North Korea wages war against America

Now onto the life and death struggle to save civilization from barbarism.

North Korea has engaged in an act of War against the United States of America.

President Obama appears to have no solution.

A pair of American citizens have been sentenced to 12 years in prison in North Korea after a kangaroo court convicted them.

Blaming the pair for visiting a dangerous area does not change the fact that visiting a bad neighborhood at night does not mean that the girl in the short skirt, the blak man in the white neighborhood, or the rich person in a bad part of town deserves to be subjected to violence. Bad judgment does not mean people deserve to die or face death.

These young women are being held against their will. Why is this happening?

Beause North Korea knows that they can do whatever they want without consequences. Barack Obama is seen as weak.

He wanted to repair our relationships with our allies, but all he has done is offend world leaders in France and Germany, as well as England. Europe has shifted sharply to the right because the left is seen as completely ineffectual with regards to keeping people safe.

President Obama said he would repair relationships. The problem is that diplomacy is notsupposed to be the end result. Jumping up and down and celebrating a meeting is not as important as what tangible actions come as a result of meetings.

Is it possible that the President has secret diplomacy going on, and we just do not see the results yet? Perhaps. However, these kidnappings are serious. Nothing less than them both returning home safely will be acceptable.

This is very serious. On issue after issue, our allies are rebuffing Mr. Obama and our enemies are getting bolder and bolder.

I annot imagine the North Koreans pulling a stunt like this with George W. Bush still in power.

Mr. Obama does not grasp that outside of a slice of the American electorate, the world is unimpressed with his platitudes. They want substance. All they are getting are professorial style lectures.

I have said over and over again that I bare no personal animus toward President Obama. I want him to keep us safe.

He is failing. Yes, it is early in the game. Yes, he has the ability to get substantive achievements. Yet right now it seems that the world is on fire, and he is fiddling. He can blame George W. Bush all he wants, but these women were kidnapped on M. Obama’s watch. This is his foreign policy crisis, and his alone.

Mr. Obama, I am not here to bash you. I just truly believe that your approach is not working. If I am proven wrong, I will issue a loud sigh of relief.

Mr. Obama, please…get these women home safely. Your job is to keep American citizens safe. North Korea engaged in an act of aggression toward America that can only be fairly described as war.

This is intolerable. I am not advocating military strikes, but do something sir.

The families of these two young women are watching.

So is the rest of the world, including our enemies.


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  1. Eagle 6 says:

    Brilliant move by N Korea. They know that we know what happened the last time an errant leader threatened the US through posturing WMD…the differences are N Korea is much further along, and their army is much, much stronger than Iraq’s was…and his people are hungry, so he’s in a great position to bargain. American citizens won’t support a pre-emptive strike using conventional warfare, and most won’t support nukes, so our recourse is to pay… so in the near term, we will lose wasta with the world and whatever resources it costs. Longer term initially bodes ill for us unless we figure a way to screw them… as in make sure whatever resources we provide to get the hostages back is infected with diseases or is otherwise invasive…like Kudzu, fire ants, small pox, rice blight, or gay genes…

  2. Dav Lev says:

    The other day, I went to the dentist, who I had avoided intentionally,
    fearing the worst.

    After the usual xrays and examination, I was told forcefully that had I waited even 1 day longer, I might have cracked several teeth, and thus
    required far more extensive work AND EXPENSE.

    Being in a good mood, I told him to go ahead with the complex, expensive
    and long treatment.

    Now, most of the work is done..but payments are still required to fully pay the therapy. It hurts in more ways than one.

    But, I saved myself much worse agony and costs.

    The same applies to No. Korea, Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba and
    all our other “Axis of Evil” type enemies (current and future).

    Obama makes flowery speeches..yet not as eloquent as Churchill,
    Roosevelt and even Edward Morrow, etc. He’s getting a little repetitive.
    We all recall his speech about race relations..but has anthing CHANGED?
    I haven’t noticed anything different, have you?

    He went to Germany and Egypt..and sort of said the Holocaust led to
    Israel’s creation. In fact, the Balfour Declaration, long before Hitler
    created Israel. The “White Paper” however doomed 6m Jews to a brutal
    murder, by gassing shooting, hanging, starvation, experimentation, etc.
    1.5m little Jewish children were gassed, starved, shot wholesale.

