YRs in Indianapolis–Congressman Mike Pence

At the 2009 Biennial Young Republicans Convention in Indianapolis, a phenomenal keynote address was delivered by Indiana Congressman Mike Pence.

Although I had very little knowledge about Congressman Pence, I loved what I saw.

When I met him before the event began, I told him that I wanted to hear so much red meat that I would think that I was in a butcher shop. He laughed, and let me know that this would not be a problem. Yet I did not know he would be serving this red meat up literally as well as figuratively.

When it came time for the guests at this black tie gala dinner to line up and eat, Congressman Pence was the one handing out plates. Given that he was dressed the same as the servers, many people in the room thought he was the waiter. While some ascribed this to smart politics, to me it genuinely appeared to be a guy with a sense of humor having fun with his audience. As he pointed us to the prime rib and the potatoes, some in the room truly thought he was one of the waiters. This provided amusement as some of the attendees began to realize that the waiter was actually the keynote speaker.

At that point, the metaphorical red meat was ready to be devoured. Congressman Pence delivered it right off the bone. A video of him with plenty of boxing metaphors had the crowd on overload. Congressman Pence then entered the ring, and delivered blow after blow.

“Young Republicans are not the future of the Republican Party. You are the Republican Party.”

“I noticed that the New York delegation positioned themselves perfectly tonight. They are sitting right near the exit, and right near the bar.”

“We can either continue to be a beacon to the world, or we can slip into the abyss that is Europe, drowning of socialism.”

“I believe we are on the brink of a great awakening, led by Young Republicans.”

(He then did a hilarious impersonation of George W. Bush. He had the mannerisms and accent down perfectly.)

“Some of you said you were surprised to see a Congressman handing out a plate. Well, it was empty.”

“Richard Murdock went to the Indiana Supreme Court to protect Indiana taxpayers.”

“The real scandal in DC was runaway spending. We didn’t just lose elections. We lost our way.”

“We have  weak and apologetic leadership and neverending bureaucracy under Democrats.”

“The President is like an infomercial. I am waiting for him to say, ‘There’s more.'”

“The American people have been drinking out of the firehose with liberalism in DC. Have you had enough?”

“Government competes with the private sector like an alligator competes with a duck. It consumes it.”

“Republicans need to fight for free markets, a strong defense, and traditional moral values.”

“President Obama is on a world wide apology tour. Countries in the Pacific Rim are feeling left out. Surely the administration can come up with something to apologize for to China and Japan.”

“Imagine if Ronald Reagan had gone to the Brandenburg Gate and said, ‘That wall is none of our business.'”

“We need to let the world know that free people of the United States stand up for the free people of Iran.”

“Every Republican voted against the phony baloney stimulus bill that only stimulated the government.”

“Freedom to succeed includes the freedom to fail.”

“People who paid their mortgages shouldn’t pay higher taxes for those who couldn’t figure out how to get that done.”

“Pelosi says that everyone is asking ‘What’s in it for me?’ They are the Congressmen. No Ms. Pelosi, people are asking ‘What’s in it for America?'”

“I didn’t come to DC to nationalize every bad mortgage in America. Thankfully every Republican voted no.”

Congressman Pence then told a heartwarming story of a man who lost his job, yet still wanted the stimulus bill defeated. The man was more concerned with the big picture then his own dire situation. Congressman Pence grew very serious when he repeated the man’s words.

“Congressman, I can get another job. I can’t get another country.”

Congressman Pence kept firing.

“It is wrong to take money from pro-lifers to promote abortions. We must end funding for overseas abortion.”

“Our crises are moral. We need to get back to integrity, responsibility, and an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay.”

“If the foundations of integrity crumble, how can a free society endure?”

“I open staff meetings in prayer. The media investigated this. Only in DC is private prayer news.”

“We even sometimes pray for the press. Our founders believed in prayer. An Indiana farm boy named Lincoln pray. Yes, he went to Illinois, but initially he was ours.”

“Lincoln fell to his knees during the Gettysburg battle and prayed. Like millions of Americans, I am on my knees lately. By his grace, things will be alright.”

“We must fight for freedom with everything we’ve got until we take back America for American ideals.”

After a thunderous ovation, Congressman Pence made his way through a pumped up crowd. When he saw me, I told him, “Now that is what I call red meat.” Congressman Pence shook my hand vigorously with both hands, and then pumped his fist.

It reminded me a football game, or to better accurately describe Congressman Pence, a boxing match, with the lead fighter pointing to the Democrats, and saying “it’s on.”

The Democrats had momentum, but Republicans have Mike Pence. Because of this, we will win the fight for America. With so many Young Republicans, and a battle ready leader in Indiana pointing the way, the good times for conservatives are well within reach.


