Ari David For Congress

At Cafe Formosa in Hollywood, I had the pleasure of Emceeing the kickoff event to elect Ari David to Congress.

Ari is running against Henry Waxman in the 30th district in California, where Mr. Waxman has served for approximately the last 847 years.

Speakers at the event included writer John Romano, politico Ron Yates, and comedian Evan Sayet. A heartfelt tribute to Ari by his wife Fini David added to the poignancy of the evening.

As the Emcee, I wanted a brisk pace, and kept my own remarks to a minimum. Below are some of my remarks, followed by the kickoff of the Ari David campaign for Congress.

“When I was first asked to Emcee an event for Ari David, there was a bad telephone connection. I angrily yelled into the phone that there was no way I would support him or his wife. When the caller asked what I had against Ari David, I replied, ‘Oh, you said Ari David. I thought you meant that loser from ‘Curb your enthusiasm.””

“I recommended to Ari David a new government program where we take Henry Waxboy…I have downgraded him from Waxman…We take Waxboy and Brad Sherman (who should be downgraded to Sherboy, but that is for another day), put them in a moving van, and drop them off in another district where they can wreck others instead of us. This government program is called ‘U-Haul the cueball.'”

“Republicans in 2008 offered John McCain, Rudy Giuliani, and Fred Thompson, while Democrats offered Barack Obama, John Edwards, and Christopher Dodd. It’s obvious that the American electorate is bigoted against the follically challenged. Remember that in 2010. Ari David has good hair. Support him.”

“Another reason to elect Ari David is his wife Fini. Won’t it be great when Waxman is asked to finally leave Congress? We can look at him and say, ‘Congress Waxman, it’s over. Ari David is entering the building. So is his wife Fini. So Mr. Waxman, I say to you, here is Ari David, and as for you, Fini!'”

(That is the only situation where ever saying something in French has been acceptable.)

Anyway, there are a million things I want to say about Ari David. As a Jewish Republican, naturally I feel pride in his candidacy. More importantly, he is a principled conservative Republican who is not afraid to take on a liberal titan that has overstayed his welcome by several millennium.

“Thank you for coming to our event tonight. First I want to give special thanks to John, Ron and Evan for all of their support and all the great work they have done on our behalf. Please give them a hand.

Eric, I want to thank you for being the emcee at this party. Everyone, please buy a copy of his book because it is a great read and Eric Golub is really in touch with where the modern conservative movement is heading and last but certainly not least, I want to thank my gorgeous wife Fini who supports me in all of my AMBITIOUS endeavors. Honey, without you I would not be here tonight. I love you.

Fini and I are about to become proud parents of a beautiful little girl. I want you to all imagine the grief we are going to give Henry Waxman as we campaign. Let’s see, a beautiful wife, an adorable baby, a stunningly handsome candidate (that would be me) and a golden retriever puppy.  CENTRAL CASTING DID A GREAT JOB, DIDN’T THEY? People tell me that they think this will be a tough race. I agree with them. It will be really tough on Henry Waxman.

The theme is simple. Ari David and family love children, puppies and kittens. Henry Waxman will ROB YOUR CHILDREN’S FUTURE and put you in the poorhouse.

He doesn’t stand a chance.

I challenge Henry Waxman on three issues:


I fully support Israel morally, militarily and diplomatically.

Henry Waxman pays lip service to the Jewish States security issues. But he has a deplorable record of standing with Pelosi and Obama at every turn as they harm Israel AND betray his true agenda. This agenda is the acquisition of unlimited political power. To gain this power from the Democrat party, he happily sells his own people down the river.

The first thing I will do in office is work to empower Israel to act unilaterally against any of her enemies at her discretion. I will also work to share with her all the missile and rocket defense systems available and work to continually develop more. Having the latest missile defense systems up and running is in Israel’s best interest and with Iran and North Korea becoming ever expanding threats it is in our best interest too. Henry Waxman has voted against missile defense system funding every time it has come up for a vote in the House.  IF HE HAD HIS WAY, OUR NATIONAL DEFENSE WOULD CONSIST OF SLINGSHOTS AND PEA SHOOTERS.  WELL MAYBE THAT’S AN EXAGGERATION.  HE’D PROBABLY THINK JUST PEA SHOOTERS ARE ENOUGH.

