muslim law. They believe that we (the US) are too lenient towards
    women and far too tolerant of them.

    These Muslims also blame the US for Saddam Hussein…and support
    insurgencies whether in Iraq or Somalia. They want US Marines killed,
    as many as possible. The fact that we freed 50 million Iraqs and Afghans is immaterial to them. Our effort in Bosnia and Kosovo against the Serbs (a good Christian nation) also is dismissed.

    I am not accusing all Muslims of hating America. They certainly don’t mind our petro dollars going out. They come here in droves, to take advantage
    of the liberal universities and far better lifestyles.

    However, as in England, which is almost completely occupied by the Muslim minority, and in other European countries..unless we understand
    the vicious nature of some of these people, we will find ourselves
    also occupied.

    Let me frank, I know many Christians who will not tolerate the above.

    As far as Jews, they still don’t, and may never get it.

  2. I understand the desire look for some easy explanation for the ills of the world, and “their religion is different than ours” is a convenient explanation, but belied by historic facts. For one, when the Christians were living like dogs in the woods of Medievel Europe, the people of the Islamic world were at a cultural apex. When Jews were being slaughtered like diseased cattle by Christians, they enjoyed peace and prosperity in the Muslim nations. So obviously, the religion itself is not the main cause of the problems the Islamic world faces today. Islam has been around since the seventh century, not long after te rise of Christianity (Russia, for example, wasn’t even Christenized until the 9th-10th centuries). For most of that time, the Islamic world has enjoyed relative peace and stability – far more peace and stability, in fact, than the Christian world. But religion DOES play a role in the more tragic elements of all our pasts and presents. Islam is no more to blame for Jihadism than Christianity is for the Holocaust – but certainly each religion played a part in each calamity, for neither calamity could have happened without it. On the other hand, either calamity could have well been averted with each religion just the same. And it is no coincidence that these relgions are hailed as successes when the cultures they’re in prosper, and blamed when the cultures fail.

    So, if you’re going to blame religion for anything, you also have to blame yourself (if you’re religious, that is). All religions stem from the same tenets and myths. Islam is a direct product of Judaism, no matter how you try to parse it. Its a fact. the same goes for Christianity. Jews may not like it, but that’s just the way it is.

    All this said, it is pretty much useless to argue over religion from a religious perspective. All religion is irrational. When you argue one irrationality with another irrationality, the product will most assuredly NOT be rational.

    As for Dan Lev and his ire over the ingratitude of the Muslim world for our “freeing” of their peoples, just remember; no one wants the gift from the drunk moron who crashed the party and thinks he’s the life of it.


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