A pair of senseless murders

A pair of unrelated individuals have just been senselessly murdered.

The one that everybody is talking about is the murder of Kansas Doctor George Tiller.


Doctor Tiller was a controversial figure. He was one of three doctors in America that performed third trimester abortions.

I don’t care where one is on the political spectrum. I don’t care whether one is pro-choice or pro-life. I personally stay out of the culture wars, and avoid the abortion issue.

Yet I do care when ideological bigots exploit a tragedy. I became a blogger to combat Ideological Bigotry.

Dr. Tiller was murdered. The act was heinous, evil, and worthy of the death penalty for the killer.

Anybody in their right mind that claims the murder of this doctor was a righteous act ought to suffer the same fate. Remember, “judge not lest ye be judged.”

Mainstream conservatives everywhere rightfully condemned this murder. Nobody who is “pro-life” can sanction murder.

Yet the left, to quote the current Democrat in power, does not like to let a good crisis go to waste. In this case, they do not want a tragedy to go to waste.

The body of Doctor Tiller has not even been laid to rest, and leftists are already blaming Bill O’Reilly and other conservative talk radio personalities for the murder.

This is another attempt to smear conservatives in the most vicious manner.

This is what liberalism is all about. Find conservatives, then seek and destroy them.

The left can barely contain their glee. Dr. Tiller’s death was manna from heaven. The Axis of Anti-Semitism, led by the Daily Koss and Huffington Post, are in full homicide bomber mode.

Dr. Tiller was murdered by an evil individual. He was not murdered by a movement. He was not murdered by conservatism.

The mainstream media will not willfully apply ideological bigotry to a second senseless murder.


The first line tells the story.

“An Arkansas man was arrested Monday in connection with a shooting at a Little Rock military recruiting center that killed one soldier and wounded another, authorities said.”

This man killed military personnel specifically because they were military personnel.

Will this be considered a hate crime? Of course not. Soldiers are not considered a protected class, despite the fact that they keep us safe.

Will all leftist anti-war protesters be blamed for this? Will Arianna Huffington and Markos Moulitsas be blamed? Of course not. After all, the killing of an abortion doctor gets blamed on all pro-lifers, but the killing of a soldier does not get blamed on the many violent “peace activists” that are anything but.

A 24 year old man named Private William Long is no longer with us.

What makes this even more sickening from a political correctness standpoint is that the media will keep referring to the killer by his birth name, Carlos Bledsoe.

Carlos Bledsoe is as as connected to Islamofacism as Richard Reid the shoe bomber was.

Yet Richard Reid is almost never referred to as Abdul Raheem. Carlos Bledsoe should be referred to by his name that he calls himself, Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad.

The media will not do this because they are terrified of being seen as attacking all Muslims.

Why are Christians never given this courtesy?



I get enraged over the manipulation because all of this politically correct and selective sanitizing of the truth leads to the inevitable backlash. What frightens me more is I am part of the backlash.

I fly often. Airport security has very inconsistent rules. I am Jewish, and I wear a black hat. It is a fedora, not the Chasidic hat. It belonged to my grandfather.

Yet when I go through security, I will not take my hat and put it through the airport screening machine. I do not want it damaged or crushed. When I go through the metal detector, i remove the hat and show it to them. However, It is not going through the machine.

Until Arabs are asked to remove their turbans, the politically correct police can go to hell. I have civil rights as well.

Most screeners are decent about it. Yet when one screener was particularly abrasive, I had had enough. I sternly said, “Look. I am Jewish. Jews don’t blow up planes. Arabs do. Just ban Arabs from planes and we won’t have to waste time searching Jews.”

Am I proud I said this? Of course not. Yet again, I have simply had enough.

If we are truly going to be a decent and just society, then we have to hold bad people responsible, without blaming everybody else.

I am a white, conservative male. I am not an oppressor. I have never owned slaves, nor has anyone in my family. I am an average guy leading an average life, trying to make it in this world.

I want to see justice. I want justice for the families of Private William Long and Dr. Tiller.

I want the left to stop trying to blame every conservative in America for the actions of a horrible murderer.

After all, if liberals get tied to another anti-American killing of a soldier, they will be the first ones to get indignant.

Oh wait, they are already indignant. That is why they are liberals.

See how easy it is? If leftists don’t like it, they can shut their own hateful traps first.


