Krugman, Arafat, Gore, and Carter–Nobel Prizes remain worthless

The Nobel Peace Prize has long been worthless, as evidenced by Jimmy Carter and Yassir Arafat.

Al Gore is proof that the Nobel Prize might be the only thing worth less than an Academy Award, which he also won.

Further proof that the Nobel Prize for Economics is a useless piece of garbage is the rendering of the award to Paul Krugman, who writes an economic column that has absolutely nothing to do with economics.

While it is true that Paul Krugman has never murdered anybody in the tradition of typical Palesimian Yassir Arafat, Paul Krugman should now be considered a potential murderer.

I say this because only days ago, a madman murdered Dr. George Tiller, who performed third trimester abortions. When one reads the left-wing media, the blame is being placed on Bill O’Reilly. Therefore, if God forbid George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, or any other prominent conservative gets murdered, Mr. Krugman should be blamed. He has done more to foment hate than anybody in America not connected with the Daily Kos or Huffington Post.

This leftist bully thinks that bashing any economic policies to the right of Leon Trotsky is worthy of making him qualified to write about economics. Yes, it is true that he writes for the Jayson Blair Times and not a real newspaper, but he should not even be doing that.

Some will point to his Nobel Prize, which as anybody knows is given to those that either despise Jews, Republicans, or both. A self-hating Jewish leftist is the ideal candidate. If Nobel Prizes were to be even less relevant, they would be Academy Awards. Al Gore won both, which should inform the entire world of how little they matter.

Paul Krugman’s latest affront of everything decent and right in this world comes in the form of his recent attack on Ronald Reagan.

I am not sure if Mr. Krugman belongs to, but this is not a man capable of moving on. Some of his drivel is below, as he blames a man unable to fight back for the current financial crisis.

“Indeed, Reagan ushered in an era in which a small minority grew vastly rich, while working families saw only meager gains.”

My parents headed up a working family. They did very well under Ronald Reagan. They were public schoolteachers. They taught inner city kids. They never owned stock. Their middle class experience under President Reagan was the rule, not the exception. Paul Krugman can lie and lie some more, but his manipulating the numbers to his own liking makes him worthy of a career as a CEO of General Motors.

Perhaps Mr. Krugman truly believes that up is down, but most people have their head above the waist and their hide below it.

“On the latter point: traditionally, the U.S. government ran significant budget deficits only in times of war or economic emergency. Federal debt as a percentage of G.D.P. fell steadily from the end of World War II until 1980. But indebtedness began rising under Reagan; it fell again in the Clinton years, but resumed its rise under the Bush administration, leaving us ill prepared for the emergency now upon us.”

Ronald Reagan incurred debt because Tip O’Neill and George Mitchell kept rejecting his spending cuts. Additionally, we were in the middle of a Cold War, which Reagan won. Bill Clinton did not lower deficits. Newt Gingrich did, with Clinton being dragged kicking and screaming. George W. Bush faced 9/11.

Barack Obama is spending more than all of them combined, but Krugman remains silent. The reason for this is because he does not care one leftist iota about deficits. He is all in favor of spending provided it is spending that he agrees with. If we slashed the defense budget and quintupled welfare benefits, he would be dancing in the streets. This notion that he focuses on actual issues is an illusion. He looks at who is in power, decides if he loves them (liberals) or despises them to the point of fury that conservatives reserve for Al Queda.

“We werent always a nation of big debts and low savings: in the 1970s Americans saved almost 10 percent of their income, slightly more than in the 1960s. It was only after the Reagan deregulation that thrift gradually disappeared from the American way of life, culminating in the near-zero savings rate that prevailed on the eve of the great crisis.”

Mr. Krugman should immediately take any capital gains he has ever earned from any stock sales in the last quarter of a century, and donate those proceeds to either the Reagan Library or the Republican National Committee. He complains about our low rate of savings, yet refuses to acknowledge that actual wealth creation skyrocketed under the Gipper.

Mr. Krugman also hates the lower tax rates Reagan enacted. He should immediately pay more. Like any other Lear Jet Leftinistra, he wants me to give more, while he pontificates from his ivory tower at the Jayson Blair Times.

If he really wants to criticize a man who let ideology bankrupt something, he should go after human cancer Arthur “Pinch” Sulzberger Jr. The company has been outsourced to Mexico. Does Krugman care about his coworkers losing their jobs? Of course not. Otherwise he would target the real culprits. His own company has the worst CEO in America, and that includes GM.

(He sees the collapse in stock prices as proof that Reaganomics failed. I wonder if the recent surge in stocks will be because of Ronald Reagan as well.)

