My Conference Call With Senator Saxby Chambliss

I had the pleasure recently of sitting in on a conference call with Georgia Senator Saxby Chambliss.

The Senator was very generous with his time. Much of the conference call dealt with the Islamofacist terrorists being held at Guantanamo Bay.

With that, I present remarks from Senator Saxby Chambliss.

“The detainees cannot come here. Those men should never be allowed to set foot on U.S. soil. They should never be released into U.S. society. They are not the kind of people we want ingratiated into America.

There have been several amendments to the supplemental bill regarding this issue.

The supplemental bill calls for these decisions to be made annually. We want to make the change regarding these detainees permanent.

President Obama made a major decision with the closing of Gitmo. This shows a total lack of experience. There is no plan. He just left things in limbo.”

Senator Chambliss was then asked about President Obama reversing himself and adopting the Dick Cheney position on detainee photos.

“President obama’s original decision was unwise. I am pleased to see his reversal. Seeing the Abu Gharaib photos was very emotional. Why go through that again? It would be releasing old wounds.

President Obama should spend more on the budget for defense and less time releasing photos that undermine that defense. He was right to reverse himself.”

The Senator was then asked about Nancy Pelosi’s lies on top of more lies that she had no knowledge of waterboarding.

“Her insincerity came through. She was the first person to be briefed. I was on the Intelligence Committee. Only the Big 8 knew at the time, the leadership of both parties. She was part of it.

This town thrives on leaks. She needs to come forward and admit her mistakes in a statement.”

The Senator was asked as a follow up if the Pelosiraptor should testify on Capitol Hill in formal hearings.

“I don’t know what she could add. All of us knew the truth.”

With regards to bringing charges against Bush Administration attorneys, the Senator responded forcefully.

“It would be atrocious for anybody to get barred. We want the best and brightest attorneys. The top attorneys will not serve their country if they have a fear of prosecution hanging over every piece of legal advice they give.”

As always, I asked my question and lightened what was already a pleasant mood.

“Senator, should Wanda Sykes, Perez Hilton, and Jon Stewart be classified as weapons of mass destruction? To add seriousness, what can be done to stop these people from spreading ideological bigotry?”

The Senator laughed, and responded.

“With regards to the first part, we should just sick Jack Bauer on them. I’m a ’24’ nut. As for Wanda Sykes, her comments were totally out of line. It is ok to poke fun. Just don’t say mean and nasty things. Direct your comments in a professional manner.

The left are out of control. They are walking around all full of themselves. They think they have a mandate.”

One of the bloggers on the conference call asked if a couple of bloggers could be taken to Guantanamo Bay and see the conditions for themselves along with members of Congress. The Senator was quick with a quip on this suggestion.

“We could take you and subject you to enhanced interrogation. We could waterboard you if you like.”

The blogger was equally quick, replying, “Just don’t put me ina room with Nancy Pelosi.”

The Senator then went back to discussing the detainees at Gitmo when a blogger asked him if President Obama would completely reverse himself on the issue of closing Gitmo altogether

“Nobody from Mayberry to New York City wants terrorists in their area. The decision to close Gitmo was done to appease the far left and keep a campaign promise. Will Obama flip-flop? There could be thoughts about that.

Only Montana considered taking in detainees. There was an uproar, people were up in arms.

President Bush worked with other countries, who refused them. Nobody, including even Yemen, is willing to take them.”

One blogger asked about Florida Governor Charlie Crist entering the Senate race, and why endorsements were being made before the contested Republican primary occurred.

“Charlie Crist is a friend of mine. He is electable. He will win. He is conservative for the most part. He governs in a moderate state due to recent people who have moved in. We need Charlie Crist. The endorsement of the National Republican Senatorial Committee is unusual, but Governor Crist is head and shoulders above the rest of the crowd.”

The last question dealt with the issue of how the massive amount of legislation President Obama wants to pass will get done, from health care to cap and trade.

“There are not many days left. Appropriations bills need to get done. Then there is health care. Try to get cap and trade is not doable. Those who say otherwise are kidding themselves timewise. Health care reform has legs. We all want to do it. We just disagree on the details. Montana Senator Max Baucus is bipartisan. He is fair, and we will work together. Yet until we get away from a bill emphasizing government control, no amount of amendments will help the bill.”