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  1. Laree says:

    Follow up to my last post “Can You Pass A U.S. Civics Test” ? most Americans who took the test failed.


  2. Micky 2 says:

    ““The President is like an infomercial. I am waiting for him to say, ‘There’s more.’”

    Yeah, one of these days were going to see that long disclaimer in fine print at the bottom of the screen that runs the length of the whole commercial.

    “if you expereince and erection for more than 6 hours see your health care professional right away, not for those with pre diagnosed cases of high blood pressure, heart palipitations,shortness of breath,kidney or liver problems, or anyone taking blood thinners. This plan does not prevent sexually transmitted diseases and is not intended as a method of birth control.Although, once the bill is signed you may never want to endure the cost of having kids anyway and you may want to inquire about euthanasia clauses and or services. To avoid taxation of euthanasia services do it yourself kits will be available at all DNC satellite offices free with a donation to the cause of Obamas choice. If blurry vision occurs its more than likely only because they’re trying to run this all past you so damn fast you’ll never be able to read it. Pay attention, the fairness doctrine has dictated that all slo mo and rewind options be eliminated.

  3. Where’s the “red meat?” I didn’t read any. Can someone point out any “red meat” here? All I read was simplistic rightwing talking points.


  4. Micky 2 says:

    Yeah, I guess free range tofu and rice is more up the ally that would deserve a debate ?

    I’ll give ya a one day pass, dont waste it on exaggerated absurdities…

    Man, the red meat is being pumped out this administrations butt faster and thicker than any loser dem administration I’ve ever seen in my life. I never thought collosal Carter idiocy could be topped until now
    I especially love the “empty plate’ and the load of analogies and metaphors it carries that could be attached to this admin.
    Obamas the one handing them out at a buffet where the food is free, flavorless but carries the minimal nutritional requirments, and is enyme free to prevent damage to the atmosphere, but the plate costs about 10 trillion dollars and its candlelight only.
    The waiters, even though they volunteered in exchange for a meal all took different applications, depending on ethnicity, ya know, just to be fair.
    The plates wont be washed, they’ll all be auctioned off at the next big fat Greek wedding with the proceeds going to China

  5. Dav Lev says:

    Erection lasting over 6 hours, oh come on! Your average American
    has sex once/week…(Dr. Oz wants sex increased to 3 times).
    I mean, 4 hours is more than enough to kill a person. The average
    time is less than 2 minutes per act.

    Like this nonsensical ad for Viagra or whatever, the Democrats
    are flooding the press, and other media with advertisements (thanks
    Axelrod). BTW, Axelrod was in the advertising/publishing business most
    of his career.

    Let me admit to being a registerred Democrat..but voting Republican in the national elections. You see, I don’t much worry about the economy,
    but I do worry about being nuked by korea of Iran and witnessing
    Southern California one big fireball.

    As one economist put it, we live in a society of agressive capitalism.
    Therefore, there are lows and highs, recessions, overinflated growth.
    We just have to bear with it..with some government intervention,
    but 15 trilliion?

    Hey guys, anyone see today’s LA Times, the article about health care
    (universal), which is being pushed by the Obama administration and
    Henry Waxman and Chuck Schumer? I mean talk about the bluest of
    blue states..NY and California, are right up there.

    They say that everyone, (including 11m illegals and their children), should be covered, AND people who qualify but haven’t joined Medicare/Medicaid.

    The cost won’t be neutral, about 100b year (oh come on), for 10 years, to be paid for by the rich, well-heeled, successful, and enterprising, with a surtax on their incomes.

    Now, if you are your average deli-service counter personnel, at minimum wage, maybe illegally here, don’t speak much English but can slice
    a piece of balony, and WONT pay a dime more in taxes..why not, soak those rich scum! They deserve it.

    A fact: in NYC, with a huge deficit, one-third of taxes are paid for
    by Wall Streeter bonuses. Take away those huge fees, and guess what,
    no train bus service, no free hospitals, no food stamps..no relief
    to renters..and maybe no rent stablization anymore.


    In my state of California, 10% of the population pays over 80% of the
    state taxes. Under a law authorizing same sex marriages, that figure will
    jump a few points ( marital tax deductin ).

    The USA tax burden (Federal) is paid for by 20% who pay 60% of the
    IRS taxes.

    China holds one-half of our debt, Japan and the Muslim countries, the other. We buy most of our oil from Canada and Mexico. Through
    intermediaries, we are supporting Irans mad mullahs and Chavez
    commi regime in Venezuala.

    What ever happened to offshore oil, oil shale and coal, not to
    forget uranium fired plants?

    Sooooo, while global warming gets the notoriety (cap and trade what?)
    the liberal Democrats continue their march towards the socialization
    of America. But you know what, in 30 years I won’t really care much.