Paul Krugman is a man who insists that every single day of Republican rule will bring rain. It could be sunny for seven years, which the economy was from 2001-2007, but on the day it rains, Krugman will be there to bash conservatives. When Republicans rule, it is also acid rain. Thankfully Barack Obama cured this as well.

This is not about Paul Krugman being a liberal. It is about him being the journalistic equivalent of a toxic asset. Actually, given the balance sheet of the JBT, he is a toxic liability.

The man is a terrible human being not fit to be in the same room as Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan treated his opponents with dignity. Paul Krugman carries himself with as much dignity as Gore, Arafat, and Carter.

He has the Nobel Prize to prove how little he knows.

Perhaps he could use the prize money to buy himself some decency.


15 Responses to “Krugman, Arafat, Gore, and Carter–Nobel Prizes remain worthless”

  1. “Indeed, Reagan ushered in an era in which a small minority grew vastly rich, while working families saw only meager gains.”

    This is an undeniable fact. Aside from what should be obvious – that supply-side economic policy is counter-productive in a demand-side economy – all the facts show that the vast majority of the economic gains over the past thirty years have been accrued by the wealthiest Americans – the true “elites.” No matter ow you look at it, this is true. But not only have income gains been been heavily tilted toward the wealthy, but the upward mobility of the middle and working class has been stifled. Again all facts point to this conclusion. The destruction of unions, for example, which once were the great stepping stone of generational upward mobility, have relinquished the working class to permanant intergenerational status. And again, this is an undeniable fact. Ronald Reagan, personally, was not a very important figure in our history, though highly overrated and mythologized, but he represented the rise of the “neo-conservative” ideal born in the late-50’s/early 60’s of the anti-republican (small-r) elite state, constantly at war while pitting groups against each other to keep them from directing their ire at it’s true cause – a tax, trade, labor and regulatory structure designed to maintain the wealth and power of the very elite at the expense and on the backs of a permanent class of working poor. Ronald Reagan, no so many years from now, will be remembered as the president who represented the beginning of the final decline and fall of the American Empire.


  2. Micky 2 says:

    In my street fashion I’d slap the crap outta Krugman at first sight if he ever walked past me on the street. Hes a reprehensible little lying maggot whos only purpose is to feed those like him. Crap written like his can only be derived from spiteful hateful insecurity.
    Everytime I see this weasel on TV I get that little puky feeling in the back of my throat as he sits there in his cowardly cowering demeanor while still managing to look like the glassy eyed vacant of conscience snake that he is.
    One of my favorite scenes was when OReilly got in Krugmans face to the point I honestly thought he was gonna drop him in his tracks for exagerated excessive and repetitious coverage of Abu Ghraib which foes right to what Eric is saying.
    The a$$hole if anything has managed to stir up an awful lot of hatred on the left, all of it based on lies.
    I hate liars.

  3. Micky 2 says:


    which GOES right to what Eric is saying

  4. Dav Lev says:

    I do not agree with everything Eric says, even though I’m one of the
    few Conservative (middle to right), Conservative, Jews.

    Conservative Jews tend towards the middle to left in both their Judaism
    and economics.

    Orthodox Jews, kind of an insulated people, and not always by choice,
    (Ive seen more than one hardhat laughing at them), tend towards
    the RIGHT, both as far as their religious faith, as well as how they
    perceive our (USA-Israel) security.

    And who can blame them? During WW2, didn’t we all see religious
    Jewish beards being torn out by the roots, by smiling Krauts? Didn’t we see trucks full of black hatted Jews being hauled away by smiling
    German, or Ukranian be “resettled”?

    Orthodox Jews have lots of kinder (children), while non-Orthodox
    are intermarrying at increasing rates, their offspring not beholden
    to the faiths of their Jewish parent.

    It’s the way of the world, the new generation, I’ve been told
    by heretofore, traditional Jews (holding on to their faith, and proudly).

    In today’s LATimes, is an article, albeit on one of the back pages
    of Section A, describing the murderers mentioned in Eric’s
    last commentary.

    His MUSLIM name was given..(a convert to Islam), of one of the
    killers. The other murderer was a known adherent of right wing
    extremist groups. Certainly not a liberal in my book.

    As I posted previously, crazies come in all shapes and sizes
    and political affiliations. I have met a few in my lifetime.
    They wear their label as liberal, progressive or right wing

    I agree with Eric about Krugman.

    I have relatives who try not to pay any taxes ( 20% of the population
    pay 60% of the Federal taxes (income). 40% pay nothing, and some
    get credits (they do pay social security taxes however, which
    is not income).