I would like to thank Senator Chambliss for his time and graciousness. His election in a Georgia runoff is what so far has saved America from European statism.


5 Responses to “My Conference Call With Senator Saxby Chambliss”

  1. Dav Lev says:

    Anyone reading the Los Angeles Times today can get an appreciation of
    just whom we elected to be our President.

    I call him, Mr. Nuance…or better, Mr. Fourflusher.
    For anyone not knowing what a fourflusher is, simply go
    to your dictionary.

    So far, I’ve accumulateda about 20 reversals that Mr. Obama has
    made since beginning his campaigns to defeat Hillary and then
    John McCain.

    Let me describe the last, per the LA Times.

    At Notre Dame University, he was applauded by thousands of
    college students when he spoke recently. These were the gullible, naive
    and innocents who voted heavily for him last November, while their
    parents voted the majority for McCain., not enough to defeat
    Mr. Obama and his crew of expert advisers.

    This issue at the university was abortion. He is for the
    mother the right to choose.

    Since the majority of Americans are for abortions, at least in the
    first tri-mester, what is the problemo?

    The Catholic students are AGAINST abortions under any circumstance..
    per the dictates from the Vatican in Rome.

    Now, I don’t have any qualms about church dictates and respect
    people’s right to express themselves on this issue.

    The problem with Obama, has is straddling the fence, as he has
    on virtually every issue confronting our country.

    He says he understands the contentiousness of the issue, and
    why both sides believe they are in the right. He wants
    both sides to respect one another.

    Okay, so where does that leave him and his administration?

    Either you are for abortion, or you ain’t.

    Is a fetus a fetus, or an unborn person? Is a fetus a fetus or
    a child?

    I fetus CANNOT survive outside it’s mother, until it is born.
    It is NOT A is a fetus., plain and simple.

    Unwanted babies become unwanted children..become anti-social
    adults..which we all pay for in one way or another.

    Most minority girls have babies without the benefit of marriage.
    I ask, who pays for all of this?

    Obama should have said he approves of the Supreme Court
    decision about abortions..that it is the law of the land., without
    eqivocation., (until changed that is, which is another issue).

    If a woman doesn’t want to have the baby (usually conceived in
    a moment of passion), then let HER and her doctor decide the
    future., not Uncle Obama, nor the Catholic Church.

    If a Catholic doesn’t want the baby, and is restrained by her
    beliefs, so be it. But don’t foist that on the rest of US.

    The Muslims believe in many wives..that doesn’t make it right
    for US. Leave it to Obama, and he will change those laws.

  2. What Pelosi knew or didn’t know is something none of us know, regardless of what Senator Chambliss says. It’s a he-said/she-said situation that will probably never be resolved. Regardless, if the GOP thinks that she wasn’t informed of a crime, then they have nothing to complain about. If they believe she was informed of a crime, then they are hypocrites. If she was informed of a crime and did nothing about it, then she’s a hypocrite. If she didn’t know whether it was a crime or not, then it doesn’t matter. if she was lied too and Chambliss is the one who’s lying, then the bad’s on him. Whatever. We’ll probably never know.

    “It would be atrocious for anybody to get (dis?)barred. We want the best and brightest attorneys. The top attorneys will not serve their country if they have a fear of prosecution hanging over every piece of legal advice they give.”

    If that’s who Chambliss thinks are the “best and brightest attorneys” then I say we immediate disbar every attorney he endorses! They were a bunch of dumb shmucks.

    “Nobody from Mayberry to New York City wants terrorists in their area. The decision to close Gitmo was done to appease the far left and keep a campaign promise. Will Obama flip-flop? There could be thoughts about that.”

    this is just stupid. As long as the GOP keeps spouting this kind of sleazy stupidy, they’re going to be in the political woods. People are only so stupid. No one is talking about releasing known, or even suspected, terrorists out onto the American street. Ridiculous. Anyone who believes this nonsense is a moron.

    Dan, most of the Catholics at the school support Obama. You can be a pro-life Catholic and still believe that you shouldn’t impose your personal religious view on everyone else. Heck, lots of Christians don’t even believe abortion is a serious sin – or even a sin at all. After all, there is ABOSLUTELY NO mention of abortion in the Bible.


