YRs in Indianapolis–Congressman Aaron Schock

At the Young Republican biennial convention in Indianapolis, I had the pleasure of listening to remarks by Illinois Congressman Aaron Schock.

Congressman Schock is the youngest member of Congress, at only 28 years old.

I actually did not meet the Congressman, which is something I almost always do. Nevertheless, his remarks were indicative of a man that possessed wisdom well beyond his years.

With that, I present remarks from Congressman Aaron Schock.

“I got elected to the school board at age 19. At age 23 I became school board President. Now I am elected as the youngest member of Congress at age 28.”

“It is good to be with Republicans that are closer to my age than my parents.”

“I brought the average age in Congress down to 57. After all, we needed diversity in Congress.”

“President Obama  aggressively pushed the stimulus bill on Congress. I was invited to go for a ride on Air Force One to go to Caterpillar. I accepted the offer. It was an interesting discussion. Now Caterpillar is a United Auto Workers factory. President Obama told the entire audience that I ‘would do the right thing.’ He told everybody in the room ‘call him up.'”

“When the meeting was over, I was surprised that not one of the 300 UAW people asked me to support the bill. Some of them told me that even though they were union workers, they knew that this was a bad bill that would hurt their company. One of them told me ‘Stick to your guns. Vote your conscience.'”

“The stimulus bill was brought up on February 12th, Abraham Lincoln’s 200th birthday. President Obama refers to Lincoln often. Lincoln reached out to people. Obama talks about reaching out, but this bill was brought up at 11pm at night.”

“Bipartisanship is not the same thing as Nancy Pelosi writes the bill and we vote on it.”

“There was a melding of the minds. The only thing bipartisan was opposition to it.”

“On the house floor I quoted Abraham Lincoln. ‘What kill a skunk is the publicity it brings it.'”

“Had we given this bill five days of sun, it would not have passed. We can smell the stench of the bill now.”

“Only 8%, or 29 billion of the 787 billion, went to construction.”

“Reagan communicated in a positive way. We have to do that.”

“We have to communicate to everybody. Most 50 to 60 year old black Americans respect us asking for their vote. We have to fight for every demographic.”

“In 1994, we spoke about what we were for, not just what we were against. We should take on Obama, but we also have to say what we stand for.”

“We can get goals achieved on energy without putting people out of business. We can lead on wind energy without putting coal and oil industries out of business.”

“Obama is not done. He is just getting started.”

“In 1994 we won 52 seats. In 2010, we need to win 40 seats to take control. We can win 40 seats.”

“On foreign policy, Obama has done so much for having done so little.”

I would like to thank Aaron Schock for showing young people that with hard work, grit, and determination, young people can change America and the world. Unlike our current leader, Congressman Schock would actually change it for the better.


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  1. “Only 8%, or 29 billion of the 787 billion, went to construction.”

    Fuzzy math, anyone? 8% of 787 bil is most certainly NOT 29 bil. It’s more like 63 bil. And even that is wrong. There’s about 100 bil in the RECOVERY act for infrastruction spending. On top of that, this guy has the audacity to complain about the level of “construction” spending when the GOP would NEVER have invested a single wheat penny on infrastrusture construction! No, the GOP was too busy handing over hundreds of billions to the BANKS that got us into this mess in the first place! If they’d have just given that money to US, the PEOPLE, it would have eventually wound up in the banks anyway and we could have actually spent it along the way, truly “stimulating” the economy. But no, the GOP believes in “supply side” economics even though we live in a decidedly Demand Side economy! Geniuses!

    “Reagan communicated in a positive way. We have to do that.”

    Yes, Reagan did “communicate in a positive way.” He put a happy face on every sleazy, lousy, crooked, country-wrecking thing he did.


  2. Actually, I should add something positive. Our good host puts up with too much negativity from me. This young man is quite impressive. You don’t get to be a 28 year old representative for nothing. Mr. Schock has a lot to be proud of. I don’t care for his politics, but I have to admit that he’s a very impressive young man.


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