The Stoning of Soraya M Palin

Several days ago I wrote about the lynching of Sarah Palin.

I then decided that at some point I should discuss the movie “The Stoning of Soraya M.”

I have yet to see the movie, but it is about the brutal third world savagery that passes for civilization among Islamists. Soraya M. was beaten for being a woman. This story happens every day, and the rest of the world ignores it in favor of dialogue with monsters.

Yet in America, there are people being given the verbal equivalent of being dragged through the town square and stoned.

(This is not the same stoning that Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and Barack Obama experienced. Recreational pharmaceuticals are apparently less serious than being conservative and breathing air.)

I want to make it crystal clear that I mean not an ounce of disrespect toward the real Soraya M. Whether or not psychological abuse can ever be on par with physical abuse is debatable. Yet for those who point out that the left never physically harmed Sarah Palin, I counter that they absolutely would if they could. Violence against conservatives is what liberal mobs do. Sarah Palin just has better security than the average Republican victim of stolen lawn signs and keyed cars.

It is in this spirit that I present the Stoning of Soraya M. Palin, through the lens of radio host John Ziegler.

Mr. Ziegler is actually the brains behind a different powerful movie, “Media Malpractice.” This movie is how the media built up Barack Obama, and destroyed Sarah Palin. They did this with the ruthlessness and efficiency of weapon-wielding Mullahs.

The Media Mullahs do not want to stone all women, only religious conservative ones.

With that, I present the full throttled self defense of Sarah Palin through the forceful words of John Ziegler at the San Fernando Valley Republican Club.

“For those that say I need no introduction, my fiancee would disagree.”

(The SFVRC meetings are held at a Galpin Ford dealership.)

“It is great to be in a car dealership not owned by Barack Obama.”

“I used to be on KFI. The new site ‘The Real KFI’ tells people what they need to know about that station. Never take anybody on that station seriously.”

(Someone in the audience, which was very animated the entire night, pointed out that Rush Limbaugh was on KFI.)

“Rush is syndicated nationally. Nobody local should be taken seriously on KFI.”

“The Stoning of Soraya M. isbeing shown in theatres in Los Angeles. It has gotten off to a respectable start, but the July 4th weekend made it a challenge. It’s tough to get good July 4th numbers for a movie about stoning.”

“I made the movie ‘Media Malpractice,’ which covered the 2008 election. The media was bent on promoting Barack Obama and destroying Sarah Palin.”

“I was on O’Reilly last night, and I had an interesting experience explaining my views on ‘The View.’ There is nothing like 95 year old Barbara Walters shaking her finger in your face. Yes, she did that.”

“Those in the media that claimed that Sarah Palin suddenly and abruptly resigned got it completely wrong. I knew she would months ago. She told us. The media ignored her. I simply listened.”

“Her resignation was not a sudden decision. She was considering it for months.”

“She was asked in an interview if she had ever thought of leaving. She replied, ‘You know, that’s a good question. Nobody else has ever asked me that. Yes, I have thought of it. Either way, I will continue to fight for my beliefs.'”

“When Matt Lauer asked her about 2012, she said, “I don’t need a title to impact change.’ Lauer didn’t pick up on this.”

“She also said, ‘If I die politically, I die. So be it.’ MSNBC, that bastion of journalism, left this out.”

“The media bias, incompetence, and laziness made for a toxic mix.”

“How many of you in the audience know that Sarah Palin resigned from the Alaska Oil and Gas Commission?”

(Many hands went up.)

“Ok, how many of you who did not hear it from me knew that she resigned from the Alaska Oil and Gas Commission?”

(Several hands remained up.)

“Don’t you think it’s relevant that her resignation from the Alaska Oil and Gas Commission was due to a scandal that she spoke out against, which made her job untenable? Don’t you think that information is relevant?”

“Two years later, she became Governor of Alaska. Four years later she became the Vice Presidential Candidate.”

“Not one journalist knew this. I don’t even think Bill O’Reilly knew it.”

“Her resignation was not a shock. She has done this before, and she succeeded.”