The second issue I challenge Henry Waxman on is his Cap and Trade FIASCO.

I am against all regulation and taxes on energy use and production. We are the most car centric district in the nation. How dare Henry Waxman sponsor (and pass) cap and trade legislation when his OWN constituents, are the PEOPLE most dependent on gasoline to live our lives?

Unemployment in California is at 15% and rising. We are in a terrible recession brought on by the Democrats in both Washington and Sacramento.


HENRY WAXMAN does not know the MEANING of the word enough!

The second thing I will do in office is work to rescind all of the federal fuel and energy taxes on Californians.


Every town has a local mill. I believe that our local mill, otherwise known as the entertainment industry must be protected and kept local.
Henry Waxman has presided over a massacre of runaway production and job loss in our entertainment business.

The third thing I will do in office is WORK TO streamline all regulations and significantly reduce all taxes on entertainment production in the LA area.   AND at a minimum WE SHOULD give the same economic incentives to LA production that equals or exceeds whatever the most generous benefits being given by any other state or nation. I will also work to curb production insurance costs.


MOVIES, television, music and sports are what give Americans from diverse regional backgrounds a common unified culture. BUT AS FOREIGN INTERESTS GAIN MORE AND MORE CONTROL OVER ENTERTAINMENT CONTENT, THIS CULTURE IS INCREASINGLY THREATENED.

Because film content is being made for and controlled by foreign interests we have White supremacist villains in action films from Waco and Belgium instead of Muslim terrorists from Syria or Saudi Arabia.

PRESIDENT REAGAN SPOKE OF AMERICA AS A SHINING CITY ON A HILL, BUT RIGHT NOW our nation is on the precipice of a cliff. THAT’S WHY the choice (before us) in the next midterm election is crucial. We will either preserve our nation which has proven itself for more than 200 years as the last great hope for mankind or we will take the final steps into a thousand years of darkness.

For the first time since mankind’s ascent from the swamps to the stars has the leading culture on earth decided to sacrifice it’s place as the leader of all the other nations of the world and offer to destroy it’s civilization for the siren’s song of internationalism and equality.

We must not let this happen. It’s clear that the leaders of our nation believe there is something wrong with all THE GREATNESS WE HAVE ACHIEVED, AND because of this they believe America must be diminished. The irony is that oppressed people on earth who dream of being in America and dream of freedom will have their dreams die as the beacon of American freedom is dimmed and extinguished.

The choice that we have before us is not right or left. It is not Liberal or Conservative. My friends, the choice before us is only up or down.

The choice up leads to ideals of American exceptionalism, free enterprise, civil society and individual liberty. The choice down that our Democrat friend’s present leads straight to the soup kitchen of the welfare state and to the ant hill of totalitarianism.

The Democrats promise Utopian ideas like health care for all, reduced carbon emissions and low cost education in exchange for volunteer service. They promise us many things in this version of Eden including butterflies and rainbows. What their Utopian plans will actually deliver though is the Dystopia of East Germany in 1957. There was nothing gray or dreary there. No one went hungry or in need in that Marxist dream place so our Democrat leaders, ignorant of the history of their economic and social theories think “Why not impose that here?”

The party that espouses keeping the government out of our bedrooms and out of a woman’s body is putting the plan together to invade all the other rooms of our houses, our offices and our cars. They are even working on getting into our Jacuzzis. I like to be naked when I am in the Jacuzzi so I find this particularly disturbing because I don’t want to be anywhere near Nancy Pelosi while I’m naked.

Now with their so called health care plans they are going to invade all of our bodies and invasively cavity-search every orifice.

With their plans to cut costs the Democrats are willing to sell our bodies to the Federal government and of course, do this for our own good. This is why I like to call what they are doing to us “Death Care” plans instead of health care because the governments only care for us is that if we are dead so they won’t have to allocate scarce and strictly rationed resources to us.

I am not one to trade freedom for security because this leaves us with neither and the Democrats (have) did a masterful job terrifying the majority of Americans into making this nefarious trade last November.

It is time for us to stand up to these tyranny peddling oppressors and say no! No more invasions of our choices and no more micromanaging of our lives by the nanny state.

Henry Waxman for all of his beauty, benevolence, charisma and charm is nothing more than a petty bully dictator who wishes to have ultimate power over all of us.