    In my State of California, about 5% of the population pay most of the
    State income taxes. This is interesting since most people favor
    increased services, at other people’s expense. (not in my backyard).

    In New York City, one-third of all city taxes are gotten from
    the huge bonuses paid to corporate and Wall Street executives.
    Tell Mr. Krugman that assuming there are caps on salaries and
    bonuses, where will the city get the 20billion in revenue it needs
    to function?

    Look folks, this is what I dislike about liberals.

    It is one thing to give charity, and have the government serve
    as a flooring to avoid people starving, having access to otherwise too expensive
    housing, or not able to get adequate health care for their kiddies,
    another to bleed Uncle Sam for every ill of society.

    A lead article in the LA Times relates how the “Muslim” world
    is looking fwd to Obama’s arrival in Egypt and Saudi Arabia,
    but wants him to deliver.

    A Palestinian leader said yesterday that “Now we have a friend
    in the White House”.


    George Bush Jr. promoted a 2 states solution to the M.E. conflict.

    Israel agreed, but, unlike the Arab world, demanded the Palistinians
    stop the violence and incitement, and CHANGE their attitude about
    Israel’s existence. They were prepared to give up 98% of the West Bank
    and divide Jerusalem (East going to the new Palis state).

    The Arabs didn’t give one iota. They are still insisting on the right of
    return (not a right)..5m Muslims relocating to Israel. (That’s like
    the USA taking in 300m Chinese).

    The Arabs insist on ALL of Jerusalem..and 100% of the occupied
    land taken in 1967, with the dismantling of ALL the settlements.

    In the meantime the Arabs are building thousands of homes illegally
    in Jerusalem and the W Bank, which is “Disputed land”. (Israel annexed
    East Jerusalem) but NOT the W. Bank.

    What the Palistinians fail to recognize is WHY Israel is in the
    territories. They are there caus it was attacked in 48 and 67.
    Had the Arabs (including the Palistinians), there today would be
    no talking about relinquishing land..there would be no Jews alive.

    Read The 67 War by Michael Oren for full details, or From Time
    Immemorial, by Joan Peters (the true story of Palestine).

    In fact, the Arab-Israeli wars negated the partition plan..and
    every demand now being made by the Arab world.

    That’s the long and short of it.

    So Obama, Krugman and you other liberals, enjoy your
    current popularity..hopefully in 2 years, it will all end, and
    our country will be saved.

  5. Toma says:

    Mick, you are very good when angry. I enjoy your words.

    eric, there is another “prestigious award” that has been tainted beyond redeemtion by liberal pond scum. When bj Bill got reelected and the Monica scandal came to a head it became very clear that bj is a predator and selfcentered liar to the maximum degree. He was then dubbed the “Great Prevaricator” and rightfully so. Then I heard that he is a “Rhodes Scholar” so I looked up Cecil Rhodes and found some of the standards by which scholarship applicants are judged:

    –literary and scholastic attainments;
    –energy to use one’s talents to the full, as exemplified by fondness for and success in sports;
    –truth, courage, devotion to duty, sympathy for and protection of the weak, kindliness, unselfishness and fellowship;
    –moral force of character and instincts to lead, and to take an interest in one’s fellow beings.

    Exactly where does bj Bill fit into this picture? So much for the Rhodes Scholarship.

    I guess this proves that every thing is for sale including the White House.


  6. Toma, when you conservatives bring up that silly old argument (Oh, those poor babies, the rich, pay soooo much of the taxes, oh, woe is them!) did it ever occur to you that they pay so much of the INCOME TAXES (you LIED when you said some people pay NO taxes – EVERYONE pays taxes) is because they make SO MUCH of the MONEY???


  7. Toma says:

    Jers, you may have confused with someone else. I have never written about poor babies or who does or does not pay taxes. You’re right every one pays taxes, however, there are people who do not pay income taxes.

    How’s your health, by the way. We haven’t talked in a while.


  8. Eagle 6 says:

    Jersey, What are you doing, cruising the net looking for a good argument? I’m scratching my head and realized maybe I’m the one looking for a good argument by coming to Toma’s defense… where did he say anything about taxes? I have said many people pay NO taxes, and this is a true statement. Granted, anytime someone purchases food without food stamps or alcohol, cigarettes, potato chips, and McDonalds, there are taxes. However, when a family of 4 makes $24,000, pays $487 in and gets back $6,100, that family would have to spend about $100,000 at 6% sales tax in order to NOT pay taxes. At $24,000 income, that’s a stretch. No lie there. Up until about two days ago I would have argued that just because someone makes more money doesn’t mean one should pay more taxes, but I no longer believe that. I could make an argument, and I should, that the proportion of taxes should be the same, but I have to look at my personal situation as an example…do as I do, not as I say… I make 12X, and my wife makes X. I use 8X to pay bills and 2X for food and fun, so 80% of my income is committed to entities other than me. My wife uses X for herself and the kids and grandkids to stimulate the economy even though I have tried to explain that kids don’t need shoes or clothes until they are around 3 or 4. I get about 10 or 20% for me, and she gets 100% for her. Not fair, but it’s reality. The parallels are similar in the real world. I pay much more in taxes, and for this benevolence, I get screwed.