8 Responses to “A pair of senseless murders”

  1. I see quite a bit of iriony here. Domestic terrorism tends to be a product of the far right. People like Bill O’Reilly – a true “ideological bigot” – incessently stokes the flames of hate at many of the same targets as yours. The New York Times, who you so irrationally hate and show a constant “idelogical bigotry” against, ran a good peice about these two facts, but in the end pointing out a quote from the ACLU, whom I assume you also detest, that even O’Reilly’s brand of hateful demogoguery is protected free speech as long as he does not directly instruct anyone to violence. It would seem to me that the glee expressed by the right about the decline of the fourth estate is a most shameful and un-American sentiment, let alone the way the right rants about the American Civil Liberties Union, a most pro-American of American institutions, who stand with O’Rielly in this matter.

    On the other hand, speech about speech is just fair play. You qouted Matthew (judge not…), well remember, it is a judgement to make that comment. It is right to judge the judgementalism of others, just as it is right to be intolerant of intolerence. The ol’ conservative Catch-22 that somehow one cannot respond to hateful rhetoric because it is hateful to do so is a canard, a phony excuse to allow hateful rhetoric without recourse. There is recourse – we can point out the hatefulness, and potential consequences, of that rhetoric. Is Fox News, for example, complicit in the murder of Dr. Tiller? Not legally, in all likelyhood, but words do have consequences. O’Reilly repeatedly referred to Tiller as a “killer” and used “facts” provided by rightwing extremists groups in his “Talking Points” when referring to the doctor. I see no problem in the world with people expressing their distaste for O’Reilly’s extreme judgementalism, and I see no problem in the world with supposing that he, and others, may have helped to incite Tiller’s murderer, and others like him, to violence. Free speech begets free speech. If O’Reilly is free to spew hate then we are free to say he’s spewing hate. To call that “ideological bigotry” is more than just ironic – it’s hypocritical.

    Now, for the other murder. You are free to say what you want, but you are not free to make up “facts.” The fact is that this murderer was also incited by rightwing religiouslity – this time of the Islamic variety. So, why you would bother to mention the “left” with this is beyond me. “Islamofascists” have far more in common with the Right than with the Left. This killer apparently was doing what he felt was justified by the same “eye for an eye” rationale Tiller’s murdered applied to him – and that the Right used to murder thousands of Arabs in the Middle East, in the name of vengeance for “9/11.” You guys should seriously look at yourselves when these sorts of things happen. They have nothing to do with the Left.


  2. Eagle 6 says:

    Jersey, I’m not sure how you can conclude that most domestic violence is a product of the far right…Killing babies is a product of the left. The majority of murders, robberies, and drug-related offenses are a product of the left. Discipline and accountability are products of the right, so it is no surprise that a number of vile, soulless Arabs died in the Middle East. Likewise, a great number of Commies, Nazis, Jihadists, and others who threatened the security of this country have been killed, and there are many more who will be killed if we want to remain a free country. The left wants freedoms AND wants no blood on their hands, so they CAN have it both ways because some of us know what needs to be done, within legal limits. Of course, one can twist that around and reinvent what legal means are, but that is a pointless excerise.

    Arguments the left are using to tie abortionist murder to Bill O’Reilly are akin to blaming all the Hollywood whores for premarital sex and drug abuse. There is something called the “reasonable man” perspective…

    One could argue the difference between a right wing and left extremist is the target: right wing extremists target people who do harm to others. Left wing extremists do harm to unborn babies who inconvenience them, or don’t give free money when they hold a gun to your head.

  3. Well, Eagle, I don’t look at abortion the way you do, so I will not concede your point. I don’t consider abortion the murder of babies any more than I consider eatnig a walnut the same as chopping down a walnut tree. An embryo is a pre-baby, not a baby.

    On the other hand, sure, you bet I put a lot of the onus on Hollywood for the rather sleazy and debased nature of our society! So do many on the Left! You’d have to live in a cave to not know that! The Left has just as much vehement objection to sex and violence coming from the entertainment sector as the Right, the only difference is that the Left seems to stand more opposed to the violence while the Right seems more opposed to the sex. But these are just matters of degree. Personally, I worry more about violence than sex.

    The fact of the matter is that violent extremism in America is most commonly a product of the Right in recent years and it has been that way for the past generation or so. Over the course of history, the vast majority of violent extremism throughout the world has been more a product of the Right than the Left, though there are a few glaring exceptions. But if you consider nationalism, authoriarianism, militarism, and religious fundamentalism to be Rightist idium, then you can’t help but see what I’m saying. Most of the violent extremism in the history of man has been in the name of those ideologies.