I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees in chains and slavery. A country that is ready for a master deserves one. My friends, we deserve no master and we will never be ready for one.

On November 2nd 2010 we can pull the trigger and fire a new shot heard round the world. We will shock the Democrats and beat them in this district that they take so much for granted. Let’s join the rebellion and have a new revolution. We will redeem and preserve the original ideals that made this country the greatest on earth and the place where men could be truly free.

Thank you for joining us tonight. God bless you and God bless the United States of America!”

The roof of Formosa Cafe was packed to capacity. If this many Republicans can show up in the belly of the beast of Hollywood, then the change that was mere lip service in 2008 could truly become actual positive change in 2010.

Elect Ari David. Vote for him and send him money.


3 Responses to “Ari David For Congress”

  1. He doesn’t stand a chance. his policy stands are completely unrealistic, and, well, just plain loony.

    “Henry Waxman will ROB YOUR CHILDREN’S FUTURE and put you in the poorhouse.”

    That is over-the-top sicko hyperbole. It will turn off moderate and independent voters completely.

    “Henry Waxman pays lip service to the Jewish States security issues.”

    That’s a lie and Jewish voters in that district will know it. Waxman is staunchly pro-Israel.

    “I am against all regulation and taxes on energy use and production.”

    Insane. The powerful and wealthy NIMBY voters in LA will not even give him a second glance with a lunatic position like this.

    “The third thing I will do in office is WORK TO streamline all regulations and significantly reduce all taxes on entertainment production in the LA area.”

    This could be a popular decision, but will get him nowhere with the show biz execs. They will not vote for or give money to a guy like this.

    The 30th district is staunchly Democratic. The one advantage a Republican could have is that Waxman is a Blue Dog and Democrats are not very happy with those shmucks right now. But an extreme rightwing war monger? No way. If the GOP wants to win this seat, they’ll need an old fashioned “liberal Republican,” like Rudy used to be, which is apparently now an extinct breed of politician.

    Ari David doesn’t stand a chance in H-E-DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS.

    I don’t know why he or his supporters are wasting their time with this.


  2. Dav Lev says:

    Let’s face it, bald (or balding) men are strong, resolute, real, men.
    Anyone with strong, long hair, thick and easily combed, who is content
    to have it wave around his head, have to have something wrong just
    below the hair.

    Yes, Waxman has something in common with my kind of people, Giuliani,
    Thompson, McCain and Eisenhower and Churcill, but that’s where the similarity ends.

    On the other end, Berman and Kennedy have full heads of hair. So
    what does that say? So does Obama and Clinton, but i suspect both
    dye their hair.

    Many years ago, I happen to run into Waxman…recognized him, but
    didn’t say anything. I didn’t want to get frustrated and lose my cool.

    But let’s be frank and honest, no politician in his district has
    a ghost of a chance to defeat him. He gets solid support
    from his constituency, typically upper middle income…and he gets
    the younger liberals.

    There is no way of defeating him., unless he (someday) will sit
    with the angels. After all, he is, as far as I know, touching 70.

    This is the bottom line: he is now pushing the socialized medicine bill
    through the House. It’s up to him, whether Obama succeeds on his
    campaign promise.

    Some say that if the health bill doesn’t pass, Obama is finished.

    Obama says this is not about him, he has health insurance, as do
    all Congressmen and Federal employees (paid for by their contributions
    over their tenure, then at least one-quarter of the premiums after retiring).

    But this IS about is like a flagship supermarket in a large mall, w/o which the other stores simply die.

    That is why often times there is such a huge turnover of these stores.

    They have to bring in business to the mall or else.

    I say, health insurance with a single payer (govt runs the health plan,
    the way it will run GM, Fanny May and Freddie MAC), has already
    stumbled (thank the Lord). The Office of the Budget says it will cost
    1 trillion over 10 years, paid for by the rich, and savings on medicare
    and medical? Yeah, and social security payments won’t bankrupt
    the system.

    Just how will this be accomplished I ask? The old xpression goes,
    you haven’t seen anything yet applies. The baby boomers are now
    getting sick from old age diseases. The average life span is 75 for males
    82 for females. The last years of one’s life is when the huge costs come in.
    (Just go to any hospital or nuring home or managed care for proof).

