Los Angeles Link Love Tuesday

I am foregoing my usual column just for today only because so many events are going on, and I want everybody to know about them.

This column will be continually updated, so please check back periodically. Also, if you have events you wish to promote, please let me know, or just leave the information in the comments section.

Many of these events are in Los Angeles, but I do have events listed nationwide. All times are listed are West Coast.

Monday, June 15th–Yesterday I was a guest on radio station WTXY 1540 in South Carolina with Robbie Kendall. The show was pre-recorded, so I will let everyone know when the podcast is available. For those in the Carolinas, the interview will air today at 1pm PST, 4PM EST.


Thursday, June 18th–The Republican Party of Los Angeles County has their meeting at 7pm, at 6250 Lake Forest Drive.


Sunday, June 28th–I will be a live guest on the Elise Richmond radio program at 10am. She is based out of San Bernardino.


Wednesday, June 24th–I will be a live guest on the Bob Dutko radio program based out of Detroit, Michigan. This is a Christian radio station, and I will be on at 11:35am.


Wednesday, June 24th–The Los Angeles Jewish Chamber of Commerce is having a business mixer at Busbys in Santa Monica at 5:30pm. The waitress there is Tracy. She is hot.


Sunday, June 28th–The Republican Jewish Coalition is having its annual Summer bash. It will be held at the Loews Hotel in Santa Monica.


Monday, June 29th–Frank Gaffney and Avi Schnur are having a conference at 7pm at the Luxe Hotel in Brentwood. It will be a 2009 update on Missile Defense.


Tuesday, June 30th–I will be speaking in Torrance to ACT, a serious foreign policy group concerned with the threat of radical Islam. I will also be doing a book signing. Contact Rachelle Mand for details. The event is taking place at 2880 Sepulveda Blvd, which is the local Sizzler. I love Sizzler, especially when they have corn fritters.


July 2 though 5–I will be in Sacramento with the Sacramento Queen. I am currently trying to book a speaking engagement there. I will have more updates on tea parties as information becomes available.

July 6 through 10–I will be in Chicago, and have not scheduled any speaking engagements at this time.

July 9 through 12–The Young Republican Conference of 2009 will be held in Indianapolis. I will be there, and young Republicans from all over should go.


Sunday, July 12–The Hollywood Congress of Republicans will be having a barbecue at Wilderness Park in Arcadia. Contact Mell Flynn for details.


Thursday, July 16–I will be speaking at the West LA Courthouse. The topic will be why I should not have to pay a multi-hundred dollar fine for an automobile infraction. There will most likely not be a book signing, although I will be autographing some papers.

Tuesday, July 21–I will be speaking to the Ventura County chapter of the Republican Jewish Coalition, headed by Mitch Silberman. I will be doing a book signing. Details to follow.

Friday, August 7–Sean Hannity has his Freedom Concert in San Diego.


Saturday, August 8–Sean Hannity has his Freedom Concert in Las Vegas.

Saturday, August 8–I will be speaking to the Southern California Republican Men and Women. This will take place at the Saddleback Ranch in Burbank. Rick Montaine has the details. This will be during the day at a luncheon, so there is still time to get from and to both Hannity concerts.


Wednesday, September 16th–I will be speaking to the Long Beach Republican Women’s Federated at their monthly luncheon. Please contact Helene Belisle for details.


This concludes Los Angeles Link Love Tuesday. See you soon.


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  1. Dav Lev says:

    I am not a gay basher…I am against the gov’t interferring in someone’s bedroom. That said, I am for the initiative process..referendum and recall,
    which, to my recollection was taught to me ( I lived on the East Coast
    as a youngster) in school, which differed from my state at the time).

    Last weekend, the gays and their supporters, including the mayor,
    were out in force, parading which they do once/year.

    I wasn’t about to watch, preferring the NYThanksgiving Day or annual
    Israeli Day parades, frankly. One parade is for the kiddies (get that
    gays), and the other is for the survival of a small state, created by
    the United Nations (and violated one day later by 6 Arab armies).

    I find it interesting that when Muslims want to ignore the UN ( 3 Security
    Council resolutions banning the enrichment of uranium) they find all kinds
    of excuses. When they wanted to ignore the UN’s creation of Israel, out
    of the British Mandate for Palestine, they attacked.

    However, when convenient for them to use the good offices of the UN
    to erode Israel’s very existenc, they do not hesitate.

    Yet the do-gooder, naive, gullible leftists always advocate going to
    the UN to resolve probles. Oh me oh my! Hear that Obama..are you

    Back to the gay marchers..they are upset over Prop 8..the will of the people, and have filed lawsuits to overturn the people.

    Folks, this aint’ about equal rights..they have more than more states.
    It’s about taxes..taxes, taxes., like form 1040. They want to prepare
    their returns like other married folk, and get the benefits. They also
    want social security benefits..equal to others.

    I wish they were at least honest. Maybe it’s true what most other
    states say about Californians?

    Obama, the messiah of many who voted for his rhetoric, and quiet
    nature (but not experience), has flip flopped on another major issue,
    gay rights. His justice department has intervened in a lawsuit to declare
    Prop 8 unconstitutional. Recall, that Obama IS a constitutional lawyer,
    having lectured at Harvard on his speciality.

    The gays are infuriorated by his intervention.

    I could have told you guys, and gals.

    Speaking of perfidy, hows about the tax implications of the 3 trillion
    dollar stimulus plan. ( The govt has provide or guaranteed over 13 trillion
    dollars to banks, insurance companies, etc.).

    Assuming Obama arm wrestles the AMA in going along with his
    single payer plan, what will be the ultimate cost to US?

    Well for starters, 50m uninsured people will cost one-sixth (approx)
    of the total cost of medical care for the rest of us., or about
    one-sixth of 2 trillion dolars.

    Obama thinks he can tax the “wealthy”, to get the funding.

    Maybe, if Congress approves, but just maybe those rich will
    die prematurely from the stress of knowing their risks have
    been in vain. The more they make (and not lose), the higher
    their taxes. Add it up..40% Federal and 10% state equals 50%.
    Add on another 10% sales tax, plus property taxes and “special
    parcel taxes” (see LATimes), plus social security taxes..I mean
    why work, risk your money, take a chance?

    Folks, in NYCity, one-third of their collected income taxes is from
    “bonus” payments to people on Wall Street, or 30 billion dollars.
    If you end the compensation…no more huge services for the
    poor New Yorkers, living in those City and State housing projects,
    welfare, health benefits, free tuition, and minimal fees for the
    subways and buses.

    Some of my relatives are “social Democrats”, except when they
    ask me how to save on taxes.

    I tell them vote Republican..and get sick more often for those
    deductions. Also, if you legalize same sex marriages….the NYState
    marital deduction will apply. Sooooooo, you and most others will
    pay more.

    But I agree with the liberals on one thing…taxing the well heads
    California is one of the few states which does not.

    On to Obama’s negotiations with our enemies..No. Korean, Iran,
    Syria, and Venezuela. He (see Biden) still wants to talk, to engage
    with Iran., despite the anarchy in the streets right now by the brave
    souls who are fighting Ahmad and his clerical supporters (and country
    bumkins who got potatos as a bribe prior to this farce of an election.
    (Where were you Carter to supervise?).

    Mr. Obama, hows about ending your “negotiations”..and showing
    support for the rival candidates? Hows about putting pressure
    on Ahmad..and taking it off the natural growth in the Jewish settlements.

    Hows about it Obama. There is still time.

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