  6. Well, what I mean, Micky, is where’s the details? The specificity? A new idea? All I hear are these usual vague bugaboos and tired soundbytes. Sure, I hear that from Dems too, but I don;t see how that makes it better? If the Dems ate babies, would it be okay if the GOP did too?

    Dan, that 20% control much more than 60% of the wealth, so obviously they are NOT paying their fair share. And China does NOT hold “one-half of our debt” and “Japan and the Muslim countries,” do NOT hold “the other.” That is a RIDICULOUS LIE. Where the heck did you get that nonsense from???

    Here’s a chart showing what percentages foreign nations hold of our debt among the foreign debt: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_V4w18ZWaPas/SSZkh5-sMLI/AAAAAAAAC0k/gDwPwAwMEWs/s400/China-US-National-Debt-Holdings.jpg


    All told, foreign holdings of US debt amounts to about one-half of the total debt. The rest is held by Americans in the form of bond, t-bonds, entitlements, etc. You have GOT to get your facts straight man. No wonder you come off so paranoid and dellusional. If you cons want to make a come-back, you’ve got to at least know the subject matter.


  7. Micky 2 says:

    ” If the Dems ate babies, would it be okay if the GOP did too?”

    Actually, we choose to keep them instead of turn em into compost.

    “Dan, that 20% control much more than 60% of the wealth, so obviously they are NOT paying their fair share. ”

    Its only fair if you think progressive taxation is fair, equal percentages across the board is whats fair.
    Who determines this level of moral obligation ?
    Oh , wait, thats right, thats the dems job

  8. Well, you know what I meant regarding moral equivication.

    As for the wealthy and taxes, I’m not even talking about “progressive taxation.” Heck, I’m just talking about equal taxation! The fact is, Micky, the effective total tax rate of the top 20% is actually lower than the effective total tax rate for for the bottom 80%! Just the payroll tax alone goes along way to ensure that. Throw in sales taxes, property taxes, fees, tariffs, etc. What you guys want, for some ungodly reason, is a regressive tax system – one that actually favors the wealthy. Strange. Well, not so strange – it’s just more conservative fuzzy math. If you ONLY look at the federal income tax, the wealthy pay slightly more than the middle class, and much more than the working class and poor, though the working class and poor do loan the government a large part of their income, without interest, every year. But when you take taxes in total, you suddenly discover the wealthy are getting a free ride, and the suckers who call themselves “Republican voters” are footnig the bill and paving the way. Suckers.


  9. Micky 2 says:

    Oh bullsh*t Jersey.
    The top 10 % in our country pay the most to keep it afloat, gimme a break.
    A dollar is a dollar and shouldnt be taxed more just because some guy has more of them. Its a self defeating mechanism.
    Obama knows that if Cap and Trade goes down along with his health care plan, the deficit and debt we have to clear his only source left is guys like you and I.
    The higher income brakets will sh*ta brick if tries to squeeze them anymore. he knows it, thats why hes going back on his campaign promise to not tax anyoone inder 250,000.
    Around January I said this would happen. The margin will end up being around 60-70 grand a year, you watch.
    Alll those brackets and people paying payroll taxes dont amount for squat when you put it next to the entitlements and fed supplements they get.
    Hell, my last year in business I intentionally wrote myself in at less because at that point I automatically started paying 30% more for all the same representation which brought my bottom line lower than when I actually made less. I hate to see what it would of looked likie under this admin. I’d of probably come out more ahead filing bankruptcy.

  10. Micky 2 says:

    Sorry, meds make my vision blurry

  11. Yes, Micky, the top ten persent pay the most. Is that a surprise to you? Would you expect, or want, them to pay the least? OF COURSE THEY PAY THE MOST! THEY MAKE THE MOST!

    C’mon man.


  12. Of course the top ten percent pay the most! Thay make the most!

    C’mon man.


  13. Micky 2 says:

    See, you’re making point for me again.

    Since they make the most they pay the most so Obama should leave them alone the most.

    Its time the rest of America stopped asking for so damn much from those who already give more than their fair share and its time you liberals stop having so much contempt for success.
    This whole freaking country has been brainwashed into thinking were supposed to have guaranteed health care, jobs, income, homes.
    The only guarantee we are afforded is the opportunity to have those things and be kept safe, thats it.

    Those are the details

  14. thepoliticaltipster says:


    You said : “the effective total tax rate of the top 20% is actually lower than the effective total tax rate for for the bottom 80%!”. Although this is correct for the UK and much of Europe, that statement is technically wrong for the US. Even the left of centre Citizens for Tax Justice estimate that, taking all forms of taxes into account, the US tax system is (mildly) progressive. However, they do point out that the tax system is pretty much flat for the top 40% with the super-rich (the top 1%) paying slightly lower proportion of their income than many in the middle class.


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