    30 days on life support, in ICU is expensive guys. Respirators cost
    money, as does feeding tubes. Constant care by nurses and visits
    by doctors cost money. Medicines are costly. Pain medicine is expensive.
    Propofol ( see Michael Jackson) is used for surgery and can have
    lethal effects. Right.

    The economy failing, combined with a nuclear Iranian attack against Israel
    AND increased utility and other costs thanks to cap and trade, Israel’s overwhelming response using some of it’s own 450 nukes ( it’s defense
    secretary said yesterday that “everything is on the table”), will cause
    oil to go through the roof, Iran to disappear, and the Persian Gulf to
    be a sea of molten lead (Israel is upgrading it’s missile boat defenses).

    And back at the ranch, what is Waxman doing, nothing, to prevent
    the above. In fact he is for linking the US posture towards Iran with
    Israel’s building of nursery schools for it’s kinder (children), in
    East Jerusalem and the West Bank.

    BTW, East Jerusalem was held by the Jordanians from 1948 to 1967, until Israel (in a defensive war) took the territory. The West Bank settlements’ were originally defense secure Israel’s borders. ( They have since dismantled very settlement in the Gaza Strip…to the delight
    of the Palistinians who established terrorist training camps.

    If Waxman had any character, he would say the following: ” I applaud
    Israel’s efforts to defend itself, and if need be, recommend the US AND
    Israel, take out Iran’s 30 nukes plants ASAP. No more negotiations, no reaching out to more diplomacy. It’ amazing what 50 B1s and 2s and a few hundred F15,16, 18 and 22s can accomplish in a short time.

    I might even vote for him then..but won’t hold my breath.

  3. Dav Lev says:

    What is the rush to a government owned, administerred and paid for
    health care program I ask, that will knock off all competition.

    Anyone watch Bill Moyers the other night on TV? I did, out of frustration
    I suppose considering Obama’s unending push for socialized medicine.

    Bill Moyers interviewed a former employee of a major health insurance
    company., who changed his attitude supposedly when he witnessed
    people who were NOT insured relying on charity.

    He has been touring the country, promoting gov’t health insurance..after
    leaving his job with the insurance company, where he attended executive
    meetings and got insights into their corporate philosophy.

    He and Bill Moyers must think we average Americans are a bunch of
    imbaciles..people who dropped out of school after the 4th grade.

    I mean, their guilt by association is an art with Moyers., as well as
    twisting facts and events around to get a point over. Proof is never

    Let’s get it straight. the “naked” among those 50m uninsured are about
    11..people who refuse insurance no matter who pays for it. They simply
    don’t want to hear bad news about themselves. Going to the doctor is like going to a psychiatrist…bad news is what keeps them viable.

    According to the interviewee, our uninsured Americans are greater
    than the population of Canada. ( yeah, but there are 305m Americans
    my two friends).

    Most Americans ARE INSURED, and happy with their insurance. Hey guys, no one likes to pay taxes, and no one likes to pay for health. But someone has to pay for services.

    Over 11m who are not insured, are illegals. (Okay, let them go back
    to where they came from).

    Many of the insured do qualify for gov’t insurance, but are afraid
    of something at doctor’s offices.

    My proposal is for, let’s say, a Kaiser Permanente, (has 8m members and
    10,000 docs), be expanded to every state…and low income or those w/o
    any income (verificable) be given credits to pay for the insurance and

    Instead of soaking the rich and hoping for cost reductions (efficiencies) over the next 10 years..hows about everyone contributing, at a graduated

    We might also think about withdrawing from Iraq and Afghanistan..while
    we can..and forcing the Muslims to fight their own fanatics. The Taliban
    are to put it bluntly, are the Jihadists in Iraq.

    In the meantime, while Obama is bogged down with promoting socialized
    medicine, Russia is building naval bases in Venezuela and Syria..and will have a warm water port to 4 seas and oceans. It is conducting massive
    sea maneuvers with Syria..AND considering supplying that country with
    it’s S300 missile ( a very threatening anti-aircraft multi armed defensive weapon, which will give Syria parity over Israel).

    And we Jews voted 85% for Obama…and will probably vote similary
    for Waxman and Berman.

    I guess the Holocaust taught us nothing!

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