  9. Eagle 6 says:

    Whoops! I just messed up my own argument… a person would have to buy $100,000 of stuff at 6% sales tax in order TO pay taxes – not NOT pay taxes…darn, now I’m screwing myself…

  10. Eagle 6 says:

    Micky, Thanks…now that I see her face, I remember the clear voice and vacuuous positions…some are blessed with beauty, some with brains, some with common sense…she has two of the three…

  11. Oops! Sorry Toma! That was meant for Dan.

    I’m doin’ okay. There’s still some question as to why I have some chronic problems but it’s starting to look like I may be able to mitigate some of those with proper diet and exercise. Some of this is apparently congenital bad luck, but some of it may well have been my own doing, and for that I feel terrible. I’ve been taking much, much better care of myself these days. Thanks for asking! I hope all is well for you these days!

    Toma, Eagle and Dan,

    Almost all working American citizens (and most “illegals”) actually do pay income taxes, it’s just that they are loaning it to the government and get it back (without interest – though sometimes including credits) the next year (except for “illegals”). So you see, “everyone,” generally speaking, does pay taxes. Not only that, but income taxes are built into the cost of many things as well, and most everyone pays for those things at one point or another. But again, what should trouble you is not they technically don’t pay taxes, so to speak with your argument in that they get the money back, but that so many people make so little money that they simply can’t afford to pay income taxes, which is why the rates are set the way they are.

    Look what’s happening with the AMT now. Congress doesn’t know how to get rid of it or how to permanently fix it. Politically, it’s a Catch 22 – all the rosey budget projections, from both sides of the aisle, over the years are based on the revenues the AMT generates, but afixing a new AMT to a reasonable modern amount is staunchly opposed by the wealthy elite who now are so entrenched in Washington, nothing gets done without their consent.

    The GOP could have gotten rid of the tax, but it was easier to leave it be and be able to say “We didn’t raise taxes” (though, in fact leaving it in place was doing just that), and then make all sorts of rosey projections for future revenues saying, “See, tax cuts raise revenues!” (when in fact the AMT was what was raising it). The Democrats are just as beholden to their rich elite supporters and therefore can’t do the right thing either – raise the cap on the AMT’s trigger. And so the AMT remains, and the myth that “tax cuts work” continues unabated.

    Again, what should trouble you guys is not who pays what taxes but WHY.


  12. Oh, and Eagle, it’s not that I like to fight – I just love a good debate. (Same thing?… Maybe… Let’s debate it! ;)


  13. Micky 2 says:

    Well Toma, its like this.

    Liars screw this country up more than anything.
    But what really pi$$es me off is when you know that otherwise intelligent people vindictively spread those lies after they’ve been presented with irrefutable truth.
    Many times i’ve shown opposing bloggers proof that shuts down their claims and yet the next day you see them saying the same crap all over again. The worst part is that this type of activity is common now in our government but whats really bad is that those who are supposed to clear it all up for us, the media, are the worst offenders.
    A lying journalist like Krugman is the equivalent of a dentist that molests you while you’re anesthisized.
    Now we cant trust our sources anymore to the point where if you’re going to have an educated debate the amount of research you have to do to cover yourself is ridiculous. It never ends because even if the media gets it right its usually wittingly or unwittingly just printing someone elses lies

  14. Toma says:

    You are absolutly right Micky.

    The public is being spoon fed by a biased media, but if the public is allowed to do its duty and drive the spoon feeders out of business by refusing to watch, read or listen to their trash the public will come out on top. However, this power of selection works only in a free market economy, and our free market economy is being consumed by Obamunism and a derelict arrogant Democrat Congress.

    What is more, the Dems are planning steps to control the election processes by manipulating the census and use of organizations such as ACORN to buy votes in economically depressed areas of the country, and these areas will be numerous in the coming years as the economy deteriates under Federal oppression.

    You are right to be angry Micky, every good American Citizen should be very, very angry. Be well, keep writing and venting.


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