  4. Eagle 6 says:

    Jersey, That is an interesting perspective, and although I cannot give carte blanche approval, I agree that the Right seems more likely to use force to maintain freedoms and/or protect what they believe is theirs. In other words, more conservatives are brought up on charges for protecting their property (house, car, wallet) and shooting intruders than the left. I believe you are one of the exceptions, but that’s one of the reasons labels are so unproductive. As a Rightie, I take offense to being opposed to sex!! :0)

  5. Dav Lev says:

    I am an Independent. No political party has me in it’s pocket.
    That said, I remember when the VD stood for “Village Deli” and “Ships
    Restaurant” was nearby.

    The VD had the best turkey (real) sandwiches in the city, and Ships
    placed toasters at their tables and counter for English muffins.

    I write my legislators constantly, and every once in a while, the President/
    Sec. of State and the NYTimes, Los Angeles Times, etc.

    I do get responeses. I consider, other than being active in politits,
    the best and most effective way of getting people and organizations
    in power to think RIGHT. I am trying to save the America I know and love.

    I voted Republican in the last three national elections. As the Obama
    administration continues to lie, I become happier and happier I voted
    the way I did. But as a Jew, I was in the minority.

    I believe a fetus IS NOT a baby. No fetus can survive outside it’s mother.
    Babies have to survive, and NEED their mothers however for years. Babies
    can do little on their own. Yet babies are smart.

    I am for abortions, right through all the 3 terms. If not allowed
    in the US, then Mexico will accommodate those hapless women
    who should have understood when you take off your clothing,
    you pay a price. We men have our desires you know.
    Then there are always paper hangers, as one woman informed me.

    Rarely does the man involved marry the girl he first has sex with.
    They are mostly objects to satisfy one’s cravings.

    Soooo, if a girl, or adult wants an abortion (unwanted pregnancy)
    why deny it? Why is it considered immoral. The act itself was

    I have debated with a friend whether a fetus is a fetus or an unborn
    human being. He thinks a “cheap” and “easy” girl has no feelings
    and views sex as no more than giving a massage. I’ve agreed with him
    on that.

    He, like me, hated Obama, but now believes Obama has something to him.

    Yes, Obama has style, stature, easy of speaking, great use of the
    English language. He is a constitutional law professor you know.
    He has spoken before classes at Harvard.

    Obama, unlike his recent candidate for Supreme Court justice,
    (who believes we “white men” w/o similar life experiences, are
    simply less qualified for the job.

    My father came here from Europe…when Jews were being hunted down.
    We spoke about that often.

    To the point, ask those thousands of employees at GM and the
    holders of GM paper (27 billion dollars worth) what THEY think
    of Obama’s recipe to save GM.

    Should we fault them for wanting health benefits or good pension plans?
    Should we be critical of those retirees who now receive benefits,
    while Jap and Kraut workers get none from the companies?

    I ask, who won WW2?

    Eric believes that Jews don’t bomb planes. He is right. Muslims
    (currently) bomb planes or conspire to. But Muslims in the Palestinian
    Israeli conflict have dressed as Satmar (ultra-Orthodox) Jews, with
    explosive belts around them.

    Searching obvious Jews (I am not one) is easy, and just may save
    hundreds of passenger lives.

    In New York City, police sometimes stop a suspicious person.
    I don’t think Orthodox Jews look like terrorists.
    Ahmad can put on the (Orthodox) hats, buy black suits or
    the other attire..and bang, bang, bang, there goes (the Jewish)

    But to disagree with Eric, I have met some crazy conservative types
    during my lifetime. Crazy is crazy, whether liberal or middle or
    conservative. Extremists do influence the crazies.

    Do guns kill people or do people kill people? Does peanut butter
    kill people?

    Having a gun makes it much easier..vs a knife, or baseball bat.

    We elected a “liberal” President, and socialistic Democratic Senators.

    California has always been known as the “land of the fruits and nuts”.
    With Reform rabbies openly for same sex marriages (what won’t
    we do to reduce our numbers?), based on civil rights (equating black
    and other minority civil rights), what can we expect from other
    fruits and nuts?

    I propose that fathers marry daughters, and mothers marry sons.
    I mean, they have civil rights too, don’t they?

    Sometimes Conservatives make egrigious errors. Dick Cheney,
    who understood that more 911’s were possible (next time using
    small pox and other aflotoxins), just came our supporting
    same sex marriages.

    Maybe he and Mrs. Cheney toilet trained their daughter too
    harshly or too soon? Who know?