“Her media strategy today was brilliant, forcing the media to go fishing with her. Forcing Andrea Mitchell to go fishing was great.”

“Sarah Palin is somebody who says what she is going to do, and then does it. Most politicians don’t do that.”

“The real reason Sarah Palin resigned was exactly what she said it was.”

“To the cynical mainstream media, it is incomprehensible that she would put her family and her state above politics. This defies logic to them. Her family was attacked, it affected her job, and she had had enough.”

“Sarah Palin is not probably running for President in 2012.”

“She cannot win in 2012 because no Republican can win in 2012. The Media will not let Obama lose. He is with us until 2016.”

“For the problem with us is that the stupor we are in is not going away. We still think that something will happen to help us defeat Obama. It will not.”

“The only person who could beat Obama is Tiger Woods, and he has more important things to do.”

“I hoped that Palin would be a Kamikaze pilot in 2012 like Barry Goldwater in 1964. She could let it all hang out, run a true conservative campaign on principle, lose 59-41, but lay the groundwork for a real conservative revival in 2016. Barry Goldwater lost badly in 1964, but his campaign sowed the seeds for decades of conservative rule. Sarah Palin could run a truly honest campaign, free of pressure, and be another conservative hero.”

“Sarah Palin could say whatever she wanted because only women are allowed to have balls in politics.”

“I’m not sure the 2012 nomination is even worth anything.”

“The best thing Sarah Palin has in her favor is that we live in a celebrity obsessed culture. She is a rock star.”

“She is always viable regardless of her title.”

“During the 2008 campaign, she faced attacks on her daughters. During this same time period, her son was sent to Iraq. Do you think she was under just a little bit more pressure than most people?”

“She went 2000 miles away from home to campaign. She did not even have any clothes. She couldn’t just stop at home and change clothing. So she was bought some clothes. Then she was attacked for that.”

“She was the victim of the worst media coverage in the historyof political media.”

“She was eviscerated for two months, but she stayed quiet for the sake of the campaign.”

“The day after the election should have been the end of it. It wasn’t.”

“She then went back to Alaska to do her job. Yet she can’t even do that when liberal bloggers want to destroy you just to get 15 minutes of fame on Keith Olbermann. 15 separate investigations, repeatedly being dismissed, yet her liberal enemies won’t stop.”

“Then her daughter becomes the victim of a rape joke, and the media sides with Letterman. What would you do?”

“Palin tells you exactly what she is going to do, and then she does it.”

“She got criticized for calling Dave pathetic. What was she supposed to do?”

“She didn’t pick the fight. Her family released a statement. They didn’t even do any interviews. They quietly released a statement.”

“Two days later, she was interviewed by Matt Lauer. She tried to talk about an oil and gas Alaska pipeline. Lauer brought up Palin. She tried to talk about the pipeline, but all Lauer cared about was the Letterman feud.”

“We have become a nation of nitwits. More importantly, we have become a nation of gutless nitwits.”

“The McCain campaign, near the very end when it became apparent that they were going to lose, threw Sarah Palin under the bus. She had to take the fall so they could blame her for the loss of the campaign.”

“The trashing of Palin by the McCain campaign was done by Steve Schmidt. Steve Schmidt was behind the attacks. He was the adviser to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. He was the one who insisted that Schwarzenegger begin lurching leftward.”

“The one thing about the media is that whenever a Republican is attacking another Republican, it is always seen as true. If a Republican attacks another Republican, it is seen as truthful just because the attacking Republican said it. There is no attempt to even research anything.”

The room was at a fever pitch, and since my friend Evan Sayet was in attendance, I thought I would ask a question designed to crack up the room, while still asking something heartfelt.

“My friends and I like Sarah Palin, but we can’t stand her position on marriage. Specifically, we can’t stand the fact that she is married to somebody who is not any of us.”

(The room erupted in laughter. I continued.)

My question is this. You have clearly outlined the fact that Sarah Palin is hated by the left. However, why exactly do they hate her? Is it because she is a conservative, because she is religious, or is it just that feminists can’t stand a woman who is smart, successful, and yes, drop dead gorgeous?”

