Liberal Jews and Battered Housewives

For those who have never met politically liberal Jews, they are like battered housewives, only with less hope.

I want to make it clear before the hags at the National Organization for Women send me another feminist Fatwa that I am not celebrating battered housewife syndrome. Even if a woman bothers me when I am trying to watch football, a simple, “Honey, I can take care of the trash later” is sufficient. Abusers are scum. Also, while the woman’s timing is terrible, the man could take the trash out before the game.

Nobody should be abused. However, there is a subtle difference between liberal Jews and battered housewives. The battered housewives really are innocent victims. Liberal Jews really do sow the seeds of their own pathetic weakness.

(Before going any further, do not confuse battered housewives with “Desperate Housewives.” In that show it is the husbands getting battered in various ways.)

In fact, only liberal Jews could create entire umbrella organizations designed to destroy their own communities and fight against their own interests.

An Arab Islamist loving, Palestinian appeasing, liberal Jewish handwringing and groveling organization has visited the White House. J-Street claims to speak for all Jews. They speak for sane Jews as much as Armageddonijad in Iran does.

They have arranged a self-hating Jew conference in Washington, D.C., and President Obama is delighted  about this.

The key is not just to acknowledge the whining, begging, and sniveling of these and other Jew-lite (Jew? Where? Not me? Don’t dare call me that!) organizations. What matters is how deeply pathological the self-loathing has become.

For those that are not members of the Hebrew faith, some basic facts must be disseminated.

There is nothing in the Torah (Old Testament) that commands anybody to be politically liberal (or politically conservative). Liberals who babble about things such as “social justice” and “being good stewards of the Earth” are simply manipulating the Torah to fit their own ideology.

(Conservatives are accused of doing this in the Christian faith. I am not Christian, and do not go to Church. If this turns out to be true, liberal Jews should remember that two wrongs do not equal righteousness.)

The greatest Mitzvah (good deed) in all of Judaism is Tzedakah (charity). There are eight levels of Tzedakah. For example, anonymous giving is higher than gifts made aware. Giving cheerfully is better than giving angrily. The highest level of Tzedakah is helping somebody become self-sufficient by helping them start their own business. That is conservatism, not liberalism.

The Torah has nothing to do with liberal Jews acting the way they do. The issue is that many liberal Jews are liberals first, and Jews second. More importantly, they are secular liberal Jews in many cases. They are liberal and secular first and second (in either order) and Jewish third.

This is not to imply that liberal Jews could care less about Israel (although with many of them that is the case). The issue is that liberal, secular Jews care more about abortion, gay rights, and environmental issues than they do about issues such as safety and security. They are no different than other secular leftists.

So why does this matter in 2009? Also, why can’t they just be free to live their lives and believe what they believe?

Because their lives encroach on my right to live, and their beliefs are dangerous. Their actions are preposterous, and their analysis is naive and foolhardy.

This brings us to the 2009 meeting between President Obama and Jewish leaders.

Barack Obama has managed to fool most American Jews, but he has not fooled the Israelis. He recently polled only 6% approval in Israel. 6%! This means that Israelis believe that on Jewish issues (and yes, Israel is a main Jewish issue), the President of the United States is simply full of garbaggio. He is seen as hostile, bullying, meddlesome, and antithetical to all that Israel believes in.

The reason for this is because Israelis look at results. Liberal Jews, like liberal non-Jews, look at intentions.

Imagine waking up one day and being forced to confront that everything you believe in is wrong. The painful but honorable choice at this point is to admit this and move forward. The other option is to live in a constant state of denial.

Liberal Jews worship Obama because he is a liberal. Therefore, he has to be good on Jewish issues. He is their Messiah, and they have pinned their hopes on him. The problem with this is that Barack Obama is less of a man than he is a brand. He is an icon, and he consists of whatever his supporters project onto him. They confuse their support of him with his support of them.

So no matter how many times President Obama batters liberal Jews with the blunt instruments of his deeds, the snivelers and grovelers will blame themselves, explain why he is really supporting them, and blame evil Republicans for trying to use Israel as a wedge issue.

The evidence is in the gushing praise the J-Street apologists had for President Obama after meeting with him. Ordinary occurrences were treated as proof of kinship.

“He met with us. He listened to us. He empathized with us. He reaffirmed his commitment. He understood us.”

If this does not sound like apologetic drivel, I fail to see what does.

Only liberal appeasers could treat a meeting in itself as a victory.

Let me explain to liberals again for the milli-vanillionth time what conservatives have always grasped. Having a meeting is a means to an end. It is not the end itself. No matter how vigorous the handshake, no matter how tasty the sandwiches, no matter how comfortable the chairs, a meeting is a beginning, not an ending. Meetings prove nothing. What matters is actual tangible achievements coming out of meetings.