    I am not against people positionin themselves any way they want
    in the privacy of their bedrooms, but keep the gov’t out of this.

    For that matter, GM did not get into the trouble it now is experiencing
    due to management, labor contracts or not having good cars.
    It got into trouble because Americans bought foreign cars..and didn’t get a tinker’s uknowwhat about their fellow Americans. It’s just that simple.

    I will never buy a foreign car. I care less about the Japs and the Krauts.
    Had they won the war, I wouldn’t be commenting on this site.

    Oh the latest news is that Obama may re-consider our approach towards
    Hezbollah if they win the Lebanese election. He also said that he loves
    Israel caus some US Jews reside there. In fact, Israel has very few
    US Jews..most of it’s residents came from the Arab countries, where
    their parents were evicted in 1948.
    US Jews (I call them bagel and lox Jews) have NOT been to Israel.
    But don’t dare dent their cars, or you will feel their wrath.

    You ain’t seen nothing yet folks.

  6. Well, Eagle, I think you’re certainly right about one thing – labels are more often than not pretty useless. I disagree a little about why conservatives are perhaps a little more eager to fight, as I think it’s less about ‘freedom” than it is about want of authoritarism, nationalism, insecurity and paranoia. For example, when I hear some righties talk about “eco-terrorists,” I think to myself, “What kind of p@$$# is terrified by environmentalists?” Or when I hear, “The terrorists are a threat to our freedom,” I think, “What kind of an idiot really believes a bunch of turbined loonies are a serious threat to our freedom?” Conservatives may be more eager to fight, but I think sometimes they just have itchy trigger fingers.

    Dan, MOST Israeli Jews were born in Israel. Even to this day, TWICE as many Jews immigrate to Israel from Europe and the Western Hemisphere than do all told from everywhere e;se – including Arab countries. Less than half of the post-1948 immigrants came from Arab or Muslim countries. Get your facts straight. The majority of Jews in Israel fled EUROPE, where they experienced the worst persecution in their entire history – in fact, the worst persecution of any people by any other people in the history of the world. How frighteningly easily you conservatives forget.


  7. Toma says:

    Great post eric.

    The point being, an abortionist doctor was gunned down by a prolife terrorist in Kansas and the heinous crime is immediately denounced by the White House and DOJ. The right wing terrorist murderer is immedialtely link to right wing conservative extremist rhetoric spread by right wing conservative extremists on talk radio and surely Fox News made a sizable contribution to the murderer’s mind set. The Leftists get really giddy when they can blame anyone they don’t like for anything.

    Oh, I almost forgot. Two American soldiers are gunned down by a Muslem on the streets of Little Rock. I guess the gunman is Muslem his name is something, something Mohammed but also known as something Bledsoe. No one knows what his motives were but he acted alone and is not linked to any organization. He apparently has something against the U.S. Army. The Soldiers, one dead and one gravely injured, are not important enough to deserve any statement from the White House or the DOJ. O well they were just American Soldiers. I guess its no big deal.

    OH, gee whiz, I think there is a double standard here!!!

    I wonder how the courts and the media will threat these two cases? I’t may be interesting.


  8. Eagle 6 says:

    Toma, If the Soldiers had been drafted, there would likely be more public outrage, but because they are volunteers, they should accept the risk…and of course the abortionist killer (do I repeat myself?) was influenced by evil right wing media, just as Ahmed Rashad Mohammed Abdullah Abu Noor is a misguided soul with no affiliations to any extremist group…those guys who snipe with bullets not words, blow people up with IEDs not pompous arguments, and lurk in the shadows rather than face the nation on TV or radio…

    Dav, I think the abortion decision should be out of the government’s purview. Although I personally don’t believe in abortions, I also don’t have a problem with those who support them, except for the illogical arguments used. I know there are different views about regligion, but I’m confident the Jewish faith considers a fetus a baby once there’s movement in the womb. Saying a fetus isn’t a baby because it can’t survive without its mother gives tacit approval to kill a child at any stage of life it is dependent – 10, 12 years old? Let’s kill quadraplegics because they are dependent…according to the Army, my wife is a dependent… so long honey, pow! If our government doesn’t consider a fetus a baby, then how can they justify fining someone $10,000 for smashing an eagle egg, that isn’t an eagle? I hate the double standard, and I am also disappointed in some of the Right’s responses to issues…both sides are building reinforcements for their positions rather than bridges. I’d quip we need a good enemy to bring us together, but …the Islamofascists were only the rage for a couple years…

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