(Mr. Ziegler was about to answer the question, but me being me, had to ask one more thing for my own benefit.)

“Also, is it true that her family is completely fictional, and that she is really single, Jewish, and looking?”

(The room erupted again. Mr. Ziegler began to respond.)

“Are you also a comedian? Do you perform standup with Evan Sayet?”

(Evan Sayet then interjected by saying, “Actually, yes he does perform with me. He’s funny.” Ziegler continued.)

“The reason they hate her is because she was a threat to Obama. She was not just a threat. SHe was a very special kind of threat. The Obama campaign was scared to death of her.”

“When she gave her speech at the convention, her ratings beat Obama. The media had to destroy her because she was the one threat that could derail him, and he had to win no matter what.”

“It’s also impossible to ignore the power of the pro-life issue. Women are threatened by her. She is pro-life, and she kills her own food.”

“She is still having sex with her husband.”

(I quietly said “awww, man…” Evan Sayet patted me on the shoulder and said “sorry man.”)

“Yes, she is drop dead gorgeous, and she is running an entire state, and well.”
“We live in the world of reality tv. The reality is that women want that type of woman cut down.”

“Add in entertainment shows such as Saturday Night Live, and Sarah Palin became the story on steroids. Think about Saturday Night Live. Yes, they have had some funny skits about Joe Biden. Yet Joe Biden is ratings death. When Sarah Palin went on the show, the ratings skyrocketed.”

The hatred became the perfect Palin storm. She was a threat to Obama. She is ratings bonanza. She has a compelling personal story.”

John Ziegler knows Sarah Palin better than most people. He has spoken to her and her husband (sighhhh) many times. She has proven that she can leave a job and continue rising. More importantly, she will tell us exactly what her plans are, and why she is doing what she is doing.

The media will miss the story because water is wet.

Also, it is tough to listen to a human being when the people covering her are holding a microphone in one hand and stones in the other hand.

The moral of glass houses is entirely lost on these Media Mullahs.

The Stoning of Soraya M. Palin must not go unpunished.

For the last 30 years, the Mullahs have murdered citizens while the media has done drive by massacres and character assassinations of Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Dan Quayle, Newt Gingrich, and now Sarah Palin.

The leftinistra bullies need to bleed, or they will continue throwing stones and injuring innocent people.

It will be fun to watch when the most beautiful moose hunter in America locks, loads, and fires back.


5 Responses to “The Stoning of Soraya M Palin”

  1. Well, speaking as someone on the left, I’m glad you guys are so off-base on what the left and the Dems think about Sarah Palin. If you think we “fear” her, you’re completely wrong. She’s the gift that keeps on giving. Barack Obama is attacked as “lacking experience?” McCain picks Palin, a woman of significantly less experience. Barack Obama picks human gaffe machine Joe Biden to be his running mate? McCain picks a Sarah Palin, a woman with the oratory affectation of a cartoon character.

    Now, if there was any “fear” of Palin it was the fear that she ever could get into the Oval Office, which is a large part of the reason McCain lost the election. But this “fear” does not just come from the left – it comes from all sectors; the right, left, middle, Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, independent. The thought of a completely unprepared, uneducated, unread, unworldly, uncoothe person with their finger on the button is more than a little horrifying. Sarah Palin makes george W Bush look like a great statesman. Fortunately, Sarah Palin will never get into the White House. Fox News show host? Yeah, maybe. President or Vice President? No.

    Now, I know conservatives love playing the victim. It makes them feel good. It is their security blanket. but to think the party of rich, white, male Christians is ever a victim of anything but themselves would be just plain stupid. Sarah Palin has noone to blame for her current status but herself. It is not Katie Couric’s fault that Sarah Palin doesn’t read. It’s not David Letterman’s fault that Sarah Palins teenaged, unwed daughter got pregnant. It is not The Politico’s fault that the McCain and Palin camps were so publically at each others’ throats. What you guys call “abuse” is really just observations of Palin’s reality. Palin opens her mouth and, guarenteed every time, every single time, something stupid comes out. That’s nobody’s fault but her own.


