The Knesset Gets Bold

The Israeli Knesset just voted on an explosive new resolution.

Hardliners like myself are cheering, even though I know that this is only symbolic policy that will never become law. I know that I am constantly criticizing symbolism over substance, and that saying is not doing, but at least I have a ray of hope that Israelis have had enough.

Israel has voted on a resolution to give Palestinians their own homeland…in Jordan.

53 out of 120 members of the Knesset voted for this resolution. I am sure that many would have voted against it had it actually had a chance to pass, but 53 is still a staggering number.

This has angered Jordan, as if that should actually matter.

Jordan was supposed to be part of Israel. Israel was not created out of the Holocaust. It was not even created out of the Balfour Declaration, although that is a more reasonable starting point.

Israel goes back thousands of years, before any Arabs or their defective cousins known as Palesimians ever existed.

Now Israel is uttering the phrase that finally tells me Israel has had it with these defective Arab misfits that support terrorism. Israel is pointing out that Palestinians are not a separate party like Norwegians would be. Palestinians are Arabs. The West Bank Arabs are Jordanians.

New Yorkers often flee to Florida for better weather and lower taxes. Yet they are still New Yorkers. They can call themselves Nebraskans but that would be completely false.

There is no Palestine on the map. The Palestinians are not Israelis. They are Arabs.. Therefore, they should live with their brothers. Those who object can say something as soon as Jews are allowed to live in Arab countries without being murdered for being Jewish.

There are 22 Arab states, and now they want a 23rd one. Israel owns 80% of one Jewish state, since 20% of the population are Israeli Arabs. Make no mistake that they are Arabs first.

This matters because Jordan murdered one million Palestinians. They drove them out. They should take them back. The United States should provide relocation assistance and ensure that it is not spent to buy guns and bombs.

Some say that it is wrong to drive people from where they live. Yet if somebody escapes from a looney bin and breaks into your house, you have every right to return them to the looney bin. Now that is a right of return I could embrace.

They are Jordanians. Besides, they are not being driven from anywhere they want to be. They want all of Israel. They want the Jews driven into the sea. If they wanted a homeland, they would not have attacked in 1948, 1956, 1967 (Israel technically attacked first, but the Arabs were about to), 1973 (On Yom Kippur, b@stards that they are), 1982, and pretty much every other day that ends in the letters d, a, and y.

At some point it has to be acknowledged that the Palesimians deserve the misery they face. They brought it upon themselves.

Finally the Israeli government has decided to stop responding to Palesimian terrorism by groveling and begging for more terror.

There is no political or diplomatic solution with these savages. The only solution is overwhelming brute force.

This action will not provoke world war because it will not become law.

Yet psychologically, Israelis have finally accepted that Palesimians believe in peace as much as vegetarians believe in cattle ranches.

Israelis want Palesimians to shut up and go back to where they came from.

That would be Jordan.


6 Responses to “The Knesset Gets Bold”

  1. I’m surprised you haven’t written about what happened at the Holocaust museum! You’d think that would be a story for you, no? Ya’ know – REAL anti-Semitism?

    And that comment about Palestinians – that was racist. You guys have really got to knock it off with that. You obviously have no idea how ironically and counter-productively stupid that is.

    Israel does go back thousands of years, in fact, you have to go back almost two thousand years since there last was an Israel there! By your ridiculous standard, we should immediately give almost all of the Americas back to the Indians, move the Armenians back to Anatolia, move the Turks all back to Central Asia, return the British Isles and Iberia to the Celts, remove all the Scotts from Australia, and on and on and on and on…

    And even then, where would you stop? Countless ethnic groups moved through, settled, conquered, and left the Eastern Shores of the Med over history. The Hittites, Greeks, Babylonians, and on and on and on and on… Who would be the real “original” owners? Neanderthals? If they ever manage to clone Neanderthals, since one of their last known homelands was today’s Israel, should we give it to them?

    And this nonsense about Jews and Arabs – they have the same ancestors! You’re all Semites! If you go back 2,000 years, you wouldn’t be able to tell one from another! They were the same people! Jews just happened to be sort of monotheistic while most of the other people in the region were not. That’s it! It would have been like saying that you can tell the difference between a Lutheran and a Methodist just by looking at them. Sure, today Jews don’t look much like Arabs anymore, but that’s because most Israelis (contrary to the ancestral mythology imagined by people like Dan Lev) come from Europe and the Americas. And those “European Jews,” especially the Ashkenazi, have long since racially homogenized with Europeans – “long since” as in well over a millenia!