    The Holocaust did however, move the world of pity to do what should have
    been done decades before. Only the Turks saved Jews (hear that
    Roosevelt supporters). Roosevelt didn’t lift a finger during his
    Presidency. Yet Jews support the Democrats 85% in elections..caus
    they are perceived as “fOR THE LITTLE GUY”. Right! And who is going
    to pay for the little guy?

    Yes indeed, Europe is beginning to wake up to US empty talk, with
    little actual backing for acton.

    Bush is maligned by the Arab world because he released 50 Afgans
    and Iraqis, for better or worse, while ecouraging Libya to give up
    it’s nukes. They forget how we bombed a good Christian nation (Serbia) to protect the Muslims in Bosnia/Kosovo-who had fought the Christians for
    centuries. They forgot that 600,000 Serbs were killed by Hitler and his
    allies, the Muslim SS divsions.

    In No. Korea, John Bolton told US about it’ perfidy..and implored US]
    not to trust them. He is having the last laugh.

    Iran is having elections..and Ahmad is expected to win.
    This is one to watch.

    Our rep to No. Korea said today in South Korea that we must
    utilizie all our diplomatic efforts to convince the North to
    stop it’s sovereign right to make nukes and manufacture missiles
    or face serious consequences.

    I ask, why no such tough language directed at Iran? Iran recently sent an arms shipment to the Palestinians which was stopped and boarded
    near Greece. Iran blasted the UN (US) for daring to board their

    I, like Eric, want Obama to succeed. To fail is unthinkable.
    The point is, when do we and how do we interceed, if we
    notice that doing nothing..playing for time, will, like dental work
    achieve only worse results?

    Obama should immediately give No. Korea 48 hours to release those
    two women. It should tell Iran that within 3 months, we will take out
    3 nuke sites using our state of the arts weapons.

    We should give Israel the go ahead to eradicate Hez and Hamas
    using their weaponry..and we will veto any UNSC resolution.

    We should tell Saudi Arabia not to meddle in US, Israel affairs, and
    tend to their human rights violations and oil policies (extortion) which
    are based on greed, and not demand.

    Obama should stop campaigning and get on with running (not ruining
    the country). He is not my messiah., even though I do wish him well
    and success.

  3. Micky 2 says:

    He cant blame Bush, Al Gores “Current TV ” is behind this whole idea from the start.
    Obama has already decided that many of Bushs foriegn policies were the way to go. It’ll be interesting to see what he does. I’m not that hopefull for these girls unless we pay somehow for their release. I say we free em and then take a few launching pads and let him knows that the next stunt will aim our missles at his house.
    Enough already, the extortion game is over.
    He cant be allowed to sell his weapons to anyone but mainly Iran or Syria. he needs the money, he doesnt want a war, but he also knows Obama wont do squat. And then theres the whole China thing, I’ll bet they’re holding at least one of his gonads.

  4. Actually, the North Koreans are doing with these women what American anti-“illegal” immigrant people say they want to do to undocumented aliens! Funny, maybe we’re at war with the Minute Men too!

    Every president since Ike has been unable to effectively deal with North Korea. Anyone who thinks this wouldn’t have happened when Bush was president knows very little about the history of that relationship. The North Koreans, if anything, BECAME what they are today on Bush’s watch. They didn’t just build all these missiles, for example, in the past 4 1/2 months. To make this about Obama is and innane, pointless, blatant partisan cheap shot.

    There is only so much the United States can do with every situation on the planet. Contrary to the imperial dreams of the neoconservatives, we are not the world’s police. Eventually, China is going to have to step in to the mess THEY MADE in North Korea. This is their deranged child – they own it, they have to fix it. If they’d stayed out of the war, there wouldn’t be a North Korea today, and China would be unaffected by it save for the countless refugees from that utterly failed state they’ve been getting stuck with for the past 50 years. China made the same mistake in North Korea that we made in Vietnam – the mistake of power-driven paranoia.

    I predict eventually China will step in and fix that God-aweful mess. I predict there isn’t much we’ll EVER be able to do about it.


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