This is not only about Judaism. Liberals celebrate meetings with evil people that produce nothing. The United Nations is a giant slumber party of dictatorial madmen, but because they talk to each other it is supposedly useful. Meanwhile, genocide takes place worldwide while pleasant meetings occur.

In addition to meetings, President Obama is a master at conveying agreement. The guy can nod his head as well as any middle manager. He is polite. He listens. Has anybody on the left noticed that when it comes time for concrete action, he completely discounts the views of those he politely listens to?

Barack Obama has turned Judaism on its head. Judaism is about questioning anything and everything. The expression about 10 Jews in a room giving 12 opinions is not without validity. Yet with candidate and then President Obama, blind unquestioning faith is the norm. If he says something, it has to be true because he said it.

This reminds me of the old Eddie Murphy joke about a wife who catches her husband in bed with another woman. The husband responds, “Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?”

Barack Obama allowed Jews to enter the White House. That is what he is supposed to do. He represents the people, and Jews are people. Yet President Obama did not make any promises, guarantees, or assurances. He did not reassure the Jewish lefties. They reassured themselves. By being allowed to be in his presence, they felt the same gratitude that comes with being “allowed” to join an all white golf club rather than express anger that such restrictions ever existed to begin with.

It is this desperation to believe that has the Jewish left twisting themselves into pretzels. It is how they can attack Republicans, even though most anti-Semitism in America now comes from the left. It is how negotiating with Armageddonijad when the Iranian people want to be free does not conflict with liberal support for human rights.

In mathematical terms, Obama is a tautology. He is truth, and truth is him. Therefore, any criticism of him is motivated by evil and lies, even when such criticism is not only part of rational Jewish debate, but based on a sincere desire to improve Jewish quality of life.

Liberal Jews stick up for everybody else. They defend blacks, gays, Latinos, and even Palestinians. They protest the death penalty for murderers. Yet they have hostility toward conservative Republicans.

If liberal Jews would at least be willing to look at Obama with the same critical lens that any intellectual or thinker would, they would see that his attitude toward Israel ranges between indifference and hostility. Israelis see this.

American liberal Jews are blind. The only question in months to come will be whether that blindness is innocent misguided naivete, or a willful refusal to see.

I suspect the latter is the case. Like battered housewives, the beatings will continue until liberal Jews start fighting back against their attackers and stop fighting their supporters.

Even worse, the supporters might get fed up and either join the attackers, or just walk away.

I will not make any predictions based on predetermined opinions and emotion. Unlike liberal Jews, I will act like a conservative Republican Jew. I will look at the results, and let logical reasoning lead the way.


3 Responses to “Liberal Jews and Battered Housewives”

  1. Dav Lev says:

    What more can I say?

    Hitler was a liberal, and put almost 7m of my people in gas chambers before he was stopped by a rag tag group of mid-Westerners, who could
    shoot the eye out of a gopher, but hardly had ever met a US Jew.

    Every Muslim terrorist has targeted US Jews..and others.

    Fatwas are issued daily in the Muslim world, giving priority to Jews
    and Infidels (Christians).

    Iran mocks Jews and tweaks their noses…that’s obvious., with
    their denial of the Holocaust, threats against the “Zionists”,
    and yearly parades with banners reading “Next year in Jerusalem”,
    not to mention gigantic military maneuvers ( with missiles aimed
    at Tel Aviv and Jerusalem ).

    Yet Corrie Blunt, a typically leftist, liberal, Jew, was killed
    by an Israeli tractor when she placed herself in harm’s way.
    The world’s reaction was immediate..Israel was at fault.

    Jews lead in the save the blacks in the Sudan movement,
    and define the Turkish murder of Armenians as genocide (to the
    chagrin of the only Muslim country that even talks sincerely to Israel,
    and trades with it).

    Isn’t it amazing that most Jews voted for Hussein Obama, who
    will re-shape Israel and US Jewish so-called influence, from
    a tiny country to an even smaller country..and from the ZOA
    to J Street.

    BTW, during WW2, Rommel had plans to kill all Jews in the
    the Palestine. Hitler’s SS were eyeing the occupation of the US
    and England. (Administration of Jewish areas).

    Germany had already made lists of English Jews and Jewish organizations,
    taken from phone books.

    In the US, the American Bund was just waiting…

    Most Jews abhore gun Democratic, and want
    same sex marriages legal.

    What more can we do, to do ourselves in, I ask?

  2. Oh God, here we go with the NAZI references again… What more can you do, Dan, to stoke the flames of lunatic paranoia? Just be careful waering that tinfoil hat in July – you could get heat stroke!

    And gu-uys… The Torah and the Bible may not say anything about being liberal or conservative, but they both have something to say about not telling the truth…

    “(Obama) recently polled only 6% approval in Israel. 6%!”