    The people you so derisively call the “defective cousins” of the Arabs have lived in todays Israel much longer than the orginal Israelis EVER did! They actually got along with each other better too! Ancient Israel was constantly at internicene war and tension, kingdoms breaking up and uniting and breaking up again throughout it’s history. They paid ddearly for that, unable to unite at times of attack from larger empires who covetted it’s strategic shores.

    Look, everyone knows why there is an Israel today, and it is all about the Holocaust, contrary to your ridiculous assertion otherwise. It never even occured to most of the post-WWII Jewish refugees to settle in the Middle East – they’d been through enough already. But anti-Semitism – real anti-Semitism and not the phony cheap-shot anti-semitism you guys accuse people like Jimmy Carter of – prevented the refugees from going to nice peaceful places like the US and British Commonwealth. And so Zionists saw their opportunity – they gathered the refugees in Israel, pushed out the British (partly through violence and terrorism) and brought Israel back from ancient history into the modern world.

    Should the Israelis be allowed to live there? Sure. They have deep religious and cultural ties to the land. The problem is that the Arabs also have deep religious and cultural ties to the land that are JUST as valid and important to them.

    So what to do?

    Well, what the rightwingnuts like Bibi are doing is only going to make things worse. Last time he was PM he only made things worse. this time he looks like he want to make thing a LOT worse. This guy isn’t happy unless everyone else, except rightwingnuts, are unhappy. Israel need to end and cose the settlements on the West Bank. Withdraw to the 1967 boundaries. And create a viable political vacuum in the West Bank for the establishment of a Palestinian state. Just like the Jews, the Palestinians have a right to exist and to have a state. Of all people, you’d think a Jewish person would understand that.


  2. Eagle 6 says:

    I hate the Palestinian aggression, and I find no fault in Israelis’ defending themselves. I don’t understand the argument about the validity of the Palestinians to be able to settle – they go back to the Biblical days as well, as Philistines, so maybe I just don’t understand the real issue.

    I agree, though, that the Palestinians seem to want it both ways – just as the Arabs want it both ways. An Arab can move into Kurdistan, work, worship whatever religion, and be respected. A Kurd cannot move into an Arab area without severe discrimination and/or getting killed. Likewise, Palestinians have similar benefits in Israel.

    Of course, for Jersey, by arguing that we should give back our land to the Indians, Mexicans, and whomever else, and we know that isn’t going to happen, we reinforce the argument that the Palestinians need to find someplace else to go because they either gave up their rights to the land or were pushed out so many years ago, and 30 acres and a Mule ain’t happening.

  3. Micky 2 says:

    Like I’ve said a million times.
    The rest of the Arab nations should make care packages for these Arab gypsys and send each home to their state of origin.

    Yeah, lets have a productive prosperous full of commerce and capital anti semetic nation right next to and practically within Israel. So productive and properous that it wont require the support if Iran and as a result its able to start making bigger and better weapons, right, yeah, thats the ticket.

    Absolutely insane

  4. Woulda, coulda, shoulda, Micky – there is NO political impetus for the Arab rulers to ease the plight of the Palestinians. None. As long as the Palestinians live in occupational squalor, the Arab rulers can blame Israel for all the world’s ills.

    And Eagle, the Israeli’s want it both ways too. Like Jimmy Carter warned – if Israel absorbs the occupied territoris then it can no longer be a democracy. ONLY a system of APARTHEID could maintain a “Jewish State” that is majority non-Jewish. The ONLY other option would be a Jacksonian militarily expulsion of the Palestinians from THEIR homeland. It would be a horrific bloodbath in the Middle East if that happened.

    The answer seems as clear as day to most people, but an understandable animosity and paranoia is the order of the day among the Jews and Palestinians. As each year passes, that animosity and paranoia grows and becomes more ingrained in the cultures. The situation becomes less and less answerable over time. At some point, and some point soon, the Israeli’s will HAVE to do the one and only thing that has ever brought them lasting peace in the past and GIVE BACK THEIR LAND. This isn’t rocket science – just fear of rockets. And that’s something Israelis will, unfortunately and sadly, probably always have to deal with no matter what they do.


  5. Toma says:

    Eagle makes a very important point comparing the way Arabs are treated with respect in non-Muslem areas or countries. However non-Muslems are destroyed in Muslem areas or countries. Let a Christian or Jew move to Iran or Syria or Saudia Arabia and try to worship. The Christian or Jew would be at least imprisoned if not killed. What is more, the praise which Obama drapes onto Islam. Proclaiming Islam’s “peaceful intent” and “civilization’s debt to Islam”.

