Becoming a nation of Twit(terers)s

My post today, found at Big Hollywood, is dedicated to all of the Hollywood Twit(terer)s out there.


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  1. I just can’t believe this stupid twitter thing became a party of the nightly news! I mean, I can believe it – I just don’t want to. The news media has become sooooo insipid. You cons complain alll the time that’s it’s “liberal,” which makes me wonder of you have a clue in the world what “liberal” even is, but really it just goes to show what a CORPORATE CHILL the news media really is. That’s why I so lament the death of the newspaper – and why I clench my fists everytime I hear some moron gleefully cheer it’s death on. Sure, newspapers can sometimes be just as corporate shilllish as the TV and radio news, but the media just doesn’t allow for the same level of stupifying degeneration. And besides, ya’ can’t twitter a newspaper. Stupid twitter.


  2. Micky 2 says:

    The first time I heard about twitter was from a chearleader on an AOL new thread. The second time came from Perez Hilton as I was zooming through the channels, all I saw was his face for a sec and heard “twitter”.
    I havent bothered to go there, see what its all about, could care less, sounds like a fad, something people like to be heard saying.

    After I ate my Kashki I couldnt decide betweeen the Petrone or a Latte`.
    Fashion statement consumerism.

    Besides that, I have no desire to figure out any new mediums.
    It took me a month to figure out theres no smiley keys on any keyboards whatsoever. Does anyone realize how dumb you sound asking the guys at Best Buy of they have a keyboard with smileys on it ?

  3. Dav Lev says:

    We have become a nation of observers..whether watching others
    play sports or simply by watching TV so many hours/day ( I am
    guilty of this one).

    While all this is going on, we have forgotten how to communicate with
    one another, face to face, person to person.

    When we do, we generally argue, or are aggressive, impolite, rude,
    disrespectful (try to talk to a stranger sometime and observe their

    Twitter is just deepening the psychosis.

    This tragically extends to all aspects of our lives, including
    the wars we are fighting.

    We fight our wars from afar, except for the troops and paid
    civilian workers. We us the Chinese to pay, obligating FUTURE
    generations for decades.

    We form our opinions by going to the Internet and TV..not really
    knowing whom to believe. We paid for Obama’s campaigns over
    the Internet w/o really thinking about just whom we were buying.

    America has lost something in the’s called “meet and deal”.
    It’s called humanity.

    I am bemused that at a time when we should be preferring US made
    cars (owned by US companies), the Japs and Germans are increasing
    THEIR advertising.

    Hear that Obama, while you visit Buchenwald, curry favors with
    our enemies (who hate US while we poor money into their
    coffers) and spit on our friends.

  4. Micky 2 says:


    I actually make it a point to engage people face to face on the issues at least a couple times a week. Actually, I almost have no choice volunteering at two foodbanks for a few hours every week I run into people who are of the exact opposite political opinions I hold. Before I go on I’ll never deny that I love a good knock down drag out agument/debate online, I love it. And have gotten quite a bit out of hand myself at times, its easy to do. Eric will tell you, and Erics never even seen me when I’m REALLY pi$$ed
    Theres almost no comparison in the differences between debating someone on line and being in each others presense. Theres no way most people would say the things they say on line to someones face and so consequently we have more productive well rounded volleys that usually end with an agreement of some sort.
    We truly have set ourselves apart from each other and dehumanized conversation. Not having to face someone when alot of us say the things we say is becoming a norm thats leaving alot of people with unresolved issues and lingering hostilities.
    ya know, like the guy whos ole lady broke up with him by texting, or the political debate where some guy insults everything about you and disappears into the blogosphere. Even though these are just little electronic impulses on a monitor we all realize theres a person behind it and still feel disrespected and belittled.
    Honesty without sensitivity is brutality.
    Technology has taken away the sensitivity.
    And then theres these flaming idiots who put out every damn detail of every part of their lives everyday.
    Jeez, can anyone say “a cry for help”?

    Has it occured to anyone that for the first time since 911 an American, an American soldier on top of it, was killed on American soil by a radical Muslim ? And we’re only 4 months into the new admin.
    It my be off topic but, I dont care.
    While Napolitano was busy writing up her DHS security report that made teabaggers, prolifers and conservatives of all types out to be radicals the real radical was planning to execute soldiers at a recruiting center.
    You cant help but ask yourself if this is a sign of things to come due to a different appraoch by our national security and DHS methods.
    As Eric mentioned in his post the other day the baby killer got all the love not only from the media but also from the fed as there was additional security applied to abortion clinics while recruiting center were pretty much ignored.

  5. Dan, except for the stuff about Obama, THAT was VERY well said.


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