RJC in Santa Monica–Senator John Thune

At the Republican Jewish Coalition Annual Summer Bash, I had the pleasure of meeting and listening to South Dakota Senator John Thune.

I have met Senator Thune before, interviewing him at the 2008 GOP Convention in Minneapolis. I mentioned to him that he should be placed on Mount Rushmore for sending Tom Daschle back to the private sector.

The Sacramento Queen and I had our picture taken with him, and I have to confess as a heterosexual man that Senator Thune is ridiculously handsome. He is proof that one can have style and still maintain substance.

He was asked by more than one individual about 2012, but he kept reminding everyone that he is up for reelection to the Senate in 2010. However, given the cloud over potential former competitors the audience was assured that his marriage is rock solid.

With that, I present the remarks of Senator John Thune.

I was raised in Murdough, South Dakota. Murdough is a town of 553 people, give or take a few.

The American Conservative Union has listed me as a standout, one of the top five conservative leaders.

I am now the chair of the Republican Policy Committee. That is the number four leadership spot. This just occurred last Thursday.

I will tell you what I tell every person in California who complains about the excessive taxation. Move to South Dakota. We have no state income tax.

Yes, the weather is cold in South Dakota. Yet with no state income tax you will be able to save enough money to vacation in California.

We have a Jewish community in South Dakota. I know both the Rosenthals and the Edelsteins. Actually, the Jewish community is larger than that. Well, not by much.

Washington, DC, has become Disneyland East. Washington has gone from the center of government and politics to the center of the auto industry, the financial service industry, and soon, the health care industry.

A surgeon, an architect, and a politician had a competition of who came first. The surgeon claimed he was first since God created Adam, and Eve was created from his rib, which required surgery. The architect claimed he came first since order was transformed from chaos, which required building skills. The politician claimed that he came first by asking, Who do you think created the chaos in the first place?
(Senator Thune let everyone know that the joke was not his original. He then went on to tell a Ronald Reagan joke.)

My grandfather came to this country and worked hard his whole life. There is still a Thune hardware store in Mitchell, South Dakota.

Ronald Reagan believed in the strength of conviction. He believed in the freedom and dignity of individuals.

In the USSR in the 1980s, a man wanted to buy a car. He was told to pay for the car, and that in ten years it would arrive. The man asked if that would be in the morning or the afternoon. The salesman asked why that mattered, since it was ten years away. The man replied that he wanted to pick up the car in the afternoon, since ten years form now in the morning the plumber would be coming.

The new technology is helping Iran. Mousavi now has 5000 Facebook friends.

Cap and trade is a game changer for the U.S. economy. We must stop it in the Senate.

The CBO has estimated a ten year, 2.3 trillion dollar health care plan that only insures 1/3 of the currently uninsured.

There are no good outcomes from the financial trajectory we are on.

There are three important numbers in the Seante: 41, 51, and 60. 60 Senators are needed to cut off a filibuster. 51 Senators are needed to pass legislation with a simple majority. 41 Senators are needed to maintain a filibuster and stop bad legislation from being passed. Norm Coleman makes # 41.

“We need to stop card check. Card check will increase the union roles by 1.5 million, while costing Americans 600,000 jobs.”

“One thing that bends and shapes politicians is hearing from people back home. Let them know how you feel.”

“My daughter’s prize possession is a gift she received when she met Elie Wiesel. Elie Wiesel is a shining example of the cost that comes with freedom.”

“We need to stand up to those who want to take away democracy from those who fought to preserve it.”

America is lucky to have a Senator fighting for our freedoms with the vigor that John Thune brings to the table. The Republican Jewish Coalition attendees in Santa Monica were fortunate to see and hear his brilliance in person.


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  1. Dav Lev says:

    Norm Coleman’s defeat is a calamity for the Republican Party
    and the USA.

    Now we have a not so humorist humorist, in the Senate. I’ve listened
    to his jokes and find them bland. He is a liberal of the worst sort, and
    we know what his position will be on every Obama policy.

    This is a very sad day for America.

    For anyone interested, pick up this week’s JJ (Jewish Journa), a typically
    left wing rag sheet.

    There is an article criticizing “Commentary” Magazine, one of a handfull
    of conservative publications, which reaches out to Jews mainly.

    I subscribe to it.

    The article, written by the editor, says that this magazine has
    veered from it’s original course…(an old magazine). Originally
    meant as a liberal voice, it now is only conservative..appeasing
    those who it reaches with tired and retreaded articles about why liberals are bad for America without providing any alternative and therefore
    good debate.

    Yet, the JJ appeals to people (average reader family earns over 250,000
    per year (not your average), with a liberal bent. That doesn’t seem to
    bother the editor’s criticism of Commentary.

    I read both…and many other publications. for an understanding
    of all sides of the issues.

    I admit to being a moderate Republican Jew…Conservative by
    affiliation. I want more Jews, not less. I am against the Orthodox
    having so much say in who is a Jew. I want both the father and
    mother to determine the faith of their offspring, who might accept
    or no accept their influence ultimately anyway.

    I don’t believe the “egg” should determine the religion of the child.
    Without the sperm (“code”), there would be no offspring.

    We Jews are not a race..studies have proven that. We have also
    been intermarying for centuries. We have black, brown and blond hair.
    I have blue eyes. Some Jews have dark eyes and are dark skinned.
    Some Jews have curly hair, others straight.

    The JJ article says over 75% of US Jews voted for Obama..therefore
    his brand of government should have equal representation in the magazine.

    Who ever said Jews are wise?

    85% of California Jews voted No. on Prop 8, despite what G-d said
    to Moses.

    Perhaps it is the JJ that is really the danger to US, and not Commentary?

    Maybe if more Jews read Commentary, and understood that even though
    we are the “light unto the nations” we don’t need to support the planet,
    or pay through our noses to support people who think they are entitled
    to benefits from the cradle to the grave and the rich, successful and
    enterprising must support those less ambitious, energetic and accomplished (we do have social security, welfare, medicare and
    medical guys).

    I mean, Obama wants US to pay for health insurance for 11m illegal

    He is printing money like it’s going out of style..to be paid back for
    generations by our children and grandchildren. That is our
    legacy to them.

    Pity US all. Pity the not so wise Jews and others.

  2. Wow. Considering what the GOP has done to the nation over the years, Dan Lev must REALLY hate them!


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