  2. Dav Lev says:

    This country made one giant leap backwards when it voted
    63% (mostly the minorties and 18 to 30 year olds) for the worst
    President since Jimmy (Peanut Brain) Carter.

    Sarah Palin ran successfully, the State of Alaska, a state which
    unlike blue California (my state) and liberal, pinko, New York), has deficits approaching 50B, (that’s with a large B).

    No matter how you slice it, under Obama, we have taken great strides
    towards what I call, The Socialist State of America”.

    Last July 4th I watched the fire works in Washington D.C., Boston
    and elsewhere. Like everyone else, I shed a few tears. I love my
    country, and everything it stands for. I am proud that we freed
    50m Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan, thanks to George Bush.

    I am not proud that we let down 70m Muslims in Iran, thanks to
    this do nothing President, long on rhetoric, and short of any
    plausible remedies for our current plight, most of which was created
    when the liberal (spread to the wealth) Democrats were the power
    in Congress and still are.

    Folks, Sarah Palin, is my kind of woman…she eats moose for supper,
    is a member of the NRA, ran the largest state in the Union, raised
    several childen (all hers) including a challanged child.

    Sure, she made some dumb remarks interviewed by the liberal press, but so what. I mean Joe Biden, give me a break.

    He wanted to divide Iraq into 3 parts..Sunni, Shia and Kurd.

    Can we all imagine what that would have wrought.

    But talk is cheap…Palin has greater ambitions, (hopefully the Sec. of
    State in 4 years, to replace the Hillary-Bill Clinton liberal crowd.

    Sarah Palin would not be talking about No. Korea’s nukes aimed
    at my city, or Iran’s Ahmad laughing all the way to his nuke sites. She
    would have acted.

    Folks, in 2 years, we must get rid of the liberal leftist socialists,
    or we will rue the day we didn’t.

    Think IRS, when you think big government.

    Think about their levies, liens, seizures, summons, prosecutions,
    and more ways to steal money from the successful Americans (
    a no no for Obama).

  3. Every time I hear a conservative refer to the wealthy as “the successful Americans” I am reminded of the utter moral bankruptcy of the Right.


  4. thepoliticaltipster says:


    I rarely strongly disagree with any of your posts but I’m going to have to do so now. Yes, some of the wilder rumours on the internet were vicious. It may also be that some in the media disliked her on snobbish grounds, though I think that this has more to do with the McCain campaign’s decision to go from attacking Obama’s inexperience and “celebrity” status, to selecting a candidate who was even more unprepared for office. However, no-one apart from Palin herself can be blamed for her risible performances during the Gibson and Couric interviews, or her childish resignation letter.

    I don’t understand why Palin is being put up on such a pedestal, with any criticism of her being forbidden. Giuliani, Thompson, Huckabee, Romney and McCain were alll criticised without it provoking such a negative reaction from their supporters. I hate to have to say this, but even Obama groupies aren’t as sensitive as Palin fans. If Palin can’t stand criticism from the media now – what will she be like when the primaries start and the spotlight is focused much more brightly on her?

    This lack of scrutiny could have serious consequences. The isolationist Robert Taft tendency within the GOP, although clearly in the minority for the moment, does exist and certain of Palin’s past associations, and her seeming endorsement of another 9/11 enquiry, means that it possible that a President Palin might be pretty weak on foreign policy – even weaker than Obama (and that is saying something). In any case those are the questions that need to be asked – and answered – before Palin can be seen as a credible candidate. Even then, can someone who has had barely more than two years of experience (excluding Wasilla and the Oil and Gas Commission) really be seen as a potential President?

    In any case, a lot of interesting interviews – good work.

  5. thepoliticaltipster says:

    Just on additional point, while I think the decision to put Palin on the bottom of the GOP ticket was a disaster from both a substantive and electoral perspective; she was not the worst running mate in modern history. That distinction clearly goes to Henry Wallace in 1940 (though he possessed seven year of cabinet experience so it wasn’t obvious that he was unsuited to office). Unfortunately, while FDR was (fortunately) able to win that year, McCain (unfortunately) wasn’t.

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