  3. Dav Lev says:

    Well folks, the much anticipated meeting between President Obama
    and Prime Minister Netanyahu (Israel) has ended, and what was the result? The answer is simple, nothing.

    Again, we learn about “Mr. Nuance” and “Mr. Fourflusher” Obama.

    Bibi Netanyahu came to try and convince our President (and country) that Iran means business when it repeatedly threatens “to wipe the Zionist racist state off the map”.

    While back in the Palestinian territories, Abbas refuses to accept
    the Jewish state as a Jewish state. That’s like not accepting Saudi
    Arabia and 22 other Arab countries as Islamic states.

    Oh me oh my.

    Obama didn’t blink before Bibi’s attempts to him to start some kind
    of action against Ahmad and the mad mullahs ruling Iran. Instead
    he said that hopefully by the end of 2009, there will be movement
    on Iran’s part to end it’s pursuits. End of 2009? It is estimated that
    with 7,000 centrifuges, it already has enough uranium for one bomb.
    (Iran estimates 50,000 centrifuges by years end, or enough to make
    dozens of bombs).

    And guess who Iran wants to eradicate from the M.E., you guessed right,
    Israel. Who will be second? Your guess?

    In the so-called occupied territories ( I ask, who is actually being occupied?) Hamas now says catagorically that it won’t recognize 2 states. In other words, it wants the land between the Med. Sea and Jordan River
    Judenrein (no Jews). It, like Hezbollah to the north, and Iran, has openly
    declared the Jewish state’s existence null and void.

    Soooo, while Obama makes for the pleasant rhetoric..Iran continues to
    enrich it’s uranium (for peaceful purposes, SURE) and is now supplying
    Hamas with Fajr Missiles ( 3 stage rockets which can hit Tel Aviv, the airport and Israel’s nuke site at Dimona).

    For a diversion, Lebanon is demanding through UNIFIL, that Israel give back a few alleged spies, who crossed over the border after their lives have been threatened by Lebanese authorities. . Israel has not said anything.

    What should Obama have done?

    Well for starters, no right of return TO Israel of the
    so-called Palestinian refugees. Secondly, he should have indicated
    that Bibi’s solution…autonomy for the Palestinians with Israeli security AND a demilitarized W. Bk., is the correct and only viable one for the area.

    He should have approved Israel’s taking out at least 9 Iranian nuke sites, using whatever means necessary, w/o US restrictions (but with US concurrence) if all else fails. (Israel has 400 high fusion nukes).

    He should have warned Hamas about firing rockets into
    the real deal breaker for a viable solution. He should have
    approved giving Israel the computers for the F-35 jet figher planes on

    He should have demanded Abbas and Hamas abide by the Road Map to
    stop the incitement to violence, stop the teaching of hatred, and root
    out the militants., accept Israel’s existence and adhere to the
    prior arrangements between Fatah and Israel.

    Instead, we see another of Obama’s clever avoidance to resolve
    the most important problems facing US, just brushing the dirt
    beneath the rug.

    From Notre Dame to the W. Bank, it’s more of the same.

    Or as we say, “It’s a shonda”. (A shame).

  4. I’d like to know how any of this, Dan, is any diffent than the staus quo when Bush was president and the GOP ran the Hill. The point is that these are serious and rather intractable problems and no matter who’s president, there’s only so much he can do. As much as we say Israeli’s problems are our’s, really, in the end, they’re not.


  5. Eagle 6 says:

    Jersey, Who said anything about a crime? You used ten lines analyzing a concept only you brought to the table. If Roe vs Wade gets reversed, does that mean we can arrest everyone who had an abortion? And, who said anything about releasing terrorists? The more I read and hear liberals’ positions, the more I recognize how totally excluded they are from the real world. Pelosi lied. Hell, even someone as lowly as me got those briefings. I like Saxby Chambliss. When I was returning to Iraq last fall, he saw me at the airport, came up to me and generated a conversation. He gave me his phone number and asked me to call him if I ever needed anything… so he can say what he wants about the Sneaker of the House…

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