    I believe Obama is a Muslem and his words and actions are proving my belief. “Throughout history, Islam has demonstrated through words and deeds the possibilities of religious tolerance and racial equality”. Does this man actually expect us to believe these words? How naive? No, he is not naive but cold and calculating. He is preaching Islam, his intent is to try and change the world’s view of his religion. He even praises his Islamic roots and proclaims his pride in Islam. He is not sounding like a campaigning Obama now is he?

    I was quite suprised to learn that the United States is the largest Muslem country on the planet. Praise Allah. I guess I had better find a copy of the Koran and start studying. I’ll advise my family to do the same. That is if we want to live. (I have never been this disgusted and angry)


  6. Dav Lev says:

    While we all know what Eric is saying is the truth, about Israel’s creation and the best alternative for it’s Arab “partners in peace”, there is the reality.

    Just today, on the Charlie Rose TV show, the Ambassador to the UN from Russia stated that the Arabs are upset over Israel’s insistance on building
    in the settlements, they are mad that Israel calls itself a Jewish state, but
    are more than pleased that President Obama has finally come around to their point of view on settling the 100 year old conflict.

    In other words, Israel must accept the old 67 borders (cease fire lines)
    as it’s border with another Arab state. East Jerusalem is to be relinquished
    to the new Palestinian entity.

    Bibi Netanyahu has been sharply criticized for his idea that two states
    may not be the answer to the conflict, this being in violation of
    every other country’s thinking.

    Soooooo, what is this all about?

    Russia wants the 67 borders, Jerusalem divided as prior to 67, the right
    of return of Arabs wanting to move to Israel itself, the dismantling of
    the settlements (no one would move their if development for natural
    growth is stopped), AND a country which is a country to all it’s people,
    with no preferences for any majority (Jewish) or to serve as a haven
    for Jews worldwide.

    Russia is siding with the Arabs who are infuriated with Israeli and lately
    their Prime Minister’s statements.

    With opposition like this, what is a good right wing and moderate Israeli to do?

    Bibi is rumored to be adament about allowing for natural growth
    in the major settlements, as per understandings HE DID HAVE WITH
    BUSH. He envisions a Palestinian entity (autonomy), and self-rule.
    Jerusalem will remain unified..with Arabs having control over their
    holy sites, etc. This entity (West Bank) will be demilitarized, so as to
    avoid it being used as a basis for either terrorism or outright war.

    Any peace would include the wider Arab world..and Iran would
    be contained.

    Abbas, the Fatah leader (West Bank) is insisting that Bibi accept
    2 states, PRIOR to any negotiations (which have stopped). If Israel
    doesn’t agree to dismantle the settlements, this would kill any
    peace. Jerusalem must be divided, the Palestinians being permitted
    to have their own “Arab”army and NO Israeli control whatsoever.
    The partial blockade at the Gaza Strip is to be lifted.

    This is the bottom line: Israel will have to be stronger than ever in it’s history to stop Obama’s recipe for it’s own disaster and send a message to
    the country that helped to create it, Russia.

    Israel is in the territories BECAUSE it was attacked in 1948, 1967 and
    1973. There were Palestinian brigades fighting them. Jordan
    unleased it’s well trained army in both 48 and 67, and lost East Jerusalem
    and the West Bank, back to where it should have always been, a part of Israel (see Balfour Declaration, long a policy prior to the Holocaust ever
    started). Obama was simply wrong in linking the two.

    True, the Holocaust did garner sympathy for Europe’s few remaining
    Jews..and aided in influencing the UN vote to partition the land West of
    the Jordan River. However, we should be reminded that the US put an
    mbargo on all arms shipments to that area in 1948, despite the Arabs
    having well-equipped armies.

    In 1967, Egypt and Syria, along with Saudi Arabia and Iraq, attacked Israel
    by both sending armies to it’s borders, and closing a major waterway.
    Israel fortunately struck with ernest at 8 a.m. with hundreds of warplanes.
    The rest is history.

    The world expects Israel to act as if it lost the wars mentioned above.
    Hed it lost, there would be no talking today about anything. Hitler
    would have finally succeeded in destroying Europe, Russia and the Palestinian Jews.

    What can I say about Obama? I ask, is he just plainly anti-Semitic,
    pro-Palestinian, playing world politics..badly influenced by oil? I really
    don’t know, maybe a combination of everything?

    Considering the 85% of we US Jews voted for him, do we have
    anything to complain about now, knowing full well what his
    intentions were.

    On everything else however, he has flip-flopped.

    Hey Obama, I’m still waiting for my 1,000 credit.

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