    That’s not tru-ue… It’s worse than a misrepresentation. In fact, it just plain a lie.

    From Fox “News,” you guys’ favorite cource for newisness:

    JERUSALEM — A new poll shows only 6 percent of Israeli Jews see President Barack Obama’s administration as pro-Israel, while 50 percent see it as pro-Palestinian.

    That is a dramatic change from the previous U.S. administration of George W. Bush, which 88 percent termed “pro-Israel” and just 2 percent labeled pro-Palestinian.

    Many Israelis reject Obama’s call for a total settlement freeze and have come to see him as overly sympathetic to Palestinian claims.

    The poll, taken after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said for the first time he supported a demilitarized Palestinian state, found 36 percent of respondents viewed Obama as neutral.

    But here another poll paints quite a different picture:,7340,L-3717553,00.html

    Only 31% of Israel’s adult Jewish population considers Barack Obama’ administration to be pro-Israel, according to a Smith Institute poll released Sunday, on the eve of the American president’s meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Washington.

    The survey of 500 Israelis, representing a statistical model of the Israeli population, was conducted last week. It revealed that 14% of Israeli Jews consider Obama pro-Palestinian, while 40% of the respondents labeled him as neutral; 15% declined to offer their opinion.

    The poll further showed that 88% of Israeli Jews believe that Obama’s predecessor, former US President George W. Bush, was pro-Israel, as opposed to only two percent who claim he was pro-Palestinian. Seven percent of the respondents said Bush was neutral.

    That poll was just a couple of months ago. It’s funny, though, because Obama really hasn’t changed our policy toward in any substantial way from the Bush administration. I think this is more about the rhetoric coming from Likud, Bibi, and the Israeli rightwing extremists and extremist religious illegal settlers, than it is about anything Obama has actually said or done.

    Just the same, the poll did not ask what Israelis thought of Obama overall, but reather whether or not they thought he was biased toward their interests, something I’m sure many Israelis understand is not Obama’s job in the first place. He’s the president of the United States, not Israel.

    Even now, though, when you look at the rest of the numbers from those polls you see that a over a third of Israelis do not believe Obama is in any way anti-Israel, with only a little over half do not trust him on Israeli issues:,7340,L-3726358,00.html

    Even before Barack Obama’s historic “reconciliation speech” in Cairo on Thursday, the majority of the Israeli public – 55% – felt the US president leans in favor of the Palestinians.

    Only 5% said Obama supports the Israeli stance, while 31% said they feel he is neutral, a poll published on Thursday showed.

    Sixty percent of Israelis don’t trust the president to consider and protect Israel’s interests during his efforts to improve relations between America and the Muslim world.

    The War and Peace Index, published on Ynet once a month, showed that 65% of the respondents feel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s trip to Washington was unsuccessful, while 19% feel it was successful.

    You can gleen a few things from this. First, Israelis are drinking the kool-aid on the hyperbolic anti-Obama rhetoric. When you seriously, and not stupidly, look at his record, you see that Obama really hasn’t changed anything with regard to our policies toward Israel. Secondly, Bibi Netanyahu, once again, is turning out to be useless, a man who can talk but can never get anything actually done. Third, even so much a speaking to the Muslim world is too much to ask for the Israelis. Well, tough %$#@. We can not base our entire relationship with the Muslim world on the feelings of the Israelis. I understand why Israelis feel the way they do and I can certainly empathize with it. But the American government must act with our interests first, not Israeli’s. While we should certainly consider the interests of Israel when dealing with their part of the world, we can not soley base our every word and action on their subjective national interests. We are a sovereign nation, after all, not a vassal state of Israel.


  3. Toma says:

    On Polls: How they are used, why one would believe them and what can be done?

    A survey of 500 observations does not statistically represent anything about a population of 7.28 million. It is statistical folly. One must consider 1.5 million within the total population are Arabs and lets not leave out a sizable number of Russian speaking non-Jews. Also consider those persons who have not yet formed an observation, lets say those under the age of ten. The variables continue to mount as serious thought comes into play.

    To many people portray “statistics” as fact and to many people accept “statistics” as fact. Nothing can be farther from reality. Statistics , when used properly, is merely a tool to achieve a measure of predictability. Most statistical models demand at least a 20% sampling to be statistically sound.

    Polls as they are conducted by FNN, CNN, NBC, WSJ or Nostradomus are jibberish. Unfortunately they are passed off a factual and accepted as factual.

    I conducted a survey of 100% of the people in my house. The question was, Is Obama a friend of Israel. 100% said no. This is a meaningful statistically sound and highly predictable result.

    What can be done? Pay no attention to what polls or politicians say. Watch what they do.


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